gallery Rewatch Thirty Two: Papa B Returns Home

We have reached a significant stretch of episodes in the series of Chuck. A ton of information will be revealed and no bigger than those dealing with the original Intersect engineering team.  We know Orion was the creator of the Intersect, but who helped him make his dream become a reality.

Who was Orion, well that secret will be exposed later this episode, but before we continue we have three outstanding guest stars in this episode, and two would be on the mount rushmore of guest stars the series provided.

Chevy Chase and Scott Bakula both make their Chuck debuts and both will play very important roles from here on out. Another returning guest start would be Arnold Vosloo as he reprises he role as Vincent. Arnold will be apart of the final season two story as well.

What can we say about Chevy and Scott, both veterans of  tv and movies. Both are respected in the industry, and I don’t need to go through the various projects these two men have done because there simply too many. clark-griswaldb292d22e55aed960de2bacb6f268823e7656ebaaWhat I will do is dive into Dream Job because the opening scene takes me back to a comparison article I once wrote, Marlin vs Dream Job talked about the difference from Sarah in Marlin from the Sarah we saw in Dream Job.

The opening scene in Dream Job holds a lot of weight with me because both situations called for significant family time. Both would’ve been acceptable moments for a cover girlfriend to take part in, but Dream Job’s Sarah has come to terms with her feelings. Will she act on them, no, but she will soon.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a moment. Chuck113-01214

Chuck113-01224Sarah shows a state of complexity when it comes to emotions she has yet to understand. A moment when she believed was never going to happen for her in a lifetime. Yet, standing outside the window she was looking into her future. While Casey represents her current life, the spy life is the proverbial blockage on Sarah finding her self actualization. Notice the expression after Casey says ” We can only keep him here for so long.” Sarah knows what Casey says was true, but it’s still hard to take. Sarah wants a family and a life different from the one she has known.Chuck113-01226Chuck219-00011 (1)However, in this episode we find Sarah sitting  beside Chuck. I don’t want to belittle Ellie and Devon’s engagement, but reuniting with a lost parent is significantly bigger than an engagement. Sarah recognizes the moment to be a big deal and follows through.

It takes me back to a moment that was rather difficult for Sarah. Do you recall how she felt when Jack came to town. Chuck was there for her and it was returned here. Chuck210-01236

The reality is Sarah has mature since Marlin, and the teachings set forth by Chuck makes this moment a significant one. It makes it a special moment between the two. Walker isn’t judgmental or says a word. The only things she says was the occasional words of encouragement or seeking if Chuck was alright, but Chuck isn’t fine despite his modest answer of being fine, and who would be?

Chuck was nervous and anxious at the same time. He wanted his father played by Scott Bakula  to return home for Ellie’s wedding. At first, Stephen resists the idea. He modestly claims Ellie didn’t want to see him or that he couldn’t, but a fire with in Chuck made him speak truth to his father. Chuck219-00023Chuck219-00026 Chuck219-00027Chuck219-00060Chuck219-00061Chuck219-00062Sarah never saw this side of Chuck before. A bit shocking if you can tell. Chuck stood strong, and said ” I-I don’t want to hear what you can’t do.I’ve seen what you can’t do.” Chuck stood tall, fighting for Ellie. He’s fighting to put his family back together. A strong statement of what kind of character Charles Irving Bartowski was about.

Naturally, you would think Stephen would be upset, but no he says, “No, it didn’t. You’re mad. I left, and-and you’re mad.” The Bartowski men were giving Sarah an education on how families  talk things through and the result could be surprising. Chuck219-00074 Chuck219-00080 Chuck219-00082 Chuck219-00084

Stephen wasn’t upset or mad at his son for being brash, but rather proud he came all this way for Ellie. The surprising part was Stephen deciding to gather some things to bring with him. Chuck219-00088 Chuck219-00090 Chuck219-00094From the outset, Stephen looks like a drifter. A man on the road by the locks of the trailer, but he also seemed distant and his hair out of place indicates on the run for the most part. Chuck made a point to finish his depiction of his father by telling Sarah how he was a bit crazy the last time he saw him.Chuck219-00104

It didn’t take long for Stephen to bring to life that account by claiming “They were tracking his every move.”

