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Chuck vs The Broken Heart

During the course of 91 episodes there are going to be some I don’t care for, and those episodes are a handful. Broken Heart falls on my list of bad episodes. I totally understand the rest of the population’s love for this episode, but it’s not so much the story that bothers me. It’s the guest star that rubs me the wrong way. Tricia_Helfer

Tricia Helfer makes her one and only visit on Chuck, and it’s a bit over the top on how she handles her role as the “by the book” agent. Tricia plays Alex Forrest, agent sent by General Beckman to evaluate Sarah and Chuck’s relationship. A 49B has been issued by Beckman, and it couldn’t come at the worse time.

Chuck digs into the Battlestar Galactica family as Tricia comes from that franchise. She played Number Six. tricia_helfer01_194

It’s also Bachelor Party time for one Devon Woodcomb as we draw near the union of Ellie and Devon. Chuck’s secret life is about to clash with his real one as his next mission will have to do with Devon, the party, and angry sister.

So, let’s get to it shall we,

The episode begins with Chuck walking into his courtyard, and suddenly ambushed by three masked men. It drew Casey from his apartment with his weapon drawn, John would order them to drop Chuck and remove their masks. When the masks came off,  Lester, Jeff and Morgan were practicing on how they will deliver Devon to his bachelor party. Chuck reminds them on how the three were not invited.Chuck218-00023

In the midst of Chuck’s staged abduction. Casey reached for a hose and gave the three would be kidnappers a drenching of a lifetime and for some a much needed shower. Chuck218-00028 Chuck218-00029 Chuck218-00035Casey would chase off Jeffster and Morgan. Next, Chuck was reading the Intersect cards Orion gave him, but suddenly a familiar voice would startle Chuck. Chuck218-00041Bartowski searched the room for where the voice was coming from. He even picked up his phone, but the voice was actually coming from the television. When Chuck looked up, Beckman was on his television screen. The general was staring at him. If there was ever an awkward moment for Bartowski, now wwas the time. Lucky for him, he wasn’t servicing his manhood for both of their sakes.Chuck218-00047Chuck218-00049Beckman apologies for the intrusion, but wanted a private word. A discussion about his relationship with Walker, and if his relationship with his handler would compromising his job performance, and she vehemently informed Chuck on not caring about his feelings, but wanted the facts.

Chuck was confused about what brought this on. and without hesitation Beckman would provide an answer. The general showed Chuck a video package of all the times Chuck and Sarah talked about feelings. As a result, Beckman instituted a 49B. Bartowski would ask what that was specifically, but the general signed off without any further explanation.

We shall begin our analysis with this moment.. A lot of Chuck fans get annoyed with Sarah for not acting on her feelings and  sometimes Sarah could be stand offish, but Walker had a reason, and the only thing that stands out about this episode was how it provides the viewer a tutorial of sorts.  Chuck202-00085 (1)

There was a time earlier in season two, when Sarah explains why she couldn’t be Chuck, and it’s a key scene because Sarah never indicated she didn’t want to be with him, but couldn’t and she further used protocol as her reasoning.

One thing we have or will learn was how much Beckman didn’t like her team being either compromised or a member of the team committing treason. Thus, Walker was walking a very thin line when it comes to her feelings for Chuck and balancing it with her own job performance.

The complications of love and a job are at play here. It’s easy to say she should follow her heart, but we have to realize Sarah’s love was the CIA for saving her from the path her father was leading her down, and Chuck for showing her another kind of life.  Sarah’s turmoil of being a girlfriend to her asset while dancing around not being caught by her bosses. It’s great testament of the character and the best story to watch for most Chuckaholics.

Sarah’s no stranger to not following orders either. She was ordered by Graham in S1 to board a plane in an hour, but she told him she could “fix” it or threatening potential love interests like Lou or Jill.

I take you back to Marlin, there was a moment when Sarah showed her loyalty may have waivered a bit. Remember this scene? Chuck113-00945 Chuck113-00946 Chuck113-00947In the scene above, we see a compromised Sarah, who unlike before was not able to keep her emotions in check. She cracked in front of her superiors and it didn’t go unnoticed either. Graham picked up on it, and questioned her commitment to the agency. Casey made the save for Sarah’s sake.

Sarah doesn’t have a job like you and I do. She has a military ranking system, which means being fired would be the least of her problems. Sarah could end up in jail for insubordination or treason.

In the Break Up, Sarah also showed how the lines may have been blurred in choosing to help Chuck rather than stay on mission. It didn’t sit well with Larkin if you recall. Sarah’s job was to protect Chuck, and he was in trouble, but the intel on the chip was also crucial. A choice was going to be made and someone was going to get disappointed in this decision, but Sarah was doing her job by going to save Chuck. Something Larkin was not thrilled with Sarah electing to save Chuck rather then get the chip. Chuck203-00595


The icing on the cake would be what happened in the previous episode. Sarah started to question Beckman’s orders. Her commitment to the agency became in question and Beckman looked into the blossoming relationship between Chuck and Sarah. Something Sarah wanted to avoid all together.

When Chuck arrives at the Orange, he believes he was talking to Sarah when he entered the store, but he wasn’t talking to Sarah he was talking to his 49B replacement. Chuck218-00128 Chuck218-00129 Chuck218-00132

Chuck would flash on the agent, and the agent’s name was Alex Forrest. Beckmen sent her to perform his 49B. From here, Chuck and Sarah’s world would be turned upside down, but the heartbroken theme of the  episode may not be only for the Chuck.Chuck218-00133 Chuck218-00137 Chuck218-00139In Castle, the team welcomed the newcomer.  Beckman was going over the details of their new mission and what are the terms of what a 49B was. Chuck didn’t much care for the mission because he was stuck on the whole 49B nonsense.  Chuck218-00162 (1)Beckman informed the team about their search for an elusive terrorist leader, who was hiding in an Afghan cave. The leader’s name was Hassan Khalid. A key member of the Khalid clan was in Burbank, and had a heart attack. the key man’s name was Rashad Ahmad. Rashad checked himself into a hospital under the false name of Harry Lime.

