gallery Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker Reboot Chapter Two

We begin chapter two with one simple question when it comes to Sarah Walker.

How Does One Regain Humanity when history speaks Otherwise?

The history of Sarah Walker is not complete in we don’t know the name on her birth certificate. We know Sarah proclaim her name to be Sam, but questions surround that being her name because of Sarah’s nature of lying.

Sarah’s default function is lying. It was instill in her since she was young. For example, when Chuck asks a simple question about the relationship status of one Bryce Larkin. Watch Sarah’s response to the question.

It’s not a question that was asked because if we watch Sarah’s response to a question during the game. She responds quite swiftly and prepared. Yet, when the question becomes personal Sarah becomes frightened and searches for an answer.

It’s interesting to watch because Sarah seems to have prepared answers for numerous situations, but when it comes to her life she becomes standoffish.Chuck104-00090It can be even more apparent when Chuck asks her name. Sarah shuts down. The fact that Chuck is taking the time in knowing who she is was something new for Walker. Chuck104-01233Chuck104-00090The problem of course is Sarah doesn’t know who she is. The truth is Sarah was a damaged woman. We can talk about the choice of going with Jack was a bad decision, but it’s not the problem. What is the problem was Sarah’s expression here, Chuck204-00020Sarah shows a sense of loneliness. Her father was arrested and time was running out on her own freedom. However, Langston Graham took her under his wing, but still the question remains.

With a past is that unstable, how does one reassert herself back into humanity when her life is surrounded by a negative environment.  Her mother could of been an escape for her, but we learned Sarah’s parents were not on the best of terms.

Her parents represent a broken home. There is nothing positive in her past she can lean on. The idea Sarah had to store money for the purpose to free her father shows how much stress she was under.

However, Sarah watched how Chuck interact with people in his daily life. It showed Sarah there was another way to live. Sarah’s education comes from Chuck’s way of life. Chuck105-00060 Chuck108-00156However, the question of Sarah reentering humanity would mean its not her humanity she was entering, but rather she found humanity through the assignment she was given. First with the baby followed by becoming Chuck’s handler.

In essence, Chuck was a rebirth for Walker. A second chance at being the person she dreamed she could be. The problem of course is disappointing Chuck. Sarah’s default function often clashed with Chuck moral fiber.

Chuck believed in honesty. It hurt him quite often  when lying to those around him. Sarah found out the hard way on several occasion just how much he believed in the truth, but for Sarah to find out how much Chuck was bothered by her lie. We get a Sarah Walker expression was very telling for a future iconic moment in their history.Chuck104-00580


Lying was a normal thing for Sarah, but for Chuck it was a no-no. A hard lesson Sarah really never learns. Remember this? Chuck508-00144Chuck wanted to help his wife get through the baby situation, but Sarah’s need to do things herself made her lie to Chuck, but its Sarah being Sarah. She feels the need to do things on her own much like Chuck, but when Chuck went on his own Sarah would become upset with him.   Chuck102-01118 Chuck401-01049 Chuck506-01126When doing my research on this portion of the article. I realized where this over protection of Chuck stems from. It has a lot to do with this event from her past, Chuck204-00042 Chuck204-00017When watching Jack get arrested, it was a bitter memory Sarah has to live with for rest of her life. It will come with her in every relationship Sarah enters in. The fear of losing someone overpowers her since she experienced it. ‘The memory essentially becomes a core experience because of the drastic nature of it.

Jack was an important figure for her much like Chuck was becoming. Sarah didn’t show much affection towards Bryce, Cole or Shaw, but when Chuck’s life was in danger or lost to her. We saw the real Sarah Walker. Chuck214-01068Look familiar?A past experience like the one she had with her father carried over into her relationship with Chuck. Thus, her lie in Fear of Death about him being a spy would haunt her.  Chuck408-00333Chuck204-00017Chuck goes on his own to prove his worth as a spy in her eyes, but the end result was her interference caused Chuck to be captured. Jack’s capturing in DeLorean would have Sarah conduct herself the same way. The  two men that matter most both captured when on the phone with them no less. Time for Agent Walker to work her magic.Chuck210-00903Chuck408-01148 (1)


Chuck210-00933What is Walker doing? She is acting alone. She was not seeking the help from her team.  Someone who mattered most to her was in trouble. Thus, the need for Agent Walker to act. It won’t be the last time either.

