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While we continue our discussion of Sarah Walker, I find it interesting how Sarah Walker can be a puzzle wrapped in a riddle. As fans, we really don’t understand the nature of the character because the writers and creators only revealed enough to help understand her, but when questions still remain and most specifically who is the real Sarah Walker.

We know the story was always going to be catered for Chuck Bartowski, but the truth is most people clammer to the Sarah Walker side of things. The question of why comes to mind. Does it occur because there is still so many questions surrounding Walker or the lovable nature of  Yvonne Strahovski. The opinion will always be subjective.

However, we can’t dispute the heart of Sarah Walker. Her heart was present even before she step foot into the Buymore. Sarah’s makeup was to protect and serve, but will act against orders if need be.  For example, the coldness she can deliver is the same person who possess a smile, Yvonne Strahovski has a killer smile and it’s not even debatable at times. Yvonne has a smile that can hypnotize most men.Chuck213-00496The smile often can leave us scratching our heads when she was forced to conduct dastardly deeds, but this is also a woman can deliver a killer glance, when we last left off with our discussion about jealousy and how other women made Sarah act like a regular woman with real feelings. The problem was the other women didn’t know how dangerous Walker can be. Chuck109-00297

Sarah learned how to cope with three other women who pursued Chuck. Normally, a agent isn’t supposed to get mixed up in the asset’s personal life, but the truth is Sarah was lost in her cover. Lost in a cover that required her to spend a lot of time with the asset which in turn causes real feelings to develop. Especially, when the asset is vastly different from everyone else.  We often speak of Chuck’s tendency to get lost in his covers, but from the start Sarah was long gone.

It really commences in Tango, Sarah’s notion of being compromised begins with one simple request.

Give Me A Kiss

Chuck103-00101Look, I am not naive to believe Sarah’s way of conducting missions brings her to great lengths and latitudes. We know Sarah used her sexuality to produce results, but we also can’t ignore Sarah’s eagerness here.

It was a pure test. a pure desire to push the envelope. the scope of Sarah’s mission was to get Chuck to perform and protect him. We know they were cover dating which means liberties to pursue with a leash. The leash allows Sarah to give Chuck enough rope to get a sense of freedom only to pull back with words like cover and let’s be professional, but Sarah was the one who started it all by asking for a kiss.

Chuck103-00104Chuck was caught off guard. Sarah didn’t ask for affection before, but Sarah sells her own curiosity by selling the idea of being on three dates. It’s significant because Sarah was counting. Sarah also shows eagerness as I mentioned before. She was into this. She leans in close and puckers up. Chuck hesitation caught Sarah off guard, and like a pro Sarah improvises by using her assignment as a cover for her inner desire.

The first of many body contacts that show flirtation. It symbolizes comfort and pursuing all at the same time. Sarah can be a cover girlfriend and be a handler. There was no dangers in what Sarah was doing.  It’s the best of both worlds. In other words, Sarah is in full control of Chuck Bartowski.

Sarah was used to taking orders from men in her life. Sarah took orders from Jack, Bryce and Graham. Sarah even had to take orders from Casey because he out ranked her. The case is not the same with Chuck. Sarah was going to enjoy this. Chuck103-00108However, Sarah’s desire for intimacy wasn’t the key moment in this scene. The more important evidence in Sarah’s desire for kissing Chuck comes at the end. When Chuck suggests he would be forced to kiss her, Sarah rebutted by asking forced?

The idea Sarah was forcing him to kiss her was brought on from the beginning of the episode, but Sarah would finish with “would it be so bad.” Sarah’s response and body language mesh.

There is no doubt in Sarah’s eyes and expression Sarah is thinking about kissing Chuck. Chuck103-01282Sarah’s mind is clearly thinking about being intimate. Chuck takes the answer as strictly being a cover answer, but Sarah wasn’t behaving like Agent Walker. She was being a woman with developing feelings and developing desires. Yvonne shifts her head in a position to allow the viewer to see her inner thoughts. She is contemplating what the kiss would feel like. The seed was planted. Chuck103-01292

Taking Liberties with Touching

There is another moment in Tango I missed and it’s something we should discuss. While saving Chuck, we see Sarah’s concerned feelings for Bartowski. Chuck’s life was in danger and we get the first touch of concern. Chuck103-00848If you watch the scene, Sarah rubs her hands through Chuck’s hair which was unique because she was checking for injuries, but it’s still an early touch of Chuck. Sizzling Shrimp provides another chance for Sarah to touch Bartowski. Walker becomes more and more comfortable in her role as being a girlfriend.

If we simply just say the gesture was innocent, we can often miss the clues within the scene that allows us to know it means more. Casey is standing with them. Yet, Casey doesn’t mind the touch. Sarah kept her actions at the bare minimum with Casey’s presences.

The touching of Chuck would continue. In Sandworm, She fixes Chuck’s tie for the first time. However, Chuck isn’t caught off guard by it anymore. It’s early, but as we progress Sarah’s touches become more soft and gentle. It’s one of the early clues Sarah gives us on how much Chuck was growing on her. Chuck202-00413Chuck106-00846Something happens in Sandworm that would set up the focus of this article. The build up of our next section, and it has to do with these two things. Chuck106-00274


Fake vs Real

As much as I don’t like Lou’s character, I disdain the potty mouth and home wrecking abilities. There are other issues, but they are not the focus of this discussion. If you care to know more please comment on The Truth or rewatch articles.

However, I must give the Sandwich Queen the props she deserves. Lou forced Sarah to act because Sarah lost control over Chuck personally. It has every bit to do with the phone and picture above.

Let’s face it, Chuck and Sarah’s relationship was built on manipulation and lies. One after one, but Chuck never would consider questioning Sarah’s intentions or even consider of moving on from a fake relationship. He knew the rules and as much as he disapproved, Chuck was eating out of Sarah’s hand.

The beginning of Chuck vs The Truth indicates that much. Remember this? Chuck108-00035Sarah asks Chuck what shirt was she wearing as they go over cover dating with Devon and Ellie. The question isn’t my focus, but her reaction and response to his answer. She asked what was she wearing? Thus, it requires Chuck to describe a blouse she wore. It’s simple like fixing Chuck’s hair in Sizzling Shrimp, but the response from Sarah was interesting.


Blue top, little buttons.


Oh, you like that one?


I like all of ’em.

Sarah’s response comes with an interesting expression only one smitten would give. She likes Chuck noticing the clothes she was wearing. All women like men who they are seeing to notice them fake or not. It’s a spark that makes women feel appreciated even for a superagent like Walker. After all they have been on three fake dates and game night at the Bartowskis. Chuck108-00036

Sarah was becoming more and more lost. Especially with her actions in Sandworm. After Chuck tells her about Lazlo, Sarah was in his room and we get the first admission of being in some sort of relationship.

Sarah gives Chuck a present. A a photoshopped photo of them at comic con dressed as Star Wars characters. Chuck knew it was fake because they never been to comic con together. It’s a symbolism of the nature of their relationship. Sarah tries to shed some light on their situation by saying “we are in a relationship.” It’s just a different kind of relationship.

The truth behind the photo would be exposed when Lazlo would inform Chuck about the bugs in his home. Chuck would discover the bug behind the photo, and discard the photo in the trash. Something that would catch Sarah’s attention. However, it’s as fake as the fake break up Chuck would conduct in vs The Truth. Chuck106-00265

After the nice moment between Chuck and Sarah, Chuck points out what he found  in the frame, which Sarah not only sees the photo in the garbage pail, but shows emotion of seeing it in the pail. Chuck106-00856 Chuck106-00857 Chuck106-00859 Chuck106-00860 Chuck106-00867Look at her actions when seeing the photo, we need to take in account the picture was a gift. A gift much like this one, Chuck108-00356When Chuck fixes Lou’s phone, which was a real phone issue. Lou rewards Chuck with a real gift unlike Sarah’s phone and gift. Lou represents a real life and Sarah represents the fake life Chuck was living. The balance would ultimately shift in favor of Lou, but before we continue with this portion of the article. Let’s finish the gift in the basket,

Sarah’s reaction was very telling. She knew she screwed up, but it still doesn’t change the uneasy feeling of seeing her gift thrown away. It also shows a maturation process in Sarah’s education on life. The tricks in the spy game won’t work in Chuck and Sarah’s relationship. The second look at the pail indicates Sarah understood.

As a result, we saw Sarah make an effort in fixing her mistake. It’s the first moment in which we saw Sarah Walker mature, but what did Sarah Walker do that was wrong? She did her job. She planted a listening device for the purpose of making sure Chuck was safe, but Sarah’s feelings for Chuck made her apologize in her own way.Chuck106-01164However, it would all change when Sarah meets Lou. We begin this last portion by talking about how a fake sleepover and real tears ends with a real passionate kiss.Chuck108-00162

Devon was giving Chuck a hard time about not hearing any noises coming from Chuck’s bedroom, and it’s something Sarah was hearing. It made her panic. Thus, she suggested it was time to make fake love. Chuck108-00271Hence, the problem with Chuck and Sarah’s beginning. Sarah dictated the terms and Chuck had no recourse but to follow Sarah’s instructions. However, when Lou came to the store things would change. Chuck108-00066Lou’s presence and interaction would gravitate Chuck towards her. The sense of normalcy was in reach for him. The problem was Sarah. Lou’s flirting and genuine interest in Chuck was something Chuck never thought would come from Sarah. He was actually enjoying the moment until Sarah comes to the store. Chuck108-00373This scene symbolizes the idea of Fake vs Real. Lou delivered a real opportunity for Chuck to have a relationship not surrounded by spies and bombs. The problem was his fake relationship was set to interfer. The photo and phone was the connection and Sarah knew it.

