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Episode five of season four is a bit of an underrated episode like most stand alone episodes Couch Lock delivers with great pleasure.

The guest stars of this episode has three for us to see. First, Zachary Levi once worked with Eric Roberts, who is Julia Roberts brother. Eric and Zac used  to work on  the television show Less than Perfect. Less6Another one of Zac’s friends pays a visit in this episode as Joel David Moore makes an appearance as member two of Eric Roberts’s team.Zachary+Levi+Joel+David+Moore+Jx31P--p70ymThe third member of Team Roberts will be wrestler turned actor. Dave Bautista known for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy as Drax also makes his one and done appearance. Dave-Bautista-Drax-the-Destroyer-Guardians-of-the-GalaxyThe three guest stars will have connection to Casey’s as they all were on his team, but not everything is kosher as his former team would turn on him. Let’s see why.

The episode begins with a flashback to Casey’s past. Packard, T.I, Mackintosh and Casey were working a underground bunker. They had seized some gold from a terrorist organization, which Casey was securing in a vault by hooking up C4 to the vault door. Each of Casey’s team members were eyeing the gold. Chuck405-00014 Chuck405-00017 Chuck405-00021They would ask Casey if they wanted to take some of the gold. They explained their reasons behind the heist, but the good soldier wouldn’t go along with the plot. It was a mistake as Packard pulled a gun on Casey. Chuck405-00051 Chuck405-00053However, Casey managed to outsmart them with not only getting away, but locking the gold with the only way to get to it was by his hand. This would create problems for who were now his former team. Chuck405-00056 Chuck405-00073We return to present day, Casey sniffing the air can smell Jeffster behind him. It’s funny because Jeffster were feeling homesick. They told Casey how much they missed the old creepy cousin. They suggested bringing the band back together, but not only was Casey not interested in a conversation, but he left Lester hanging to boot. Chuck405-00082 Chuck405-00083Chuck405-00093Chuck405-00101Chuck405-00103The truth is Casey seems like a caged animal. He has been on the same mission for four years now, and what we have seen from his past. It seems Casey has dealt with traitors for most of his career.

Let’s take a history lesson for a moment shall we, all of these men have turned on the agency and recruited Casey to do the despicable. They were either recruiters or trainers like his former Sensei for starters.

Ty Bennett

Chuck209-00022 Chuck209-00150 Chuck209-00151 James Keller

chuck310_00025 chuck310_00038 chuck310_00037The three men in this episode all were apart of the same team at some point. There is another aspect to this puzzle worth mentioning. How about Ilsa Tranchina? The once lover of sugar bear was also not who she seemed.

Ilsa Trinchina

Chuck112-00026 Chuck112-00071 Chuck112-00382 Chuck112-00383 Chuck112-00714 Chuck112-00718I understand Ilsa isn’t as bad as the others, but still Casey has been around people that have lied or turned on him over the course of his career. It’s no wonder the man is so jaded at times. Nobody has given Casey a reason to trust.

Back to the episode at hand. While Casey was being Casey, Morgan was greeted by Alex, who are now dating. It was a bit of an awkward moment for him because he was avoiding the eye sight of John, which didn’t go over well with Alex.

In fairness, Alex makes a good point in trying to be honest with her dad, but I also see the side of Morgan. Casey is a tough character, who will bite. Morgan has seen the violent side of Casey. Morgan knew what he had to do, but was it worth watching Casey destroy a scanner. A image not inviting for a “I am dating your daughter” conversation. Chuck405-00106 Chuck405-00117 Chuck405-00122 Chuck405-00138 Chuck405-00135While Morgan was potentially watching his future, Chuck reminded him how dangerous John can be, but Chuck had more pressing issues. He just received files from Costa Gravis relating to Volkoff industries and he wanted to look to see any connection with his mother.

It’s amazing how dangerous a man is without even painting a face to who Alexie is at this point. We know how dangerous Frost is in one scene, but Volkoff is still a mystery. Chuck401-01227

Chuck and Sarah went over the files, and Sarah said she couldn’t find any info on his mother with the code name Frost. It was sad news, but Chuck asked about anything adjacent to Frost.

The only link Sarah found was the massive private prison system Volkoff ran. Exquisite extraction teams including Casey’s former team. Chuck would flash on the picture. It would lead to a conversation with the former unit leader.Chuck405-00155 Chuck405-00158 Chuck405-00160 Chuck405-00166 Chuck405-00177Casey informed his new team on what he had to do with his former team. How he had to drag them across a desert. Chuck and Casey had a funny moment when Chuck was citing the A Team theme song, which prompt Casey to say he was the A Team. Great moment between Chuck and Casey.