While Beckman was giving her orders, Chuck kept checking out Forrest with a bewildered look, and back at Sarah. What was astonishing was how similar these two ladies looked, but Bartowski was totally not feeling his new handler. The truth was neither was Walker. Chuck218-00163 Chuck218-00173Chuck218-00181Sarah’s worse nightmare has come true. She knows she is under evaluation all because of what happened in Predator, she spoke in defense of Chuck, and not once either. Chuck217-00888 Chuck217-00880She showed her loyalty may have not been with the CIA anymore, which was a problem for Beckman. It forced her hand in looking into the unedited records Casey has been keeping. Sarah clearly was showing her concerns for Chuck entering the spy world.Chuck217-01088 Chuck217-01090I onced asked this question. The success of Chuck finding Orion would end up being the worse thing he could possibily accomplished. This was a guy who wanted out in the worse way, but Chuck’s successful search would end all of that. The government no longer saw a guy who happened to get an email one day.  Look at what happened, Beckman flew across the country once she learned Chuck found Orion. Furthermore, she had top analysis searching for Orion for twenty years, and in almost two years Bartowski was able to not only find Orion, but draw him out of hiding.

She even lied to Chuck about his success. Beckman now sees how vidal Chuck was to the team. As she said, “Chuck’s a spy until I say he wasn’t” I don’t know how else to say it, but Beckman owned Chuck now as a result. Beckman has a vested interest, which as you can see from Sarah’s perspective was not a good thing.

Sarah’s decision to voice her concerns about Chuck showed she was compromised, and it caused Beckman to dig. In the package, where intimate moments between the two such as this  one,


and this, Chuck203-01137and these, Chuck211-00617 Chuck216-01187No one can fault either parties in this situation. Chuck and Sarah spent a lot of time together so naturally real feelings would fester. Beckman also has the right as a boss to make sure her operations are running smoothly. There is a reason companies put no fraternizing in their employee handbooks. There is a lot of time, effort and resources allocated in the protection and assurance Chuck’s brain function properly. A developing relationship with his handler is anything but smooth. Especially, when you see the video feeds Beckman watched.

It’s the very reason Sarah would explain in Seduction, Sarah never says she didn’t want to be with Chuck rather she couldn’t be with him at the moment,

Sarah:  Chuck, I told you we can’t be together. It’s unprofessional.

Chuck: Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t you with Bryce Larkin, super spy, when you two were working together?

Sarah: Bryce was a spy. You’re an asset. And my job is to protect you.

Sarah does use the wrong words in her reasoning. She said, Bryce was a spy, which fuels the confusion within Chuck.



We also need to stop and think of where she was in Seduction, She was in the freezer of the yogurt shop, which was loaded with gadgets like listening devices and cameras. Sarah was protecting them from any suspicion of being in a compromised state.  It’s a fair protocol coverup because it protects them.

Back to Broken Heart, Sarah was in trouble with her job now and the 49B was the very evaluation she was trying to avoid. Whether we think it was right or not. Sarah’s job isn’t a normal nine to five job. The balance for an agent to protect the country and those that need protecting comes into play. It’s the very reason Sarah fails in her first assignment as a handler.

Forrest represents the quintessential agent who Sarah should’ve been, but Sarah also was at the crossroads when it came to her career, but we won’t discuss it any further until we reach S5.

Chuck asked Beckman what was a 49B. Beckman made Sarah answer the question.


Sarah: Agent Forrest is here to assess my performance.
And during my evaluation period, she will assume the role of the asset’s handler.

Beckman would sign off,  Chuck in a state of confusion still had questions, but Sarah wouldn’t be allowed to answer as Agent Forrest was now his handler. Sarah used typical protocol jargon to cover her tracks, but look at Sarah’s expression while saying it. Chuck218-00198It was like each word she was saying was hurting her at the same time, and understandably Chuck didn’t understand. The only one he could turn to was Casey, but he was no help either, but Casey did put it in perspective for Bartowski. Chuck218-00201

Yes, Bartowski loves hashing out his feelings, but in this case less was more as Casey would advise Chuck. It’s the constant talking of his feelings that caused the 49B in the first place.  Chuck218-00203 Chuck218-00207Chuck went over to the Orange in an attempt to discuss this matter and help him find his father, which makes me hit the pause button on this discussion as we take a look at something from earlier in the episode. While Devon was trying to get Chuck to cleanse his clog, but Chuck was not into the taste of the drink. Chuck218-00086

Ellie would walk into his bedroom and handed Chuck a letter that read No Such Address. The piece of mail was address to their father, which disheartened Chuck’s efforts of not including his CIA connections in the endeavor, but he was further disturbed when Sarah turned him down as well, but Sarah also made an unlike Sarah move when responding to Chuck she was looking at the doorway, which all intents and purposes meant Forrest was lurking.  Chuck218-00090 Chuck218-00092Chuck218-00256 Chuck218-00253Chuck218-00260Chuck218-00261This episode was a rare time I had no interest in the guest star. She comes of rash and undignified. Forrest’s humanity wasn’t there if she had any, and she seemed to enjoy knocking Walker off her game. A protocol leach that marveled in destroying this would be relationship the whole world knew was developing between Chuck and Sarah.

Sarah felt cornered in a sense, and when it comes to Chuck, how could one not feel for him too. I would explain more later, but for now I finish with this. Agent Forrest was one character I didn’t enjoy at all.

While going over details of the mission, Sarah was placed next to Chuck in the van, which was new for the episode. A clear indication Walker was being benched for this mission. Furthermore, Walker asked where should she be, and Forrest rudely said she got it. It didn’t go over well with either Chuck or Sarah. Chuck218-00268

The mission was for Chuck and Forrest to obtain uniforms and proceed to identify Ahmed inside Westside Medical. The very hospital Devon and Ellie working in.

Chuck would ask Casey about the device he was holding, and Casey explained,

Casey:  You confirm Harry Lime is Ahmad, I’ll sneak into the hospital’s high-security area where the equipment and donor organs are kept.