After the opening credits, Ellie and Awesome were discussing color clashes for their wedding. Chuck and his father come walking in, and Ellie says hello to Chuck, and continued on her discussion until she paused realizing who was with Chuck, which was none other than their father. Chuck219-00138 Chuck219-00141 Chuck219-00143 Chuck219-00146This episode has now become a big one for the Bartowski siblings. Chuck and Ellie’s father went missing for ten years, and now he was standing in their living room. Chuck fulfilled his promise about having their father at Ellie’s wedding, but there was a small problem. Pancakes, he promised to make pancakes.

Ellie reminded Papa B about that, and stormed off with an “Oh boy” in return. Chuck went after Ellie and we have our first analysis of this episode. Chuck and Ellie were talking about their father, and the voice of reason spoken by Chuck would convince Ellie to try to patch things up with Stephen. Chuck219-00188

When one watches the next scene, something happens that can be missed if one doesn’t pay attention. There may be something more to the reason why Stephen has not been around. He constantly reminding his children about his inventions and constant mention of a guy he went to school with seems like he was a bit crazy or bitter about his lack of success, but there was more to it.

Stephen was showing  Devon about how he was responsible for the touch screen technology. He purposely talks about Ted Roark. How he went to school with Roark, and made it a mission for Chuck to flash on the Roark expo flyer. Chuck219-00195 Chuck219-00192 Chuck219-00196Chuck219-00205It’s like each move was meant for Chuck to flash. Stephen thought the name Roark would be enough for Chuck to flash, but it was the expo card that made Chuck flash, which means does Stephen know Chuck was the intersect? Let’s find out.  We also can see classifies with blue ink on it? Will we see this again in the future?  Chuck219-00223 Chuck219-00224 Chuck219-00225 Chuck219-00227


Chuck didn’t waste time to report his flash to his team. Beckman claims there was some chatter about Roark lately, and didn’t waste time in telling Chuck what his next mission would be. Chuck would become the newest employee of Roark Industries. Chuck219-00240One of the key scenes in which we can see change within Sarah comes here. As Beckman signs off, Sarah didn’t wait to question whether Chuck would be alright working for the man that stole everything from his father. Another key note to mention would be Sarah’s question of alerting Ted of the virus in RIOS. Chuck219-00246

It’s interesting to see how Sarah was coming to terms with her feelings. How she was positioning herself as a supporting girlfriend rather then just being a handler. Sarah’s concerns over Chuck’s daddy issues (Casey’s words) was brought to light in a open forum. The team was conversing and Sarah again was showing confidence in Chuck. Chuck219-00249 Chuck219-00254 Chuck219-00258Chuck states it was his dream coming out of Stanford to work for Roark, but he questioned would it be a dream come true if it was as a janitor, but Sarah said he was perfectly qualified to interview as himself. No covers needed. Chuck219-00260 Chuck219-00262Sarah isn’t lying either. There were times when Sarah had to use gimmicks to pump up Chuck, but not here Sarah was being real with Chuck. Sarah’s support would be music to Chuck’s ears.Chuck219-00264It’s interview time. Chuck heads into Roark like a child entering a candy store. He was walking with awe in his eyes as he walked through the lobby. Chuck made his way for his interview. He steps into the office where his Interview was going to be conducted, and unlike the real world had Sarah in his eye to walk him through the process. Chuck219-00283 Chuck219-00287 Chuck219-00292 Is it me or was Zachary Levi too tall for those chairs. The interviewer wanted to know what Chuck was doing since his college days, and while Chuck was unsure of how to answer. Sarah said for Chuck to be honest. Chuck219-00303 Chuck219-00306 Chuck219-00307My second moment to analysis would be here, I found it to be interesting to hear the words Chuck uses in this scene. He says, he works in a job he sees no way out of. The interesting part was how he said this before, and with Sarah listening in. Do you remember when?

In 3D, Chuck said the same thing to Tyler, but the difference was Chuck was trying to get Tyler to perform, but it also was said after Mauser. Thus, Chuck’s demeanor and body language was a lot more telling than, but still Chuck shows signs of the spy life taking it’s toll on him. A dream job was just a cover and yet Chuck found himself stuck with in the cover. Chuck219-00310 Chuck212-00911Sarah’s reaction also was interesting to notice. Sarah wasn’t as bothered by Chuck’s line during the interview compared to trying to convince Tyler to perform on stage.  What a difference between a woman acting as a handler compared to being moral support. The difference between Agent Walker vs Sarah Walker. Chuck219-00314 Chuck212-00912Meanwhile, Lester and Jeff were trying to convince Big Mike to let them go to the RIOS convention, and their selling plan was for them to become better Buymore employees. Big Mike wanted Chuck to go, but Jeffster pointed out how Bartowski wasn’t there as usual. Big Mike caved and let them go to the weirdo convention. Chuck219-00321 Chuck219-00337 Chuck219-00338When Jeffster arrive at Roark Instruments to register for the expo. They were surprised to see Chuck exiting the building in a suit and what looked like Chuck was given a job at RI.  Lester called Morgan to let him know Chuck was cheating on the Buymore which upset Morgan.

