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Chuck vs The Colonel

We have only two episodes remaining in Season Two. The finishing touches on a great season. We completed the episode articles and we are on the verge of finishing rewatch. There are a few episodes that fans say are great episodes, and there are some people would prefer to be at the bottom of a gutter.

There are episodes where we say are underrated and others that are iconic. Episodes that people stop what they are doing to watch. This rewatch article covers Colonel and this season two episode would fall into an iconic episode relm.

Roark, Vincent, and Papa B all return to the story after a brief break from the story that is the Intersect and who created the program sitting in Chuck’s brain.

Colonel will also be a revelation for one of Chuck’s personal friends and family. I will talk about that when we reach that portion of the episode. However, we shall begin where First Kill left off.

We saw Sarah and Chuck on the lam, Sarah risking jail time after a few choice words from Chuck would alter Agent Walker’s hold on herself, and help Chuck find his father. If these were the last minutes with Chuck than she rather help Stephen Bartowski find his way home.

Chuck and Sarah make it to Barstow, they find themselves standing in a parking lot of a drive in. The coordinates lead them to the very spot they were standing on. Chuck thought they would have to go back to the drawing board, but Sarah explained what it means to be AWOL. If they returned to Burbank, Sarah would be sent to prison and Chuck to a padded cell. There was no going back at least for the time being. Chuck221-00018Chuck’s education in how the spy world works is put to the test. What Chuck and Sarah were doing was what Jill talked about, there is no compromising or personal interest. Sarah and Chuck were now wanted in the minds of Beckman and her higher ups. The lines can never be subjective when it comes to the agency.

Chuck takes a look at the cigarettes and beer cans, but failed to notice a device in one of the cigarette pack. Orion was watching from his dungeon. Stephen didn’t notice Roark was standing behind him.

Orion threatens Roark by saying if anything was to happen to them, but the daring Roark says “What are you going to do? You going to kill me? You going to beat me to a pulp? I’m sure you can come up with something more creative.” It’s interesting the next two scenes really show the way the two functions operate, and to continue with the theme of last episode how two organizations on two sides of a fence really operate the same way.Chuck221-00031 Chuck221-00032

Roark’s personal gain was to get his Intersect working by the next day or Roark couldn’t keep the hounds of Chuck and Sarah. While the same can be said for Charah, Beckman says the Intersect was no longer a concern to her. She orders Chuck and Sarah to be brought back either dead or alive. Chuck221-00041 Chuck221-00042

Chuck221-00045 Chuck221-00046Orion tried to tell Roark about the need of running more tests on the Intersect before he could sign it off to him, but Roark wasn’t listening. The question is also for Beckman, if Casey voiced his opinion on the issue would the general listen? Well, he did before remember here? Chuck201-00116 Chuck201-00117The one thing I didn’t like about the opening scene would be Beckman’s sweetening the pot by promoting Casey to Colonel. It’s like Beckman was hiring a gun and her payment was a promotion. It shows you how Beckman thinks. The general manipulated John for her personal gain.

The measure Beckman used to get the now Colonel Casey would make Casey become a hunter. He is looking through Chuck’s things. He was looking for an clues for when and where Chuck and Sarah could’ve gone, but we always can leave it to Chuck to be a foolish running partner.

Note to Chuck, when you are on the lam don’t call your sister. It just leads to trouble for you and Sarah. Ellie and Awesome come into Chuck’s room to see what all the ruckus was. Chuck221-00059 Chuck221-00062 Chuck221-00064Chuck221-00066Casey would ask them about where Chuck was since he was missing from work. He was bit concern. Ellie said, “He left a voicemail not 5 minutes ago. Our wedding is this weekend and he decided to go out of town.” This was great news for Casey and makes me wonder if Sarah was around when he made the call. I don’t believe Sarah would’ve let Bartowski call his sister.

Casey would return to his home, and traced the call. The luxury of being Colonel meant he has a lot more authority. He was able to trace the call.

Chuck and Sarah would enter a hotel room. It wasn’t the ideal choice for them, but everything needed to be paid for by cash since credit cards could be traced. Their relationship really begins to blossom here. A night with the one you love what’s not to be in awe about. Chuck221-00088 Chuck221-00089Intimate thoughts possible running through their minds. Two young adults desiring each other. While most were thrilled with this moment. I am one of the minority thinking this would’ve of been a mistake, but first some more from the night before.

Sarah felt dirty and wanted to take a shower, but told Chuck as long as they were on the run. Sarah needed to keep her eye on him. Meanwhile, Vincent was outside. He asked Roark if he wanted them killed, but Roark said he may need them for leverage. After the test were complete, he could do any despicable thing to them even eat them if he must. Chuck221-00101Chuck221-00107If there was any question of comfortability we can see now with Sarah when it comes to sharing a room with Chuck. We know she has feelings for him, but this would not be the first time Sarah felt comfortable enough to walk around in her unmentionables. Chuck221-00110The moment she walked out of the bathroom we can see Sarah was enjoying the moment even if it’s for the night. Sarah was prepared to sleep almost half naked with Chuck.  She slides into bed. Chuck being a gentleman offers to sleep on the floor, but nope Chuck you stay in bed with her. Chuck221-00117 Chuck221-00119The love is in her eyes and didn’t want this moment to be ruined by self doubt. She uses the excuse of sleeping on a dirty floor as a reason but we all know she wanted to spoon. This would be the third time they shared a bed and the previous times did not end well. Chuck221-00120

Chuck asked her why she was risking her career and Sarah provides an honest answer. “Because, after everything that you’ve done for this country, you deserve to find your father, to get the Intersect out of your head and to have a chance at a normal life.” It’s the truth because she believes it now. She understands the need for Chuck to get out even if it means she loses him in the end.