Forrest would chime in after Chuck’s question about arresting Ahmad.


Forrest:  Don’t underestimate the gamesmanship of the U.S. Government.

Casey: Yeah, I’ll place this GLG-4000 inside Ahmad’s pacemaker before it’s implanted.
When he returns to Hassan Khalid’s secret cave, he’ll be a high-tech human bug.
Forrest: Then not only will we know the terrorists’ secret location, but we’ll be one step ahead of their plans.

Casey and Forrest: Checkmate

I found it to be interesting they tried to make Forrest look like a carbon copy of Casey, but I would much prefer Carina in this episode. The team exits the van, and Chuck realizes where the mission was located and protested, but Walker assured him Ellie was off and Devon was in mid-surgery, which was fine with Chuck, and they all were leaving the van except Walker.

Sarah was ordered to stay in the van by Agent Forrest. Forrest and Chuck exit a patient’s room in disguises but was caught by a nurse. The nurse believed they were performing some hanky panky, but before Chuck could get a word in Forrest tranqed the poor lady. Chuck218-00292 Chuck218-00293Chuck218-00296Chuck218-00300Chuck wanted to know why she tranqed the nurse, and she told Chuck to relax and further told Chuck her actions were dictated by protocol. They were moving through the halls of the hospital until Sarah spotted someone they believed was off. Ellie was in the hospital, which Sarah alerted Chuck of her presence. Chuck218-00311

Forrest was prepared to tranq Ellie, but Chuck’s quick thinking and Ellie forgetting her pen made Chuck and Forrest slip into a room. The room they entered was the baddies of the episode. Chuck218-00319 Chuck218-00323 Chuck218-00330

It didn’t take long for Chuck to flash on the men in the room, and his job was done.  The man standing would ask Chuck if he was Harry Lime’s doctor. Chuck would say yes in a cunning way. The man introduced himself as Harry Lime’s personal Dr. Mohammad Zamir portrayed by Shaun Toub. Chuck218-00344After a moment between the two doctors, Dr. Zamir asks the nurse to leave the room so he could consult with the doctor privately. Chuck agreed and walked up to Forrest and agreed with Zamir, but in a quite voice begged her to not leave, but she didn’t listen to Chuck’s plea. Chuck218-00347Chuck218-00353Once outside, Forrest asked Casey where was his location. Casey confirmed his location. Forrest would inform Casey about Chuck’s flash and to proceed to plant the device, but after several tries with the keycard. Casey couldn’t unlock the door, and was asked by a nurse to clean a mess made in one of the rooms.

Casey and Forrest would meet up, and discuss alternate plans. Casey suggest blowing up the door, but Forrest saw Devon and suggested swiping a doctor’s key card. This would not go well with Chuck as the CIA was mingling with his family once again. Something Sarah understood, but Forrest didn’t care. Chuck218-00413 Chuck218-00415 Chuck218-00417In Castle, the team was arguing over using Devon. Forrest acting like a protocol machine said Chuck had no choice, but Sarah siding with Chuck voiced her concerns with using Devon as it might expose Chuck’s secret.

Here lies the problem, Forrest doesn’t know the truth about Chuck and the Intersect Forrest was going on establish protocol for a typical agents. Thus, the importance for Chuck not including Devon in his mission could cause further problems for Chuck down the road. A problem that was generated by not including the Intersect in Forrest’s briefing. However, Forrest comes off like she wouldn’t care either.

Chuck218-00426 Chuck218-00429 Chuck218-00428If Sarah was on trial, she would’ve blown her case when she sides with Chuck, and the one performing her 49B is assessing all of this information, and the end result would happen next. Chuck218-00432


Chuck would defend Sarah’s point of view by saying how they were thinking professionally. Casey said there was no time to find another doctor with the flight risk of Harry Lime. There was no other option at this point.

Chuck said, they couldn’t just walk up to Awesome and ask him for it. Captain Tranqenstein was quick to cock and reload her tranq gun, but Chuck was not down with that and suggested a way they can have their spy cake and eat it too.

The idea was to have Devon’s bachelor party at the Buymore. The possibility of Devon drinking too much would provide an opening. They would be able to steal the card, which would not require them to tranq Awesome.Chuck218-00439

We once again need to hit the pause button, and take a look at the Morgan, Lester and Jeff end of the story. The three band of misfits were upset and plotting on getting invited to Devon’s bachelor party, and Chuck reiterated all episode they were not invited. Chuck218-00211They even told Chuck how Jeff and Lester never went to a party of this magnitude, but the effort was squashed by an emphatic no. Chuck218-00221 Chuck218-00222 Chuck218-00229However, Captain Tranqenstein’s desire to tranq everyone in Chuck’s family caused Chuck to use the misfits as an alternative.  One party that was cool, but also a bit weird when the female entertainment was brought in.

The boys would ambush Devon and bring him to the Buymore for his party. Morgan and Devon were chatting away while Chuck and Casey were waiting to make their move on the key card. Chuck218-00463While things were running smooth up in the store, the same can’t be said down below. Forrest was relaying her findings to the general in a very you know what matter. Agent Forrest had no problem destroying her colleagues career and said Agent Walker was too hung up on the feelings of the asset and ignored established protocol. Chuck218-00469Sarah just stood there listening to each word that came out of Forrest mouth. The general looked at Walker and terminated her as a result of Forrest’s report. Chuck218-00472 Chuck218-00477

I mentioned above how Broken Heart wasn’t necessarily for Chuck. As we all know losing Sarah would take a toll on him, but for the first time we see emotion from Sarah, and here’s my second analysis of the episode.