Meanwhile, Chuck was touring the facility when he ran into Ted himself. Chevy Chase plays Ted Roark. Chuck219-00369 Chuck219-00374Chuck continued to praise Roark and his company, but Roark stopped him by saying he already had the gig. Chuck219-00378 Chuck219-00382Chuck219-00393 Chuck219-00394 Chuck219-00402Another nice moment for Chuck and Sarah, who seemed to have plenty in this episode would have a special moment in the courtyard. A loving tone from Sarah as Chuck was talking how happy he was working at Roark, which indicate he was lost in his cover. Sarah reminded him it was just an assignment, but Chuck felt like this was a chance to prove he wasn’t a loser, and he would be doing something bigger with his life. Chuck219-00410 Chuck219-00412 Chuck219-00414 Chuck219-00416

Sarah  said, “He knows your not a loser…and you are.” There was nothing but love behind those eyes as she was encouraging him, and for the first time Sarah’s words are not a cover, but from the heart. A moment in which Sarah’s tone, words and body language mesh. A great moment for Chuck and Sarah.

Chuck and Sarah enter the apartment, and head for their seats. The whole house was pleased to see the two except of course Morgan, who knew Chuck’s secret about Roark. A nice moment for the Bartowskis, dad at the head of the table. Future son and daughter in laws sitting with his children. What’s not to smile about. Chuck219-00422Well, smiles would end when Morgan spills the beans about Chuck’s new job. Morgan would tell everyone on how Chuck took a job at Roark. Chuck219-00424 Chuck219-00427 Chuck219-00428Papa B would ask Devon if he had his Bachelor Party, which was still fresh in the minds of the bride and groom. A touchy subject for sure. Chuck219-00437 Chuck219-00438 Chuck219-00439 Chuck219-00443Chuck couldn’t believe Morgan knew about Roark, and what was good times became bad when Stephen heard the news of his son working for the man who stole everything from him. Chuck219-00448Stephen would go off on Chuck, and it made Chuck working at Roark that much more difficult. Chuck’s fear of disappointing his father came to be. Chuck219-00454 Chuck219-00453Chuck would arrive at RI, and who does he run into none other then Casey and Sarah dressed as nerds attending the expo. They said, they would try to hack into the server so they can find the source code. They instruct Chuck to go to work, but remind him this was not his real job. Chuck219-00462Chuck went his way and his handlers the other. Both with missions to achieve. Stephen was preparing to watch his son’s first day. All these moving parts to the story getting in position. It’s exciting television is it not? Oh, by the way Jeffster was in the conference room. Chuck219-00483 Chuck219-00477

Chuck was sweeping the conference room and spotted Roark, who was greeting some men. Chuck looked at one of the men and flashed. It turned out he was a fulcrum agent. Chuck alerted his team about the flash, and it became that more important for them to stop the launch of RIOS.Chuck219-00495 Chuck219-00497 Chuck219-00501Sarah and Casey continued to find the security code to get into the server room, but failed both attempts. This would cause a system shut down for the moment. Security would also be alerted. Casey would instruct Chuck to stop the launch. Chuck would hesitant because he knew he would be fired, but again needed to be reminded he wasn’t a real Roark employee. Chuck219-00508Meanwhile, Ellie asked her father why he would be watching his nemesis’s launch, which begs the question on how open Stephen was here. If Chuck was around would he be watching or was he watching for a purpose? Stephen looks like he has a more driving interest in this conference by the way he is watching the screen. Does he look like he is hoping for something to happen?Chuck219-00518Roark hits the stage for the launch, and begins the expo with rather interesting comments like losing money doing this thing. We can see Roark isn’t a nice man right off the bat. A huge ego problem. Chuck219-00519The crowd is coming alive as the launch draws near.  Sarah’s latest attempt to break into the room fails, and Casey orders Chuck to stop the launch. Chuck runs onto the stage and stops Roark from pressing the button. He tries to worn Roark about the virus and he finishes with you have to believe me. Right here, you see Roark listening and the brilliance of Roark here comes into play.Chuck219-00527 Chuck219-00551

Chuck: The CIA believes that your software has been infected with a virus, that when released, will cause worldwide computer damage.