Chuck tries to thank her, but she said there was no need to thank her. It’s her job to protect him, but if they were on the lam then it wasn’t her job anymore. The most logical thing that would happen to them would be jail time for Walker and Chuck in some deep dark hole. It wouldn’t be feasible if Sarah split at some point, but when love is apart of the equation Sarah wasn’t doing this solely for protection.

She was doing this because she loved him, and Chuck questioned once it wasn’t her job anymore, but Sarah would say one battle at time. It’s not a no or a typical Sarah rejection. It was a honest let’s save your dad first. There is nothing wrong with this logic. After all, they were in Fulcrum’s nest. Chuck221-00123Fellow reader Gary is going to kill me on this one, but I stand by my belief of the events that happened in the next morning. With the events that have lead up to this moment and the proverbial heat of passion, sometimes that passion overtakes our thought process.  We are human, but sometimes lose themselves for a special moment.


Chuck221-00133 Chuck221-00135

Let’s go over the facts, Chuck and Sarah just dealt with a departing Jill. It wasn’t that long ago. The rules and definition of who they were to each other was not defined, and with each hiccup came high school like antics. Every special moment ruined by a returning ex or their own personal hiccups. This would mean Chuck and Sarah were not ready for what almost happened. The night before they still couldn’t defined their relationship. Yet, an ounce of intimacy like holding hands lead to one thing after another.

Chuck and Sarah weren’t going to be just having sex, they would be in the act of making love, which comes with special feelings and to be fair added pressure.

If there is anything more intimate then the words themselves is love making. There is nothing more personal then it. It also has sense of responsibility because the two are sharing their bodies with one another. They were further compromising their already sticky situation. Chuck109-01090 Chuck111-00701

A passionate kiss became a hot subject. They couldn’t talk about it. There were words between the two soon after about it. Sarah referred the kiss as the Incident. What was Walker going to deem this moment as? What would’ve happened here? Would Sarah flip out? Would Chuck have self doubt in his skills in bed like most men do. The questions in their minds would lose the moment they shared. Chuck221-00209 Chuck221-00218 Chuck221-00222The addition of sex into their undefined relationship would make matters worse especially with the potential of being split apart as a result of them being on the lam. I feel sometimes a moment of passion clouds our train of thought, and the more I think about it. The more I saw potential relationship issues even before they become official.

It’s what happens with teenagers when they are in the heat of passion for sex. They want to do it, but neither have the protection. They still follow through with that passion and what happens 9 months later? a baby comes out. These are the moments in which sex and passion can become a problem later. This is why I stand pat with believing Barstow would of been a mistake.

Grant it, Chuck went for his condom, but had none because Morgan borrowed his. He did go out to get one, but was stopped by Colonel Casey. Chuck221-00293

Casey forced Chuck back into the room. Casey was preparing to take Sarah into custody, but Sarah was nowhere in sight. They heard the shower was running and naturally Casey went looking. John still couldn’t find Sarah in the bathroom, but it wouldn’t be long as Sarah wallops Casey in the back of the head. It sent Casey to the ground.

Sarah drags Casey to the radiator and cuffs him to it. Chuck and Sarah flee, but while Chuck jumped into their car. Chuck flashed on the car near them. Chuck learned Fulcrum was on the premises. Sarah didn’t care, but Chuck said they couldn’t leave Casey behind. Sarah agreed to go in only if Chuck stayed in the car.  Chuck221-00310 Chuck221-00312 Chuck221-00316Sarah goes back into the hotel room using the bathroom window, but when she entered the room, Casey was gone. John would end up in the car with Chuck. He ordered Chuck to drive, but Chuck said for Casey to help Sarah. John resisted and threatened to kill Chuck, but Chuck said they were too confined in the car for Casey to get any leverage with the radiator. It was a very funny exchange between the two. Chuck221-00321 Chuck221-00323 Chuck221-00327Chuck221-00341Chuck221-00342This would leave Sarah unprotected inside. The Fulcrum agents would swarm in and capture her. Chuck asked Casey to go in and help her, but they were too late as Fulcrum had Sarah. Casey wasn’t willing to help, and who can blame him. He was a recipient of a blow from her, but Chuck wasn’t willing to let Fulcrum have their way with Walker. He pulls the car in reverse and rams into the agents. Chuck221-00344 Chuck221-00348 Chuck221-00357

A fight would commence between the two agencies with Casey and Sarah handling the Fulcrum agents rather easily. Sarah and Casey would eventually turn their weapons on each other. Sarah had no more ammo, which would mean the end of the line for Walker and Bartowski. Chuck221-00381 Chuck221-00382 Chuck221-00384 Chuck221-00388At this point, we can begin to question was this really about hunting two fugitives or was there more behind Casey’s willingness to bring in Walker and Bartowski.

Orion was watching as everything went down. He asked for his guards to take their smokes outside. This gave him an opening to inform the team about Roark’s viewing party at 12:00 midnight. Orion gains access to the sign and places the time of the event.

Meanwhile, Chuck apologized to Sarah for getting her arrested, but Sarah said, “No worries, you thought you can trust someone who cared about you.” Chuck221-00400 Chuck221-00408 Chuck221-00410 Chuck221-00422The reaction we saw from Casey when Sarah said those words indicates this is more then just going AWOL. After being considered a careless monster, how else was Casey supposed to answer? “I don’t care.” precisely. Chuck221-00426Chuck saw his dad’s message and told Casey to go back, but the colonel was not interested in helping Chuck anymore.

