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While we sit on the eve of another Christmas season, it’s time to sit back and think about the moments that have been cemented in Chuck’s history.

Chuck had many memorable moments in which Christmas was stage setting for epic and there are really three episodes that have scenes that the Chuck universe hold in high regard.

From Mauser to Beckman kissing Bartowski, Chuck provided a mix bag of emotions that were great for the story at the time or the right time for a stand alone. Here are some of my favorite moments from Christmas themed episodes.

Family Does Matter

Chuck211-00577Christmas in Burbank would be normal in reality, but not in Chuck’s world. It wouldn’t be Chuck if there were not some sort of chaotic moment to arise. Big Mike playing Santa Claus would become red in the face not because kids were coming, but more because a hostage situation would prevent the store from opening, but have no fear cause Big Mike’s cousin was a cop.

A cop familiar to TGIF fans from most of the nineties. Reginald VelJohnson also known as Carl Winslow made his appearance as the cop outside the Buymore. We also know Reginald from the original Die Hard. Family does matter when it comes to Chuck. Chuck211-00270Chuck211-01171


Chuck211-00356What would it be like in the Milbarge household if mother didn’t have bobo by her side especially when suffering from leukoplakia. Apparently, it would be devastating. Chuck211-00358However, Milbarge’s cowardly actions wouldn’t go without merit. His fifteen minutes on camera gave Emmett time to encourage shoppers to visit the Buymore once the ruckus would end. All Hale Buymoria…..Chuck211-00393

Jeff’s Own Set of Rules

Chuck111-00243While the holidays mean well for some. There comes a time when rules need to be established for others. Jeffrey Barnes would be the recipient of said rules. As Big Mike was going over the rules for the store’s annual holiday party. Barnes was reminded what not to do. Chuck111-00244

  1. Don’t spice the Eggnog.
  2.  No holding mistletoe over  women’s heads and copping a feel.

Chuck put it adequately when he said “If Jeff follows rule one which he might do” then rule two doesn’t apply Chuck111-00257 Chuck111-00259 Chuck111-00264 Chuck111-00268

 The Incident

Chuck111-00711Sometimes Christmas Trees could represent a place where tension can be at it’s ultimate high. For Chuck and Sarah, whether it be a group of trees or a single one. A kiss and shooting can prove to be as tense as anyone can imagine.

First, a kiss left unspoken for became a topic of discussion in front of a Christmas Tree. A kiss put to the back burner with a returning ex in town. A ex believed to be have been killed.

Sometimes life don’t allow people to iron things out, but an intimate setting brings out past experiences to the forefront. Chuck and Sarah needed to iron out the tension that surrounded them, but the topic would soon go from a kiss to Sarah’s request of calling it the incident. Chuck111-00712 Chuck111-00713However, a year later brings a bittersweet moment. A Christmas gift that holds dear to Chuck’s heart passed on to the future Mrs. Bartowski was touching and iconic moment, but what happens in a sea of trees would overshadow the magical moment Christmas was intended. Sarah listening to Mauser's banterA decision made can often awaken a dark side in one’s past. The killer within seemed dormant must resurface to protect her beloved. Mauser revealed key information in this scene. Ned was expendable. The fall guy. The kind of guy Fulcrum would use to take a fall for someone like Mauser.

They would soon kill Ned in prison then let him talk. However, Mauser telling Sarah about how connected he was within the organization was very much real. The threat of Fulcrum coming to get him was very real. Sarah knew this and took matters into her own hands.

A woman dead set on protocol from the outset changed once she was given a gift. A gift from the heart of Chuck Bartowski.Christmas BraceletChuck211-00637Sarah’s vows indicated Chuck was her gift and Mauser threatened that gift. One course of action was very real for Sarah. Mauser must die. Chuck211-01143 Chuck211-01146However, Sarah didn’t know Chuck saw the event within the sea of Christmas Trees. She had ordered Chuck to return to the Buymore. It would leave a decision Sarah made with the theory she could lie to Chuck about Mauser being gone.

