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Hi. My name is Michael, I am 35 and I’m from Bremerhaven, Germany.

I studied Chemistry in Germany, did my Master in Newark, NJ, my PhD in Zurich, Switzerland and I am currently doing my Postdoc in England.

My hobbies include Music (both listening and playing electric guitar), reading and very long bicycle trips.

I never watched Chuck when it was broadcasted, which is good. You see, in Germany they synchronize Movies and TV shows. Just out of curiosity I watched one Chuck episode in german synchronisation some month ago. Holy whatever, Sarah sounds like 14, none of them sound good and 50% of all jokes are either obmitted or not funny anymore. I would have never watched this series again after the pilot if I would have started it in german. Luckily for me I first watched it in english about a little more than a year ago on Netflix.

I remember I just had finished Fringe and I didn’t really know what to watch next. Eventually it came down to Chuck or The Returned. I didn´t really feel like making a decision – it was winter here, and winter in England means constant rain, quite depressing – so I just figured that Chuck is aphabetically first. I know, great start for a love story.

However, I was directly hooked by the story, performance of all actors (sure, also by the beauty of YS) and the great use of music. If you’d knew me, than this would seem weird because my favorite music is progressive metal, technical death metal, thrash metal and classical music. Anyway, I fell in love with the show and still am. I don’t know how often I’ve re-watched the show so far, but I guess must be around 20 times with some episode even more often (especially FD, P3, Baby); ok some much less (Mask, Bearded Bandit).

Since I like writing, I will also contribute articles to this site. The first should be up in the next few days.

(If you are interested in other stuff  that I write go to: . It is not Chuck related.)

That’s all for now.




  1. Interesting story Michael, Can’t wait to read the newest voice. Chuckaholics should be a platform for everyone to write articles that have passion for a series, but remember we are not a fan base here we promote family. In fact, I have learned we have been getting visits from some of the Chuck cast, but to remain on good terms with them. I will not share the names of the people. The only one I am allowed is Gwendoline Yeo has commented on this site. Check her article about her clothing line.

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