After Casey’s weird actions from the morning, Devon came to the Buymore to do some recon. A simple intel operation and when he ran into Jeffster. They told him about the weird log John had on Chuck. Bathroom breaks, times and durations were all in this book Jeffster found in Casey’s locker. They gave the book to Devon. Chuck221-00435 Chuck221-00446 Chuck221-00447I find it weird for Jeffster to have keys to everyone’s lockers, but hey it’s Jeffster we are talking about.  Devon was caught off guard a bit by the information they gave him. Jeffster even showed Devon the keys in Casey’s locker.

Down in castle, Sarah and Chuck were in a holding cell. They hear Beckman’s praises and even more Casey’s promotion which Chuck and Sarah thought that was the reason for Casey’s betrayal, but Casey would turn the tables and say they betrayed him. They went AWOL. Chuck221-00464Chuck221-00469Chuck221-00474Chuck221-00479Beckman promised to save Chuck’s dad if  he was there even though once again Chuck was telling them how his father contacted him. The information would eventually lead to some detection underground, but of course Beckman was more interested in her own interests. Stephen Bartowski was just a commodity to her.

Sarah once again asked Casey please look out for Stephen. Casey assured Chuck if his father was there. He would keep him safe. I always felt Casey wasn’t mad because they fled. They have gone off mission before.

John Casey has helped while off mission as well, but the glaring thing about this problem. There was something bothering John, and he was not going to just come out with it.  Chuck221-00481Devon would arrive at Casey’s apartment and let himself in. Devon walked over to the computer, and saw Chuck’s room on the monitor. It would caused Devon to say “Freakburger.” Chuck221-00507Let’s take a moment to talk about Milbarge and Morgan. Emmett’s postering with Morgan was becoming a bit freaky. In First Kill, Emmett assumed the role as store manager after Morgan betrayed Big Mike.

We know Emmett set up Morgan, but that doesn’t mean Morgan was spared from putting ill advised faith in Milbarge. In this episode, Emmett makes Morgan become his assistant manager. Thus, Emmett was making Morgan do his bidding or Big Mike would continued in taking abuse from the new boss.

Milbarge’s role here really was useful because it forced Morgan to decipher what was important. It was not just important to Morgan himself, but what was important for those around him. Morgan has taken a stand before when Buymoria was in trouble. He stood up to Harry Tang, but this was different. Milbarge was making Morgan grow up and fight for something.

One of the things I didn’t like from Morgan end of things was Ana. I never liked the relationship. There was nothing wrong with Julia Ling’s performance, but I didn’t like her way of dealing with Morgan and his relationship with the Buymore.

Back to the episode, Devon didn’t know Casey had an security system, which he set off. As a result, Jail bars would come down on the exits and windows which would trap Devon. Casey saw on a monitor and stated how much he hated this family. Chuck221-00511Chuck221-00515Casey heads over to his apartment to confront Devon. Meanwhile, Jeffster would put an M80 into the electrical box outside the store with a message of whose the boss behind the action.

In Castle, Chuck and Sarah shared a moment that was quite special. Special enough we have Sarah admit her feelings for Chuck. 2 beds

While studying characters none verbal communications. There is no hidden messages Sarah’s moment with Chuck in a hotel changed her. She had an intimate moment, and they defined their relationship here. It would be better for a relationship that defines themselves to proceed with intimacy.

After Chuck asked if the CIA couldn’t honor their request of a two bed and two bath cell for the two if them. Sarah asked him about 2 beds? It’s official at this point. Sarah doesn’t want two beds. She wants one with Chuck. The kiss and moment was right compared to another one of their undefined chats the night before. In essences, Sarah Walker broke out of her shell.

If you have read my previous articles, I believe action speaks volumes over words because words can be broken at any moment. Hence, Sarah’s actions during the final moments of Suburbs.

In that episode, we saw a jubilated Sarah Walker make breakfast for Chuck. She was excited and alive, but the moment Agent Walker took over. Sarah was back to being the company girl. Shut up and eat your breakfast Shut up and eat your breakfastShe doesn't want to take the ring off To fully appreciate the difference between a Sarah Walker scene from Agent Walker comes here, You can read Agent Walker’s mind and know her actions will be disappointing for Chuck. Chuck213-01092 Chuck213-01099 Chuck213-01100The woman in the cell with Chuck is fully committed to Chuck with body, mind and heart. It’s a prefered way to embrace a relationship. The wondering isn’t there at least for the moment.Chuck221-00554Like most times, Chuck and Sarah were ready to kiss, but the M80 Jeffster planted exploded shutting off the entire buildings energy source. It would knock out the power in Castle which would open Chuck and Sarah’s cell, which they escape. However, they see on the monitor Awesome was in Casey’s apartment and ran to make the save. Chuck221-00565Emmett suspected Jeffster was behind losing power. Thus, he would order Morgan to fire them. Chuck221-00574 Chuck221-00575 Chuck221-00576

Meanwhile, Casey comes to his apartment to a waiting Devon. Casey asked Devon why he was in his apartment. Devon understanding of being caught just went into it. He said, Casey needed help because of everything Devon saw. Chuck221-00584 Chuck221-00589After Devon pointed out the computer, John would pull a pistol out of his jeans. It made Devon try to plea with John about using it. Devon threatened to drop the colonel if he took another step, but we are talking about John Casey here.

However, John would be temporarily distracted by the breach of security at Castle would come on Casey’s computer. John would see Chuck and Sarah fleeing Castle. This was an opening for Devon and he threw a statute at Casey’s head.

He lounged for Casey and the two big men brawled. Devon was able to get a couple of good shots in, but Casey would get the upper hand. Thankfully for Devon, Sarah came in time to prevent Casey from hurting Devon. She knocks the crap out of Casey for the second time this episode. Is it me or does Sarah own Casey?

Chuck comes walking in right behind and with out a doubt Devon has several questions running in his head. The biggest one of them was what was going on here. The cat being out of the bag forced Chuck to reveal his secret to Devon much to the dismay of Sarah and Casey.

