gallery Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker Reboot: Chapter One Continued

The closing moment of our previous discussion talked about how a baby can become a game changer for a character. Sometimes a character needs that moment when life stares them in the face. Decision of do I stay or do I leave becomes a daunting one, but the reality was Sarah Walker had reach that moment.

Writers have the opportunity to evolve a story over the course of time. They can either give a story legs to carry or wither away within a story.  When we see Sarah Walker staring at the baby. We see a soldier become human. Chuck508-00341 Chuck508-00347Her career may be over, but the decision to protect the baby would become her nature. The experience taught her a life lesson only a baby can deliver, but time was of the essence and the longer she hesitated the sooner Ryker would find her and the baby.

It’s why the ballerina wasn’t  love at first sight as people would proclaim. The ballerina was a little girl much like a baby. Chuck was rescuing the father’s mishap which Chuck was not required to do. Sarah and Chuck have that bond. They both have a heart. It’s the very reason Sarah took it so well. It reminds her of the little girl she rescued. A different circumstance for sure, but a recital mishap becomes life or death situation for the father when he returns home without the video. Chuck101-00421When Sarah watches Chuck, the wall around her heart softens. A sense of belonging overcame her. The need for positive influence in her life begins to flow through her veins. The more she watched Chuck, the more she became intrigued by him. Remember Sarah has dealt with dangerous people all her life and Chuck’s actions was anything but dangerous. A complete 180 for her.

It would all disappear because Sarah Walker was in full agent form when speaking to Langston, but her eyes show interest in knowing who Chuck Bartowski was. The more she studies him the more she wants him. She does fall for him, but Carina told us she didn’t know it. If anyone can read Walker the most it would be Carina. Chuck101-00594Walker comes up with excuses in staying even though her mission was complete. Computer was destroyed. Chuck showed no evidence of working with Larkin. There was no need for Sarah to stay in Burbank, but there was. Sarah planted roots the moment she saw the ballerina and Chuck Interact.

There was no false pretenses here. The ballerina needed help. When does this moment come up again? When Lou comes to the store for help. Real help to boot. Sarah also tells Graham she could fix this mess. Chuck101-00627She asked Chuck on a date, but there is significant difference between Sarah in the pilot from Sarah in First Date. Same situation. Two dates with the exception of one being real over the other, but was that true?

Agent Walker was dressing for a cover date. She is packing weapons and a vest. It’s not something you would do on a real date. Sarah told us this in First Date, but Chuck didn’t know he was walking into a staged interaction. However, the flowers caught Sarah off guard, which brought Sarah Walker to the dance.Chuck101-00702Sarah was still talking with her boss on how to deal with Chuck. Agent Walker taking advice from her superior. Agent Walker all poised for a typical cover date. It’s a standard day at the office, but not really watch Sarah’s reaction to the flowers.

Sarah asks Graham what should she do if Chuck ran. He said “kill him.” Sarah gets the order, but we can see Sarah was never going to pull a trigger on Chuck. She has become compromised. The desire for humanity has begun to seep through the agent posterior. It’s a very scary situation for someone like Agent Walker.  Chuck101-00708In a matter of months, Sarah was getting an education on the dark side of the agency. It’s humanity pulling at her. It’s why Burbank was the best place for her. Burbank was on the other side of the country. Far from Washington, but sometimes the perils of one’s past keep resurfacing.
Chuck222-01165 (1)Chuck222-01171The name may be false, but Bruce really took his toll on her. The truth couldn’t be more evident once Sarah saw Bryce lying dead in the intersect room. Bryce was her partner and former lover. The first real intimate relationship she ever had, but his hold on her wouldn’t last once meeting Chuck. Not once did we ever hear Sarah say she had feelings for Bryce, but rather Bryce was a mistake. Chuck203-00033 Chuck203-00991It’s why Sarah was able to shoot when Bryce was being used as a shield and not Chuck. It’s why Sarah was on the doorstep of Dr. Dreyfus proclaiming her love for her beloved. Chuck316-00891

The Early Stages of Intimacy

The first intimate moment in the history of Chuck and Sarah comes in the pilot. We know they are on a date, but let me show you the difference between Sarah in the Pilot fromFirst Date. I noticed something different besides the gun staying home.