First, Chuck struggles with saying Sarah was his girlfriend, which was new for Sarah. Look at her expression, Sarah is not pleased with this woman seeking the attention of Chuck. Sarah was thrown off her game. Chuck108-00374 Agent Walker may have been seeking the help from the Intersect, but it would quickly become a personal matter for Sarah Walker. Another daily situation where real day to day emotions into a real life situation.  The distance between being strictly an agent was slipping away and Sarah Walker was coming to the forefront at least for the time being., but we are not quite there yet.Chuck108-00378Again, Lou asks who’s Sarah, and Chuck lack of answer can be seen in Sarah’s expression Chuck108-00383If the relationship was strictly fake or a cover Sarah’s reaction wouldn’t be so blatant in it’s delivery. Yvonne was allowing Sarah Walker to have a moment in which words are not necessary to hear, but imagery was sufficient. Sarah’s dismay can be seen by non verbal communication.

Agent Walker has no presence in this scene. Furthermore, Sarah’s reaction to seeing the sandwich also sends Sarah spiraling, but not enough to act.

The sandwich was the same as the photo with the exception of no listening devices being stuffed in the sandwich. Both are gifts and both have sentimental value to them. Sarah’s reaction to seeing the photo in the trash and seeing the sandwich was a hard lesson for Sarah in how real relationships work.Chuck108-00393Chuck106-00860However, Sarah still feels like she was in the driver’s seat. The fact a mission would save Sarah would ease her mind for a moment.

Sarah’s problem with mentioning covers and fake sleepover does not provide any justice for her. Chuck was ready to move on with Lou and Sarah would see just how much in the parking lot.

When Sarah looks back up at Chuck, you can see Sarah’s expression of confusion on her face. Sarah usually smiling while in the presence of Chuck begins to feel emotions that an agent wasn’t supposed to feel. It drives Sarah further from a strictly a cover girlfriend to positioning herself as a real one.

The controlling factor also was slipping from her as Chuck seems poised to pursue the sandwich queen. What was stopping Chuck anway. Chuck and Sarah’s relationship was not real. Would we consider Chuck a cheater if he did? Chuck108-00395

The only saving grace for Sarah was work. Let’s take a minute to backtrack to Tango again.

When Chuck and Sarah conducted pre mission details, Sarah and Chuck usually share moments of intimacy in the form of teacher and student. The intimate conversations like Chuck revealing some of his backstory would have common ground with Sarah because it pertains to Bryce Larkin.

Sarah assumes the role of teacher, but there was a catch. Sarah becomes very free with some intimate touching of Chuck’s hand. Did Sarah have to touch Chuck’s hand and finish by saying don’t worry she would be by his side? It’s a lie because if there was danger Sarah would be required to stop it.

We know Sarah’s Jealousy streak, what would be her response seeing Chuck dance with La Ciudad? Chuck103-00319 Chuck103-00321The same can’t be said about their briefing in Truth, Chuck108-00491 (1) Chuck108-00499 Chuck108-00499 Chuck108-00500The difference between the two scenes would be the word cover. Sarah uses the word several times in her briefing of the cover sleepover.

Yet, in Tango there wasn’t a need for it. Chuck was smitten over Sarah in Tango, but in Truth the scene came after Chuck was caught in the middle of the Lou and Sarah’s interaction. Sarah gets a sense Chuck was preoccupied which would further come true after watching him run across the parking lot for Lou. Chuck108-00510 Chuck108-00544 (1)Chuck’s decision to interact with Lou was a game changer. Sarah watching her cover boyfriend with another woman was the very reason behind my Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker series. Chuck108-00547

I close this article with one question How was any woman going to be able to get close to Chuck if Walker was around. It seems to me it was never going to be an option for Chuck as long as Sarah was around.

We watched in a matter of moments how Sarah Walker would step up her love game, but as much as we talk about this moment being Sarah’s moment of falling, Chuck101-00398 (1)Sarah never acted on those feelings because she didn’t know she had them or even understand them. I believe feeling something and acting on them are what separates the two. Lou brought those feelings out and made Sarah act on her feelings. Sarah would also learn Chuck was not going to be wooed by exposing some skin alone. The fact Sarah came into the room reminding Chuck they were only pretending only strengthens Lou’s case over Sarah.

It took Lou to make Sarah act on her feelings. The moment when Sarah Walker realizes a cover wasn’t just a cover anymore. Where everyday emotions can crack the shield of a agent on assignment, but as we have been discussing. A agent walked into the Buymore, but Sarah Walker was distancing herself from the agent as each episode would air. Chuck108-00534Sarah Walker would take possession of her actions in a move that was strictly a move to remind Chuck of what he had already, but Sarah would sabotage her own efforts by retorting to the very reason Chuck was looking to pursue Lou. The elephant in the room which was the pretend relationship.Chuck108-00577

We will conclude Chapter Two in the next article, We shall continue from this point….


  1. Chris loved your blog. When I first saw Chuck I picked up the comment regarding “Blue top, little buttons.” and Sarah’s reaction and her reaction towards him in Tango demonstrated a more than handler/asset relationship. I’m rewatching Season 2 notice 2 things and I want your comment first in S2 E1 when she is reading the fortune cookie, it was as if she was accepting the fact that she was going to be reassigned and also note on S2E2 Chuck vs the Seduction notice in the beginning how her voice changes when she is trying to convince Chuck to help them with finding Roan. That little reaction also foretells her interest in Chuck, not to mention how Roan also asks her about her feelings for the asset since he said that the way she kissed him revealed she had feeling for him. What I love of the beginning of season 2 is those little clues that Sarah would give to Chuck and sometimes he would get them other times he wouldn’t but the flirtatious dance was there for us to see. Yvonne acting is great and makes us forget how Sarah Walker is indeed dangerous; as she put it herself in Season 5 Chuck vs the Curse “I am a trained assassin”. Love it

    • The heart wants what the heart wants ….Sarah and Chuck are in love….and have been since Day 1. Love is not easily defined ( by anyone ), and it is not a “feeling” ….it is not really even an emotion. You can be in love without feeling anything at any particular time, without being in an emotional state at any given time. The fact that Chuck loves Sarah and Sarah loves Chuck from the moment they meet is incontrovertible ….. especially if we have watched the entire series. So if you are looking at , say, Lou or Jill or Hannah as something that has to happen to have Sarah realize she is in love with Chuck, I think you are mistaken.

      Sometimes I even wonder if the distinction between Agent Walker and Sarah Walker is a salient one ….they are one in the same, and Agent Walker knows how to be with someone and how to express “affection” as it were. We see pictures of Sarah with Bryce…and they are affectionate with each other. The depth of that affection can be called into question, but not the affection. She can also be affectionate with Cole or with Shaw, and still be in Agent mode. She is not a stranger to her humanity, so to speak. She was very human while in high school … going through a range of emotions when not on a scam perpetrated by her father. She knew she was different…an outsider…and was treated as such…made fun of by the cool girls and boys. It hurt her, and it hurt her to see her father arrested. She had lots of emotions and humanity, even while training to become an agent. Her Red test certainly changed her ….bringing on the vault in which she had to try to contain her emotions, but they were still there. But she can’t open the vault and pick out one emotion … they are fluid, so opening the vault lets ALL emotions out, and that is dangerous territory.

      Add in the fact that she is professionally at her peak ….. she is no longer the plain Jane wallflower of High School, with the horrible haircut and the uncool clothes. She is the ultimate cool kid now, but with no personal achievement to speak of …she has no friends, she has no family, she has no relationship ( they require an opening of the vault ). Chuck is, of course, the exact opposite …he has friends, family and co-workers that all admire him, but he has absolutely no professional life ( at least not what he considers a professional life of which he is worthy …which fulfilled his potential).

      So the problem isn’t really one of real or fake or cover …Chuck and Sarah are in a relationship that is real, as far as the heart is concerned. What they are struggling with ( and will always struggle with ) is what road does that relationship lead to. What must be given up to get to the destination ? Is the destination worth the trip? In that way, they need to learn from each other as Sarah must learn to give up part of her professionalism to reach a personal Nirvana, and Chuck must give up part of his personal life to reach a professional Nirvana. During that journey, Chuck must come to see Sarah’s professional past as necessary ( since it is so antithetical to his own moral code ), and Sarah must come to accept Chuck’s future ( which is eventually shown to be his destiny and is hinted at by his heroic acts in the Pilot ). The relationships hit snags when the dream of what lies ahead becomes so out of reach that reality seems to be a more acceptable compromise. Chuck will settle, not for the girl of his dreams, but someone who is in his league, with a morality more in line with his. Sarah will settle for a spy, which doesn’t require opening the emotional vault and challenging her to feel more than she is willing to feel ( which calls into question her acts as a spy).

      Sorry for the ramble, but I feel like you push Sarah into having 2 different personalities, when my feeling is that she has 2 different choices about her future, while trying to make sure she completes the task of keeping Chuck alive.

      • Gary, The distinction that I am showcasing comes with the idea of what Agent Walker represents. It represents the job. It take hold of Sarah’s mindset at times.

        While we can’t knock her for not coming to Chuck’s aid in front of Beckman or Shaw. We see Sarah choosing what is best for the country.

        Sarah Walker represents going against orders. People have a hard time separating life with their work. Look at Casey. The depiction for most of the series was a lonely man, and the question Sarah asks Don’t you want a family do something else. Casey’s response was classic protocol something Carina reiterate in her own way. “the choice they made was the right choice.” so, here lies the separation of personality.

        Agent Walker is the one who takes the ring from Chuck in Suburbs. The correct move was not to return to the house once Fulcrum knew the truth about them, but Sarah Walker was reluctant in taking off the ring. It’s not so much separating the person, but decision making.

      • Gary love the ramble, its good and makes sense, yet her emotional & affectional demonstration to Bryce, Cole, & Shaw are completely different when she finally admits to herself that she loves Chuck Bartowski . You see her whole committed after Chuck vs the Tooth. In Chuck vs the Seduction S2E2 Ellie asks Chuck how he and Sarah keep the romance in their relationship because their eyes light up every time they see each other that’s why Chris says they are soulmates. Those sparkling stars that zoom out of their eyes when they are together did not happen with Bryce, Cole or Shaw and in Chuck’s case Jill, Lou or Hannah. Let’s us those relationships are love band-aids for the true love. This is where fans want Yvonne & Zac as a couple; it’s funny when they are together their eyes light up and their body languages shows they are so happy in each others company which happened when Sarah was around Chuck. I think she tended to leave her guard down more when she was around him. Remember Chuck also emphasized he wanted a normal life, no lies, no guns etc.. In season 5 in Chuck vs the Baby she does say I want what you want so mission accomplished Chuck Bartowski. Now I’m rambling 🙂

      • In (Chuck ) reality, Sarah Walker has NEVER been anything other than Agent Walker since it is as a CIA agent that she was given the pseudonym….she has never been a normal girlfriend to anyone at any time ( in any of her other incarnations !!) The decisions Sarah faces are ones that have to do with her desired future …as anyone would face. Chuck faces the same decisions …they are not solely Sarah’s domain.

