gallery Gwendoline Yeo’s Limited Women’s Edition Nine Deep Clothing Line Set for Launch.

The Chuckaholic experience has always been about helping those that have worked on the show whether it be a mainstay, a guest star or apart of the production crew. We take the time to alert the fanbase of causes like Operation Smile and Sarah Lancaster’s Alzheimer event from last year. We even supported Yvonne’s Mittens Drive.  We help promote their upcoming projects like Astronaut Wives Club or The Last Ship. Our vision allows fans to fill in the void in their hearts by seeing or knowing what they do.

Today, I spoke to Chuck Alumi Gwendoline Yeo, who you may know was on Chuck as Mei Ling from Chuck vs Sizzling Shrimp, and we would like to tell you about her upcoming clothing line.

On Dec 12, 2015. Gwendoline will be launching a Limited Edition Women’s Clothing Line courtesy of Nine Deep Clothing.Chuck105-00445Gwendoline’s clothing line will be available online on Dec10-11, 2012. The website will go dark after Dec 12. The site goes dark when the store launch commences due to limited quantities. The company will offer first dibs and free shipping domestically when the website launches on the 10th. They will also have International shipping, which is not free for those overseas, Gwendoline and her design partner Paul Harman are excited for you to come and see what they have.

Each design is crafted by hand. Everything from sewing to cutting and made in the USA. Gwendoline’s says ” bullied as a chubby kid…. it’s a marvel here, I am making clothes so women feel beautiful…dreams do come true” Her focus is on high quality clothes with shape and structure which are one of a kind and can help brighten your day. 156212.1maxresdefault

For gamers, they will be raffling off 4 copies of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 games for both XBox360 and PS4. There will be a DJ and Open Bar for the in store launch event. So, join Gwendoline and Paul for some fun and buy some of her clothes for your mom, girlfriend whatever.. It’s the holiday season right, but most importantly support our Chuck family. d095750433e2ebfc83b3ef3f2fcb7671

According to her website, Her in store launch will commence at 6 PM and end at 12AM. Click the link for additional information. Gwendoline Yeo’s Nine Deep Clothing Line  or visit her website Gwendoline Yeo  The former Miss Chinatown USA will be most appreciative of the support.Premiere+ABC+American+Crime+Red+Carpet+Q2dX4JTBuxjl

Gwendoline’s inspiration came from 1940s women’s suits and emphasis . The Structure is for defined shoulders  and careful cut for length. The clothes will also have a shaper fabric which will give comfort density and a stretchy feel for hiding and forgiving purposes.

Here are some of her designs, c5795455875e2983b5866c48a08fd871 5652825b30774be96da045580e166dad

The clothing do look really nice and comfy from a distance and the colors are not too loud on the eyes. It’s also nice to see regular people model the clothing. A nice arrangement and marketing plan. Help support her and her clothing both on the 9th online and in her store on Dec 12th.

The address to the store is Zoo Boutique – Nine Deep Limited Edition Women’s Line by Actress Gwendoline Yeo 6006 Pico Blvd LA, CA 90035

The desire to help Gwendoline with her event is something we strive for here at Chuckaholics. There is no compensation, but more of a free promotion to keep the performers in our minds and help Gwendoline in her other projects. Visit her website or click the link on our homepage.

After all, Gwendoline was the first Chuck celebrity to talk to Chuckaholics. Gwendoline told us about the shooting of this scene, which took place at 2:00 am. Again, Chuckaholics who live in the area visit Zoo Boutique or visit her online store. You can also find her on the television show American Crime, which airs on ABC.

Gwendoline Also filled me on her desire of wanting to do more Chuck episodes, but never was called back for more which was a downer for Gwendoline, Chuck was one of her favorite gigs. She even has a Chuck momento hanging in her boutique. It’s a shame Gwendoline was never called back because Mei-Ling was voted one of the guest stars wanted to see work with Team Bartowski again. Chuck105-00852 Chuck105-00857Chuck105-00292





    • Gwendoline,

      Thank you for commenting on my site. It’s great to hear from the performers from the show. You should know we believe in family here, and you are apart of that Miss Mei-Ling….Welcome to Chuckaholics BTW….

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