It makes a moment like thisChuck211-00630 Chuck211-00631 Chuck211-00625Turn into something different all together once a lie becomes the dark side reality.Chuck211-01205The same can be said about three years down the road. A moment in which a man from the past resurfaces. A man long forgot. A man that knows each and every secret about his enemies. Daniel Shaw returns and not only dismantles Sarah, but really pushes the envelope on breaking Chuck’s spirits, but a moment when a general and a man dressed as Santa lock lips all is forgiven. Chuck507-00622 Chuck507-00626

It takes a team wide effort to save Sarah and stop Shaw. Santa Suit is one of the last good episodes of the series.

So, here are some of the moments from Christmas. I thought was worth talking about it. Tell me yours below.

And to all those who celebrate Christmas, have a wonderful and safe holiday from Chuckaholics. First hand shake of the series after a bad disagreement


  1. Chris, definitely Chuck vs the Crown Vic dealing with the after kiss scenario but at the end of the day when it meant something she believed Chuck and although the kiss had to be referred as an incident it had to be so that her feeling could still be hidden a little. Remember they were in Ellie’s apartment which was bugged by them so walking the tight rope was part of her job. Any way, I am grateful I found your blog, I love it and I like Gary, Lonny and Michael commenting on the episodes and the writers faux pax. We all know its fictional but its fun to just dig a little deeper as to the writers intentions. I think is there was ever a mini series, the episodes should all be written in advance so that all the points are covered; so fans like us don’t have to dissect it and find all those errors. LOL. Thanks guys, its been great. Merry Christmas to you all.

    P.S. Chris looking forward to your blogs for Season 4. Gary, Yvonne is L.A. and Zac in Kentucky; are we still hoping for a union there? One thing for sure Chuck without Yvonne will not work

  2. I get the distinct feeling that there is something amiss between Zac and Yvonne …… they really haven’t been seen together since the LA Dodger game …. and they don’t even seem to be communicating. We’ll see when Nerd HQ comes around, but there’s really nothing anyone can do. They both seem to be quite happy, so that’s the most important thing. Sad for us if they’re not friends , in that a continuation of Chuck would be impossible. But we really don’t know what’s happening ….they could just be trying to keep everything on the down low. Yvonne really hates her private life to be in the open, so maybe they’re just keeping enough distance so as not to attract anymore attention to themselves ( as they did at the game.)

    • I agree with you, what I did like was that she was in New York when right when Zac was to perform at Carnegie Hall which was a big deal and she seems to be there for him on those special occasion. It must be tough even as friends not be seen together. The more popular Zac gets the more paparazzi that will follow.
      You know when they did Chuck they were 25and 28 and now 7 years later there are certain themes that they will not be able to get away with if there was a Chuck movie especially since the writers messed up on the ages which I see it as a blessing in disguised. If you the viewers status the episodes here it was more mission related received higher viewership than those that were more comical. Don’t you this Chuck should be more of a spy than they made him out to be towards the end. I think it can work. Spy movie want to show everything is perfect and so is the spy in Chuck, they can still improvise and it can turn out as well with the human reaction as to mishap involved. I just think Chuck the movie or mini series has to happen the latest by 2017. By the way Gary, which do you prefer. I like that you are realistic.
      Happy a great day.

      • Following Yvonne on Instagram for two years, she likes to spend Christmas with her family. We also have to remember Zac and his sister lost their mom recently so this was the first Christmas the Levis and Shekinah.

        I don’t know about you guys but Santa Suit is a decent episode. While I can confirm I would much rather like Quinn for this episode. In my Opinion, Quinn is the best bad guy not used right. What a waste…

      • When we take in account what matters most to Chuck–his friends and family nothing could be more evident then destroy his very existence than Sarah.
        By suppressing Sarah’s mind, This marks a significant attack on Chuck’s well being. Impact personified.