        I am not suggesting that Sarah’s relationships with others ( and Chuck’s relationships with others ) are the same as Chuck and Sarah’s relationship ..present or future. Their lives and their souls are intertwined immediately …neither can make a decision that does not affect the other profoundly….and immediately so. Sarah does not need to tell herself that she loves Chuck ( in her video diary ), and does not have to say the words to the psychiatrist, to be in love with Chuck …. that is not how it works. I do not have to say I love my wife constantly to understand that I love my wife …always. I do not have to feel that I love my wife ( whatever that feeling is), to know and understand that I love my wife. But it is not a question of does Sarah love Chuck and does Chuck love Sarah …that is a given. Immediately, everyone around them realizes they love each other. Chuck realizes it, but his brain tells him it is an impossible quest …. she is out of his league. Sarah also realizes it …she is told to leave Burbank and come home, but she refuses. She could take the easy route out and go back with Bryce, but she choses Chuck…. both times. There is difficulty in pursuing the future with each other…Sarah is not sure she even deserves to have a happy personal life, which is understandable given her status in her professional life and what that entails. It requires her to enter into the unknown …a home, probably kids…and sharing EMOTIONS with someone. It is much easier for Sarah to date spies ….they are there purely for the pleasure/ respite from loneliness, and not for the sharing of emotions.

        Sarah and Chuck’s relationship status changes with the change from S1 to S2 ….by S2 they are actually in a relationship that has a future, even if that relationship is still a “cover”. There will still be the same questions and insecurities which bog it down, but they no longer deny that they “feel” something toward each other, and if the Intersect / handler / asset role is removed, they may have a life together. That doesn’t mean that the extremely heavy lifting each of them must do gets to be too big a burden, and they fall back to their securities. But they always find their way back to each other… not because of what they THINK ( do I love Chuck ? Do I have chance with Sarah? ), but because of what they feel in their hearts…..usually when they aren’t really THINKING ! Chuck and Sarah’s journey is not one of will they or won’t they ….it’s always been a matter of getting out of their heads and into their hearts.

      • I was going to write about that Gary. LEt’s keep the topic to this. You know I am believer in actions speak louder than words. What would Sarah do if Zarnow was not a baddie and did in fact take the Intersect out of Chuck’s head? I think Sarah would of been fine leaving then. I was thinking this what if I phrase the Agent Walker persona as her form of a Batman suit or in this site’s case Oliver’s green hood.

        See Agent Walker is apart of her, but it doesn’t consume her like it does for Casey and Carina. Sarah was able to separate going after the chip and saving Chuck despite Bryce stopping her.

        There is a difference between risking the life of Bryce and not shooting when Chuck was in danger. It’s protecting the innocent but also having the presence in mind like Batman did save Rachel or Save Harvey Dent. Agent Walker was a mask for Sarah an escape in making a tough decision. For example, when Chuck fins out Jill was Fulcrum, Chuck wanted time off to recalculate.

        Agent Walker suggested Chuck to work a mission as a means to forget about Jill, but Chuck doesn’t operate that way. When Batman elects to save Dent over Rachel.

        We lose sight of the mask of Agent Walker because it’s not a literal aspect of things. it’s not a Zorro mask, but it’s a fall back for Sarah. Every time a sticky situation comes between them she gets saved by a mission. Every time Batman was confronted with a normal situation someone needed to be saved. A hero’s dilemma

      • I guess you could use the mask analogy, Chris. Every one of your “chapters” is really the same story over and over. 1)Yvonne/Sarah is so beautiful and such a great actress, and 2) Sarah changes her tune between her career and her feelings every episode. You see things as Sarah sees things. That is quite an interesting thing for a number of reasons.

        First is the male / female perspective ( more on that in a minute ) and the second is the professional / personal balance. Chuck was really great in the first part because it turned the handler/ asset or “damsel in distress” trope on its ear, but it returned to the regular telling of that in the end. The professional / personal issue would be something I thought you would have identified with Chuck, since that is the dilemma you have mentioned to us before ( i.e., you have a wonderful personal situation, but you have not found your professional stride.) As I told Kelly Dean Jolley regarding his new Chuck book, I love Sarah Walker / Yvonne, but I identify with Chuck. ( that was his perspective when writing the book ). I cannot identify with Sarah….she is too complex, she internalizes her emotions, she does not think of the consequences of her actions, her morality is antithetical to my own ( and Chuck’s), she doesn’t question …… but she is beautiful / striking / desirable.

        Chuck is me( at his age) … intelligent ( in a nerdy way ), lots of friends, driven by my dreams ( although mine weren’t dashed by my best friend ) and somehow ending up with a girlfriend that was theoretically out of my league. I constantly struggled to figure out why she was with me and would she stay with me if I didn’t do what I did. I see Chuck’s struggles with believing he was good enough for Sarah, but never questioning if Sarah was good enough for him. Could he change and live up to his potential / dreams / destiny and still keep the girl ? Chuck struggled with Sarah still loving him if he weren’t the Intersect…me…if I left my practice to pursue a different career path. Every one of those rejections that Sarah foisted on Chuck cut me to the bone …they were my fears realized. Perhaps they were what drew me to Chuck, the series.

        As for Yvonne and Zac, when we see them together and we see the chemistry that made Charah so powerful, we wish to verify the feeling we got in the show. They were one person in the show, and it seems almost impossible that they could be acting …it HAD to be real. Alas, it wasn’t. I understand that if it didn’t work out, that they must move on. But I can’t abide by the fact that they are no longer friends…that he hurt her so deeply that they aren’t talking to one another. I really hope that it isn’t true, but I have seen nothing to the contrary. It sucks, IMHO.

      • There has to be a reason Yvonne is single. We don’t know how she acts off camera and part of that comes with living a private lifestyle. However, Zac doesn’t seem the type to hurt someone, but then again he did have an off and on again relationship for 10 years with Missy.

        The other problem with friends dating is sometimes that ruins whatever friendship you had. It’s like a couple together for man years and decides to get married only to find themselves getting divorced.

      • Yvonne has not been able to hold onto a man for very long. I think Tim is the longest…a couple of years maybe ? Since then, it’s been very short romances. Apparently she has a new guy …which may be pushing it a bit.( I guess if she goes on a date with someone, they are now listed as her “boyfriend”, even if it’s a first date !!!) But either she has VERY high standards, or she’s not really who we imagine her to be. She seems like such a wonderful personality…friendly, outgoing, loving….but maybe she’s very cautious with her heart.

        Zac and Missy’s problems have never really been aired, but Missy seemed more distraught over the breakup than Zac. He just seemed to carry on carrying on. Perhaps his public and personal persona don’t really match as well. In order to be successful in this business, you have to have an ego. Perhaps both of their’s are bigger than we think !!!

      • When studying Human Nature, when a purpose like Yvonne can’t hold a man for long period times once in a while. It usually is nothing to think about. However, when it becomes a pattern we start to question her. No?

      • You might also question her if she went through men like milk….getting rid of them just before their “Best Before” date !! It seems to me she really doesn’t go through a LOT of romances. I think Tim Loden was the first one since she arrived in the US, and it lasted almost 2 years. Then there was a guy that “wasn’t in the business” and got her onto surfing ( just before the shooting of 24LAD). Since then, I think she’s only gone out with Ben Lawson …and that was very short lived, since she ended up with Zac most of the summer. If her and Zac hit the skids in October, then she’s probably ready to get back on the horse, so to speak. She certainly isn’t preparing for any roles …she hasn’t done anything since Edge, and I don’t think voice over work is all that time consuming. She probably enjoyed the break to see her parents and friends in Australia and then have them over to her place for Christmas. Then she had her vacation in BC with her parents and Michelle ( an odd person to take on a vacation, but I guess the girls would enjoy Whistler !!), so she’s been laying low since then. The guy she was photographed with is an unknown quantity …could be discussing a role, could be a potential BF, could just be another one of her “besties” …. don’t know what the “new” thought on this is, but 33 used to be “getting up there”. But these people’s lives are so different to ours, I’m not sure she actually ever will be “getting up there”. And she’s probably not one to worry about it anyway. But, man…you’d think guys would be lining up to go out with her.

  2. Chris, I’ve been watching the Chuck episodes with Jill couple of things I wanted to mention besides Sarah, Jill knew Chuck really well because they knew each other in college and had that rapport that is vital in a relationship. Also remember when Guy was killed & they took Jill to be interviewed, Chuck was oblivious as to Sarah’s jealousy. Also you all forget that Sarah had to suffer through those new heartfelt emotions without having a friend to talk to. She had to see Chuck with Lou(who had an interest in Chuck), Jill(Chuck’s first love), and Hannah(whom Chuck chose over her). She had to see, permit, accept, and assent to all his relationships. Thank God she was a tough cookie because emotionally as Chuck would say she would have been swiss cheese. I know it was tough for Chuck because he was not a spy and we tend to be more sensitive towards him but we forget that those emotional darts that the CIA never prepared Sarah for would take their toll.
    Chris maybe we should all analyze Chuck also because there were scenes there that he challenges even Sarah, herself. (Not only did she have to put up with Chuck but lets not forget Casey’s little quips)

  3. You know that I’ve gotten deep into Chuck fan fiction, I have found Chuck and Sarah presented in so many ways; it fascinates me to see all the different perceptions the authors have. I agree with the majority that Sarah has a lot of self loathing regarding her job. She starts with almost as much reluctance to kill as Chuck. She was going to walk away from Eve (and fail her Red Test) until she thought Eve was going for a weapon, then she defended herself. But, she had the same reaction to her own action as she did to Chuck’s. YOU KILLED SOMEONE!! At that point she already feels beyond redemption, so she becomes the best assassin in the business. She uses a lot of covers so no one knows how many she has killed except herself and Graham. It’s funny that Graham warns her about Casey when she probably has more kills in a quarter of the time. Graham expects that she will eliminate Chuck if Graham feels it necessary. So she is conflicted on many levels. She cannot do anything that might make Graham think she would refuse a kill order. She is dealing with feelings she has buried for so long she has no idea how to handle them. And she feels she is unworthy of love, especially Chuck’s love, because she has so much blood on her hands she is no longer really human. She dances around Chuck and her feelings for him because there is so much pressure on her, external and internal, to bury her feelings and treat him like any other assignment. Yet she badly wants what he represents, a life outside the CIA and killing. A life with genuine love and a future she can’t quite let go. The real struggle is internal and has little to do with Lou or Jill or Hannah. On some level she feels inferior to Lou and Hannah and is not surprised Chuck chooses them over someone as defective as herself.