Roark: Do you have any idea how crazy you sound?

Chuck: Yeah, I do. I do. But please, you have to believe me.

Roark: No, I really I really don’t. Chuck219-00565 Chuck219-00576

Roark comes off as smug technological genius. A man with  boatloads of money, and isn’t bashful about being egotistical. When Roark dismisses Chuck’s warning, it just seems like he is being spiteful. However, Chuck still had a job to do and he grabs the launcher out of Roark’s hand.

The whole world watching Chuck run around the conference, his father cheering, his sister jeering. Chuck runs down the aisle where Jeffster were sitting and they try to help Bartowski, but as Chuck turns up  he gets closelined by his interviewer. The launcher was returned to Roark.

Roark didn’t wait any longer and pressed the button. RIOS was launched. Chuck without a job. Chuck’s world once again is full barbed. What makes this scene fun to watch is Stephen. He continues to act like a dad in one aspect and spy at the same time. Stephen proves you can be both.

Devon comes walking in after a eighteen hour gig at the hospital. He saw Ellie was frantic about Chuck and looking for a number to the county jail, but Devon tried to calm her down.  Ellie explains to Devon how Chuck attacked his new boss. Ellie would put the blame on Stephen because of Chuck’s need to impress his father.

Stephen would state Chuck was better then Roark instruments and to trust him. The words trust me set Ellie off. You kind of feel for Ellie here, she has been through a lot between Devon’s party, her father’s return, and Chuck’s apparent arrest. It’s a lot for one person to take. Ellie points all those issues out and storms off.

Devon wanted to chase after, but Stephen stopped him. Ellie did need some air. Stephen offers Devon a drink, which Awesome denies saying how a drink started the rift between him and Ellie. Stephen said, she just didn’t want Devon to become him.  Papa B would also give some advice. “Don’t walk out on your children when you promise to make pancakes.” He says for Devon not to worry about being him because the concept is unlikely.

Most Chuckaholics know what Stephen is referring to, but for the new fan it’s going to get even better from here. Chuck219-00636 Chuck219-00641 Chuck219-00647 Chuck219-00646 Chuck219-00636Chuck219-00677The rest of the episode really takes off. Chuck walks into the Buymore and was thinking to himself what he could do to help the team. He returns home to look at the cards Orion left him, and started studying them again. He was looking for what Orion was trying to tell him. Chuck219-00720Chuck’s father would interrupt Chuck’s mojo, but Bartowski would try to sell he was busy, but Stephen asked for a minute. A very key moment would occur and something that continues to show how great Scott Bakula was in this role.

Stephen still acting like a father would tell Chuck how if his dream was to work for RI, he couldn’t be happier. Chuck tried to stop his father from speaking any further, but Stephen said, “Still my minute?” In so many words, Stephen is being a father because Stephen knows what Chuck was doing, and who he really is. Chuck219-00726 Chuck219-00729 Chuck219-00737 Chuck219-00739 Chuck219-00744

The fact that he places the binder in a way for him to see what Orion was looking for could only mean one thing. Was Stephen Bartowski the man himself. Was Papa B the creator of the Intersect, and was all of this a ploy to stop Roark, who has an Intersect.  What makes the whole build up from the beginning until now was Orion allowed Sarah to find him.

It’s almost like Stephen was allowing the team to work with him in stopping Fulcrum, and while Chuck would eventually get there, most fathers in their own way help their sons get where they need to be. Chuck219-00764 Chuck219-00765 Chuck219-00770Chuck sees the light at the end of the tunnel. His father shows him the keys to leaving the spy life because he knows Roark has an Intersect. He knows other then Orion only Roark could come up with the capabilities to recreate the Intersect.