It reminds me of the time in S3 when Chuck would make fun of Casey’s past in Angel De La Muerte, when Casey talked about the amount of lives he took during Costa Gravis revolution.chuck303_00223 chuck303_00224Sarah would interject herself between the two men by asking how they could get the three men in the same room. The only way was for Casey to be dead. Something Chuck jumped at with a emphatic. “Casey we have to kill you.”

All of this before the credits, most of the time when events were built up before the theme song like this episode. The chances of a great episode was about to happen.

The team runs their plan by Beckman to get her authorization on the plans. They discuss the plans about how they were going to execute the fake death of John Casey. The colonel would be drugged. The only ones that would know of Casey’s demise would be the papers only people like Volkoff would read. There would be snipers all over and men at the exits and in the church. It was a well thought out plan. Good enough for Beckman to sign off on. Chuck405-00240

The plan was also enough for a nice one on one conversation between the general and Chuck. It’s nice to see how the team has allowed Chuck to become more of the quarterback of the team. There is no more second or undermining done by the general or his team.

They are listening to him as equals rather than just an asset or someone with a supercomputer stuck in his head. Yes, Bartowski it was great tactical thinking. However, the plan was great, but we seem to underestimate the bad guy at times. Let’s see why shortly.

Casey and Chuck were going over the details of their mission. Chuck would discuss with Casey the side effects of the drug. The truth is Casey’s history with truth serums and other chemicals hitting his blood stream. There could be a negative reaction to Tetrodotoxin. Chuck405-00269 Chuck405-00270 Chuck405-00271

Essentially, the drug would paralyze John Casey even though he would be alive and awake. Chuck405-00275 Chuck405-00278The other aspect of Chuck’s plan was the need for someone to deliver Casey’s eulogy which would bring Morgan in for this mission.

Chuck would give Morgan advice on how to get on Casey’s good side about the Alex news, which was a great idea from Bartowski’s perspective. Devon and Ellie would arrive to deliver the news about their baby being a girl.Chuck405-00332

We also get Ellie’s sign off on Chuck finding their mother, which is odd in itself because I don’t think Chuck was going to stop looking if Ellie disapproved anyway. Chuck was more concerned with hiding the search from Ellie.

We than come to one of my favorite moments of the serious. Morgan and Chuck were standing over the coffin of the not so dead Casey. Morgan says, “He looks so peaceful.” Casey would open his eyes which startled Morgan. Classic Chuck comedy. Another scene in this season will happen between Morgan and Casey which also makes me laugh non stop. I will give you a hint it’s in Masquerade for the Chuck veterans. Chuck405-00351 Chuck405-00352 Chuck405-00353 Chuck405-00355 Chuck405-00357 Chuck405-00358

Sarah goes over the positioning of the snipers and how things were a go.  Morgan calls Alex to let her know he was going to tell her father about them. Not the ideal spots but it’s the best option being Casey was immobilized for the time being.

The song playing was Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo.

Chuck asks Sarah about how sad the only people who came to see Casey were the agents in the room and well those that hate him too. This really didn’t make sense in my view. They discussed how the only channels that would see the information would be Volkoff people so the editors didn’t catch that mistake.

Mackintosh was up first. He walked straight up to the coffin and stabbed Casey with a pin. It was shocking for Chuck to see such things. Chuck405-00386 Chuck405-00391 Chuck405-00390Next was T.I. to inflict some pain, Morgan steps to the podium and begins his eulogy. However, he was practicing being a tough man by saying things like “I am dating your daughter, end of story.” He would begin with a death stare from Casey that would stop Morgan in his tracks. In the beginning of the eulogy, Chuck sensed Morgan was going to spill the beans about Alex at the wrong of time. Chuck405-00421 Chuck405-00424 Chuck405-00426T.I. would enter the church in a rather disrespectful way with a cigar in hand. He too walked up and inflicted some pain by using the cigar to burn the wrist of Casey. Chuck wanted to move in before they took a blowtorch to his face, but Sarah said they needed Packard first. Chuck405-00433 Chuck405-00439 Chuck405-00441 Chuck405-00444In comes Packard, he would follow suit by coming to the altar, but before the agents could do anything. Packard, T.I. and Mackintosh would all stand before the room full of agents with guns pointed. Packard said, “Did you really think we would come to Casey’s funeral unprepared.” Chuck claimed they had all the entrances covered, but Packard claimed they forgot one. Packard pulls out a device and clicks it. Explosives would detonate sending the team and Casey down into the ground. When Chuck and Sarah come to the hole, Casey was nowhere to be seen. His former team has Casey in their possession leaving Chuck and Sarah frantically searching for clues on Casey’s whereabouts. Chuck405-00479 Chuck405-00495 Chuck405-00497