    • Great insight there, Lonny. If you get a chance to read Kelly Dean Jolley’s book, you’ll get a very adept working of the Sarah past / present/ future she struggles with. ( It is based on a lot of philosophy, but that only drags it down occasionally ). I found myself agreeing with what he was talking about, but he puts it much more eloquently than I do.

      But the problem that he sees ( as do I ) is that Chuck represents Sarah’s desired future….but that future cannot really live in the present, as she must remain the CIA’s best agent in order to keep him alive. That is a bit of the paradox or the contradiction of Sarah’s choices …. if she gives in to Chuck at this point, it risks her ever having a future with him ( if he dies because she can’t do her job). But she also risks her future with him if she doesn’t show some emotion and interest in him, because Chuck, it seems, craves the normal life, and thus may give up his dream ( to be with Sarah ) to be with someone he deems to be more realistic.

      The other struggle that goes on ( and which neither is really aware of what the other wants ) is the personal / professional balance. In that regard, each one is at the polar extreme of the other. So, in a way, they both must grow towards what the other one actually already is. The problem there is that neither one thinks that what they do or what they are is that great. Chuck sees Sarah as this unbelievable spy who fights for the greater good, and only Sarah knows the personal sacrifices she had to make to become that person. She wouldn’t want that for anyone else. Sarah, on the other hand, sees Chuck’s personal life, with friends and family, and his humanity, as something to be cherished. Chuck, however, sees nothing but wasted potential. The interesting thing that we see happen is that, for the first 2 years, Chuck helps Sarah forget about what she has done in the past… doesn’t matter who she was, how she was raised, and what she did as an assassin. At the same time, Sarah tries to guide Chuck in much the same way ….. and they both start to focus on the future.

      It’s not an anomaly to see them fall back into their old habits every once in a while … Sarah becomes the cold-blooded assassin when need be, Chuck becomes the self-doubter when things become difficult. I always try to remember that Sarah CHOSE this life …Chuck didn’t. While finding each other was mutually beneficial in the end, you can’t expect Chuck to just accept the fact that Sarah is playing yo-yo with his heart ( unless, Carol, you find that it’s a woman’s prerogative to do so !! 😉 ) One more thing I’d like to add is that Sarah never talks about her emotions, so it wouldn’t have been of any consequence to have a friend to talk to. When Carina is around, she chastises Sarah for having feelings. She actually can talk to Ellie if she so choses. Since neither one of them can expose the real truth of their relationship, both Chuck AND Sarah have equal opportunity to talk to someone about their emotions. I personally think it would have been harder on Chuck, since he is a talker…but he can’t talk about what is going on.

      And, Carol…don’t get me started on Hannah, and Chuck choosing her over Sarah …. he only chose her once he thought Sarah was ( again ) unattainable ….and was with Shaw. He actually did not “chose” Hannah until Sarah gave permission to pursue her, and confirmed that she and Shaw were a “thing”. Then there is the fact that it took Chuck less than 2 days to realize that Hannah was not the “one” and broke up with her. Sarah and Shaw’s relationship lasted much, much longer.

      • Gary, Gary, Gary. The only reason it seemed that Sarah played yo-yo with Chuck’s heart is because as his handler she had to walk a tightrope in order to protect him as the CIA agent and at the same time not loose him, the one person she was in love with. Chuck vs 49B finally helps Chuck understand why Sarah needs to be careful when expressing her interest in him. The repercussion when a handler gets involved with an asset was evident when she got fired for advocating Chuck’s position and Chuck learned the lesson the hard way.

        You’re right about Carina , but Sarah can’t talk to Ellie that relationship is not there yet for her to share her emotions to Ellie. Remember that those emotions according to Bryce, Carina, & Casey can get you kill they make you weak. Do you really think that Sarah is going to reveal her emotions to Ellie? Not yet. The only time you see her finally revealing her emotions is in Chuck vs the Fake name when she goes to Shaw’s hotel room and reveals her “true” name (prior to Chuck vs the Tooth).

        As far as Hannah is concern, I really think that the writers wrote Chuck’s part in such a way that he could not discern Sarah words and actions. Whether you like it or not, it was Chuck that pushed Sarah towards Shaw but that’s how it was suppose to be or it to be more dramatic. That misery arc was the worst for many fans. The reason that Sarah and Shaw’s relationship lasted much much longer than Chuck & Hannah was because he dissed her for Hannah for the 4th time Sarah was a victim of Chuck choosing someone or something else over her.

        Oh My God, she really needed to love him to forgive him so many times the last one which was Hannah was the worst because he was no longer an asset. You really have to give her credit for forgiving him usually that type of rejection isn’t lightly forgiven.

        As far as Sarah and Shaw you said previously “they are there purely for the pleasure/ respite from loneliness, and not for the sharing of emotions.” This was the type of relationship that Sarah & Shaw had. This was Sarah falling back into an old habit. Her spy mode where she unites with Shaw to bring down the Ring since Chuck had made himself loud and clear that he wasn’t interest in her. She in the Chuck vs the Final Exam, Chuck makes an attempt to amend his previous choices but Sarah had to emotionally play it safe for her “heart” sake. She could be as tough as she can be but getting hurt twice by Chuck a third rejection would have been devastating

      • “Her spy mode where she unites with Shaw to bring down the Ring since Chuck had made himself loud and clear that he wasn’t interest in her. She in the Chuck vs the Final Exam, Chuck makes an attempt to amend his previous choices but Sarah had to emotionally play it safe for her “heart” sake. She could be as tough as she can be but getting hurt twice by Chuck a third rejection would have been devastating”

        Gonna call BS on that …. Chuck told her that he was becoming a spy because he loved her. He also told her he understood what it took for her to suggest running away in Prague …and he understood why she was hurt ( this was all in Three Words ). Remember….Chuck is running on the assumption that Sarah will reject him if he doesn’t make something of himself, as she did when he finally got rid of the Intersect. Just because Sarah HAS to play yo-yo with Chuck’s heart doesn’t make it any easier on Chuck ….and it is determined that because they care for each other, it makes her a more effective handler ( 49B). So….what’s the excuse for continuing to play yo-yo with his heart once she’s no longer his handler ??

        As for talking about emotions…Sarah doesn’t talk about them anyway. PLUS…she’s had training on how to deal with them …even if she did want to talk about them. Chuck has had no training on how to deal with something like this ( Jeez….it took him 5 years to let go of Jill )…so now, he has all these emotions which he usually will talk about ad nauseum. However, he can’t tell anyone …he can’t talk to anyone about them in a truthful manner. I’m not saying it wasn’t tough on Sarah, but once again… this is what she chose to do ( and would keep choosing to do ), and she was better equipped to do so. What advice can anyone give Chuck, when he can’t ever explain what his relationship to Sarah actually is ?


      • (Sorry Carol….this got cut off before it was posted …gotta remember to “save” these dissertations !!)

        As for Sarah needing to love Chuck …she never really needs to love him….and in many ways, she doesn’t. What he represents is a future she dreams of. What he represents is the ‘greater good” that she buried her emotions for. What he represents is a normal person with family and friends that she never had. He represents an alternate future that she could have never dreamed of. Loved him ???? Funny …when he wasn’t the Intersect, her first instinct is to go back to the job of being a spy…with Bryce no less. When she loses her memory, Chuck doesn’t seem attractive to her at all….she’s perplexed as to why she would have been with him, other than as a cover. It is only through his actions and what he represents for her future that provides her with the attraction. The “love” that Sarah feels is not so much for the man as it is hope for a future that doesn’t include her growing disdain for the business she is involved in. Since she has no contact with that sector outside of the spy life ( other than Chuck), she has no bridge to the “normal” life other than Chuck. That’s why she puts up with him. And Chuck puts up with her…and the constant rejections she throws at him. You make it sound as though Sarah never “rejects” Chuck ….but she is constantly rejecting him. Because she is”required” to do so for her job doesn’t make the rejections any less emotional for Chuck. Crap…she can sleep with a mark if it sells her cover….but she can’t sleep with Chuck to sell the cover of BF / GF ??? Give me a break … 😉

        Explain the situation to Chuck …. he’s not been involved in the spy world. He’s a smart guy …. if you give him the information, he’d probably play along. But…..oh yeah…Sarah doesn’t talk…about ANYTHING !!! LOL

  4. If you watch the episodes carefully, Chuck sleeps with Hannah twice before Sarah even kisses Shaw. Chuck has committed to Hannah at least superficially before we get to the break up “Are you OK with the Hannah thing?” scene. Sarah must feel that Chuck has given up on her (and she feels inferior as a human to Hannah) so she goes to Shaw. As Carol said, it’s a return to the familiar and a relationship a flawed person like her deserves. I found the whole Hannah arc to be unbelievable. Chuck has spent every episode of season 3 professing his undying love for Sarah, then he meets Hannah on a plane and falls for her, completely forgetting Sarah? I don’t think so! I’ve written about this before and I think Chuck has to get the blame here, not Sarah. Yes she’s been a complete B***h to Chuck ever since Prague, but he really hurt her, so I think she’s entitled. She was willing to give up the spy life she had and the normal life she craved to protect Chuck from a future he didn’t fully understand. That’s huge. And she knows how to hold a grudge. The writers made Chuck behave in very uncharacteristic ways here. First he dumps Sarah without telling her why. He’s the talkiest person in the world, so he just says “I can’t” and walks away? No, no, no. Then he meets a woman and suddenly dumps Sarah again, after chasing her for three years? No, no, no again. This was just not true to the established characters. And it cost the show a ton of viewers.