Chuck reports his findings to his team, but they shot him down thinking he was crazy, which leads Chuck to put on his big boy pants and take matters into his own hands. A man up moment for sure. Chuck219-00804 Chuck219-00803These two scenes also show why I feel Sarah and Casey held Chuck back, and most specifically Sarah sometimes comes off to be a schetky woman. There are times like in Crown Vic, she supports him and takes a leap of faith. There are other times like in this scene were she dismisses him and retorts back to the company girl. The one who says following orders was the only way.  Chuck219-00807Chuck219-00825Casey also worries more about protocol and procedure when Chuck says Orion sent him schematics of the Intersect, but all Major Casey was thinking about was how Chuck didn’t tell him about Orion contacting Bartowski. It’s no wonder Chuck goes on his own to Roark Industries, and let me tell you the building they used for Roark Instruments will be used again down the road. Chuck219-00829 Chuck219-00834Rather than Casey  suit up and join Chuck, he elects to stop Chuck’s progress. A moment missed from John’s perspective was not seeing how this would be the first time Chuck suiting up on his own. Chuck also was packed with a weapon. A very unlike Bartowski move. Nope, Casey doesn’t help and as a result we get a classic confrontation between the boys.

Chuck pulls his weapon on Casey. He threatens him either help him or else. Casey charges Chuck with a phrase “You’re entering a world of pain.” Casey realizes Chuck was packing a Tranq gun, and felt slighted how Chuck didn’t have the courtesy to aim a real firearm at him. Chuck219-00840 Chuck219-00846 Chuck219-00847When Chuck refused to put the toy gun down, Casey charged, but Bartowski shot a dart into Casey. One didn’t take the big fella down nor did two darts, but a dart to the side of the neck and the big guy went nighty night. Chuck219-00857 Chuck219-00859 Chuck219-00863Chuck leaves Castle and enters Roark Industries. He follows the map, but had to stop his pursuit at the sound of voices. He enters an unlocked door, and waits for the voices to approach. The voice was his father and a group of Roark security thugs. Chuck219-00877 Chuck219-00893 Chuck219-00886Chuck219-00895Chuck shocked at the sight of his father watched as the guard punched his father in the gut. This made Chuck come shooting out the room firing darts into the guards. They all fall comically at the same time. Chuck asked his father why he was at Roark, and the truth is revealed. Vincent appears behind the sliding doors with a greeting for both men.

Chuck tells his father he’s not who he think he is. Stephen says the same thing and reveal an awesome computer on his wrist. Punches some keys and the doors close on Vincent. Stephen’s secret was no more. He’s Orion. The one who knows now is his son. Chuck says, “You’re Orion.” Chuck219-00937 Chuck219-00939It’s bit of a shock to the system when you know your father was a spy too. A truth that makes ton of sense on why his father was gone for so many years. The man responsible for creating the Intersect. A invention that would put the lives of his children in danger. Factions like Fulcrum gunning for him so they can have the same weapon at their disposal.

Sarah arrives at Castle, and removes the dart in Casey’s neck. Walker would ask where was Chuck, and he would claim was in a world of hurt. Chuck219-00947Chuck219-00951The ending of this episode was riveting because of what happens. Orion and Chuck are heading towards Roark’s Intersect when Chuck asked about the helicopter and why he wasn’t up front in the first place, and Orion’s reasoning is far better and easier to understand then Mary’s approach in S4.

Orion: Would you have trusted me? After not seeing me for ten years, I just appear, bring you to RI and tell you that I can get the Intersect, which I also built, out of your head? What would you have said to that?

Orion’s plan was the best way to reenter his son’s life. He knew it would be an adjustment just him being back. Let alone the other side of Stephen being revealed. All those days working. All those days inventing the Intersect. It would be a lot to take.

They reach the room where the Intersect was. He told Chuck to flash on the security code. Chuck started to tell Orion how the Intersect doesn’t work that way. Orion says, it does. He put it in the Intersect.

They enter the room and we see a similar room like Bryce was in, but it was different because there was a table in the middle of the room with the Intersect Cube on the table with two computer between it. Orion says for Chuck to sit and explains how the Intersect was computer, and he couldn’t see why he couldn’t override Chuck’s brain.

When Orion tries to get the computer to work. It shuts down. Orion said the computer didn’t work. The doors open and Roark walks in,”No..It doesn’t.”  Vincent was beside him. All indications was Roark was with Fulcrum. Chuck219-00980

Chuck219-00984It’s important to understand when Roark says he had a way with the ladies and Orion had a way with machines. It means a lot for the future of the story. Only Orion could create and get Fulcrum’s machine to work. Roark was searching for Orion for this purpose. Chuck219-01000 Chuck219-01008Everything Fulcrum was working for. Everything Team Bartowski was fighting against came down to this cube, Chuck219-01018Stephen’s invention holds the keys to this war between good and evil. Chuck’s freedom depends on Orion taking it out. The stage is set for a huge ending of the season season. Chuck219-01027 Chuck219-01037 Chuck219-01057 Chuck219-01070The balance between all the variables comes into play as we come to the end of this rewatch. Fulcrum, Orion, Team Bartowski, Beckman, and even the future Woodcombs all effected by one cube.