Sarah tried to get a word in with the general, but Beckman wasn’t interested. Thus, signed off on the matter. The problem I have now is what happens next. If Sarah was fired, there was no reason why she couldn’t see Chuck freely now, but remember her job was also her love. The angst now was how much of a beating her heart was taking. Chuck218-00481

She pleas with Forrest to take care of him, but the nasty agent said if Walker was referring to getting the job done. Chuck would be fine, but we all know Forrest didn’t care about Chuck or his safety. Forrest saw Chuck as a mission not as a person. Chuck218-00483 Chuck218-00487Sarah also makes a mistake in letting Forrest know she was going to say goodbye to Chuck. Forrest quickly put a stop to it, and ordered her to stay away. Again, what was there in stopping Sarah from seeing Chuck. I don’t see why Sarah had to listen or even let Forrest know her plans on saying goodbye.

But, we also need to see it from Forrest’s perspective. Forrest knows Sarah saying goodbye would make her job harder, and that would not be good for Forrest. Chuck218-00491 Chuck218-00493 Chuck218-00495After Forrest walks away, we see Sarah’s real feelings begin to surface. Sarah’s eyes begin to show signs of sadness. Sarah’s world was turned upside down and shaken up by this asinine character.

Upstairs, the party was underway and Casey was trying to make his move for the card, but too many people were around the man of the hour. Chuck218-00504

Time for the female entertainment to arrive.  Casey and Chuck were front and center for this part. All the men gathered as the women made their entrance, but they were anything to look at as one of the weird looking ladies turned out to be Jeff’s sister. Chuck218-00508 Chuck218-00514It was quite comical on how the men’s faces went from super stoked to disgust when the identity of the women were revealed. Chuck218-00523 Chuck218-00529Casey’ s moment came when Awesome stepped away from the fun. Awesome would call Ellie. Casey would bump into Awesome and proceed to pickpocket Devon’s wallet, but no dice on the card there. Casey informed Forrest on his lack of finding the keycard.

It was time for Forrest to take action, and boy does she. Forrest used what God gave her as a way to distract the boys, and used her talents to lure Awesome from view. Chuck218-00587Chuck218-00591 Chuck218-00593 Chuck218-00599All the guys were into Forrest even Casey. Forrest would say she heard someone was real naughty and possessed Awesome. She was rather aggressive when putting Awesome into custody which made Chuck jump from his seat looking at Casey, but the Major didn’t budge. Chuck218-00605 Chuck218-00615Forrest would bring Awesome into the Home Theater Room, she sat him in a lounge chair, and hopped aboard. She ripped his shirt apart which would reveal the keycard. Forrest continued her aggressive nature and came on to Awesome by suggesting to take off the card, but Awesome resisted due to getting fired if the card was lost. Chuck218-00630Chuck218-00629The response made Forrest try harder, but Awesome put a stop to it by proclaiming his love for Ellie. Forrest had no other choice but to tranq Awesome, which made Chuck become irate with his new handler. Chuck218-00636 Chuck218-00639Chuck218-00641Casey entered the room asking Forrest about the key. Mission was a success from a CIA perspective, but Chuck made note that Sarah would of never done this and he was calling the general. Forrest would reveal that Sarah was gone, and she was his new handler.

This to me was where I take issue with the whole 49B. It seem like Forrest was taking the whole notion of bumping another agent to heart. Is this a person you want protecting the country? Is this someone you would want around period? Would she be this vindictive in all aspect of life? Chuck218-00653 Chuck218-00655 Chuck218-00657Another thing that bothers me is Casey, he just stood their happy the mission was a success, but he missed the connection between Sarah and Chuck as mear relationship aspect. He didn’t see the importance of keeping Chuck’s family in the dark.

The news of Forrest becoming Chuck’s new handler didn’t come down lightly with Chuck nor did it with Sarah.  Walker was in her hotelroom all packed and ready to go, but as I have mentioned before. Sarah wasn’t in a rush to leave Burbank. In fact, she was sitting on the edge of her bed with tears in her eyes. Chuck218-00672

The woman didn’t want to leave, which means Sarah established roots in Burbank. A term which will come up in Season Four, and again if she was fired why leave at all? Chuck tried to call Sarah, but she was following her last order and rejected the call.

In Castle, Beckman was congratulating the team on a successful mission. As Casey was able to plant the device, but Chuck was too focused on losing Sarah. He kept trying to talk to Beckman, who was more interested in the mission and getting annoyed with Chuck’s interruption.

However, Chuck cracked in his own way. He unloaded on the general in claiming she lied to him. He didn’t know Sarah’s job was in jeopardy. Casey tried to stop him by saying its just a job, but Chuck was frank with him. He said, “no, its my life.” Beckman lashed back saying the details of the 49B was given to him as see fit. Forrest walked away saying get use to it. Chuck218-00704 Chuck218-00705 Chuck218-00715

Again, I have to hit the pause button on this episode. There was a moment in this episode in which Sarah did something that could of put her in prison for sure.

When Casey was relaying the information about the keycard to Forrest. Sarah came back into Castle and was stopped by Forrest. Sarah claimed she had some loose ends to tighty up, which Forrest allowed, but the loose end Sarah was referring to was finding Stephen Bartowski. Chuck218-00560Sarah waited for Forrest to exit Castle before she accessed the CIA database in hopes to find Chuck’s father. It’s a very noble act because of the risk factor, and despite losing her job, she still was trying to help Chuck. A clear sign on how deep in love Sarah was with Chuck, and we are also passed Day 564, which most Chuckaholic veterans understand the significance of Day 564. Chuck218-00569The reason this Sarah was post Day 564 is because of what she was doing and what she will do next episode. Sarah was believed to be a company girl. A woman who would never dare hack into the database knowing the risk, she was really committing career suicide with this side mission, and begs to question a moment in Marlin. The question of whether or not Sarah would’ve pulled her weapon on Longshore or not.

Even then, she was hesitant in pulling the weapon, but here she had no conviction and proceeded with her quest on finding Stephen. Chuck218-00569Chuck218-00576 The episode shifts to Sarah driving, and still was conducting her search for Stephen. Alex and Casey were cleaning their weapons and engaging in a very sexual experience for the two. Chuck218-00721 Chuck218-00723As the computer finished it’s search, Sarah changed her mind and drove off the highway and Forrest and Casey continued their sexual tension. Meanwhile, Zamir ran a tracking device over Harry Lime, which indicated a bug was inside of him. Dr. Zamir looked at the report on who conducted the surgery and saw Devon Woodcomb. Business was about to pick up. Chuck218-00735Chuck218-00737 Chuck218-00739Devon woke up from his tranq, and was a bit out of it. Chuck was by his side making sure he was alright. Ellie, Awesome and Chuck were talking about the party, which drew laughs and smiles until Devon realized his keycard was missing.