  3. Hey Carol … some random rambling thoughts here…

    I’m not sure when something would have to happen. I think the series is still fairly active on Netflix, so as long as the interest is there, then I think they can do a followup. Zac was fairly enthusiastic about doing a series of movies …every 2 years or so….until the story is complete. I don’t think the cast would really have time to do a mini-series….look at Heroes Reborn or AWC, and they were filming for about 4 months …every week almost. I don’t think many of the cast want to make that commitment as it stands right now. A movie could be shot in about 4 – 6 weeks depending on the number of special effects, etc. So my preference is always what is most likely to happen rather than what I want in particular, and I think that a movie is more likely.

    The next issue is availability….Zac is committed until June 2016 with Broadway. Yvonne has nothing on the horizon at the moment, and I haven’t heard if Edge got picked up. As it stands, no one has anything in the latter half of this year, but that can change in a heartbeat. Zac being up for a PCA could make it interesting …. I’m not really sure, though, who the bigger celebrity of the 2 actually is. My initial thought would be Zac at the moment, but from 2012 until this year, I’d have to go with Yvonne. Are they big enough to be thought of for an upcoming project ??? Don’t know about that unless Zac wins the PCA …

    So I’m thinking a movie every 2 years would be great….maybe 3 movies ??? But that puts Zac and Yvonne at 40 if they get there next year ( 2017) and then every 2 years ….tough to do the lovable nerd and the hot agent at that point.

    As for NYC….did Yvonne actually go there for Zac’s Carnegie Hall gig, or was she just there for some shopping and meeting friends ? It would seem a little suspicious that she was there the exact same week as Zac….and then she went home and he headed to Chicago with buddies. Still no signs they were together in LA when they both got back. Zac was radio silent and Yvonne was with her girlfriends until her parents came for Christmas. Zac went to New Orleans for Christmas with David Coleman and his family, I think….didn’t see any of Zac’s real family there…. So I’m not sure everything is copacetic with Zac and Yvonne. Are they working REALLY hard on not being photographed together, or are they just not hanging out together at all ??? No sightings after a pretty intense 4 months of being together a LOT would lead me to believe that they are just keeping their distance. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are not friends, but they are certainly not a couple …..

    Chris …. Quinn was shot. No one ever dies in Chuck …..they can always be brought back to life !!!

    • Thanks, Gary. I think a movie would be better; that’s my preference ’cause it frees them up to do other things and not be stereotyped on a character. By the way, Yvonne has to movies coming out in 2016 plus the voice of Batgirl in Batman:Bad Blood so I guess she’ll be busy promoting the films. I was thinking that a Sarah Walker Movie would also be good; she is a complex character. What do you think?

      • Pre-Chuck Sarah Walker was not a pleasant person…very complex to be sure, but if she stayed true to canon, a lot of people would be kinda pissed with how she was portrayed ….. it would be very similar to reactions we got from Chuck Vs. Sarah. Once Chuck is in her life, you can’t really do Sarah Walker without Chuck, so Zac would have to be on board as well. Another thing about pre-Chuck Sarah…it’d be tough for Yvonne to play an early 20-something to tell her back story….she’s certainly not the ingenue any longer.

        I don’t think Yvonne will have to do much promotion for her 2 movies …. Manhattan Nocturne would seem to be the main film she’ll have to promote, but even then, it will be a red carpet release followed by a few interviews. They seem to be taking a long time to get that movie edited and out to theaters, so there may be some issues with it. It is certainly a hard film to rate, so I believe it will be a very limited release. Look for it on Netflix rather than in the theaters !!

        I’m sure Blake Lively will be doing more for All I See Is You ….Yvonne will probably just show up on the red carpet for the release party. Voice work isn’t nearly the time commitment that other roles are, but it’ll keep her a bit busy. Usually we’ve heard if something is coming down the pipe for the year, but I haven’t heard of her being cast in anything. That CAN change very quickly … All I See Is You was a last minute casting. I’m sure those are in the cards for someone of Yvonne’s particular talents.

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