The perils of an invention or idea coming to life make a man leave his family. The same man missing for years coming out of hiding for the purpose of helping his son who on his admission never thought would find him.

Chuck was told by Orion not to trust Sarah and Casey, but to trust them now. As Orion protecting his son, he would reveal who the CIA Agent was. He tells Roark that Chuck was his son. Roark would give Chuck a repreve Chuck219-01077 Chuck219-01079 Chuck219-01081Decisions are felt throughout the characters. A rivalry between scientists causes families to be destroyed and teams to come together after tough decisions are made. Orion saves his son by saying he would build Roark’s Intersect if he let his son go. Chuck219-01085 Chuck219-01097 Chuck219-01098Orion asks Roark to let his son leave. Vincent chimes in about both being dead anyway, but Orion pleads by saying after ten years of being without his family. The least Roark could do. Roark claims he isn’t a monster and let’s Chuck leave. Chuck219-01101 Chuck219-01104 Chuck219-01117 Chuck219-01121Chuck back pedaling out of the room with his handlers waiting outside. Bartowski men staring at each other. Chuck makes one final attempt to save his father. Vincent says, “If your son wants to walk out of here alive, he needs to leave now.” Sarah and Casey hold Chuck back from further danger as the door close on his father. Chuck219-01123 Chuck219-01124 Chuck219-01128 Chuck219-01130 Chuck219-01137The powerful ending leads to a briefing with Beckman. It was not a happy one. Beckman was furious with Fulcrum having the Intersect Cube and Orion. Chuck reminds Beckman about Orion being his father. I find it odd that Beckman didn’t know who the identity of Orion was. If they have been searching for him for years like she proclaims wouldn’t the real name surface at some point.

Chuck informed Beckman that his team should be the ones searching for Orion. He furthered his case by saying once Fulcrum builds their new intersect. He was obsolete to them. Casey agreed with Chuck about the team being her best team. Sarah protested with the idea of Fulcrum knowing Chuck was Orion’s son. All parties make valid points, and what I love about the scene was how all of them voiced their concerns as a unit. A fair decision was reached and Beckman awarded the case to Team Bartowski.

Chuck taking action is something new from everyone in the room. It usual is the case when it becomes personal. Fulcrum having Chuck’s dad made this personal for Chuck.

Chuck219-01152 Chuck219-01154

Chuck219-01169Ellie returns home to seeing pancakes on the table. Ellie believes it was her father trying to make amends, but it was actually Devon making peace with her.  Devon let’s Ellie know about her father leaving. It would leave Ellie distraught over her Stephen skipping out again. Chuck219-01185 Chuck219-01186 Chuck219-01189Chuckaholics spends so much time analyzing emotions and attention to small detail. We often miss how much this storyline affected Ellie as well. We often forget how Ellie had to become an adult at an early age, but she got through it with courage and determination. When her parents disappoint her by leaving, Ellie shows strength which was the makeup of Chuck.

Devon and Ellie’s rift about the party has ended with the couple doing what they do best. Chuck219-01199When Chuck walks into the apartment, Ellie tells Chuck about dad leaving. Again, a moment where Chuck can’t tell Ellie the truth about what happened to their father. Chuck219-01205 Chuck219-01209 Chuck219-01210Ellie apologized to Chuck for asking him to find their father, but Chuck said don’t give up on him. Chuck219-01214 Chuck219-01216The episode closes with Orion working on the Intersect. A ending to arguably one of the best episodes of the ninety one collection. Chuck219-01223 Chuck219-01227However, as I said before. Orion is smart and he showed he can play the role of a father and Orion at the same time. The mark of a great spy and even better dangerous man. He keeps his emotions in check long enough to not be detected of what his moves are.

Orion knows Roark’s Intersect dosen’t work, and the only play he had was to fix the Intersect. He purposely allowed Fulcrum to take him in so he can take out the Intersect from Chuck’s brain.

Up next on our rewatch is another returning guest star as we reach the final three episodes of Season Two. First Kill is next with Jordana Brewster making her final appearance on Chuck as Jill Roberts.