Ellie became upset because it came to light on how Devon never takes off the key, which made Ellie wonder what other articles of clothing did her future fiance take off. Chuck218-00765 Chuck218-00766It became paramount on Chuck returning the keycard to save their marriage. The perils of Chuck’s lives were set to clash as a result. Something Chuck had no one to talk to now that Sarah was gone. Chuck218-00775 Chuck218-00782In Castle, Forrest continued to taunt Sarah. She gathered Casey was happy Sarah was gone. As Sarah’s feelings for the asset jeopardized missions, which would make Casey want to say something. Chuck218-00800 Chuck218-00803 Chuck218-00804This would mark the first time Casey showed emotion towards Forrest in regards to her treatment of Sarah, but before Casey could speak. The heart monitor  would malfunction would cut the conversation short.

Chuck was waiting for Sarah or Casey to return his call, but heard noise out in the courtyard, and saw Zamir’s men. He rushed for Devon’s house and put on his doctor coat. The men grabbed Chuck, but leaving behind Chuck’s phone. Chuck218-00830 Chuck218-00831After finding out Devon’s keycard was missing, Ellie went to the Buymore to for answers, she asked Morgan for details, but bro code forced Morgan to lock it down, but while Morgan stayed close to the chest. Lester and Jeff were not as discrete as they were looking through their pictures from the party. Chuck218-00841 Chuck218-00845

Ellie saw Forrest all over Devon, which upset Ellie a bit. Chuck218-00859 Chuck218-00865Meanwhile, Sarah walked into the courtyard of Chuck’s pad and in a sneaky fashion went through the Morgan door into Chuck’s bedroom. This only furthers my case on Sarah’s desire to stay in Burbank. Walker was having trouble moving on, but luckily for Chuck she did as she spotted the phone on Chuck’s bed. A clear indication from her perspective Chuck was indeed in trouble.

She went to Chuck’s bedroom for the purpose of giving Stephen’s whereabouts to Chuck as a going away present.


Chuck218-00869Chuck218-00873Sarah rushes to Castle to tell the team about her findings, but Forrest being Forrest said she was off the team. Casey couldn’t take it anymore, and spoke up. He let Forrest know he didn’t agree with her assessment of Walker. Sarah strengthened her case on being on the team when she showed them Chuck’s phone which was enough for the major.Chuck218-00886 Chuck218-00889 Chuck218-00891

Sarah said she found his phone on his bed, when she went to say goodbye to Chuck. Forrest reminded her of the order she gave, and finally Sarah spoke up. “Then there’s nothing stopping me from kicking your ass..” Sarah’s threat shut up Forrest. Chuck218-00903 Chuck218-00905 Chuck218-00907Chuck218-00908 Sarah went to the computer and did some searching. Chuck’s GPS said he was in the courtyard, which was sufficient enough for Forrest to say he was fine, but after scanning the perimeter. The team found Chuck’s watch in the fountain. Chuck218-00914 Chuck218-00916The team went over how the GPS in Harry Lime’s heart device would need 6 feet of solid steel to block out the signal, which would be precisely where Chuck was. He was inside a bank vault in which Sarah was able to find. Scoreboard reads Sarah 1 Forrest 0, Chuck218-00934Zamir’s men brought the would be doctor into the vault, and he was greeted by Zamir by saying he was going to remove the bug he placed inside his friend. Chuck218-00942 Chuck218-00951 Chuck218-00956Chuck would give himself away when he cut himself, and was disturbed by the sight of blood. It was enough to convince Zamir on who Chuck was really, and before he could do anything to Chuck. Bartowski’s team arrived on time, but Zamir’s team closed the vault despite the shooting. Chuck218-00975Once the vault was secured, Zamir went to work on Chuck. He sliced his pocket near his heart, which revealed his Buymore badge. The fight was on. Zamir went for Chuck, but Chuck tried his best to fight off the doctor. The tussle made the two to let loose the gas, which was enough to impact the both of them. The gas was potent enough to make the doctor forget why he was mad at Chuck in the first place. Chuck218-00987 Chuck218-01006 Chuck218-01008

Meanwhile outside the vault, Forrest and Walker were bickering on how to save Chuck. Forrest presumed Chuck was already dead, but over the radio they can hear laughing. Chuck218-01024Zamir and Chuck were getting high off of the gas, and actually started to bond. Forrest ended up getting antsy and wanted to blow the door open with c4, but Casey said,”Hold on, I think I saw a nitrous setup in there,”which meant explosives were not an option. It also angered Sarah, ” Now Chuck is locked inside with one of Interpol’s most wanted. It is your job to protect him, damn it.”Chuck218-01025 Chuck218-01026 Chuck218-01028Forrest ordered Chuck to open the vault, but Chuck said, no. He wanted Sarah and he didn’t care if he stayed in the vault. Zamir complimented Chuck on his new found backbone. Forrest grow tired of Chuck’s antics and went for some explosives.

In the midst of Chuck jockeying for position with Forrest, he asked Zamir where Khalid location was, and Zamir freely said where his location was with the assistance of the gas, which accomplished the team’s mission. Chuck218-01063 Chuck218-01052 Chuck218-01068 Chuck218-01075

Sarah would stop her by saying “Forrest, we can do this your way, or we can actually save the asset.” Sarah was able to crack the vaults locking system and they stormed the vault.

Sarah and Chuck looked at each other and shared a special moment. Chuck218-01079 Chuck218-01081During the debriefing with Beckman, the general thanked Forrest for her role in the mission, and then turned her attention to Walker. She would go on to say “despite your heroism, you have directly disobeyed several orders.” Chuck went to make the save by interrupting the general.

