gallery Valentine’s Day Tribute to Chuck

While we are two weeks away from that special day called Valentine’s Day, it’s become apparent that we should take the time to reflect on some of Chuck’s best moments coming from the day in which we cherish a special someone.

While Valentine’s day is a day of love, the world of Chuck brought some intense and fun moments the series ever had. There are two episode that feature Valentine’s day Suburbs and The Masquerade aired during the holiday.

Here are some of the key moments during Valentine’s Day.

Big Mike Meets Morgan’s MomChuck213-01144

The issue at hand was Big Mike’s wife had served Mike his divorce papers on of all days Valentine’s Day. Thus, the big fella was on the open market. Emmett and the Buymore stooges worked together to find Mike a replacement. The need to have someone suck the work right out of Big Mike would be the goal.

Morgan and the gang would look to the internet for some nasty filthy love. The love that would connect with Morgan much deeper than he thought. Chuck213-00380 Chuck213-00386 Chuck213-00385They would instruct Mike to fabricate a bit in his profile so he could get dates. They painted Mike as a shipping magnate and what was worse a 185 lbs one at that, but Big Mike did look fine in his Sunday finery. Chuck213-00793Big Mike would go out with this hot looking babe, and boy did he deliver. Mike did things with the woman that could be deemed as illegal in some parts.

The big surprise would be who the woman was related to and she was related to this guy, Bolonia Grimes would be the woman’s name. The mother of one Morgan Grimes. Chuck213-01180

Breakfast in Suburbia

What would Chuck and Sarah be without some romantic moments such as this one. A moment that brought out the girl within the girl for Sarah Walker. A glowing moment for the future Mrs. Bartowski. A personal favorite of mine as well. Chuck213-00493When a woman can play house whether it’s fake or not can be exuberating for the soul. It means more for a woman to fix breakfast for the person she loves. Especially when Chuck and Sarah were truly alone with no bugs or cameras in the home. Chuck assumes it’s apart of the cover, but the body language and demeanor all are one in the same. Sarah enjoyed playing the role of a housewife. Chuck213-00495 Chuck213-00497The scene felt like Sarah was being a normal woman. Sometimes we forget how special she can be when given the chance. It’s a scene like this one that makes me reset my rewatches when we hit episode 5/12 on the docket.

A Valentine’s Special

Another moment that has a great song to go with it comes in S4. Chuck vs The Masquerade offers two Valentine’s Day specials. One with Chuck and Sarah and the other being a new edition to the series. A beautiful woman in her own right. Lauren Cohan makes her series debut as Vivian Volkoff.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else having the rights to Chuck’s heart, but if there was one woman that could take Sarah’s place it would be Vivian. The style and pure beauty makes her the perfect rival to Sarah Walker. The genuine chemistry between Zachary Levi and Lauren was tremendous, but most Chuck fans would rather see Chuck and Sarah together. I have no issue with it either, but the proverbial what if comes into play in my line of thinking.Chuck416-00677

The seductive way of Vivian could make one’s heart melt despite being the daughter of the most dangerous man on the planet. Chuck416-00350The other special moment from the episode comes with a very funny conclusion. The opening scene was the blend of action/comedy and romance that made Chuck so special. The ability to blend these genres was perfectly done. I will even play the song for you that made the scene that much better.  Chuck416-00159 Chuck416-00157 Chuck416-00160 Chuck416-00161Morgan and Alex trying to reach the highest of sexual tension would make Sarah ask what was happening. Casey to ask what do mean have. Classic Chuck in my view. Chuck416-00164Chuck416-00175 Chuck416-00176Chuck416-00188

Miss Opportunities

Chuck and Sarah’s relationship often left you scratching our heads. There are several moments in Suburbs that illustrate the communication breakdowns the two had.