Until next time Chuckaholics, remember this site is for you to play, engage but most of all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.


  1. Chris,
    great one again.
    I just like to complain about the ‘Sarah not supporting Chuck’-thing. What we have here – in my opinion – is a ‘Chuck not trusting Sarah enough’ thing. She has orders, he just presented an idea without further proof. He could have told her about the Orion sheets, etc. I strongly believe she would have supported his plan, considering what she has done in the past. I think the situation we really have here is that Chuck doesn’t believe enough in his team and more specifically in Sarah.

    • I would agree with you when we reach a certain episode in S3 but most of the time Sarah has been reluctant to side with Chuck. However, she does have tendency to go with him. I just was pointing out how Agent Walker sometimes supercedes regular Sarah.

    • Agree with you here, Chris. Sarah isn’t fully aware of Chuck’s full capabilities regarding technology. It’s odd that she trusts him in Tom Sawyer, but not here ….and he didn’t need to provide all the details in Tom Sawyer. What she doesn’t ever seem to realize is that Chuck was a computer engineering scholarship student at Stanford. She sometimes fails to realize that he has a memory that can retain untold amounts of data …and that’s all WITHOUT the Intersect. She should have trusted his instincts on this one, instead of hiding behind CIA protocol. In fairness though, she “over-compensates” in The Colonel ….

      • Chris and Gary just remember that the previous episode was the 49B and she was fired for not following protocol with her asset so you can imagine without concrete evidence which Chuck had but did not reveal to his team they had to follow procedure & protocol. Also remember in S1 E11 when Langston Graham & Beckman prohibited them from approaching Lon Kirk when Chuck’s flash did not pan out & Roark was a big shot so that meant that they had to be careful.
        In Crown Vic, she supports him and took a leap of faith after they had that little spat about the kiss and if he was faking the flash. That fight where Chuck showed that he was adamant of what he flashed on made her believe him when Chuck went to her with the picture. However, on this episode Chuck did not provide on the proof until Casey caught him suited up. We must commend Chuck’s resolve that’s the part we like when he goes after what he wants.
        First, his dad and now the intersect he was developing into the inevitable a spy. Something Bryce was able to see.

      • Guys, I think we miss some moments that are minor in one episode but are important in the future. For example, Why did some of the baddies know who Charles Carmichael was and was gaining respect with them.

        He gained respect as a spy from Beckman. Vincent said he was impressed with Chuck ability to lure Orion out of hiding. Although after my rewatch of Dream Job have grown to believe Orion needed Team Bartowski to help him take down Roark, who was building a Intersect. Orion couldn’t do it himself. He needed the Intersect and the team.

      • All Chuck said in Tom Sawyer was how a flash told him where the baddies where, and while leaving Castle. She got into a spat with Casey about trusting Chuck or ICBM. She said she trusted Chuck. SO, why there, but not when he could hack into a chip or Ring Phone. Doesn’t seem like Sarah is always backing Chuck at key moments.

      • Carol…absolutely Sarah would have been trigger shy here given her previous experience, but the 49B also showed Sarah and Chuck work better as a team and they work better when they trust each other. This was just one of many times that Sarah could have, but chose not to trust Chuck. There are plenty of times when she could have gone the other way, but chose to believe him. It always depended on how she felt that day, I guess !! LOL

        This was a pretty impressive feat for Chuck, though….he didn’t look amateurish at all during the break-in to RI ….a couple of very smooth moves to get to where he wanted…..

  2. What it comes down to of course is whatever is convenient for the writers. If the story works better with Sarah doubting Chuck, that’s what she does. I have said before the show had some continuity problems throughout it’s run. The writers were more concerned with what worked for a particular episode than maintaining a consistent viewpoint. In this case I think Sarah was trusting the CIA’s opinion that Roark did not have the space for an intersect and allowing that Chuck’s obsession with getting the intersect out of his head was coloring his judgement.

    • Of course, you’re right, Lonny …it really was up to the writers. There wasn’t always a lot of consistency. Season 3 was the most inconsistent of them all, but Season 2 certainly was inconsistent regarding Sarah. But it works a bit better in S2 because it mimics the struggle Sarah is going through ….Chuck, or the CIA.