Fear of Death


Sarah’s expression tells the story and confirms my theory on Chuck and her father. These two men were the only two men Sarah ever loved. The only two men that had her heart. The only two she protected.

Jealousy and Impulsive Behavior 

When it comes to Agent Walker, it’s no secret she has a job to complete. She is able to storm a news station and take out terrorists with no problem. She may struggle with lady baddies, but Sarah can throw down if need be. Chuck205-01017 Chuck205-01033 chuck310_00802

She can seduce and make people fall for her charms when it suited her. She tried to use the same tactics with Chuck, but sometimes Chuck would resist when something important was on his mind or to prove a point. Chuck306-00469Case in point, the cover sleepover shows Chuck has a backbone.  The constant reminder of their relationship being a cover makes Chuck decide it’s time to move on.

Chuck wants some resemblance of a normal life. He wants to be able to separate his work with his personal life, but what Chuck fails to realize is being a agent for the government means your on call 24/7.

Meanwhile, Sarah refuses to unpack boxes because of the significance of what it means. a new place and assignment can come her way at any moment. The killer inside would be called for duty which is the biggest balance factor Sarah struggles with.

It’s not just the killer in which she was forced to use a gun, but the desire to keep Chuck for herself was paramount. Her interaction with potential love interests were classic jealousy issues, but as she grew in her maturation process. Sarah attacked each woman differently. Chuck208-00644 Chuck208-00594

For example, Agent Walker had no desire or need to invite Lou in her store. This was all Sarah Walker flexing her protection muscles. Lou wasn’t safe in this situation at all. Sarah threatens her, but it’s not the words or declaration of how good of a guy Chuck was. Chuck109-00291

The stare she gave Lou was something different, a fire within Sarah was letting Lou know back off, but the sandwich queen was not afraid. What we lose sight of is how Lou and Sarah interact. There are similarities in the two that are worth talking about, and it really forces out the feelings Sarah was only now beginning to realize she has for him.

It took another woman’s interest to bring an expression out of her that was not work related. There was no mission on the line. This was Sarah Walker being a normal woman. Lou made Sarah have a personal mission.

Competition is good sometimes. For Sarah, Lou was the spark that got the ball rolling. Sarah’s mistake came when she told Chuck about their relationship wasn’t going any further, but again Sarah lied. She wasn’t truthful as we learned about her training, but Sarah never expected or thought Chuck would come to the Wienerlicious looking to break up.

Sarah’s heart is on display for us to see. She is fighting the tears as Chuck spoke. Each word was registering into Sarah here, Chuck108-01216

The shock and awe in Chuck’s choice words brought Sarah Walker’s feelings to the forefront. Listen to how she picked up the phone when Casey calls. She was choked up. Chuck108-01220Follow by her watching Chuck with Lou, Sarah’s heart is on her sleeve now. Sarah has feelings for Chuck and she knows it now. Sarah’s reaction shows growth. It shows she understands the situation. Chuck108-01237Sarah’s display of emotions in vs The Truth was much better than in Other Guy, Sarah looks like she is convincing herself if she does love him, which does not match what we saw in truth.Chuck313-00417Furthermore, Sarah’s reactions in Break Up and Marlin are much better in showing feelings as well.


Chuck113-01021 Chuck113-01024

Break Up

Chuck203-01184 Chuck203-01195It shows Sarah has a pulse and furthers her fight for Chuck by showing up at the Buymore visibly upset.

We shall continue our discussion of Sarah’s jealousy and impulsiveness some more in Chapter Two Continued. There is so much material to cover. One article would be too long to write. Thus, I need to break it down piece by piece.

Up Next Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker Chapter Two Continued.


  1. Liked so far I just need a little explanation on “Chuck goes on his own to prove his worth as a spy in her eyes, but the end result was her interference caused Chuck to be captured”. If is Chuck vs Phase three, Chuck was going to be captured by the Belgium with or without Sarah telling him that he wasn’t a spy. I believed that comment was said out of fear for his safety because Chuck had been trained by Casey and herself. She let her emotions get the best of her.