The team immediately head for Castle. Chuck heads for the computer to track Casey’s GPS tracking device, but the baddies found it and placed it on a cat. It would send Team Bartowski through a loop on finding him. Chuck405-00509 Chuck405-00511 Chuck405-00519 Chuck405-00520 Chuck405-00521 Chuck405-00523In a warehouse, Packard and his team were discussing on how to take the Colonel’s hand off. T.I. suggested a knife, but Packard said it would be too dull. Mackintosh said he had a saw for a situation like this. This would grab Casey’s attention and the need to break the hold of the fakeadeathonal drug had over him. Chuck405-00526 Chuck405-00529 Chuck405-00534Casey fights the drug and was able to get his hand and feet to move a little bit, but the drug still was too potent at the moment. He was almost free, but the baddies returned with the saw. They were about to cut his arm, but the doorbell rang. This gave Casey an opportunity to run. Chuck405-00537 Chuck405-00547 Chuck405-00548Morgan asked Chuck what he could do to help, and Bartowski suggested for Grimes to return to the store and cover for Casey’s absence. Something Morgan didn’t seem too thrilled about doing, but he’s a team player. Chuck405-00562 Chuck405-00564Casey was able to free himself enough to roll off the table, but in the midst of landing on the floor, Casey’s wallet and the hypo would fall out of his pocket. The hypo was given to Casey as a precaution to the amounts of tranqs and serums he took as Chuck said earlier.

Packard and crew return to the room with a pizza. It was funny because the group was arguing about when to eat pizza. Mackintosh looked at the table Casey was on and the crew went to investigate. They found the wallet and scringe.

Casey’s not so dead secret was out of the bag now, and what was worse knew where he lived. Casey comes fighting out from behind the shelves and takes out all three. However, Packard shot the hypo into Casey in the process. Another shot and Casey really was beginning to feel the effects of the drugs in his system.

Casey was able to free himself from the building and hid himself inside a dumpster. In the process of escaping, Casey uses his phone to call for help, but didn’t realize he called the store. He relays the information about being drugged, but it wasn’t Chuck he was talking to. It was really Jeffster and the guys were on their way to rescue Casey. Chuck405-00573 Chuck405-00572 Chuck405-00580 Chuck405-00585 Chuck405-00588 Chuck405-00597 Chuck405-00609 Chuck405-00615Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah tracked Casey’s cell to the area in which Casey said “Fourth and Hill,” but John was nowhere to be seen. They were able to acquire Casey’s phone, but no body. Chuck405-00623 Chuck405-00626 Chuck405-00629The maturation of Chuck into the spy world really takes shape here in this scene. Sarah uses protocol as a method in handling this situation. Walker suggests calling tactical for help after seeing an open window, but Bartowski said “no” they were the team. Chuck’s actions echoes a scene in S3. Do you remember the “I am the button scene.” Well, here it is. chuck302_00513 chuck302_00514 chuck302_00515 chuck302_00516 chuck302_00518In the S3 scene, Karl arrived at Morgan’s house warming party, and Team Bartowski saw Morgan give Karl the briefcase. Chuck asked Casey and Sarah about a button to push. Casey’s reply was “I am the button.” It’s very fitting for this scene as Chuck was basically telling Sarah “We are the tactical team.”