Chuck221-00595 Chuck221-00609 Chuck221-00612 Chuck221-00614 Chuck221-00615

Chuck fills Devon with information about being a spy for the last two years. Sarah and Casey were his handlers. Sarah told him to stop, but Chuck believed Devon could handle this. Chuck221-00621 Chuck221-00624 Chuck221-00628 Chuck221-00629Chuck221-00633Chuck221-00635

Chuck would ask Devon to help him be awesome and handle Ellie, which Devon said he could do, but not so much because once Ellie and him discussed picking up his parents at the airport. Devon was still registering Chuck’s information in his head. Lucky for Devon, Ellie chalked it up to pre wedding jitters. Chuck221-00746Chuck221-00756 Chuck221-00758The final moments of the scene would have Chuck and Sarah leave Casey’s apartment to go find Stephen. The closing moment of the scene would have Chuck use the very words Casey used earlier. Casey threatened Chuck if he walked out the door he was a deadman. Chuck said, “I don’t care.”

We come to the next portion of the episode we should discuss and keeps in line with the theme of the last two episodes. Beckman shows the value of life to her was what was the best interest of her and the agency.

While Casey was trying to free himself, Beckman sign on and tells John about Chuck being right about Fulcrum being on the premises. In fact, Fulcrum had a hideout underground. John would mention Stephen being there, and how he promised to keep Orion save.

Beckman ordered a bombing of the site despite knowing Orion was there. Casey’s reaction tells the story. Chuck221-00730 Chuck221-00731The eye opener for Casey was being a man of his word. The trust would be broken with Chuck if he didn’t follow through. Casey would speed up the process of breaking free with the information he just received from Beckman. Chuck221-00736

Chuck and Sarah return to Barstow, and Chuck asked for a gun, but Sarah suggested for Chuck to stay in the car. Chuck became irate with the idea and said he can handle himself on mission. While Bartowski was venting, he started to get out of the car. He would walk into the waiting arms of Casey. Chuck221-00774 Chuck221-00775

At this point, Chuck had enough. He talked about coming this far and Casey would have to kill him. Casey would tell him about Beckman’s air strike order and how they had only twenty minutes to find him.

The news would upset Chuck. He thought he had Casey’s word. Casey would inform Chuck about making three crucial mistakes.

Not notices he was being tailed. 2. Not enough firepower and 3. Not asking him to join. Ah ha! that’s the reason for Casey’s attitude all episode. His team didn’t include him on a mission he deemed important. Casey believed Orion served his country honorably and should be able to attend his daughter’s wedding.  Chuck221-00779 Chuck221-00781 Chuck221-00792 Chuck221-00794 Chuck221-00796The deal was for Chuck to stay in the car and no hugs. Orion was watching as the team reconciled. Roark would come to visit for the purpose of the Intersect. Orion would request for Roark to leave his family alone. Ted promised if the Intersect worked he would have nothing to worry about. Chuck221-00808Roark also would reveal he knew about Ellie’s wedding. It’s clear that Roark had people everywhere. As he said, he was in a major conglomerate of bad guys. Chuck221-00814Outside, a sea of cars started to approach the drive in parking lot. Roark would reveal his plan of creating an Intersect army. Something Chuck couldn’t stay in the car for. He knew he had to stop Roark. Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah made their way down to where Orion was being held.

Orion would ask for a smoke which would lead to his guards to the waiting fists and kicks of Casey and Sarah. The three would leave together. However, when they came to the car, they saw Chuck was gone. Casey said he was going to kill Chuck, but Vincent said don’t worry we will do that Agent Casey. Chuck221-00893 Chuck221-00895 Chuck221-00897Chuck made it to the filming room and was ready to take the cube, but Roark stopped him. Soon Vincent, Casey, Orion and Sarah would join the party as well. Chuck221-00904Chuck221-00913Roark promised Chuck and the gang their fate if the test didn’t work. Chuck asked if did, but again Roark promised death. Chuck221-00917Roark: If it does work, Same result, but, you should root for it.
I mean, nobody likes a cynic.

The countdown begins and the Intersect was up and running. The air strike team had three minutes before they arrived. Chuck told his team to close their eyes.

However, Orion was telling Chuck to open his, and this would begin the preview of Prague. Chuck would listen to his father and open them. Orion built this Intersect for his son.

As I mentioned in Dream Job, Orion allowed himself to be taken by Roark. He allowed it because he knew Roark would provide the resources he needed to build a new cube. It’s really brilliant how Orion operates.

Chuck opened his eyes and the intersect was removing the one in Chuck’s head. When the program finished, Roark tried to flash, but it didn’t work. It angered Roark. He ordered for everyone to be killed, but it wouldn’t come to be as the air strike team arrived.

The air strike would provide Team Bartowski and Orion the opening to escape which they do. We come to the scene in which the early stages of Prague begin to articulate.

For those that have never seen the series in it’s completion, you are about to read a spoiler. If you haven’t seen S3 feel free to move on from this.

Prague Preview chuck301_00694 chuck301_00697 chuck301_00698

While driving away from the bomb site, Orion asked Chuck how he was feeling.  Chuck said he felt lighter, which Orion knew would happen. He said the Intersect was out.  “It’s over.” Chuck221-00991Sometimes writers and directors want to achieve a climactic moment and while this was a climactic moment on it’s surface. It’s really was the beginning of Prague.  “It’s over” is a harsh reality for Chuck and Sarah because now it means The CIA/NSA won’t need Chuck anymore.

The secrets are out. Chuck’s life isn’t at risk unless those that want to seek revenge against Carmichael and the added pressure of Sarah being gone also comes into play. For those that say, Sarah can just quit the CIA and live a happy ever after don’t understand the character at all.