Sarah was trying to be modest, but Casey came to Sarah’s aid as well. “Chuck218-01095 Chuck218-01096 Chuck218-01093 Chuck218-01098 Chuck218-01099This was a powerful moment for the entire team. Most of the time one or two members of Team Bartowski came out looking great, but until this moment there was never a moment when all three shined.

Beckman: Agent Walker, despite your heroism, you have directly disobeyed several orders.

Chuck: Wait, General. I’m sorry, but-but isn’t the most important part of being my handler making sure that I stay alive?

Sarah: It’s okay, Chuck.

Casey: No, it’s not. Let him finish.

This was the first time the team stood for each other. This is how a team becomes one. A unit becomes a family.

Chuck explained to Beckman how his closeness with Sarah ultimately saved his life,

Chuck: Um General what I’m trying to say is that I think that maybe because my relationship with Sarah is so You know, we’re we’re close.
We care about each other.
That’s what I’m trying to say, and I know it’s not protocol or whatever, but it’s those feelings that wound up saving my life. Chuck218-01104 Chuck218-01110 Chuck218-01111When going over this episode for this write up, it dawned on me something I missed when it comes to the small detail. Has anyone ever noticed Sarah’s dumbfounded expression as Casey and Chuck stick up for Sarah. Would this mark the first time in Sarah’s life someone or in this case two people went to bat for Walker.


Chuck explaining his feelings to Beckman and Beckman was listening. The very fear Sarah felt for two years would come to light, and a conversation within the team made everything seem fine. It’s the power of communication. The very communication that human being must learn to master because whether it’s Chuck and Sarah or Team Bartowski communication is essential. Chuck218-01123

The communication part would lead to Sarah being reinstated and Forrest sent pack and as Beckman said, “We hope not to see you too soon, Agent Forrest.”

The same can be said for what happens next. Chuck rushed home with Devon’s keycard, and tried to slip it in Devon’s bag. The problem was Ellie caught him. As I said at the top, Chuck’s double life was about to clash, and the moment has arrived. Chuck218-01134 Chuck218-01135

Ellie caught her brother covering for her future husband, and it devastated Ellie because of what the code between a brother and sister, and it comes to light the problem. Chuck has to keep lying to all those around him. Chuck218-01137 Chuck218-01139

His Friends, his family all are subject of one big ball of deception, and for Chuck there is no one else he can talk to about his spy life. So, he goes to the only one he can trust, which is Sarah, but after the day’s festivities, Chuck also understands he can’t express his feelings without the idea of another 49B to happen. His feelings about hurting the people around him and not being able to say anything to anyone in his life. Chuck218-01162

Sarah understands Chuck’s dilemma and instead of speaking in protocol jargon we are use to hearing from her. Sarah does something for Chuck. She shows him who she found. Sarah shows she isn’t just an agent assigned to him as a handler, but a friend and most importantly someone she loves dearly. Chuck218-01167 Chuck218-01168Chuck218-01173Chuck218-01183This was how a couple comes together. A moment when they work through a problem together by being their for each other. Chuck went to fight for Sarah’s job in front of the team and the general and Sarah cracked the database to find his father. All for one simple word love, but we also have to take a minute to realize when two people are pursuing each other with the obstacles they are facing on a daily bases when does the mind start to takeover?

When does a mission become a mission to become one. It begins when one realizes not even a job can prevent two people destined for love. the true pure unadulterated version of the emotion. It leaves two people longing for each other despite their own and the world around them restrictions.

The coronation on how far Sarah and Chuck have come happens in the next two scenes. The end of this episode and the beginning of the next. The moment before Stephen opens the door to Sarah’s actions in the beginning of the next episode is the most significant change in the development of Sarah and Chuck’s relationship. The mear look in their eyes clearly indicates how deeply emotional this was for Chuck and from Sarah’s perspective on assuming her role not as a handler for this, but as a real girlfriend.

There are no covers or pre-mission preparation. This was a man and woman doing what normal couples do when embracing a significant moment. A moment, in which she says, “it will be good to see him.” a very different tone and demeanor from “it’s family time.”  Chuck113-01214

Chuck218-01213 (1)Chuck218-01214Chuck218-01232Chuck218-01234Chuck218-01235Chuck218-01237Chuck218-01238It’s moments like this for at least this author sex wasn’t needed, words weren’t needed. You just have to look in their eyes and see what they mean to each other.

A intimate moment between two people even in a highly emotional moment like Chuck reuniting with his father. It’s not only important for Chuck, but it’s important to Sarah as well.

Buckle up Chuck fans, we are about to set fire from here on out as we come to a close on Season Two Rewatches. The next five episodes will set the stage of the best stretch of episodes from a writing and delivery perspective. Two wonderful guest stars will cement themselves as significant character from here on out, and most importantly and character will be written off for good.

The next episode on the docket is Dream Job. A great episode because Chuck puts on his big boy pants and actually stands up to you guess correctly/ John Casey.

We also see these two dress like this, Chuck219-00470

Until next time Chuckaholics remember Chuck vs Arrow is your site, so play, engage, but most of all remember it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.


  1. IMHO, I think you totally misunderstood the role of Agent Forrest. She was SUPPOSED to be a stark contrast to Sarah…..serving as a character that Sarah could have become should she not have happened upon Chuck. She may have also been a reminder of who Sarah was before she met Chuck …driven by protocol and being uncaring about the lives they may ruin when completing a mission. The whole idea is to NOT like what this character represents, because it could have been Sarah.

    • Gary, It’s that very reason I don’t like 5/12 I don’t want to see that Sarah because it’s not the Sarah we know and became accustomed too. It’s not the Sarah that stormed the helipad fighting for Chuck or sitting beside him.

      The other thing that bothers me is how we already had a spy like Forrest in Carina. Yes, Carina was a wildcard, but she was about getting missions done. Carina had chemistry with the cast unlike Forrest. i am sorry, but like you are with Shaw I am that way with Tricia. I will never like her.