    • No…he didn’t fall for Hannah. On the plane, he was just being normal nice guy Chuck, who was usually quite charming in a goofy type of way. Hannah came to the Buy More, but Chuck was constantly heading over to Castle for his “yogurt” break, ignoring Hannah, which frustrated her. What Chuck was seeing was Shaw constantly moving closer and closer to Sarah ( bringing her coffee, talking to her alone)…PLUS Chuck was constantly being reminded what a stud Shaw was. Chuck doesn’t even want to bring Hannah on the mission at the museum, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was Chuck being totally replaced by Shaw as Sarah’s “date” for the museum mission. Up until that point, Chuck showed ZERO romantic interest in Hannah …she was just another Nerd Herder that he was training …he was oblivious to her interest in him, and Hannah was slightly pissed at Chuck’s constant interest in his “old” girlfriend. And then Chuck saw Shaw nuzzling Sarah in the museum.

      Unfortunately ( as happens all the time in Chuck), he’s too far away to see Sarah’s reaction to Shaw, but at this point, Chuck understands that Sarah has moved on…he has been replaced by Shaw. Hannah then comes on to him ( out of view of Sarah, BTW) and Chuck reacts….due to watching Shaw take away Sarah from him. This is no different than what happened between Sarah and Cole ….Sarah was feeling “ignored” because of the last “break up” and gives in for a minute. But, as Sarah does, Chuck enjoys the kiss ….and then immediately turns his attention to the mission and Sarah. When Chuck takes over for Shaw, you get a really good indication of what each was thinking…but they BOTH were wrong. Sarah could tell Hannah had eyes for Chuck, and Chuck could tell that Shaw was replacing him…..pushing himself into Sarah’s life. Remember, when the gas canister goes off in Castle, Chuck is only concerned for Sarah …he doesn’t even realize that Hannah is mad at him, but she’s in trouble ( because of Shaw, no less !). And when he goes to the museum, his first mission isn’t to save the civilian ( as he is supposed to do ), but he is trying to save Sarah.

      In the meantime, Sarah is professing to Shaw that she really does like the attention, which Chuck had already surmised. When he completes the mission at the museum to recover the antidote and open the vault doors to let oxygen in, he first sees Sarah….in Shaw’s arms. Only then does he go to Hannah to make sure she’s alright.

      When they get back to Castle, Chuck asks Sarah if she is OK with him and Hannah, and mentions what a great couple Sarah and Shaw are. Why do you think Sarah mentions that Shaw is her type ? She enjoys Shaw’s company …he is someone she can be with and not have any emotional upheavals. I never said she was in love with Shaw, only that she had already indicated ( before Chuck went with Hannah ) that she wanted to be with Shaw. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t want to be with Chuck, but she had been very cold to Chuck since Prague….and didn’t really ever indicate in ANY WAY that they would or could be together. (As a matter of fact, as Chuck progressed in his training, Sarah was becoming more and more distant in a way …she always seemed to show disdain for any progress Chuck was making in his training.)

      So….after Sarah gives Chuck the go ahead to be with Hannah, Chuck sleeps with Hannah that night. But what does Sarah do ? Hmmmmmmm ?? Let’s see ….she’s with Shaw for breakfast the next morning, sharing a desert while they wait for Rafe Gruber. She tells Shaw that they really should ” end their relationship”. So here’s the question….what personal relationship needs to be ended ?? He carried her to the museum to get the antidote in time….and the next morning, they have to end “their relationship” ??? That’s interesting….I don’t usually think of saving someone from a poison as a personal relationship. Maybe it was something a little more …perhaps sleeping with her ??? His body language certainly suggests that is what happened …. and ” I don’t want desert…I want YOU’RE desert..” ( Isn’t that quite the double entendre !!!)

      Add in the fact that the next day ( after Hannah had dinner at Chuck and Ellie’s place ), that Sarah knew where Shaw’s hotel room was. How would she have known that if she hadn’t been there before ? How would Sarah have entered into enough of a relationship with Shaw that she could spill her deepest secret to him?? As for the night of the dinner at Chuck’s place, I’m not sure thatChuck and Hannah actually slept together that night. Chuck looked uncomfortable with Hannah there….and uncomfortable with Hannah’s words. I think at that point he knew it wasn’t right. But consider this …even when he broke up with Hannah, he didn’t believe he had a chance with Sarah. That wasn’t the reason he broke up with Hannah. Not until he got to talk to Morgan did he figure it out…and even then, he wasn’t really trying to figure out how to get her back. ( Why would he ….she showed no interest in him since Prague anyway.)

      And Lonny…I totally agree with the inorganic changes to the characters at the start. That wasn’t Chuck in Prague. And it wasn’t Sarah for the rest of Season 3 ( the original 13)…. what I hated about that is that Sarah didn’t grow at ALL …in fact, all she did was regress. That the writers then smooth everything over with her telling Chuck she “fell for him” in the pilot was brutal. But people ate it up. She couldn’t tell Chuck she loved him, she didn’t want to move in with him, she couldn’t unpack her suitcase when she did, and she still preferred to be a spy….yet she was going to run away with him in Prague ??? Give me a break …. she’s allowed to stand there at the train station and lie to his face …worried that he will change…so she has to protect him. She wants to “save” her “Chuck”…yet she makes him disappear at the train station …he is now Hector Calderone.

      Yeah…”this is real …’s your fake passport and your new name”. How people miss this is beyond me….

      • The complete lack or resolution to the misery arc (let’s face, they threw C&S together because they thought the show was ending hoping the fans would by it.), to me, is why people have issues with the ambiguity of the beach scene.

  5. You continuously state the Sarah was dictating the terms of the relationship, and I suppose in a way she was. But not as much as you state.

    The issue is that Chuck is the emotionally mature for S1 and most of S2. Sure Chuck was hapless in the spy world, but this is not so in the real world. (Which is why S3 rots my shorts. C&S didn’t need to be “equals”. Chuck is less mature after he becomes a spy.) In the real world Chuck is waiting for Sarah to catch up. It’s frustrating for him at times, but he has to let her figure out.

    So sure Sarah is dictating the pace of the relationship, but she no more in control of it than Chuck is.

    Chuck is generally very strong of character in S1 and S2. Moreso than most fans give him credit for.

    • I’m not sure on what you base emotional maturity, since they were both a little like “Swiss Cheese” due to their upbringing and the events of their early adulthood. Both could be counted on, to a certain degree, but they both had their issues. What the first 2 seasons seemed to indicate is that they both needed to grow ( Sarah personally, and Chuck professionally, IMHO ), but having a relationship probably wasn’t the best vehicle for that growth.

      If you mean that Chuck became less mature because he became reliant on the Intersect and became less reliant on his own devices, I’d agree. Too me, Sarah did not grow at all…she learned absolutely nothing in Season 3 until after Honeymoon. Prague, or rather the meeting that she has before Prague to tell Chuck that they should run, indicates to me that Sarah ( all of a sudden ) doesn’t know who Chuck is. I thought she fell for his humanity, his ability to trust others, his overall decency and the ability to put others before himself. He made those around him better and would always think of the common good rather than himself. While she states that the spy life means a new alias and a new mission in a new place all the time ( which is what her little plan would involve at the very least ), her main concern is that the spy life will do to Chuck what it did to her…. he will no longer be “her Chuck”. That indicates a lack of trust that goes against everything Chuck had shown her in the first 2 seasons … and even when he shows her he’ll never change, she just won’t believe it. To me, Prague was the ultimate in Sarah wanting to do what was best for Sarah, and absolutely nobody else. But because she was “hurt” …. and we got to see her be miserable for most of the episode before we got the explanation, we blame that hurt on Chuck. He should never have just said, “I can’t” at the train station….but Sarah should have never put him in that position. Running would never be a life that Chuck could adapt to….and if Sarah really had paid attention in the first 2 seasons, she would have known that. It was purely a selfishness we had never before seen in Sarah.

      • Prague was the show resetting. It had little to do with the characters except push and pull them to where the writers needed them. Absolutely none of it was believable and cause the story to fail before it starts.

      • “… fell for his humanity, his ability to trust others, his overall decency and the ability to put others before himself. He made those around him better and would always think of the common good rather than himself.”

        All of which are qualities of a mature person.

      • Captain says, ” Prague was the show resetting. It had little to do with the characters except push and pull them to where the writers needed them. Absolutely none of it was believable and cause the story to fail before it starts.”

        Absolutely true…. but it’s fun to try to make sense of it, even if we really can’t !! What must have been especially galling was the fact that the fans worked so hard to keep the show going, and then they change the characters so much. It would have been hard to accept that Chuck and Sarah were so distant for a season, and then thrown together ( for no apparent reason) for the series finale in S3E13 ….all that work for ONE episode where they were together. If that had happened, I think a lot of people would have had a different attitude towards Season 3.

  6. Gary, listen to that breakfast conversation again. Sarah makes it pretty clear that nothing has happened between her and Shaw at that point. And the blame for her being with Shaw still goes to Chuck. He never asks her about what he sees happening between her and Shaw, though he’s always the talky one. He’s afraid she is falling for someone he feels he can’t compete with, just like he feared Bryce. He’s afraid to hear it directly from her. As far as Shaw’s hotel, it would be strange if she didn’t know where to find him in an emergency. I personally doubt that Sam is her real name any more than Sarah. When she said she has a type, I always thought she was including Chuck; she sees him that way even if he doesn’t. She meant it as a complement even if he heard it as a put down.