The CIA has taken up a large chunk of Sarah’s life. It’s not something Sarah would be able to walk away from. It’s not fair to assume so. Sarah’s relationship with the CIA is bigger then some job. It’s her surrogate family. Graham assumed the role of a father figure and the more she progressed the more Graham used her. It’s like a father using his daughter in a family business.

It’s also not fair for someone in Chuck’s shoes to ask someone to give up their lively hood. I never liked potential spouses to tell their significant others to quit being cops or soldiers because they were married now. You knew how it was going to before you signed up. I digressed.

The writers did something in this scene that would indicate the thought process of Chuck and Sarah for imagery purposes. The cliche be careful what you wish for also comes into play here. Chuck221-01000 Chuck221-01002 Chuck221-01006Chuck tried so hard to cut himself free from the dangers of being a spy. He forgot the harsh reality of the outcome of it. Yes, he wouldn’t be a spy, but his dreams of being with Sarah are now done. Sarah knew it and so did Chuck, but the writers emphasized it more with this moment, Chuck221-01008 (1)Watch the episode, and see the imagery in the background as Orion is saying Chuck was free. The explosions in the background symbolize Sarah and Chuck’s dreams going up in flames. The dream of being together went up in smoke.

There would be only recourse to save their relationship. Chuck would need to get the Intersect back, but being an asset wasn’t in the cards anymore or wouldn’t help matters because they made their relationship official when Sarah said 2 beds. Chuck would need to be a spy. This scene is the start of Prague.

The closing moments of the season will prepare the viewer on things to come, but we must have a rehearsal dinner. Chuck goes to Casey’s apartment to ask him to join him for the party, which he accepts. Sarah comes to the courtyard in a stunning blue dress. Chuck221-01194

Meanwhile, Morgan takes his own stance again Emmett. Morgan explains to Emmett why he couldn’t fire Jeffster. Milbarge would ask if Morgan wanted to be a loser all his life, which Morgan said no, but instead of firing Jeffster. He quit much to the dismay of Emmett.

One more thing before we put a bow on Colonel, When Chuck and Sarah were in the courtyard. Chuck said, “It finally feels real.” Sarah follows with “It is real.” The moment is right. The feeling is right, and if the two wanted to sleep together now. I would be fine with it.

There is definition in their relationship. A key and important moment in the maturation process. Chuck221-01199 Chuck221-01201 Chuck221-01205This puts this rewatch to bed. The Colonel opened the door to many story angles they will attempt to go if the series got picked up again.

They planted the seeds for us, and we see the direction some of the characters are headed. Casey and Sarah are softening. Morgan maturing, and Chuck has a big decision to make next rewatch follow by one of my favorite Chuck moments.

and it has to do with this song. 

The next rewatch episode will be the season finale of Season Two. Chuck vs The Ring.

While Roark and Fulcrum come to a close in a epic dinner hall scene, the series gets introduced to an even tougher adversary.

Until next time, remember Chuckaholics is your site so play, engage, but most of all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.


    • Colonel ranks very high amongst the fanbase. It’s an understandable one too. a lot of action, character changes and even better great lines from the show come from this one episode. Chevy Chase really shines as a bad guy in this episode with some of his lines and shows what kind of muscle he has.

      Morgan’s battle with Emmett also is in play, but we discuss that in Chuck vs The Colonel episode article. I try to separate the television version with my theories so we can give the Buymore story some life in a regular episode article. Rewatch is where the meat and potatoes come in.

      • So, if Sarah had committed “heart, mind and soul” as you say ( with the line in Castle ), then what’s wrong with sleeping with the person that you’re committed to ?? You’re projecting your insecurities onto Chuck, IMHO. Chuck didn’t have any issues with his performance, as he pointed out to Roan ….. I don’t know where you get this stuff, but I guess it’s part of your personal experiences that creep into your writing. I just don’t think it applies in this day and age. Maybe in the 1930’s ……. in the Bible Belt. 😉

      • As I said, we will never agree on this. I think people lose themselves in make decisions that don’t fit with the time frame.

        The way Chuck and Sarah are mentally makes sleeping with someone who can’t even handle a kiss doesn’t seem like the best move.

        A kiss is nothing compared to sex. The idea that Chuck and Sarah would be able to handle love making seems far fetched. It will only complicate things. What would of happened if she was reassigned? What then? How would Chuck handle that? Once Sex enters the equation it changes the game

      • All I am saying is Chuck and Sarah struggled with calling their relationship real. They had a hard time with simply kissing and now you throw in sex. They weren’t ready until Sarah says 2 beds? It means she all in. The night before she couldn’t answer Chuck’s question about what happens when she is gone? Fair question with a typical none answer. Sex would of made it worse.

  1. C’mon, Chris….it’s 2015 (OK it was 2010 )….neither Sarah nor Chuck were virgins. If it was their first time, then it might carry more weight than it did in Barstow. They were always under surveillance in the 2 years prior, and Sarah having trouble with a kiss was more that she initiated it while telling Chuck there was no chance of a relationship. But you’re confusing their true feelings with what they had to tell one another. Sarah knew that Chuck loved her…he had told her many times. Even when “breaking up” with her, he told her that it was usually because he had deep feelings that she couldn’t reciprocate, due to her “job”. Sarah knew how she felt as well …she had already admitted to herself that she loved him. It would be perfectly natural for 2 people with lots of sexual experience to surrender to the moment. So what if they moved apart after sex …. Sarah had sex with numerous people for her job …she put no stock in it. She didn’t even put stock in the sex she had with Shaw as far as the relationship went. Having sex is so much less important than admitting that she loved him. That would have been the mistake at that point in time…..not being physical.