      • Are you kidding me, Chris ??? Forrest was not supposed to be a friend of Sarah’s. If Carina was to take on Forrest’s role, then how could they ever reconcile Carina and Sarah being friends ??? You said you don’t like the guest star , then you give no reason other than the role she played….you are, once again, mixing 2 different aspects…the actor and the character. What you are really saying is you don’t like the character. The actor did an amazing job of playing the character that she was meant to play. AND, the point is, this WASN’T Sarah, but it pointed to what Sarah could have become, but didn’t. You’re pretty confused by this storyline, for some reason.

      • CArina may have been a bad choice, but how about Mercedes Mason here. Zondra and Sarah’s relationship was on the rocks with the idea that Zondra turned. Zondra seeks revenge by being the 49B replacement.

  2. Tricia Helfer has a difficult kob here, creating a charactor we’re supposed to dislike. I’m sure she was invited on because the audience o0f Chuck contains a large number of Galactica fans. I don’t think the writers gave her much to work with. Everything she does is completely opposite to Sarah and little thought sems to be given as to whether a handler would actuall act in this fashion. The characters are constantly referring to protocol, but how can protocol apply here? Chuck is the only CIA intersect, he shouold have new protocols because of his unique status. Two things that annoy me most are: Chuck never flexes his moscle. In “Pilot” near the end he tells Sarah and Casey that he is going home. Casey grabs his arm to stop him and Chuck says “Hey, you need me” and walks away. Its the only instance I recall of him using his asset as leverage. He should just be able to tell Beckman no to at least open a negotiation. Yes they have threatened to drop him into a hole, but that will reduce his value to them, especially if he stops cooperating, so I don’t think they want that any more than he does. Second, why does Beckman think that their missions may be comprised? Team Chuck’s record is pretty good. Generally, if a team is successful you don’t remove an important part of it and plug in an untested part. If Forrest kept ignoring Chuck”s concerns, his emotions would start shutting down the Intersect. Finally the last scene, the real tip off that Sarah is allowing her emotions to emerge is the way she touches Chuck. That little neck rub is pure girlfriend and a delight to see.

    • Lonny,
      You raise some interesting points, and I have the same issue when it comes to Sarah being fired as well, if she was fired why the need to continue to following orders. She is free to do anything she wants. i think also the team not letting Forrest know the full aspect of the team which includes the Intersect hurts Forrest too.

      I think these stretch of episodes we finally see a mature growth from Chuck in regards to how he handles Beckman, but like I said Do you think he was a victim of his success by finding Orion. He shows his skill level to the government and now they see he is worth more than just that.

      • I think he was able to find Orion when everyone else failed because Orion knew it was Chuck who was searching. And Chuck searching for Orion and not for Stephen wass worrisome. That gives Beckman 2 problems. She doesn’t want to lose her Intersect, and she wants Orion in custody. Over the remaining episodes, we see that Beckman becomes very fond of Chuck and in the end even approves of his relationship with Sarah. We also see that Chuck succeeds in many ops with his intelligence rather than with the Intersect. When he loses the Intersect, he remains a spy because he’s good at it in his own right. More and more its his planning that wins out, not his intel. He is just beginning to show that here with his search for Orion. I think it worries Beckman because it means she is losing control over Chuck and his team.

      • Lonny,

        The true brilliance of Orion comes in my next Rewatch Article. A man who looks disheveled and a drifter is anything but. His every move is calculated with purpose. I always wondered why the CIA didn’t put two and two together when a man in hiding started to come out of hiding because Chuck and his people found him or should I say let them. One would think there must of been a connection between the two, but let’s save that discussion for Dream Job.

        WE need to see the 49B from Beckman’s perspective. The risk of a relationship while on missions can make mission harder when personal feelings are included. Just look at Chuck and Sarah’s history. Look at Wookie for example, here Sarah and Chuck are feuding over how Sarah lied about her relationship with Bryce carried over into the mission. It made the mission that much more difficult because Chuck couldn’t put his feelings on hold until after the mission. This would be a reason why Beckman wouldn’t want her teams to mingle in such away. Normal people like you and I don’t see a big deal. in fact, its as Chuck said, “Those feelings are the reason Chuck and Sarah work well together.” Beckman sees things black and white there can’t be grey because of the nature and duty of the job.

        Priority one and only is to protect the country nothing else matters. So, Beckman sees Walker begin to side with Chuck on issues that are extremely vital to the country and yet Walker was fighting Beckman, it didn’t go over well at all. The 49B was a result of two people falling for each other and a boss wanting to keep the team focus on the task at hand while making sure the Intersect was functioning properly.

      • It probably started way before that ….with Sarah releasing him from his self imposed prison of self doubt. With her understanding and her encouragement, Chuck started to become much more confident. And Lonny’s right….Chuck didn’t really find Orion, and Sarah didn’t really find Steven Bartowski ….he allowed himself to be found by them. Of course, the government didn’t know that, so Chuck was given way more credit than he deserved on that front. But what Chuck’s real upside was, was his ability to think outside the protocol box, since he was never encumbered by protocol. When that sort of thinking brings success, even the most hardened soldier ( like Beckman) states to take notice. When you are at war, sometimes it’s the results that matter, not how they were achieved.

      • and it comes back to my question by Chuck finding Orion, whether Orion let him or not. did this open Beckman’s eyes on how talented Chuck was. I mean from this point on she sees potential. I mean I don’t think a general would come across country to meet in person if this wasn’t significant. They were at war with Fulcrum and any advantage against them Beckman wanted to use as advantage.

      • Remember this was a guy who Beckman viewed as a man who happen to get the intersect. a mistake if you will, but finding Orion really changed her thinking on how talented Chuck was.

  3. Chris and Lonny….. Sarah wasn’t fired ….she was relieved of that particular mission ( i.e., being Chuck’s handler). She was to be recalled and put on another assignment. And, Chris, TREASON ???? Not even close….

    • Gary,
      Beckman’s words were as follow ” But as of right now, your services are officially terminated.
      Report back to Langley at 0900.” I don’t know what the word terminated means, but it does mean fired in my book.