The first happened here, Chuck213-00020Sarah clearly came into the Buymore hoping Chuck planned something for them. Sarah was eager to hear what the plans were, but visibly disappointed Chuck didn’t set up anything. Chuck213-00026Sarah even reminds Chuck they were cover dating for a year now. The idea Sarah would bring up dating means the relationship meant more to Sarah then just a cover, but Chuck being a male missed the clues. Chuck213-00030 Chuck213-00034The idea of giving their cover dating lives a night off didn’t go over well with Sarah either. Sarah gives the classic fake smile and everything is fine line she usually gave, but it was killing her inside. This was an opportunity they both missed on building for the future.

What’s worse would be what happens in the house. Sarah’s watching Chuck playing video games, but it’s her mistake she called the date a cover. Thus, Chuck was acting as if it was a cover, but does Sarah look like she was pleased with Chuck not all over her. It’s Valentine’s Day and yet Chuck was all over his video game and not the woman of his dreams.Chuck213-00125Chuck213-00127Chuck213-00128It makes the scene great because Sarah’s communication was all body and not vocal. Yet, she couldn’t control herself much any longer as the even went on. Thus, when a mission became about both became eager in ending their fake date.

While Chuck and Sarah would have a special moment in the house, the ending of this episode was a glimpse of what each character believed would never happen for them. The idea of being married and living in the house was a dream at least for the moment, but truth is no matter what obstacle in their way protecting each other was bigger than some dream. Chuck213-01060While what they feel may be not real for now, we know it would be real soon enough, but the perils of love can leave a burden no matter who you are.Chuck213-01065Chuck213-01069Chuck213-01111 Chuck213-01114 Chuck213-01109Sarah was right when she said they couldn’t go back to the house, but instead of communicating that with him. She left Chuck thinking they were never going to get past the whole asset/handler aspect of their relationship. A burden even Sarah felt, but Chuck never sees. Chuck213-01236 Chuck213-01237 Chuck213-01240So, Valentine’s Day may bring fond moments and introduce new characters to the story. Valentine’s Day had its mix bag of emotions only Chuck could deliver.

In the comment section, tell me your favorite Valentine’s Day Moment from Chuck.

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  1. Another great post. I recently started my own rewatch of this show as it is tied with Northern Exposure as my all time favorite. Chuck is much more fun to obsessively rewatch I have found. I have found your perceptions and interpretations about the characters to be the same as mine, and rewatched episodes after reading your commentary with a new appreciation. Thanks again for a great blog!

    • Myobsession,

      First, Welcome to Chuckaholics. I hope you will be a continued contributor of this site as the more voices we see the better the conversations.

      I think sometimes as we rewatch the series over and over we tend to change our perspective on things, but the end is studying the nonverbal communication forms of what the Characters are trying to say often makes the scene that more special. Anyone can say anything, but dose the heart or eyes give the words the much needed weight to be believable. It’s why the performers on Chuck are so special.

  2. Chris, liked your blog. I’m glad that you picked up the chemistry that Vivian(Lauren) had with Chuck; makes me think that Zac is so likeable he has no problem with chemistry among actors. I also like the breakfast scene in Chuck vs the Suburbs. Chuck gets a glimpse of Sarah, the real girl. By the way, props to the golden retriever(CIA) LOL (actor) following Chuck down the stairs and to the kitchen

    • Carol …agree !!! Vivian and Chuck were a good match….and Chuck stuck by her while she went through her drastic change…he could see the real person within…much like Sarah. Good pickup there Chris.

      And Zac truly does seem likeable ….even Eva Longoria has great things to say about him ….. but having both Missy and Yvonne give him a wide berth after being with him ( within a year, no less !) makes you wonder if he has some issues transitioning from being a friend……

      • I think Vivian was a parallel to Chuck in her father wasn’t completely truthful on who he was. Grant it, Hartley stayed away, but still Vivian’s image of her father was a ruthless weapons mongrel. Much like Chuck’s vision of his father was a quack.

        Zachary seems to connect with his co-stars even with Sarah Lancaster. It almost was like a real brother sister bond between the two.