    • Shaw once said the constant worry and doubt would ultimately lead to Chuck not believing he was a real spy and that would get him killed. When Chuck operated his own missions. On his own, storming RI or going on his own to give the Omen virus to save his sister, Sarah’s reaction after he returned was one of anger and frustration in not including her. It stems with her interaction with Bryce going off on his own so many times.

      I seriously doubt Bryce was the type to inform Sarah of his covert operations. Hence, not knowing why he went rogue in the first place. Remember she didn’t want Shaw to give himself up to the Ring.

      It all comes from her experience with her father when she was young.

    • She clearly meant that he relied on the intersect, so having no safety net would require some time adjusting and therefore the mission would be incredibly dangerous for him. To be fair, even with the intersect such a mission would benefit from a larger support team, considering that they know very little about what they’re looking for, who they’re looking for and how many people. She was right to worry, because the dingus agent purposely put Chuck in as much danger as possible in hopes it would trigger the intersect, which is obviously not ideal for anyone regardless of their talent. You’re spot on, she let her emotions get the best of her.

      Unrelated, but I didn’t like the scene where Morgan tells her ” that’s good and he knows that,,, because you told him” ( regarding loving Chuck with or w/o the intersect), her expression made it seem like she didn’t tell him, but she did tell him that she hoped he wasn’t trying to get the intersect back for her sake. I thought her edging him away from the torture he’s had to go through getting it back, was a way of clearly communicating that the intersect isn’t important to her.

      • Morgan put gas on the fire. You are right Sarah did say that. Howver the 2.0 skills became a crutch for the utlimate oroblem how do they survive each other lives. Although, Chuck was doing quite fine on his own.

  2. I think they both were upset when the other went solo because there is nothing more frustrating than just waiting for your love to return from a dangerous situation. Both of them have admitted they are better together. In “Baby” Sarah says that all the time Ryker was torturing her she was thinking why am I doing this alone? It is her default. The CIA taught her to trust no one and rely on yourself. In “Curse” I think Chuck takes off on his own because he thinks the others will stop him from taking the real virus. You are right that ultimately it is a trust issue, but Chuck believes the CIA would sacrifice his family for “The Greater Good” and he’s right. Whether Sarah would obey orders or help Chuck is what we are discussing. I like to believe she would support Chuck at this point, but he feels he can’t take the chance with Ellie’s life.

    • It goes back to trust. Chuck going on his own demonstrated the lack of trust that Sarah would back him up even after she said she would. In this episode they are no longer with the CIA and Sarah would have backed him up even just to keep him alive. Chuck never really got how dangerous facing the enemy was. Even when Shaw filled his father right in front of him. In the Pilot with her line “Trust me Chuck” just proves that she doesn’t want to be like her father, if that is the case Chris. In S1E2 “I told you to trust me not believe in me” reveals to us a distorted definition of what trust meant on Sarah’s mind. Isn’t trusting also believing in that person to do what is right in this case for Chuck. I guess the problem is with the writers’ definition of what trust is. LOL

      • Hey Carol, I don’t think she says believe in me, think she just says believe me, because she then says do you think my name is really Sarah Walker. Still a bit of a contradiction.

      • Yeah, I found the “trust me” thing to be weird, especially considering the context. Like yeah, you just walked into my life, pretended to be romantically interested in me and put me in a ton of danger. Pretty sure someone as smart as Chuck would have been able to put 2 and 2 together and figured out she was the one that broke into his house for the computer.

    • Lonny,

      The problem I have with that theory would be you knew what you were getting into. Chuck and Sarah were spies and with that comes a high risk and high reward job. Most of the problems Chuck and Sarah faced on missions was the bickering they did while trying to survive. Three Words was an example of that. The fact Chuck locked himself in a vault because he couldn’t wait until after the mission was the norm. Sarah is to blame as well. She never communicated with Chuck because she never had the capabilities to do such things. Rambling wasn’t Sarah’s forte

  3. So much that I agree with Carol and Lonny !! Here are a few of my thoughts….

    I think a lot of Chuck’s issues stemmed from his confidence issues…which reared their heads every once in a while. He himself always mentions how Sarah coming into his life was the luckiest thing ever…he doesn’t ever truly get what Sarah would see in a guy like him. When he becomes a spy, it is his destiny, but he also feels that it is the only thing that is keeping Sarah with him ( I think he feels that Sarah will always chose being a spy over being with him ), so when he loses the Intersect ( his only cachet in the spy world), he is worried that losing Sarah is next. Because of that, he puts himself at great risk to prove himself worthy of Sarah. When Sarah utters that line, ( But you’re not a spy….at least, not now…) , that is a major blow to his confidence and his chances of Sarah staying with him. Not until she actually tells him that she loves him whether he’s a spy or not …. and that he is more important to her than being a spy is, that is when Chuck finally feels comfortable doing whatever is required of him by the CIA ( even becoming just an analyst ) to be with Sarah.