Look at Sarah’s dress choice. It’s simple and attractive in the pilot, but compare that to First Date.




First Date

Sarah is bedazzling herself for Chuck. Walker took the time to do her hair, pick out a stunning dress and was invested in this date emotionally. There are  no weapons to be seen by the viewer. Chuck201-00355 Chuck201-00364It’s a far cry from how she dressed in the Pilot. Yet, we are to believe Sarah fell for Chuck during the Ballerina scene. Chuck101-00656Chuck101-00668We are to believe Sarah was into Chuck when sitting in a porsche saying she would be done once Zarnow took the Intersect out or Sarah grieving over the death of Bryce. Chuck102-00256 Chuck102-00324Do you notice the killer stare Sarah gave Casey. Agent Walker still is front and center. It makes sense too. Sarah doesn’t know Chuck that well. Thus, there is no emotional investment yet. Bryce was still on her mind. It doesn’t help her when having to work with the man who pulled the trigger.

It’s also a contradiction in writing when we see two scenes strongly suggesting Sarah was at the point of moving on at one point. However, when attending Bryce’s funeral we see the human side of Sarah for the first time. Chuck102-01170The two scenes suggesting Sarah has moved on from Bryce, the human side of Sarah shows Chuck has grown on her. It brought my first question of how much did Sarah really love Bryce?

Sarah’s expression in her hotel room and actions on the beach sold the line somewhere between fixing her phone and defusing a bomb was when she fell, but crying at Bryce’s funeral provides the question in my thoughts. Chuck101-01205 Chuck101-01199 (1)Most will tell you when body contact of some kind occurs, the feelings Sarah was developing had commenced. Sarah has become the protector, but shoulder bump on the beach is very much the first intimate contact of the series. The first action maybe Sarah has indeed fallen for Chuck.

All of these expressions used in just two episodes brought to life by the acting of Yvonne will be the discussion of the reboot of Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker Series.

Chapter two will discuss How Human Interaction help heal Sarah’s heart, but the Killer inside was not far behind.


  1. She “fell for him” with the ballerina ….without the ballerina, she heads back to Washington. (Personally, I see absolutely no connection between the ballerina and the Baby ….that’s a real stretch to try to make a connection, but you’re free to go there if you choose.) The rest of the time before he defuses the bomb just clarifies her initial interest. Love at first sight ??? That’s always a stretch, and since Sarah hadn’t really been touch with her emotions for 2 years, it is unlikely it was “love”.( she can’t even tell Chuck that she fell in love with him at that point….) But we can say that Sarah had not met someone like Chuck before, and the ballerina was the impetus to get to know who this guy actually was. And he definitely wasn’t the guy Langston Graham thought he was…

  2. I actually see the connection. Chuck is the baby: he is innocent and defenceless with no protection.
    Sarah didn’t fall for him in the ballerina scene. She just realized that he is a nice guy and got a little heart-warmed. She told Graham that she wants to stay in Burbank to find out if Chuck has a backup drive (and I don’t believe this was false pretense). But then she learns that Casey is in the game. Casey is a killer, Chuck needs protection and Sarah is the only one who is able to protect him. It is the baby all over again. That is why she stayed.

    Sarah told Chuck that she fell for him after fixing the phone and before defusing the bomb. It is tempting to watch the pilot and look for the point she fell but there was no singular moment where she fell for him – she fell for him in the process because of all the things he did. I think that is the meaning of the words in vs the other guy.

    • Yes…totally agree that it was a process, but she knew Chuck was “The One” that first day. Notice she didn’t say she fell in love with him, only that she “fell for him”. It was in response to , ” Do you love me?”, but Sarah never used the word love. I don’t think most men will understand what women see in the Ballerina scene …. but it was a gesture that Sarah didn’t see very often…selfless and altruistic, human, kind…..this was a very different man than the one Graham had portrayed. That’s why she told him, “There’s something different about this guy…” That line doesn’t come out of her if she just talks to Chuck at the Nerd Herd desk ….it had everything to do with the interaction with the ballerina. If the Ballerina symbolizes anything, it would be a metaphor for the grace with which Chuck lives his life, in spite of the rotten hand he has been dealt.