    We seem to forget that when Sarah proposes they run, she knows the ultimate end of his training is the Red Test. She knows how it changed her, made her a soulless killing machine. She doesn’t want that to happen to Chuck. She loves him (and I think she really does love him, not just the life he represents) because he is the antithesis of all the other men in her life. He’s kind and thoughtful. He puts other’s best interests ahead of his own. And he loves her for who she is, even accepting the ruthless killer he knows she can be. Yes Prague is a bit selfish of her, but she’s afraid if he continues to train she will lose her Chuck and he will become just another Shaw or Bryce. At that point, running looks like the only option that will allow her to be with Chuck. If he passes his Red Test, her Chuck is lost forever, if he fails, he’s still an asset and they can’t be together. Of course it’s all a very contrived situation so the writers can set up Paris, when Chuck goes against his principles to save Sarah.

    • All of which you state are your (and other’s) intepretations of misery arc. Since neither Sarah or Chuck talked for real during this period, it’s all fanwanking in order to make sense out of a story which makes no sense.

      Chuck and especially Sarah were not in the first 13 eps of S3. The were pod people required by the writers.

      Neither of them “grew” during this period. Certainly not to the point they could be in a relationship by OG.

  7. Lonny says, ” And the blame for her being with Shaw still goes to Chuck. He never asks her about what he sees happening between her and Shaw, though he’s always the talky one. ”

    Yes …she moves to Shaw because of Chuck ( that was pre-determined by Prague)…but she was moving there anyway. That is her default …find a spy to sleep with, because there are no emotions mixed in. Of course, Shaw is making it his mission to be with Sarah and push Chuck away, so it’s easy to fool Chuck into thinking he (Shaw) and Sarah are growing close. All he had to do was take over as Sarah’s date, and Chuck would feel as though he had been replaced. His other maneuver was to forbid Sarah to pick up the phone when Chuck needed her. That just reinforced the separation Chuck knew was there because of Prague. Sarah had never made an attempt to reconcile the romantic relationship with Chuck …saying that they could only be friends. After Nacho Sampler, Sarah was moving away from Chuck again ( indulging in the pity party because Chuck was “changing”)….and now Chuck sees that Shaw was moving “in”.

    L says, ” When she said she has a type, I always thought she was including Chuck; she sees him that way even if he doesn’t. She meant it as a complement even if he heard it as a put down.”

    They were talking about Shaw. When Chuck asks Sarah if she’s OK with Hannah, he says to her, ” So….you and Shaw ?” We have to keep in mind that the viewer is privy to much more than the individual characters. Chuck does not pursue a relationship with Hannah to hurt Sarah. He “thinks” she is already gone by her interactions with Shaw, as indicated by that line above. What is really interesting is that he wasn’t privy to the conversation where Sarah confirmed she enjoyed the attention Shaw was paying her …. perhaps that is what Chuck was noticing. But it’s a stretch to think that Chuck would take the “I have my type.” line as anything more than what was obvious …Sarah is attracted to “real” spies ….Bryce, Cole, Shaw. If you think it was a compliment to Chuck, then you have just contradicted your statement about Prague …. Sarah could never imagine Chuck as a spy…and doesn’t want to. Chuck and Shaw / Cole / Bryce are polar opposites…. you cannot compliment them and include Chuck in that line. If anything, it was a defensive response ….but it was cutting to Chuck all the same.

    L says, ” she knows the ultimate end of his training is the Red Test. She knows how it changed her, made her a soulless killing machine. She doesn’t want that to happen to Chuck”

    and ” Yes Prague is a bit selfish of her, but she’s afraid if he continues to train she will lose her Chuck and he will become just another Shaw or Bryce. ”

    Lonny…I don’t deny that this is her justification for “running”….but what you’re saying is that Sarah does not really know Chuck. Does she really believe Chuck would complete the Red Test ? ( Well….obviously she does since she wants to run and she even believes in her mind that he did.) But if she REALLY knew him, she would have known that he would never kill someone. Heck….Casey wasn’t THAT interested in Chuck, but he knew Chuck could never pull the trigger. In the same vein about the Red Test…you mention that if he doesn’t complete it, he is once again an asset and they can’t be together. But it says something else …if Chuck doesn’t complete the Red Test, what does it say about her, since she was willing to carry out her’s ?

    The reason I say it’s selfish is that she should also know that Chuck wants to make something of himself, but she is denying him his “destiny’ , or, at the very least, denying him professional growth. She is also denying the very thing she adores ….Chuck’s roots…his home…his affinity to family and friends. We also notes that she lies to Chuck about why they must run. On top of all this, we always have to keep in mind that Chuck does not think himself worthy of Sarah. This is mentioned in the pilot when Morgan asks why Chuck hasn’t phoned “this girl”. Chuck says he lives in the real world …and Sarah does nothing but confirm that Chuck lives in the real world…when he is no longer an asset, she dumps him for her job. ( There is a neat thread that runs through S2 about this that starts with Heather Chandler and probably is confirmed by Chuck noting that he wants a “normal life”..while Sarah will be off quelling a rebellion in Paraguay with a fork. Sarah confirms that , “When this is over and I’m gone, you’ll forget all about me.” ) Chuck really is driven by this throughout the series …he must step up his game in order to be with Sarah. Sarah never reveals what she loves about Chuck until well into S4…in Phase Three. She constantly reiterates that she is a spy and they can’t be together. Prague is odd in that she FINALLY does something ( the wrong thing…but it is a step TOWARDS Chuck ), but Chuck is in turmoil. He has downloaded the Intersect again ( good thing, since they’d all be dead if he didn’t), and so his dilemma is in full display. If he runs with Sarah, it would be selfish, since he now possesses this tremendous power that can do so much good. But that’s not all …. if he uses it to become a spy, is he using it to win Sarah, or is he using it for the greater good? This is probably why Chuck is conflicted and unable to speak in Prague ….his nature is to do whatever for the common good, and he has a sense of duty ( as Kelly would say ) to use the Intersect in such a manner. It’s probably no coincidence that Chuck and Morgan like playing Call of Duty, since that is Chuck’s default mechanism ( indicated as early as the pilot when he rushes into the hotel to help disarm the bomb).

    • EVERY reason Sarah had about not being able to be with Chuck in S3 (But Shaw, her boss was OK) was never there. The same Chuck she knew was right in front of her.

      Sarah is a hot mess stupidity in S3. NOTHING she does makes sense or shows character growth. In fact S3 Sarah has no character.

      • Captain says, “EVERY reason Sarah had about not being able to be with Chuck in S3 (But Shaw, her boss was OK) was never there. The same Chuck she knew was right in front of her.

        Sarah is a hot mess stupidity in S3. NOTHING she does makes sense or shows character growth. In fact S3 Sarah has no character.”

        Agree, but it’s still a lot more fun to be a fan wanker !!

        Of course, saying ANYTHING negative about Sarah gets you in a lot of trouble …. to most, she is the model of perfection. She can do no wrong, she can say no wrong…and if she does, it’s all Chuck’s fault anyway. I like to take the opposite approach … I don’t like the things that Chuck did in Season 3, but the story hinges on him becoming a spy. That Sarah is excused for her lack of trust in Chuck and the Hell she put him through in S3 is perplexing in a way …I feel she is more the “villain”. You’re right…Chuck never changed, and all that Sarah put him through was based solely on her “fears” and had nothing to do with reality.

      • Oh no, I totally agree. Sarah, through her S3 inaction and servitude, is totally the villain of the misery arc. As unintended as the storytellers had planned it.

        In fact the complete lack of resolution of anything meaningful from the misery arc makes Other Guy a reset episode as well.

      • In the Break Up, both of them needed to have a conversation about what happened when Sarah couldn’t pull the trigger. Chuck was pushed by Bryce to break up with Sarah, but Sarah knew she also had to break up with Chuck ( as is evidenced by her conversation with Casey when she tells him she knew she screwed up. ) Both of them were going to the fountain to “break up” with the other …. mostly against their own will. Sarah’s response was not as a matter of pride….she probably was happy that Chuck started the conversation and went where he did. She just gave the “When I’m gone …” to keep the thread consistent with what Chuck had said.

        “I have a type”…….. interesting that you use the Chuck line, ” If I have to see you with someone else…” Damn…pretty obvious that it pains him to see her with another guy. I thought Sarah was supposed to be the perceptive one here ….. perhaps a better comeback would have been, ” Who says you have to see me with someone else ?” LOL But Carol….Chuck had been fighting for her ….and making no headway. He doesn’t really “jump” to a conclusion that Sarah is with Shaw ….he actually feels that they are a couple ….that he has been replaced by Shaw. Hannah is actually Chuck’s fallback plan as well …..Sarah doesn’t seem to be putting up much of a fight for him since Prague herself. ( and i feel Sarah had reconciled Prague by the end of Angel de la Muerte TBH).

        And Carol, I have stated repeatedly that Chuck should have ( and I think could have ) explained his reasons in Prague …so he is very much responsible for hurting Sarah. But Sarah was not “all in”, or she wouldn’t have been lying. She was afraid of losing “her Chuck” ….full stop. Different identities and different cities and missions had nothing to do with it. But running meant she would also lose “her Chuck” and all the traits she found appealing in him. Running with Chuck would not just mean he’d have a new name ( Hector Calderone ), but he would also be an entirely different person…..and I think that is the gist of her little speech at the train station. (But if Chuck did explain why he couldn’t just run away, the whole arc couldn’t have worked….)

        I am hard on Sarah, BTW, because I still would like to know what Chuck gets out of a relationship with her. Sarah gets to reclaim her humanity by fighting for Chuck….and a future that will balance out a less than human past. Chuck gets…..a pretty woman ??? Heck…all of his women were pretty ….and a lot less work !!

      • Gary, your question what does Chuck get out of a relationship with Sarah besides a pretty woman, I would like to say a partner that believes in him and wants to share the future that he has envisioned for both of them. The point is that both Ellie & Morgan stated the lengths that they had to go through to get Chuck out of the rut he was in once Bryce betrayed him, got him kicked out of Stanford, & sexed up his girl (LOL), not my words but theirs. Bryce never realized how his action against Chuck affected his life. In Chuck vs the Nemesis, Bryce asked him “what happened” Bryce knew Chuck’s dreams and never those that his betrayal would cause such harm to his “one friend” as he puts it.