    Sarah, of course, has a very distorted reality…especially at the start. What she doesn’t realize, as others have said, is that trust and belief are siblings. In her world, trust is what she uses in the sense that she will get the job done….by whatever means necessary. If she has to lie, cheat, cross all sorts of lines to get the job done, you can trust her to do so. So, in her mind, Chuck is supposed to trust her to take care of him, but it may require her to lie to him or those around him in order to do so. In Chuck’s world, though, that just doesn’t make sense.

    I haven’t watched S5 in a long time, but as far as the Omen Virus goes, my feeling was that Chuck just didn’t want Sarah to get in trouble over what he felt was the right thing to do for his family, but was against the rules. Yes…it’s a bit of a trust issue because he still doesn’t get the level of Sarah’s commitment to him, but I think it was Chuck’s way of protecting her.

    • Lonny Gary and Carol.

      Happy Late New Year too you guys. I have been living at my job recently. I am the only reliable Dishwasher right now. Thus, work over 50 hours the last two weeks, but thankfully they hired a new full time evening dishwasher so I can come home on time.

      I agree with everything everyone said about trust and belief. However, there is a slight difference. Gary pointed out just now. Sarah’s version of trust comes in the form of I will get you through this. No questions asked. Believe in her would be something different. Believe in her would require her to reveal something true if that makes any sense.

      Whenever the conversation switched about Sarah personally. Sarah seemed to drown in her life experiences. The idea someone wants to know the real Sarah Walker was strange for her. The truth is when you wear so many hats as an agent and what she used to do with her father. Time because distorted in that sense. Covers are just a norm for her, but if anyone ever noticed sometimes the characters would lose themselves in their roles. For example, despite Chuck and Sarah knowing let’s play house was just a cover both struggled within their mission. Sarah making breakfast and standing by the window as she hears Cougar lady seduce Chuck. Follow by her clear concern for him in the Fulcrum lab all signs Sarah was also losing herself.

      The believe aspect of things would come up in Tom Sawyer. A conversation between the handlers indicated how much Sarah believed in Chuck. She went to the station knowing Chuck could be wrong., but when it came to his mother Sarah had trepidation. FRost didn’t add up. Whose side was she on and so on, but Chuck pointed it out best. “I need you to believe in me even if I turn out to be wrong.” Each time Chuck as Sarah to believe in him whether it was the chip in Beefcake or the Ring Phone. Sarah never believed in Chuck like he did her, but then again Chuck also pushed her quite a few times with the fake break ups

      • Chris, Sarah did believe Chuck when he was sure/confident about something like in Tom Sawyer or Crown Vic. She supported him there even went against her orders in Crown vic. But for example with the RI Intersect and the fulcrum chip he was not sure. In fact he says ‘maybe’ he can hack it and ‘maybe’ Roark has an intersect.

      • Yes, but more often then not Chuck was right. Hence, his father was in Barstow, but Casey didn’t believe him. Sarah never totally believe Chuck. She often sides with Shaw and Cole when it came to tough decisions. The only time I was bothered by Chuck putting Sarah on the spot was in Predator. He forced the 49B in a sense when he asked Sarah to vouch for him in front of GB which put Sarah in a hole because what could she do there?

      • Chuck was caught between the spy world and the normal world. He was forced to be a spy, but with no training whatsoever. Because of that, he was left to his own devices. With both the Ring phone chip and RI, Chuck knew exactly what he could do….. and Casey and Sarah should have known by then that if Chuck said “maybe”, then there was a good chance he could do it. Even in Tom Sawyer, there was no guarantee that Chuck could get the launch codes from the game, but Sarah trusted him just the same. In Crown Vic, Sarah went along with Chuck more because of how she had been treating him ( unfairly) up to that point.