Meanwhile, Casey was in the car with Jeffster. They were driving him to a place for help. Morgan phoned asking for the two, but Lester informed Morgan about having Casey and how he was in a bad case of couch lock. Morgan told them to bring Casey to his apartment. When Morgan was explaining where to find keys. Lester cut him off by saying they had keys already. Chuck405-00636 Chuck405-00637 Chuck405-00641 Chuck405-00643Meanwhile, Sarah and Chuck made their way inside. Chuck tells Sarah about the location of Casey and that he was safe. The news was startling, but not as much as the trap set by Packard and his men. Chuck405-00662 Chuck405-00664 Chuck405-00665Sarah sprays the area and a green light appears. Sarah tells Chuck not to move as she slides underneath the lights and takes a look at the device the lights were coming from and Sarah’s initial reaction was “uh oh.” Chuck claimed Sarah never says “Uh oh.” Sarah explained why, if Chuck moved he goes boom. Chuck405-00670 Chuck405-00674 Chuck405-00678 Chuck405-00682 Chuck405-00686 Chuck405-00687Chuck starts to wallow in his situation by apologizing to Sarah for putting her and Casey in this situation. The search for his mother has put people in danger. He tells her to go, but Sarah using rare comedy says “Okay, you know what? You could have told me that before I climbed under those lasers. Chuck, you’re being ridiculous- come on- even for a man who is trying to free himself from high-tech explosives. Casey and I know the risks, but, of course, we’re going to help you. This is your mom.”Chuck405-00694 Chuck405-00701 Chuck405-00703 Chuck405-00704 Chuck405-00705 Chuck405-00706Chuck proclaims how much he loves her even more so for trying to free him from an explosive which makes her 25% more sexier, ok well 50%. Screw that I find it sexy seeing a woman disarm a bomb and look good doing it.

Meanwhile, Morgan was trying to help Casey, but nothing was unlocking the colonel. While Morgan was speaking, John shifts his eyes in Morgan’s direction and flicks his eyelashes as form of morse code, but Morgan didn’t understand it. Someone knocks on the door, which turns out to be Alex.

Morgan puts on a stormtrooper’s helmet to hide Casey. When Alex sees Morgan they embrace, but while Morgan was talking with Alex. T.I enters the complex looking for Casey’s apartment. Chuck405-00733

Chuck asks Sarah if he could help. Chuck was getting bored, but before Sarah could response. The device shut down. Sarah didn’t do it. Packard shut it down. Packard said, he set the trap for Casey, but Chuck and Sarah were just as good. Chuck405-00748 Chuck405-00749 Chuck405-00751Chuck405-00753 Chuck405-00758 T.I. was checking the mailbox to confirm the location. He started to check the apartments. Morgan saw the big guy and tried to get Alex to leave, but Alex wasn’t having it. She wanted to know if he talked to her father.

Morgan trying to be applicable without hurting her feelings with the presence of danger tells her to leave. Alex believed he was breaking up with her and says her goodbye. Alex leaves and in the process T.I spots Morgan.

T.I. comes up to Morgan and asked him where was Casey. Morgan tried to play coy with the guy, but T.I. was not playing around. He knocked Morgan against the door and told him to relay a message. He said, ” We have his friends.” They were taking them on a gold digging expedition. Casey heard it all. Chuck405-00766 Chuck405-00789 Chuck405-00793 Chuck405-00795 Chuck405-00799 Chuck405-00801 Chuck405-00804Morgan calls Devon on how to get Casey out of his Couch Lock. However, Morgan makes Devon believe it’s Jeff not Casey. Devon tells Morgan to get him angry or scared to wake him from his paralyzed state.

There was only one thing for Morgan to do. Tell the truth. Morgan stands over the colonel’s frozen body and tells him how he was dating his daughter. Casey eyes shifted towards Morgan with anger and soon a growl. Morgan gulped as he prepared to tell him how close the two were getting. Casey’s expression during the scene was epic. Chuck405-00865 Chuck405-00866 Chuck405-00873Casey goes over the plan with Morgan, but Morgan used the wrong time to bring up Alex and even worse how the only people who came to his funeral were the ones who wanted to see him dead. The response from Casey “Bring a book.” Chuck405-00889 Chuck405-00892 Chuck405-00899 Chuck405-00904

I will dig more into this scene once rewatch arrives because it has a lot to do with the secret than just Alex dating Morgan.

While Packard and his men were tying up Sarah and Chuck, Chuck thought it would be wise to use his situation as a way to get information. He asked them about Frost. Chuck stated the question as if Frost was a prisoner, but Mackintosh revealed a nugget for Sarah and Chuck.

Frost wasn’t a prisoner, but more their boss. It brought a shock up and down Chuck and Sarah’s spine. Chuck405-00912 Chuck405-00917 Chuck405-00919Things just became very real for Chuck and his team. Frost an enemy? Casey and Morgan arrived at the scene. Casey tries to hack into the electrical, water and camera systems of the bunker. Casey gives Morgan a codeword as a means of tripping the lights. The word security would be the clue.

Morgan questioned that idea by saying it would be 3 to 1 down their, but the colonel said that’s the way he liked it. Macintosh continued to fill in some blanks about Frost being the one Volkoff sent in to finish a deal or solve a problem.