      I don’t think Sarah looks at Chuck the same way as the Baby …he is innocent, but he is not defenseless. If anything, the pilot speaks to how heroic Chuck is in nature ….rushing headlong into a very dangerous situation to defuse the bomb. Once again, it’a a selfless, altruistic and very human act …. and one that cements Sarah’s first impressions in regards to the ballerina. This is a decent human being that works for the greater good, and it showed her that you don’t have to lose your humanity to do good things.

      The Baby is a very different beast all together …. Sarah talking to her MOTHER before the mission, and then rescuing the Baby symbolizes a metaphorical rebirth of Sarah. It speaks of the rebirth of her emotions and her humanity. It speaks to the realization that orders from on high are not always robotically followed ( which had reaffirmed that Fulcrum, the CIA, the NSA were all the same, as voiced by Jill.) Giving the baby to her mother showed that Sarah was giving herself a second chance, although it would take time for Sarah to accept the notion that she deserved it. This is not about either the baby or the ballerina, but about Sarah and Chuck.

      • That last paragraph about the baby is right on the mark Gary. Well said. But, I think Michael has a point too. The moral outrage of killing a baby is not there of course, and she’s not repeating her awakening you so aptly described, but I do think she sees Chuck as a helpless innocent that needs protection. Chuck is certainly no match for Casey, and in terms of Sarah’s world, he’s very much an innocent. The fact that she’s attracted to him because he’s something she’s unfamiliar with; a good, caring, altruistic person, is a bonus. Extra incentive. Unless he was a complete jerk, I think she might have protected him even if she wasn’t so attracted to him just as a good deed.

      • Lonny….I didn’t mean to imply that Chuck could take care of himself ….. he is defenseless against seasoned soldiers and assassins, as any normal person would be. He has been transported into a world that he is unfamiliar with. But defenseless altogether ?? Hmmmm…he is put into situations that he is altogether unprepared for, but somehow he manages to buy himself time until Sarah and Casey come in to mop up the remains !! His ability to think outside the box, to get out of the car and rush into things shows his innate abilities and are a precursor to him becoming an unorthodox spy. Is Sarah in protective mode because of the baby ?? Maybe…or because she lost Bryce ? Maybe …. or because this guy is something special ? Maybe…. hard to tell, since we don’t get to know Sarah until the end. But we do know that Sarah is different from what she had been, and protecting Chuck becomes paramount due to many reasons….his actions towards the ballerina being a fairly solid one.

      • Gary, I agree with you completely. The fact is that Sarah tells Chuck that she fell for him after he fixed her phone and before he started diffusing bombs so many think it is the ballerina. I believed it started with the ballerina. Chuck’s selfless, altruistic and very human act is definitely on display; but also when he goes to pick her up at her apartment with flowers that were leftover from his birthday party so she was face to face with a real genuine down to earth guy. She could tell that Chuck did not have any hidden agenda he was real no secrets no lies. In S2E1 she refers to that as a real date because she probably felt that although she had her secrets Chuck didn’t and when they are walking to the club she is behaving as a regular girl on a regular date even if it was just for a moment.
        Chris, refers to the difference in the way Sarah got ready on the pilot with the gun, the knives and the bulletproof vest, she did know that Casey had also been assigned to the intersect and was going to be ready if there was trouble. In Chuck vs the First Date, yes she got ready and she took no gun because they really thought it was over and there was no one after the intersect so no gun.

        The baby is an act of redemption for Sarah and the Larkin’s so-called treason act of stealing the intersect and also being killed was a wake call for her that not everything that was sanctioned by the CIA was good. The baby gave her the ability to become a handler but also to proceed with caution because that soldier attitude of following orders without questions caused to be used by Ryker and we see that again with Quinn.