        I think the Breakups were just the same…..Chuck was caught between the spy world and the normal world. If he was a spy, then he and Sarah could move the relationship to another level. Because they kept him in his normal world half the time, and the spy world the other half, then Chuck had every right to “break up” the cover relationship….especially with the way Sarah treated him while using the “cover”.

      • That’s my point Gary, but I don’t think Sarah would ever completely trust a man because of fear she will watch them leave her like her father was arrested. If you don’t think that wasn’t apart of her make up watch how nervous she gets with Chuck doing missions on his own or Shaw. Once Sarah is committed emotionally, Sarah tends to want to over protect as compensating factor. What do you think?

      • I like your point Chris and yet she was right when Chuck left her to save Ellie in Chuck vs the Curse S5. In the beginning of series Sarah over compensation of Chuck prevented from Chuck getting more confident on his new role. One thing I must admit that Shaw was right, Casey & Sarah overprotected him, but then again didn’t he have all our national secrets. In Chuck vs the Crown Vic at the end of the episode when Chucks tells Sarah thanks for believing in him she does tell him that the only good thing she is good at is reading people. So besides Gary’s answer that she treated him harshly referring to the kiss as the incident mind you there were in Ellie apartment where all conversation were recorded and she could get in trouble for kissing the asset. She did believe him when Chuck told her about the crates. Loved the Gilligan’s Island comment “little buddy” in Chuck vs Crown Vic. In Tom Sawyer, Sarah had learned enough about Chuck to know some of his strengths. At the end we all went on their emotional roller coaster ride LOL

      • Chris…totally agree…it’s hard to “watch” from the sidelines…… if you don’t believe me, wait until your kids get involved in something like sports !! Sarah knew her strengths, and knew some of Chuck’s weaknesses …thus she was nervous letting him do things without her.

      • BTW Carol….Sarah should have had more conversations with Chuck in her hotel room. That was the only place they ween’t being recorded….

      • True Gary, regarding the hotel room yet sometimes emotions get the better of us all and we tend to react instead of stepping back and dealing with the situation once we think this through. Remember that instead of only Casey getting in trouble for the mess up on the yacht they were both ordered to stand down. In the dvd, the reason Chuck shows up at the dock is because Casey puts it in his head that Sarah was going to sleep with Lon if she had too. You know Casey alway mischievously putting ideas into Chuck head like the learning tango LOL “Cool” LOL and many others (spy humor as Chuck called it)

      • Carol….I agree. I just mean, in general, Sarah should have had Chuck come to her hotel room more often. The most honest they ever were with each other was in Cougars. The “off the cuff” remarks when in emotional turmoil never worked well ….for them ( or anyone else who has said things while in high dander !)

      • Indeed! I also wonder that myself but part of the charm of the program was Chuck & Sarah walking that fine line of a relationship. The flirtatious game they play with the constraints of asset and handler.

      • The fine line was OK, but the show really could have used more scenes like the shared hamburger in Cougars ( the most heartwarming scene in the series, IMHO ), and the hand on the neck at Orion’s trailer in Barstow. I certainly would have preferred a fine line in Season 3 rather than what we were given …. that was just blunt force trauma that no relationship could have survived….

      • I think when we have the same storyline it will eventually wear thin. Look at 24, how many times can they script a story about Jack Bauer being vilified for his methods of defeating terrorists.

        It’s the same thing here, I understand the need for 2.0 because how many seasons will Casey and Sarah being the only ones getting all the action scenes while Chuck–the main star was tucked in the van. It would get tiresome too.

        One of the things Chris Fedak tried to do was keep the story on a timeline basis which meant if you watch the v-log the episodes correspond with the week the episode aired. Thus, why Sarah walks into the Buymore a wreck in IHS. She looked like she was away from Chuck for a little bit. Hence. why I feel the tears were real in the HT room.

        It’s why Day 564 falls between Predator and Dream Job. Season Three really is missing information because Pink Slip really is two episodes in one. The first part is the conclusion of S2. Everything after the pool scene is the beginning of S3. The problem is there is a time gap missing.