  2. Chris, the moment that Sarah decides to commit treason to help Chuck find his dad and they go on the lam; wasn’t she all in then. Was Chuck all in? He did question Sarah why she was doing everything that she was doing; it seems to me he did not discern that she was all in for him.

    I loved your observation of the explosion behind them after the intersect was out of Chuck’s head; very good point. Again with Chuck’s comment on 2 beds and 2 baths, Chuck was still not getting it. Did Sarah have to spell it out which she kind of did by her response to Chuck 2 bed comment. Sarah spelled it out even when she proposed to run away with him but Chuck had other plans.

    I know he was right at the end of the day with Prague but as you had said before in your other blogs communication was a problem. With the Prague incident, Chuck’s desired to be a spy trumped his love for Sarah just because he wanted both and didn’t realize how just having one of the two would affect him that way it did.Its the way he approached the Prague incident and not valuing what a seasoned spy was telling him. If being a spy was so great why would Sarah want to leave. If didn’t even consider that not even while in training. Hmm! I guess in this case his plan didn’t work out. In Chuck vs Muurder at the end Chuck states that the intersect works because of Casey and Sarah together working with him and that was the truth. Although it was created to work autonomously the government did plan that for it to work perfectly you needed to have a moral compass that is Orion did not want it to be in the wrong hands and that is also why Bryce send it to Chuck. Look at the intersect in the Gretas, Shaw, Grimes and God forbid if it would have been down loaded into Quinn.

    • If she was ” ALL IN”, then why did she chose her job over Chuck when he asked her to go away on a romantic vacation ? If she was “ALL IN” then why did she lie about what the spy life was all about ? ( I know….most people are so shocked by Chuck not explaining himself, they miss everything that Sarah said to Chuck about running, which were nothing but lies ).

      Chris nails the reason Chuck believes he has to become a spy …it’s the only way to really be with Sarah….and he explains that in the 3 Words ….he doesn’t want one or the other…he wants Sarah, and the only way she will accept him is if he is a spy rather than an asset. As far as Chuck knows, regular Chuck is not enough to keep Sarah in his life….going and working as a spy with Bryce was more important. Prague was not about living a life with Chuck, but was all about making sure Chuck remained the good guy she met ….the yin to her yang. If she doesn’t want to be a spy, she has a funny way of expressing that, Carol. Even when they get together, she still wants to be a spy. Even when they get together, she doesn’t want to live with Chuck. Even when they get together, she can’t tell Chuck she loves him. And that is all AFTER Chuck moves heaven and earth to be with her ( American Hero). What did she think a life on the run was going to be like with Chuck ? The most telling line in Prague was…” THIS is real……’s your fake passport and you’re name is now Hector Calderone “. It speaks of the lie that their life will be if they run…..

      • That’s the point Gary, the ending of S2 really is the beginning of what happens in Prague. It’s not Sarah’s fault Beckman assigned her to work with Bryce. It’s not Chuck’s fault he wanted to return to his normal life, but while we want something at the particular moment. We often lose sight of what matters most. The desire to be together was the want, but how do two people break from their current lives? familiarity if you will.

        The scene in the car is so powerful in that aspect. Sarah’s dream of living this new life gone up in smoke. Chuck’s return to his life at the Buymore was fine and dandy, but Sarah would not be apart of it. I think the reality of the two lives they live had such a stronghold on them things like Sex and Kiss make matters worse because it would scare them because they don’t understand the feelings they have. It’s why they act like teenagers when things become too much for them. The question of uncertainty always defeats leap of faith until courage breaks through.

      • Gary, I do think Chuck needed to become a spy because being on the lam was never going to work at least for their relationship to work. As far as Sarah turning down the romantic vacation over a promotion was understandable and the events of that day made her realize that Chuck was more important for her than any job and even her spy life.
        Even when they are together she still wants to be a spy because NOW Chuck was also a spy and unless they both wanted to give it up there was no need to sacrifice her career. As far as living together, Chuck wanted to run instead of walk and we can all understand that after 3 and a half years to consummate a relationship; however just like Chuck needs to talk it through Sarah needed to think it through we learn that in Chuck vs the Coup D’etat.
        As far as Sarah telling Chuck that she loves him; there are certain people that its easy for them to say I love you others put more significance on those words so when they finally say it for those persons it means more than for those that just say it. Once Sarah tells Chuck that she loves him; you can see how her demeanor changes and you can see that she truly loves him.
        Regarding Prague,I think Sarah love for Chuck and desire to be with him took her for a curve and going on the lam was not the right decision. “This is real” referred to their relationship; I guess she assumed that Chuck understood that going on the lam would entail fake names and aliases and running. I remember Chris saying that communication was their problem and that was so true. She once said that one of things she did right was read people; oh did she misread Chuck and he picked becoming a spy over being with her. That was a harsh realization that her demonstration of love towards Chuck was not being reciprocated in the same manner. So of course, she is going to be cautious when telling Chuck that she loves him. Think about it, first Bryce felt that he could not trust anyone regarding the intersect although he and Sarah were an item and now Chuck decides that he wants to be a spy than run away with her. Trust issues? you bet. She was burned twice with the men she loved.

      • Chuck didn’t chose to become a spy over choosing to be with Sarah….he chose to become a spy to be WITH Sarah. My comments about where Sarah was in the relationship after they were together (Honeymooners onward ) and where she was in Prague was to demonstrate that she was just being protective of Chuck rather than running to build a life with him. She wasn’t ready for a life with Chuck when she decided to run in Prague.