      • The other aspect of this all was Chuck becoming a man here. Chuck allowed his past to over take him. Rather then move on. The good thing about his role as a spy was the need to fight. To persevere. If you don’t there was good chance you die. Chuck saw this but I also believe knowing his father was a spy too helped mold him for the future. Stephen appear in his life as Orion, but the man turned out to be his father . A nice way to reassert himself if u ask me.

      • I know we are talking about the writers and they are allowed to write whatever they want. After all what we talk about here is just our opinions. All forms of writing are open to interpretation even the Bible has its interpretations. No one is right or wrong, but as I wrote on facebook last week. I prefer the redemption story because it fascinates me how people change. We all can agree Sarah was at the crossroads of her career when entering the Buymore, but so many people talk about Sarah’s reaction to Chuck dying in the car explosion but we miss Casey’s expression as well. Casey also had a shot in suiting up to help Chuck break into RI, but he too chose to side with Beckman. I mean the clue was slapping John in the face. When did we ever see Chuck suit up like this. I know the writers want to show Chuck going at it alone, but it also was designed for Orion and Chuck to work together. This was not the time for stay in the car, Chuck.

  3. Hello, guys I agree with Lonny. the writers were more interested in re-creating a story and not giving it continuity. Getting back to Chuck, once he set his mind to something he would suddenly have confidence on following through with its objective; but here is the inconsistency. If Casey & Sarah were not there to back him up yet he was willing to go it alone. How come when Casey & Sarah were not there when we went to Prague did he not have the same results. He set his goal on becoming a spy, Casey believed in him and he left Sarah at the train station to achieve his object so what was the difference there? In bringing down Volkoff again he made a plan without Casey and Sarah and executed to the tee without the intersect. He was determined.

    • Guys, The reason Chuck was so determined was because he saw he needed to take measures in his own hands. He also was starting to see the government for what they were. It’s funny the next rewatch article will talk more about that when it comes to the original Trapezoid. JIll, Bryce, Chuck and Sarah all have something in common, but without revealing too much.

    • I think a lot of it is in how Chuck is expected to perform. When we see the scene of Chuck training in Prague, one of the first things that happens is the General tells Chuck to kill his interrogators, we know that’s not going to happen and it throws Chuck off his game. As the stress of his actions versus what the General wants builds up, he loses the ability to flash. Chuck functions best when you allow him to do it his way, his plan, his method, even his reaction to something unexpected. The General and the other agents are hung up on protocol when they should just watch how Chuck handles a situation then offer alternate actions for him to consider. He’s the Intersect, they should adapt to him not the other way around.

      • Lonny, the fact that Chuck functions best when you allow him to do it his way and not following procedures or protocol gets him in trouble. The best example when he trusted his mom on Chuck vs the first fight where he tells Sarah that he needed her to believe in him even if he was wrong. Really! Does that even make sense. Chuck was blinded once again by his emotions. Besides aren’t some of those protocols so that the agent will not put their life in danger. Chuck was not trained properly and if he wanted to be a spy he needed to learn to follow procedure that is why Casey and Sarah had survived many missions plus the fact that Chuck refused to carry a gun opened him up to more dangerous situations.

  4. Hey Carol, yes Chuck gets into trouble. Casey often says he has a knack for finding trouble, but he gets out of trouble as well. I’m not saying they should just turn Chuck loose, but Bryce was right, he can’t be a normal agent. there are certain things he can’t or won’t do. They should set up a training scenario, let Chuck deal with it, then offer criticism and alternatives. General Beckman ib his ear telling him to do this or don’t do that just confuses and frustrates him. Sarah knows when you’re in Chuck”s ear, less is more and praise and encouragement work better than yelling orders. In later episodes Chuck shows he can be very effective when you let him use his own methods. I’m just saying, they need to adapt to him, not try to force him into the Bryce/Shaw mold.
    PS WordPress is being wonky tonight, so you may see my comments posted as Lonny J or lkjohnson1950 or maybe even lon4john6, they’re all me. 😦

    • Agree, however Chuck was sometimes a little to naive and he needed to know that the bad guys were always going to carry a gun and shoot first then ask questions later. When Shaw shot Orion is was cold and took Chuck by surprise. Chuck just needs to evaluate the situation and be more distrustful with those that he does not know. A relationship builds trust so he should not trust the people that he does not have a relationship; they will need to work at getting his trust. Remember how Beckman was also a soldier; however by Chuck vs the Cliffhanger she was helping Chuck and Sarah going against orders and then again Season 5 helping them again.

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