        What happened with Chuck who was gung ho in running suddenly rejects Sarah’s idea of running. We also have to take in account when Sarah suggests to run it’s the same night Sarah witness a lot of crazy stuff. Thus, Sarah wasn’t thinking straight.

        I am going to discuss the move Sarah makes more in length, but first I want to write some Arrow articles as it’s been a while since I released a Arrow article.

    • Gary excellent conclusion. I guess when Sarah tells Chuck that she didn’t want to be spy any more really took him by surprised. In S5 Chuck vs the Curse at the end when they have their reconciliation that neither of them should go out on their own is a great point since both when it was personal tended to do just that; not trust their partner to be there when they needed them most.

      • I guess it’s a trust issue, although I still think it partially a protective measure as well …. Chuck doesn’t want to get Sarah in trouble, and Sarah doesn’t want to put Chuck in danger. That stems from a bit of altruism, but it still speaks to the fact that they don’t understand that each would rather go down with the other, than lose them and be alone.

      • I think you’re right,, the CIA isn’t even supposed to be working missions on US soil, so there is a lot of “fantasy” in the Chuck storyline. Jeez…Sarah worked for the CIA for about 6+ years before she had to kill anyone, and I think they still referred to her as an agent before her Red Test ( a made up test anyway).

        As for the storyline wearing thin, Chris…..the storyline about Chuck and Sarah’s personal changes could go ahead without ruining the “dance” that was so charming in the first 2 seasons. Even when they ended up together, there was still a dance going on, and the series found its legs again. But the bludgeoning of the heart of the series caused an irreparable hole which saw the series lose whatever momentum the fan campaign managed to create….. fans waited a year to see what was going to happen once Sarah decided to stay with Chuck…and/or Chuck downloaded the 2.0 to become a spy and be with Sarah ……. and Fedak kicked everyone in the groin. Many ( most ) didn’t like it, and enough of them ( 30%) just left …..

        That’s not the type of change you need to make to a series…..

  4. Gee, i go to work and you have this whole conversation without me. Gary, you’re right about Chuck’s confidence. He doesn’t think he can hold Sarah just with his own strengths. He’s stuck in high school mode (along with a lot of us). Cheerleaders don’t date guys from the chess club or the science club. Even later in life Victoria’s Secret models don’t fall for the guy who sets up their WiFi. So he thinks he needs an edge, like the intersect. I think the solo stuff uses both motives. Sometimes they don’t trust their partners, but often they would just rather be hurt than see their partner hurt. So much of this is fantasy; I seriously doubt that every CIA field agent has to kill someone to earn a badge. They have agents and teams that specialize in wetwork. It would also be just as likely for Sarah to be ordered to seduce Chuck and use the sex to help control him as to keep away from him.

    • Lonny, I don’t think every CIA agent has to kill somebody to earn the badge. Chuck had to because it was part of his final exam mission. That is the only reason. If it would be common to kill someone in order to become an agent do you really think Sarah would be so surprised when Shaw told her what Chuck has to do?

      • Its big difference between Casey and Sarah during the red test fiasco. Sarah’s mindset was not whole at this point. Thus, I wonder how she would respond if the boys told her the truth.

        Would she report the truth to Shaw or cover it up. What would Sarah do?

      • Probably would have covered it up….she was devastated by Chuck even thanking her for him becoming a spy. What was really eating her during American Hero is that Chuck shot somebody. She would have been ( and was ) relieved when she found out it wasn’t true, so she would have felt the same way no matter when she found out the truth.

    • I think it’s like any law enforcement officer ….you don’t need to “off” someone to patrol our streets carrying a gun. But the gist of the show was that you HAD to perform your Red Test in order to become a field agent …. Sarah was given a number of years to do it, and was surprised that Shaw was giving Chuck his Red Test so early ( not that he had to perform a Red Test ). Her response was, ” You’re giving him his Red Test NOW ?”

      The other reason the Red Test was a requirement for becoming a field agent was that Casey was perplexed when Chuck told him that he passed his Final Exam. Casey knew that Chuck would have had to kill someone to “pass the test”, and so he quizzed Chuck on whether the final exam was actually over. That’s why Casey followed Chuck to the train station …he knew Chuck could never pull the trigger in his Red Test…. and figured the Final Exam wasn’t actually over until he did so.

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