Packard and company here Casey come into the bunker. Casey says, “That’s how it is, huh? You can’t get to me for 11 years, so you come up with the idea of kidnapping these two?” Chuck405-00944 Chuck405-00946 Chuck405-00960 Chuck405-00966 Chuck405-00970 Chuck405-00976

Packard would counter by saying if he wasn’t such a company guy things could be different. They order Casey to drop his weapons, which he does. Casey then uses the codeword, which Morgan heard, but he doesn’t connect with the right grid.

The first attempt was a fail. This made Casey repeat the codeword, which Packard said he heard. The second attempt would trigger the water system. The third attempt was failure too. Mackintosh would tie up Casey as well. Casey was going over the amount of tactical force approaching the bunker, but it didn’t phase Packard or Mackintosh. In fact, Mackintosh takes a shot out the window. Morgan screams Ow! T.I. response with a funny “Is that a little girl.” Chuck405-01032Morgan first shot was a stinger, which made him surrender. He further tells the baddies he was the only one. As they tie up Morgan. The three men enter the vault where the gold was. Morgan spots the cable and quickly comes up with an idea.

He reminds Casey of Couch Lock. Casey sees what Morgan suggested and instructed Sarah and Chuck to lift their feet. Sarah understood the move, but Chuck was against the idea, but it was too late Morgan leaped into the water with the cable. The shock would take out the three men and Morgan as a result. A very brave effort by the bearded moron.

Outside the bunker, Casey and Sarah try to revive Morgan by throwing a bucket of water on him. It’s quite funny to see Morgan’s reaction to dying for three seconds.

Back at the Buymore, Jeffster would tell Casey about doing those kind of installs three times a week. They even woke up in dumpsters themselves. Morgan would try to make amends with Casey by inviting him to a party with people who do care for him. A great bonding moment between Casey and Morgan.

The song Second Hand News played during the closing moments of the episode. The cast come together at the end at the apartment for a gathering. Casey shows up and was greeted warmly. Chuck405-01113 Chuck405-01126 Chuck405-01136Alex would also join the party. It turns out Casey invited her to come and further covered for Morgan in the process. Alex and Morgan become official. Chuck405-01177Morgan thanks Casey, but Casey warned him if he broke her heart, he would break everything.” Chuck405-01191The last scene of the episode has Chuck sitting in the courtyard. Sarah comes out of the apartment and they have one of their chats near the fountain. Chuck said, he was sorry for putting Morgan, Casey and her in danger all in the hopes of putting his family together, but he was going to stop putting them in danger. However, that would all end when his mother calls him. Chuck405-01202 Chuck405-01240As I said at the top, Couch Lock is a very underrated episode. Like most of Casey centric episodes, the episode is fun and still keeps the main story flowing. We learned Frost isn’t a prisoner, but more the right hand of Volkoff. Alexie wouldn’t send Frost in to be a bona fide fixer if that wasn’t the case.

We shall see in the next episode, when another guest star comes for a visit. Freddy Krueger will come to Burbank and we will have a shot of a lifetime to boot as up next will be Chuck vs Aisle of Terror. Season Four rolls along Chuckaholics as I will deem S4 as the year of the guest star.

Until next time, remember Chuckaholics is your site so play, engage but most of all remember it’s tough to say goodbye because we didn’t.



  1. Chris, good one. Also suitable length, I sometimes have the feeling the episode articles are a little short (but maybe that’s just me).

    I think it is understandable that Couch Lock is underrated. The first time I watch it, I also fell like this was a mediocre episode. I know now that I was wrong but the problem is that this season started with 4 strong great episodes. Couch lock grows over time (and it is a good one, although not top 20). It just suffers the same fate as s02 Tom Sawyer that also followed 4 great episodes.

    Just a remark:
    That the only people who came to see Casey were only agents and haters: There was no mistake made by the editors. Chuck never said that the back channels are exclusively for Volkoff:

    “We spread the news of Casey’s death through all the back channels that civilians don’t monitor but Volkoff does.” So there should be no problem for Casey’s friends to get to know of his funeral.

    Where the editors made a mistake was later in the episode: When Morgan saw the electric wire in the bunker he said: “Casey, couch lock.” I my opinion this only makes really sense with the deleted scene in which Jeff and Lester are working on Casey in Morgan’s apartment.

    • And this was one of Chuck’s strengths….letting supporting characters have an episode here and there. This was a Casey and Morgan episode …. and allowed for the growth of those characters. It wasn’t always about Chuck and Sarah ( or Chuck OR Sarah ).