        I guess the big question everyone needs to answer first is, “Why did Sarah REALLY want to run in Prague ?” Was she really worried about always having a different name and being in a different city, as she told Chuck ??? If that was her big beef with the spy life, then what did she think a life on the run was going to be about ? I think Chuck realized she was being dishonest to him about the spy life Vs life on the run….they were essentially the same thing. Sarah didn’t tell Chuck what her concerns would be until Tic Tac….and by then, it was too late. She pushed Chuck away so many times, it’s amazing he kept coming back. Other than being a beautiful woman, I can’t really see why Chuck put up with her. Running in Prague was about trying to keep Chuck from changing, as the spy life had changed her. But that also demonstrates a serious lack of trust and a lack of belief in Chuck…a lack of trust that carried through all the way to the Red Test. Sarah never really knew Chuck …. I think she thought “good” was something you do, rather than something you are.

      • Great points Gary. I think Chuck keeps asking her why because of just what you said. He feels they can’t be together unless he’s a spy because she never actually says she loves him or she wants to be with him. Chuck is a verbal guy, he needs to hear the words to believe. Even though he knows she’s lied to him frequently, he still believes the words.

  3. When I say All In,

    I am referring to Honeymooners. The willing to tell Beckman they were dating and thats it. The ability to tell the cover good riddance. The fact that she could sit on Chuck’s bed half naked without the fear of government intrusion. These are all very real doubts and emotions. What would happen if Sarah was reassigned? What happens to the love making then? The All In I am talking about is like in Phase Three for Sarah or Chuck riding down a highway on a motorcycle to save Sarah. The need or want to fight for someone. Chuck asks the question “What happens after it’s not her job to protect him.” She couldn’t answer, but the Sarah in the cell made her intentions and feels know not only to herself, but to Chuck “2 beds?” There is no question anymore. There is no confusion like a cover sleepover wearing something clearly for the purpose of getting his attention.

    Barstow would of made the relationship tougher because Chuck would want answers to questions Sarah still couldn’t give despite having sex. Remember she was leaving to work on the Intersect project with Bryce. An assignment she didn’t know at this point. If Chuck never downloads 2.0 then Sarah’s good as gone. Sucks for Bartowski, but there really was only one choice for him. A return to a life he never signed up for, but not as an asset or analysis, but as a spy.

    • Sarah was willing to commit treason for Chuck, but not leave the CIA ? That doesn’t make a lot of sense. (I’ll come back to this later)

      Chuck was NOT GOING BACK TO THE BUY MORE…..I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but for some reason you keep saying he’s going back to his life at the BuyMore when he gets rid of the Intersect…..HE IS NOT !!!!! He is not even willing to go back to his old life….he tells Emmett he will do whatever he wants to do….the shackles are gone, he’s seen what he is capable of…he is going to make a life for him and Sarah ( whether he slept with her or not ), but first, he has to figure out what that life with Sarah is all about. So he asks her to go away with him ….and she refuses. Intersect is now gone, she’s no longer his handler, and she drops him like a hot potato. No wonder Chuck determines he HAS to download the Intersect and become a spy if he is to become relevant in Sarah’s life. It seems nothing is more important to Sarah than her career ( from Chuck’s point of view).

      I don’t know why you say Sarah’s dream goes up in flames …I agree that the flames were representative of the asset / handler role being gone, but I don’t know if that was really Sarah’s dream all along. It certainly was a comfortable situation for her …she got to keep her career and have Chuck close enough to feed off his “goodness”…feed off his family and friends…..but still hide behind her career when need be. But she dreamt of a “normal” life…..if anything, Chuck returning to his normal self was her opportunity to grab that “normal” life. She chose not to ….. her dream of a normal life ended when she chose Bryce and her job over Chuck and his vacation. And that was always Sarah’s problem. A big quote that was used was, ” Go with your heart, because your head only screws things up.” This was a Chuck/Morgan thing, but it applied equally to Sarah. When Sarah went with her heart, she would search for Orion, disobey Forrest, run with Chuck to find Orion, even ask Chuck to run from the CIA. The problems occurred when Sarah went with her head and tried to rationalize these things, given her obscure thought patterns. ( A consequence of a screwed up teenage life and years of training as a soldier and assassin ). Prague was a good idea poorly executed …her heart said she had to get Chuck out of there…her head screwed up the rest of it. Lying about what was wrong with being a spy, pulling Chuck away from his family and friends, lying at the train station ….this was a consequence of Sarah trying to rationalize running. If she had told Chuck the truth about why she didn’t want him to be a spy, then things would have been ( or could have been ) different.

      Personally, I think that kissing and having sex would have been beneficial …mostly due to the fact that it would have been their most truthful expressions of what they were thinking. Their conscious communication sucked, but their body language, and the language of their heart never did. No rationalization, no lies …just the purest form of communication between 2 people that were clearly in love.

      Then ago an, I’m not a puritan like you, Chris !! 😉

  4. When Sarah told Chuck that she is leaving in the morning to work on the new intersect project, I believe it was her attempt to change Chuck’s mind about leaving the CIA. Beckman has offered Chuck a position as analyst in the intersect project. Although he declined I am sure if he would have asked Beckman would offer him the job again.
    Sarah wanted to be a spy but also wanted to be with Chuck. Two things she wants/loves, and she can only have one?, that is a really hard decision to make. And actually Chuck had quit his job at the buymore, so actually nothing was holding him back. They could work together as analyst and spy and be together.
    Sarah commited treason for Chuck, but Chuck was not willing to become an analyst in order to be together with Sarah.