  3. Hartley and Alexei were two totally different people in reality, so Alexei never would have been able to tell Vivian the truth, because he didn’t know the truth himself. And I’m not really sure Vivian ever knew what her father did until after Chuck had captured him….she only knew he was a “business man”. It was the lies that she was told by Riley, and the impressions she got as the CIA kept screwing Chuck over, that forced her to finally turn on them….but she never went completely to the dark say Sarah did. ( I mean Sarah went to the dark side within the side of the good guys ). So I see more of a parallel with Sarah than with Chuck.

    And regarding Zac….when you see all these actors give their time so freely to him and his Conversations for a Cause, you know he must be well liked. I know Carol said we’ll see what Yvonne and him are really up to when we get to opening night for She Loves Me. But don’t forget, Yvonne was in NYC for the premiere of Batman Bad Blood, and there was no info on whether Zac was there for her on her big night. She’s been radio-silent ever since then. We don’t even know who she went to “Hamilton” with…..I know that was a favourite of Zac’s, but there was no evidence he took her to it when she got into town. If I had to make a guess, she’s in a new relationship and she’s trying to keep it as quiet as possible….which would fit with her modus operandi.

    • Gary,

      I see what your saying. Good Point. So if Vivian became S4 LI for Chuck would it be believable over lets say Shaw and Sarah simply because the chemistry between Lauren and Zack was great. Would you accept Vivian and Chuck having a relationship if Sarah and Chuck went their separate ways? It would be an interesting conversation between Chuck and Orion if Chuck decided to marry Vivian.

      • That’s way too hypothetical to even consider, IMHO. Zac and Lauren had good chemistry, but so did Zac and Rachel and Zac and Kristin …… but the story just doesn’t allow for the “love at first sight” that Chuck and Sarah had. It seemed more like Chuck was being the good friend he is with almost everyone he meets ….. from the ballerina on forward……

        I just cannot really comprehend the show not being about Chuck and Sarah. That’s perhaps why S3 is such a cluster(*¢# for me. Chuck becoming a hero and Sarah regaining some semblance of humanity became the backstory…… and it doesn’t happen without the love story. Going backwards with the love story in S3 meant that the other stories went backwards …. I always want stories moving forward.

      • A P is only a technicality. All people are Love Interests when two people come together especially when vulnerability becomes a factor. It’s the old nightingale theory when someone like Sarah falls for their patient.

        it’s pure semantics if you ask me. If given the same amount of time and no Sarah in the picture Chuck would fall for Vivian since the caretaker has power over the asset.

      • Gee, Chris….that’s quite the generalization regarding a vulnerability to a caretaker. Lord knows that’s my business…and I have to tell you it’s more of an exception than a rule. Plus there has to be more than just a common interest or whatever….there has to be that “je ne sais pas” that connects 2 people. Vivian and Chuck had some chemistry , but it never seemed romantic. I don’t think the writers or anyone else intended for it to be romantic…nor was there a need for it to be romantic. Just a very odd….”what if…..” scenario, I guess. And therefore your assertion that Chuck and Vivian would have been together if Sarah and Chuck weren’t ….well….. no right or wrong answer to that !!!!

  4. Just an update on Yvonne and her new beau ….. He’s Oliver Trevena …who hosts Young Hollywood ( I think that’s the name of the show.) He’s kind of a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry …. trained as an actor, but started as a musician, went back to acting ( minor roles ), tried comedy, but seems to have found his niche as the host of this show. Also does some modelling and is the brand ambassador for AllSaints clothing and a few other brands. Seems like a cool guy…. keeps Yvonne dressed up in AllSaints clothing for her last few appearances for Batman. !! LOL

    He was formerly engaged to Laura Vandevoort from Smallville and more recently of Bitten. He accompanied her to New York for the Batman Bad Blood premiere and took her to “Hamilton”. I guess that is why people were being mean to her….so she shut her Twitter and Instagram does for a while. Obviously, she started posting again yesterday….quite the statements she was putting out there with her photos, but no one can really decipher the meaning behind them. I’m surprised she would get caught up in the Hollywood machine, since she seems to shun the spotlight in her private life, but I certainly hope she’s happy. Don’t think you’ll see her in 4″ heels anymore when walking the red carpet ….she’ll absolutely dwarf Oliver !!! LOL

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