        Sarah sees Chuck’s potential and not from what her files or Graham say (Chuck being an underachiever). Sarah knew what to say to get Chuck’s confidence and so we can do what was expected of him. Casey and Beckman could not reach Chuck, but Sarah could. Ellie was another one that knew how to get Chuck to do things but because of the sister-brother relationship it was limited. Morgan can usually get anything from Chuck, but thank God for Ellie, Chuck knew that Morgan had to be restrained or they can both get into trouble. Although for Chuck, Sarah was the “Big Fish” it was a motivating factor to try to do his best to please her or just prove to her that her faith in him was not wasted. S2E1 Sarah tells him he can do anything he wants,he was thinking of the Buy more (his comfort zone) until she helps him refocus. The potential is there but the influences especially from Morgan and the Buy More can be enticing to someone that is struggling not to grow up or afraid of getting hurt again. Sarah was that “x factor” that helped him regain his confidence and see that he is a winner “not a loser”. It was Sarah’s positive reinforcement that helped Chuck set goals that he wanted not someone else pushing him to make a 5 yr plan.

        Granted all the other girls that Chuck dated were beautiful, but although Chuck yearned for a normal life he did like the missions. Remember Chuck vs the Third Dimension, we wanted some days off and once they agreed to that, he got in the car with them to their next mission. He liked the adventure and being part of team that was helping the greater good. Sarah was not only beautiful; he got spend time her; got to be part of her world and like be told Roan, he might have a shot with her. Sarah describes him as passionate,sweet,caring and charming not exactly adjectives that can describe Bryce/Cole/Shaw which reveals what she liked about Chuck. Remember this is post-Lou.

        I agree with you on Prague & Shaw this was the writers plan anyway, right. Separate Chuck and Sarah almost as bad as giving Morgan the intersect.

    • Gary, you are really harsh on Sarah, her role is one of lies & deceit not a pleasant one, indeed and although Chuck shows her the light per se she has to fight not to fall into bad habits. Couple of things, as far as Chuck vs the break up, Chuck was breaking up (“When this is over and I’m gone, you’ll forget all about me.”) with her so most women with a little self respect are not going to let the boyfriend think they just can’t live without them and say some remark like they are moving forward with their life. If Chuck is doing the breaking up & she sees that he says they have no future she cannot show that weakness.
      Now, regarding the comment “I have a type”. Chuck has chosen not to fight for Sarah. Chuck say “So if I have to see you with someone else it must as well be a hero, right” Sarah (realizes then that Chuck is not going to fight for her & really given up of have persuing her) answers “What can I say I have a type”. Again, guys a girl is not just going to accept gleefully that her love interest diss her for another girl and demonstrate jealousy that’s like showing her hand in poker especially in this case when again for the 3rd time she is being passed over. Ouch!
      The fact that she says “What can I say I have a type” is in response to what Chuck says, the fact that heros are attracted to her Bryce/Cole/ and Shaw, I guess we can say she is the female version of them. Yes, she moves to Shaw because Chuck pushed her there where she reverted to spy mode, just what Shaw wanted.Regarding Shaw, he was after Sarah as means to end and separating Chuck from her was icing on the cake. Chuck was too gentleman like to hand over Sarah to Shaw without fighting for her. Then again Chuck had high regards for Shaw which blinded him till Chuck vs the American Hero.

      Regarding Prague that was definitely an error in decision making on her part, but Chris said that it was a lack of communication that where everything goes wrong. Many of you know that a good a relationship to last whether it be as friends or in a marriage it all has to do with communication and that is where things go wrong. Chuck wanted Sarah but be worthy of Sarah in his mind so he wanted to be spy. Sarah did not communicate with Chuck that she loved him the way he was; but she knew that the CIA would not let Chuck go while he had the intersect and that was her mistake. Her desire to leave the agency with her true love blinded her to the fact the running away with Chuck would never have worked.

      • Caro says, “Gary, your question what does Chuck get out of a relationship with Sarah besides a pretty woman, I would like to say a partner that believes in him and wants to share the future that he has envisioned for both of them.”

        Believes in him???? C’mon ….that’s the whole reason for the Season 3 debacle ….she didn’t believe in him at all. She didn’t believe he could become a spy, and if he did, she didn’t believe he could maintain his humanity. She should have known from being close to him for 2 years that his moral fabric was unbreakable. Yes he eventually wanted ( or needed ) to be a spy, but he ALWAYS did things differently …he went against the grain. If he was going to be a spy, he would do so on his terms. Chuck would stand up for what was right when he really needed to. AND…him becoming a spy was partially motivated by wanting Sarah, not so much that Sarah encouraged him. Of course she go him out of his rut, but he was going to get out of that rut no matter…after uploading the Intersect, his life would never be the same. So his motivation wasn’t really by her, but for her.

        What I mean is, once she stops believing him, once she stops motivating him, what’s in it for him in Season 3 ? Other than he feels a responsibility for Prague, Sarah is no longer motivating him. A relationship with her is, but that is becoming less of a possibility each and every episode. It really only makes sense that if her only qualities are motivating him and believing in him, once they are gone, there is no reason to seek a relationship with her.

  8. I don’t excuse Sarah, I try to understand her. Been spending most of the day getting into the Jolley book; haven’t read anything that challenging in some time. Pretty early on he marks Sarah’s inability to trust anyone. She has been told since she was a child that trust was a weakness. As Kelly says, Chuck must teach her that trust is a strength. Two years instruction hasn’t overcome 26 years of training yet. I cannot cast Sarah as the villain, just as I cannot give Chuck a pass, it takes the actions of both of them to produce the situation in S3. I readily admit to being smitten by Sarah/Yvonne but I’m supposed to be I think. You say Chuck doesn’t feel worthy of Sarah, the opposite is also true. She thinks eventually Chuck will see the cold blooded, heartless, soulless killer she thinks she is. Then he will choose someone more worthy. Her passing the Red Test when Chuck cannot doesn’t say much about her, she felt it was kill or be killed. i think most of us would pull the trigger in that situation, Chuck is special because he wouldn’t. Part of the point of the show is Chuck being markedly different than the rest of us. I like to think when Sarah says she has a type, she means heroes, not spies. Ironically, Shaw is the one who really doesn’t belong in that group.

    • Absolutely nothing to disagree with there. I think Sarah relaxes about her past when Chuck refuses to ask her a question about it ( in Cougars). While Sarah was “embarrassed” about her past, Chuck relaxed her by saying it wasn’t really that important. But all of season 3’s problems were based on Sarah’s false assumption …even Prague. The fact that she doesn’t feel the least bit responsible for the torment she caused Chuck while he was training is telling. Shows she is still pretty cold-blooded.

      • I think the tears she sheds at the end of “Three Words” and the misty eyes as Chuck walks away after the “Are you OK with the Hannah thing” speech show that she feels something. But as is her default, she represses whatever she’s feeling and lets Chuck go. I think she feels Chuck deserves his normal relationship and she deserves her hollow one.

      • Lonny… I think she still “feels” something …. unfortunately she feels mostly pity for herself as she watches Chuck become a spy. In Fake Name, she goes to Shaw because she is feeling sorry for herself because she feels like “her Chuck” is no longer there. She seems to care little for what Chuck must be going through….luckily Casey is there to help Chuck with that aspect of his training.

        And I think you hit the nail on the head when you say what Sarah is starting to believe in regards to what she deserves…especially when she is reminded that Chuck is becoming a spy BECAUSE of her.

      • Gary, I think you only see Chuck side of thinks. Chuck agreed to run away with her, she planned the escape, she spent money on false ids and train tickets, put her job at risk at that point she was “all in”. Granted not the smarts move since personally she wasn’t thinking straight after all the CIA was not going to let Chuck go that easily with the Intersect 2.0. But Chuck chose being a spy without explaining why (again lack of communication). She was hurt. We know is the lair and full of the deception but Chuck is the opposite so when Chuck says he is breaking up with her its because there is a legitimate reason. Why shoud Sarah feel responsible for Chucks torment, it was his decision and she was not even made a part of it. For those that are married or in a relationship, how would your better half respond if you made a decision without having the courtesy have at least running the idea by them. You’d probably either be in the dog hour per se or there a least be a spat and a relationship to mend. Granted that Chuck tried to apologize but what he did that hurt that Sarah felt after revealing her feelings to him and him choosing Prague over her its hard to forgive so him so quickly as many men would like. Depending on the hurt it takes a little longer for us girls to forgive and forget. There are girls like Sarah Walker that will make you suffer a little so you can feel like they felt when you hurt them, I don’t agree but certain men are oblivious when do things that hurt or bother us girls without having the faints idea of what they did wrong.
        We see Sarah starting to forgive Chuck in Chuck vs First Class but then again Chuck did not once again read into Sarah signals, but then again that is what the writers wanted.

      • Carol….Chuck was pretty well forced to download 2.0 because Sarah chose her job over Chuck at the end of S2. It was a good thing he did, because they were all dead if he didn’t. But Chuck has a much broader view of the world than even Sarah, and he can’t just let himself be totally selfish with this piece of technology that he now possesses. It is no longer about him and Sarah …it is about everyone, including friends family and the greater good. He could no more abandon what he feels is his duty at that point than he could allow Casey to detonate a nuclear war head over parts of California in Tom Sawyer. Sarah made a bad decision in Prague …. selfish, inept, and based on an assumption that should have had no basis if she had really known Chuck, believed in Chuck…and trusted Chuck. And she continued with the lack of trust and lack of belief well into the season, as Chuck continually proved that he wouldn’t change.

        In addition, Shaw was working to separate Chuck and Sarah, so they had that mess to contend with as well. But like I say, all of the problems in S3 were based on Sarah’s false assumption that Chuck would change, which was absolutely wrong.

    • The issue is that, after Prague, Chuck is exactly like every other man that Sarah has ever known. He abandons her for the job. (Something S1 /S2 would never have done.)