  3. I think it’s a combination of all 3 of those motives you mentioned. And you are absolutely right about Chuck’s real value being his ability to think outside the box. It’s something the team doesn’t really appreciate until well into season 3. Maybe not until he takes down Volkoff.

    • Yeah…bang on. Sarah never really trusted Chuck, which almost got Chuck killed numerous times because he felt he had to exceed his limitations. However, the Intersect was both a blessing and a curse regarding thinking outside the box, because it allowed him to fight his way out of situations using only the Intersect, rather than training his own natural skills. He wasn’t a bad fighter in Season 5 when he only had his natural skills to rely on….thanks to great training by Sarah and Casey.

      • Indeed. In Chuck vs the Bullet train we can see how Chuck fought quite well against Quinn. In fact, when Chuck fought Morgan who had the intersect at Verbanki’s camp.(Chuck vs the Frosted tips). As far as the S1 and S2 Chuck , he was a hero the problem was that he lost his confidence with what Bryce did to him and i believe with every mission he could see the true hero that was inside him.

      • I agree Carol, I don’t last too long rewatching S5 I hit reset after Sarah puts on the glasses. It’s going to be tough for me to write the episode articles and rewatch articles for that season , but it has to get done right

      • Totally agree, Carol. Sarah was always trying to build Chuck’s confidence …realizing that Bryce was indeed the problem. She summed it up pretty well in Vs the Ring when she asked him, “How many times do you have to be a hero to realize that you are that guy?”, which compared him directly to Bryce. Of course, pulling the rug out from under his feet kinda put a damper on that sentiment, but still …. By the time Season 5 came along, Chuck had managed to outmaneuver a number of seasoned spies ( Shaw, Volkoff, Decker )…all without using the Intersect. I liked that he showed he was a fighter, but I still preferred him as the Intersect ( given that it was the central theme to his “special-ness”), and really hated all the alternative “Intersects”, which should have killed all who downloaded it. The only good thing about Season 5, IMHO, was The Baby. The Morgan-sect was plain stupid, and the Casey-Verbanski-Viper thing was way too confusing ( although I did like the Verbanski- Casey relationship).

      • Gary, you are so right with Season 5. Even when you Chuck vs the A-team for the intersect to work correctly needed someone like Chuck with a moral compass. The fact is on the finale we can assume that Chuck has the intersect back.
        As far as the photos that are out there of Yvonne I sometimes wonder about her agent and the advice he/she gives her.

      • I’m not sure the advice Yvonne got was horrible…she does a lot of “fashion” and men’s magazine stuff, which isn’t too risqué….and something that most 20-something ingenue’s tend to do to get some attention. I’m not sure the Sobe commercial was of much value, however. Most of the other starlets who did that type of thing just let it hang out there …… not much difference between body paint and a bikini in reality, other than it can’t provide some decolletage. Since Yvonne decided to use the hand bra and the arm bra throughout the shoot, there really wasn’t much to gain in terms of “exposure”….. it was a pretty “meh” photoshoot, and I didn’t think Yvonne looked her “sexiest”. ( she actually looked a bit uncomfortable ). Some of her other bikini shoots were OK, and then her “glamour” shoots have her so overdone as to render her almost unrecognizable. She actually looks better in a red carpet capacity where she has a professional MUA and hair stylist and she just gets to smile…that’s the winning shot, IMHO.My understanding is that these starlets are not paid for photoshoots….the exposure is their reimbursement. Not sure it gave her everything she put into it. I’m not sure what this particular photoshoot was for, but I can’t get over the pose.

        I am interested to see how Manhattan Nocturne turns out…quite a risqué film, much in the genre of Dexter’s sex scene, but for a whole movie. Does that help or hurt her career ?? Time will tell, but I don’t see producers and directors knocking down her door, which is perplexing given her level of talent.

  4. Chuck should never save Shaws life in the warehouse he already had Sarah lock in Castel,he should have killed him after he killed chucks dad jim

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