    • To be fair, Sarah never asked Chuck to come work with her. After 2 years of what Chuck had been through, I think it was only fair to allow him to figure out his life from that moment on….the possibilities were endless. I’m pretty sure that’s what the vacation was all about ….let’s go figure out where we stand and what our next move is. Yes, Sarah would have been disappointed that Chuck didn’t accept Beckman’s offer, but she never said a word about it to Chuck. Once again, everyone expects Chuck to be some sort of mind reader….that’s being totally unfair to him. The fact that he asked Sarah to go away with him means he wasn’t thinking he HAD to become an analyst to be with her, and there is absolutely no evidence that he wouldn’t have done that if she had asked. Here’s the thing though…that meant Bryce and Sarah as Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, and him sitting on the sidelines. Do you REALLY think Chuck would have been comfortable playing 2nd fiddle to Bryce again ???

      Sarah was the one that would have had some idea of what the future held for her once Chuck was no longer her asset, and deciding between Chuck and her job would have been something she would have to be looking at …she knew that possibility was there. The fact is she chose her job (and the fact that she also mentioned Bryce was a kick in the nuts to Chuck as well….nice girl.)….. and when she realized what EXACTLY she was giving up, she changed her mind. So it would have been just as easy to make that decision in the first place. These are facts, BTW ….she could have chosen Chuck. And if she did, she could also have chosen her career if her and Chuck had gone away to discuss these things. But by first choosing job over Chuck, she forced Chuck’s hand, since she never got the chance to correct her mistake. Once Chuck downloaded 2.0, there was no turning back. With Sarah, it was always about lack of telling Chuck what she wanted. With Chuck, he had no problem telling Sarah what he wanted, but he never asked her what SHE wanted. Mind you, she usually wouldn’t tell him…or she would lie, so there may not have been a lot to gain by asking.

      • Chuck wasn’t the second fiddle and he should have known this by now. All the things Sarah did for him! Beginning with vs the break up she showed that she wanted him more than bryce. Sarah never told him but she had problems to vocalize her feelings and thoughts. Think about the emotioninal age vs biological age discussion we had in the last post; she simply can’t or doesn’t know how to.
        Chuck offered vacation. Sure, that is his world, where he feels comfortable. But she wants to be a spy as well, and she already got a new mission. It is just the continuation of the ” you look like a real bridesmaid” “you look like a real spy” exchange. She wanted him to be in her world, wanted him to convince that he fits into this worlds, but he just didn’t want to. I blame this moment more on Chuck.

  5. Well….notice she said he looked like a spy…..not an analyst.

    You’re forgetting the whole dynamic of Chuck and Bryce. Don’t know how much I’d be comfortable working for my girlfriend’s former lover ….and Chuck ALWAYS felt inferior to Bryce. Think about what he says to Sarah when he’s dancing with her …”you and Bryce are meant to be out there saving the world……I’m just not that guy.” The fact that Sarah dropped him to work with Bryce pretty well makes everything that happened before that moment moot. It’s very much a ,”What have you done for me lately.”…… sure she chose handling Chuck over heading off with Bryce earlier, but now that Chuck didn’t have anything “special” about him ( no Intersect), she chose Bryce. At no time did she EVER tell him to stay with the agency. When she rethought her options, she never asked him to become an analyst or a spy…she decided SHE was leaving the agency. It’s certainly a stretch to make Sarah’s comments as a wish that he’d stay with the agency. We can agree that Sarah maturity was lacking because of her recruitment into the CIA at a fairly young age….but why does that make it Chuck’s fault ?

    • Man, I never thought I would say this but I agree with almost everything Gary said. It comes down to what plagued their relationship all through the series (I blame the writers), they were “Crap Communicators” Every time they talked they held back, or lied trying to spare the other’s feelings or because they were afraid. I think we can question Chuck’s maturity a bit as well. He was only 21, 22 and in his first serious relationship when the world crashed around him. That might stunt your emotional growth a bit. If they just sat down and had an honest, open talk about feelings and relationships we might have been spared the first half of season 3.

      • Chuck was an open and honest communicator, however, he did lack a little bit of maturity. ( Given that Morgan was his best friend and confidante, that would make sense ). Some of the lack of maturity may have been from a lack of belief in himself as well ….the cheating scandal certainly crushed every part of him. Sarah’s default was to lie….that came from her upbringing with Jack and training with the CIA ….never reveal anything about yourself. I sometimes wonder why they always made Sarah lie as a first response….Mauser, the kiss, Prague …it seems to me the truth would have been much easier.

        One of the funny comments from Michael was that Sarah was talking “code” at Ellie’s wedding …trying to get Chuck to come back to the agency by saying he looked like a spy. Can’t wrap my head around that idea when she could have just asked him to reconsider his decision to turn down Beckman. But here’s the thing with the Rose-colored glasses of Sarah always being right and Chuck always being wrong. Michael chastises Chuck for not rejoining the agency to be with Sarah ( Sarah had just told Chuck she was going to work with Bryce …which is Chuck’s fault, for some reason 😉 )…Michael says Sarah was willing to commit treason for Chuck, so rejoining the agency was the least he could do. BUT ….less than 8 hours later, he is back on a mission with Sarah and Casey ( to save Bryce ) and has to download the Intersect. What does Sarah do after that ??? SHE TELLS HIM THEY HAVE TO RUN AWAY FROM THE CIA !!!!!

        It seems to me Chuck can’t win with the die hard Sarah fans ….he offers Sarah a chance at the life she dreams of, she turns him down….and it’s his fault. He rejoins the CIA to be with Sarah, and she wants to run away from the CIA….and it’s Chuck’s fault. She constantly lies and is an emotional cripple….and it’s Chuck’s fault. I understand where all that comes from. Sarah is a great character …complex as all get out…well played by Yvonne. But always right ??? I just don’t see it that way. Chuck was dragged into her world, and his life is on the line every day. Yet people expect him to be totally cognizant of Sarah’s feelings…even when she lies and has been trained to suppress her emotions. That’s asking a lot of any man, let alone a nerd that carried a torch for the woman who crushed his soul for 5 years….

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