      The issue is that, after Prague, Sarah only falls for Chuck after he becomes a spy, just like every other man she has ever known.

      Chuck realized he couldn’t live without Sarah. Sarah never realized she couldn’t live without Chuck.

      These two are less mature after the misery than before it. Let’s face it, high school teenagers are more mature. They’re certainly at no point to begin a telationship without any form of reconciliation, which would have required another 6 or 8 episodes.

      The misery arc did a stupendous job at destroying the C&S relationship. Unfortunately no effort was put into rebuilding it.

      • Cap’t says, “The issue is that, after Prague, Chuck is exactly like every other man that Sarah has ever known. He abandons her for the job. (Something S1 /S2 would never have done.)

        The issue is that, after Prague, Sarah only falls for Chuck after he becomes a spy, just like every other man she has ever known.”

        Yes and no IMHO. Sarah has chosen her job over Chuck at the conclusion of S2 ( as far as Chuck knows ), but he still chases after her to go save Bryce. Once he has the Intersect 2.0, then he is faced with many decisions in which his humanity and his tendency to do the right thing will play a part. There is also the possibility that, if he uses the Intersect for the greater good ( becoming a spy ), he’ll also have a chance to win back Sarah…or, at least postpone the inevitability of her leaving. His decision in Prague has more to do with his humanity and his greater good inclinations , as well as looking at the larger picture of a future with Sarah, rather than the short term fling with Sarah while on the run. I never really saw it as him ONLY choosing the job over Sarah …. but I do feel that he felt that choosing Sarah ( at that point ) would have been too selfish on his part.

        As for Sarah choosing Chuck because he’s a spy…well…yeah. Which confirmed Chuck’s initial worries that it is the only reason she’s with him …. she is the BIG FISH !! Sarah had impeccably bad timing in choosing when to give herself to Chuck and when to pull away …. no wonder Chuck thought she never loved the real guy that he was.

  9. I don’t think Sarah chooses Chuck because he becomes a spy. Chuck is certainly changing, he burns Manoosh among other things that Sarah can see. That’s something S1 Chuck would never have done. Sarah also believes that she saw him shoot the Mole. What she saw of course was him pointing a gun at a body but she jumped to an obvious conclusion. But he never really becomes a spy and she knows it. He failed his Red Test to her delight, so he’s not really a spy and that’s why she finally goes to him. What does Chuck get? Well, it’s true Sarah is beautiful, but she’s also very smart (Harvard, remember?), very good at her job, and dangerous. That’s a potent package. In addition she has a quirky sense of humor that Chuck gets, and a lot of holes in her pop culture knowledge he loves to fill. She’s also a puzzle, hiding her past, and Chuck loves puzzles. Uh, did I mention she’s beautiful? OK!

    • Lonny…wasn’t really confirming that she only went with Chuck once he became a spy…her reasons were much more transparent than that. What I meant was that her timing was always impeccably bad. She almost sleeps with Chuck in Barstow after telling him along the way in S2 what it takes for them to be together ( either he has to be a spy like Bryce, or he has to lose the Intersect so they are no longer handler / asset ). That gets Chuck’s hopes up that Sarah will be with him once he gets rid of the Intersect ( being a spy isn’t on his radar at this point, although he does enjoy the action ). But what’s her first instinct now that they are out of the handler / asset relationship ? She’s off to work with a REAL spy and Chuck’s nemesis to boot !!! Yeah…no yo-yo-ing with Chuck’s heart there !! ( But it’s OK, because being with Sarah was only a pipe dream, and she was just handling her asset… he really didn’t stand a chance ).

      When she finally does accept him, he is, coincidentally, a spy. Then when he loses the Intersect in S4, Sarah makes the most cutting of remarks that he ISN’T a spy…yup…he’s just regular ol’ Chuck. Sarah has this unfortunate habit of rejecting / hurting him when he’s down, and only accepting him when he’s on top of his game. It’s purely coincidental, but no wonder Chuck never feels worthy of being with her.

      As for Harvard, that was only an outline on the original character, who also had a different name, and a different role in the show ( i.e., Chuck already had a love interest, so Sarah’s story would have been different. Harvard was never spoken of in the series itself). But, yeah….she’s beautiful. And I don’t think dangerous is usually a desirable quality ….. considering her moral code is anathema to Chuck’s. But she is a good dancer …. and she would take a Thai tooth in the arm for him, so there is that !!

    • “But he never really becomes a spy and she knows it. He failed his Red Test to her delight, so he’s not really a spy and that’s why she finally goes to him.”

      She doesn’t know until Casey tells her. Until then she unsure. (And the ambiguous show writing makes sure the fan’s do know who she was packing to leave with until Casey tells her.)

      • Welcome to Chuckaholics Capt, I remember reading your comments over at Chuck this, i love that site. It’s a shame Dave and Joe never visits my site. my site was inspired from their writing.

        Now I have a bone to pick with you. While most hate S3 for the character shifts the writers tried to do, but to be fair how many more seasons could they get with the same story? 24 lost a lot of fans with the same Jack Bauer being screwed to be the only one who can defeat the terrorists.

        How many seasons do we need to see Sarah and Casey take the bulk of the action while Chuck sits in a van. It was getting tiresome, but I also can see why they had to put skill sets in 2.0 because without them it would be hard to believe Chuck could master Kung Fu in six months.

        Remember Chuck tried to stay within the time frame from the pilot, but it was quite odd they screwed up the order of episodes from Suburbs to Beefcake, but thats a discussion for a different day.

        While most hate The Misery arc. I find it to be a necessary evil The series never really gave you the whole story in one or two episodes they stretched it out throughout the whole season or multiseasons. For example, The Pilot includes Nacho Sampler and Baby do you hate those episodes? I have read your comments about Baby being one of the series best episodes, but that episode is the best example why Chuck and Sarah would never last as a couple. The fact trust never was established is one of the key fundamentals in a marriage and Sarah didn’t trust Chuck in helping her. Chuck was right, she shouldn’t of went on her own because if the roles reversed Sarah threatened to kill him “Vs Curse”

        I agree with Gary Sarah gets away with a lot because she is beautiful and possesses a beautiful smile. Hannah is beautiful in her own right but people blame her for being attracted to Chuck. Jill was only doing what Sarah does we just can’t separate the fact that Jill was working with an evil organization while Sarah was working with the CIA, but they both are the same people stuck in a situation both could not get out of.

        Love the debate, but must save bullets for other comments.

      • Chris, just wanted to mention this point; Sarah knew that Chuck saw the good in everyone and not only gave them the benefit of the doubt but trusted them and so with the baddies that they had to encounter and work with Sarah needed to be protective of Chuck. Mine you before his mom removed Chuck’s intersect, he trusted his mom’s handler and was telling Tuttle personal information about himself.

        Remember that Chuck asked Sarah to believe in him even if she thinks he’s wrong; which she did and that’s when he lost the intersect. As as result, I believe Sarah did trust Chuck, but was very cautious especially when his emotions were involved which might just cloud his decision making process. Like it or not or spy mode of not trusting everyone you meet needed to on. Example Chuck vs the Curse. Realistically, if Sarah and Casey had not been there Chuck and probably Ellie and Devon would have died. Even when she put her guard down with Viper, she almost died. At that instant, it was Chuck who had his suspicions and that was without the intersect. As Chuck once put told her they would never have a normal life.

        Although, you think their marriage would not have lasted because lack of the trust, Sarah does tell Chuck that she wants what he wants. The question is would a sedentary or less action full life be enough to keep Sarah and Casey satisfied. We will never know.

      • Carol,

        I understand the notion of the seesaw showed more positives than negatives when it comes to Chuck and Sarah’s relationship, but some of the things that happened between them would destroy relationships in the real world. Shrinks would deem Chuck and Sarah as unhealthy as Mr. and Mrs. Smith. No relationship is perfect, but the truth is history repeats and each time Chuck and Sarah would regain form, There was something always going to test the relationship. We all know Prague would of ended things all together. It took Casey to tell Chuck how siding with his mother would hurt their relationship.

        I am sorry, but i see a lot more issues that would ultimately end the relationship lies and manipulation destroy.

  10. Gary, some of us find dangerous to be a turn on! Captain, you make my point. Sarah doesn’t go to Chuck until she’s sure hr didn’t kill the Mole, i.e. he failed his Red Test because he’s Chuck not Bryce.

    • “Gary, some of us find dangerous to be a turn on!”

      Lonny….obviously you don’t have a large insurance policy on yourself with your wife as the beneficiary !! LOL

      We don’t ever know that Sarah was or wasn’t going to meet Chuck at the train station before Casey came and told her the truth about the Red Test. They left it intentionally ambiguous…both ways. So we never really know if she went with Chuck because he was willing to leave the spy life and was asking for a second chance, or if failing to complete the Red Test was the motivation. Even when she is talking to Casey, she says he doesn’t have to plead Chuck’s case ( which is still ambiguous ). It allows us to see the acceptance of Chuck’s proposal any way we wish to …and we are neither right nor wrong.

      • What she says is “If you’re here to plead Chuck’s case…”. Casey interrupts net before she can say don’t bother or not necessary. So we still don’t know what she’s packing for. To me though, her change of expression when Casey tells her suggests she was leaving with Shaw until Casey spoke up.

  11. Chuck vs the truth
    Chuck asked Sarah if this is going anywhere Sarah said no that’s when chuck broke up with Sarah and went out with Lou. So if Sarah just told the truth in the first place they would been together.

    • A little late to the party, but I think in Sarah vs Lou she was conflicted. She was hoping that some day Chuck and herself would be able to be together, but she didn’t know if that day would come. On one hand, she bombards his initial interaction with Lou in hopes that she would eventually be with Chuck, on the other she accepted that “Chuck deserves a real relationship”, and didn’t want to keep him hooked for something that was unlikely to happen.

      • I would agree with you if Sarah didnt act on it, but the fact she dialed up 4 the cover is telling esoecially when trying to convince Chuck about being a “cover girlfriend.” Yes, it was 4 protection and with Casey listening in. The truth is Chuck was more than a cover.

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