      Furthermore, Forrest told her she was fired for disobeying a direct order. “Which directly disobeyed an order.
      You were fired for exactly this reason.” So she was headed back to Langley for final processing.

      • Not so……she would never be terminated from the CIA for what she did, she would have had her mission terminated. Reporting back to Langley would have been to be reassigned. Even if she was being let go from the CIA, they would never have invoked treason ( do you even know what that is, Chris ?). What act did she ever do to invoke treason ? How is anything she did treasonous ??? If she was derelict in her duties ( for getting too personal with her asset ??? Really ???), the worse she would get is a court martial. In order to commit treason, she would have had to commit an act that endangered her country, and fraternizing with Chuck was nowhere near that level.

  4. Because in the eyes of the government she broke orders and questioned authority. I think you don’t understand the concept of a military ranking system. She isn’t allowed to question orders. Graham let her get away with it because she did his dirty work often so he look past these kind of things, but beckman was a different leader. She didn’t like being questioned or her orders disobeyed.

    Sarah’s crimes would of been just as such. Forrest pointed them out,. She isn’t supposed to care about Chuck’s feelings which is why Shaw was so vital to the story because he didn’t and as a result Chuck functioned properly. Sarah’s decisions to put Chuck’s feelings ahead of the governments could be deemed as treason for that matter. I mean they deemed Chuck searching for Orion on his own as a treason or going to save his father as treason. Sarah’s actions could be considered treason if they wanted to pursue that route.

    • That falls very much into the “Red Test” territory as far as what constitutes treason in Chuck’s world. Jeez, Casey actually committed treason and was still just relieved of his duties. Disobeying orders is not treason.

      • Additionally, one IS allowed to question orders, especially since Sarah’s mission here was to protect Chuck. The 49B was to determine if Sarah’s personal feelings for Chuck were affecting her assignment, not her career. Forrest was tasked with making that assessment and she recommended Sarah be taken off the assignment. How it goes from there to being fired is beyond me, but the writing in Chuck was sometimes a little over the top. I don’t think anyone really thought Sarah was going to be let go from the CIA ( except perhaps you), but it certainly wasn’t treasonous. It was, at best, insubordination, which generally will not even earn a military dismissal ( since she was insubordinate to Forrest, who wouldn’t have been much superior to her ). She could have then requested a court martial, which she obviously would have won considering the outcome of Forrest’s actions.

  5. I agree GM, Tricia did a good job here, but as I said before I don’t think she got a lot of help from the writers. Forrestt was ready to tranq Ellie in front of a hallway full of witnesses. That’s not Agent behavior. I don’t think she understood how valuable Chuck is. She didn’t know at that point that Chuck is the Intersect. Most asset/handler relationships don’t really involve keeping the asset alive, you just use them and throw them away like Chuck did later on in “Nachos”. She may have been thinking he’s just another asset. She may even have wanted Sarah”s job from the git go. I still wonder why Chuck didn’t use his power more often. The charactor in “Pilot” is not exactly the same as our regular Chuck is he?

    • After I complete me rewatch of Dream Job, I will talk in depth on why Chuck in DJ is better from my perspective because while most like the nerd moral fiber Chuck. i consider most of Chuck’s moves to be buffoonery and that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. One of the best qualities of Team Bartowski is the vastly different personalities that complete the team.

      With that said, in this episode I don’t like Tricia in anything she had done so it’s the actor as well. If we are going to say Tricia did a good job as Forrest with glaring chemistry issues on screen. Then those that love Forrest shouldn’t complain about the lack of chemistry their was with Shaw. I get the same vibe.

      • Forrest isn’t supposed to have chemistry. She is supposed to be cold and distant, the opposite of Sarah. She is cool and detached, the perfect professional agent. Despite some questionable writing, I think she played it pretty well. I also think you may find Shaw less objectionable than you remember. Sarah turned to Shaw for many reasons we can discuss at the appropriate time, but love wasn’t one of them. Chemistry didn’t enter into it.

  6. The 49b had nothing to do with Sarah and everything to do with Chuck! Chuck’s actions, i.e., his recorded expressions of his feelings for Sarah, got Beckman’s attention and the 49b! Sarah was doing her job even when she knew it was in conflict with her feelings for Chuck! She was even doing her job IMO, when she was questioning her orders because she knew Chuck better than her superiors! Ignoring orders is one thing, but questioning decisions based on bringing correct new or additional information to the table is a legitimate obligation from anywhere in the chain of command even if such is not welcomed by the superior! Sarah’s actions were courageous and legitimate and ultimately were recognized and accepted by Beckman!

    • Naw…they were about Sarah, but of course, they wouldn’t have been possible without Chuck. But since he is the irreplaceable one, it is Sarah who the 49B affects….remember, Forrest’s assessment is that Sarah’s feelings for the asset hampered her ability.

    • Disagree, Tommy.

      Chuck has been emotional with Beckman before, and usually the general shrugs it off. I think Walker’s actions in Predator lead to the 49B. We often miss how Beckman said “You want to protect him Agent Walker, but play time is over.” She admits in Predator that she needs CB now and it goes without saying how much Orion plays a factor in this.

      I was thinking over the weekend while washing dishes at Assisted Living Home. for two characters that weren’t on too often Orion and Bryce Larkin are just as important as Chuck when you look at the story as a whole.

  7. Of course Sarah’s feelings were an issue in Beckman’s opening a 49B investigation, but Sarah’s prime directive as to protect Chuck and she did nothing overt that called into question her ability to protect her asset! The 49B was Chuck’s doing! However, you could argue that Sarah should have known better than to allow Chuck to vent his feelings at locations that clearly would have been under surveillance! That she did not shut Chuck down perhaps was a weakness that developed because she was in love with him and she liked hearing what he had to say, even if she knew better, or should have known better than to allow him to indulge his (and her) love fantasies while under surveillance! Of course, the other side of that is Sarah as a real spy would have wanted to know as much as she could about Chuck’s mind and especially his fantasies about her because that information would allow her to manipulate him! Did she?

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