      I agree with Michael about the attendees at Casey’s funeral. But think of it this way…who would actually come? Other than Alex, no one really knows Casey ….most of the people he has contact with are the enemy. He is actually a “fictitious”character, having been “killed ” way back when. In a way, it was a very deep insight into the life of a spy / assassin.

      Having said that. I think Goya should have come !!

      • You make a great point guys,

        I didn’t think of it that way, but we also have to remember Ilsa could of appeared too. I am sure she has access to the papers as well. I think the writers wanted to make it seem like Casey was alone. Thus, the scenes in Undercover Lover when Casey says “I do what I do so others can live the American Dream.” I don’t believe in the American Dream Per Se because Casey’s ideal way of life would be protecting a country he loves. We often talk about what drives the characters. Chuck with his moral compass and Sarah with her non verbal communication. Casey’s love maybe for Alex in the later years, but from a grand scheme of things The Country was his biggest love. He once said, “Giving up our lives to protect others is the right choice.” The conviction changes once Alex comes, but he like Sarah was living the fear of being reassigned. It’s the problem with Chuck because it’s a misconception that agents don’t stay in touch with their families while on the road unless of course they were working a case like Volkoff.

        Here is a question for both Michael, Gary and even Captain, We have watched five episodes of S4 and the moves we have seen made by Alexei were powerful enough to not even see him yet. Why do you guys think the writer’s build up for Volkoff was better told than the build up for Shaw. The Volkoff story is well told with the exception of some later episodes we shall discuss once we reach those episodes.

      • Relating to my question,

        What I am asking is we saw 5 episodes of S4 so far and we have yet to see who Volkoff is in the physical form. We know Frost was believed to be working along side Alexei so the question is why does this work for Volkoff and not Shaw. People never question the importance or greatness of Timothy Dalton as his role is epic in my view.

  2. Trying to compare Shaw and Volkoff is a fool’s errand in my mind. Shaw is hated because he came between Chuck and Sarah. Unlike you, I believe the fans wanted Chuck and Sarah together. If the fan focus was only on Sarah, then Shaw wouldn’t have been so hated, since he would have been an OK lover for Sarah…..someone she deserved to be with ….much like Bryce. ( I mean, why would people really want Sarah to be with a loser like Chuck, when she could be with these real handsome studs ????) That seems to be the attitude or idea I get from your “want” of a Sarah-centric series.

    Volkoff, on the other hand, wasn’t really a threat to Sarah and Chuck on a romantic level, so there isn’t the same connotation associated with his character. Add in that Dalton is such a superior actor to Brandon Routh. Add in the absolute glee Dalton had in playing the evil of Volkoff…… there is really no comparing the 2 characters. It’s very much an apples and oranges thing.

    • Gary,

      We have been down this road before. Bryce and Daniel get the girl all the time especially someone as beautiful as Sarah. Guys like Chuck don’t get the girl because of two factors. 1. the job He works at the buymore. Just like me I am just a dishwasher it’s not an attractive job for women. They want the sense of security. I am really surprised my wife is still with me. I may sound cynical, but it’s human nature. The second one is simple women don’t want to hear constant whining like Chuck does. they want confidence and backbone not someone that wallows in self pity. Bryce and Shaw and even Cole are the types of males that always get Alex, Carina and Sarah. It’s reality in my view. It’s five years get over Stanford and move on.

      • Obviously, you have no idea what women find attractive. Chuck isn’t really dog meat. Chuck actually shows he is human and cares about other people…. a lot of women find attentiveness to THEM more of a turn on than the self absorption and cheesy bravado of the guys you think Sarah should be with. The whole idea was that Sarah wasn’t sure about Chuck ….he was “much more than meets the eye.” His negative traits may be why Sarah took a long time to come around. But Chris….c’mon….step outside of your box and look around ….not all “hot” women are with studs…… you are actually being a true chauvinist to give women so little credit.

      • Gary, it’s easy for someone like you 2 say to the contrary. However, guys like me who are fat and work a lowely job as a dishwasher wont get Sarah. In fact, she wouldnt even look my way. I am just honest

      • But Chuck was not you ….. Sarah came in not thinking Chuck would be much … a lowly Nerd Herder at a Buy More. But she saw “something” and was intrigued….there was something more to Chuck than what she was lead to believe….that’s why she wouldn’t leave. Also, Chuck stood out ….he was tall and essentially fairly good looking….very human and caring, and with a sense of humour. And, unbeknownst to Sarah at the time, extremely intelligent….with a lot more potential than what Sarah at first believed. So perhaps comparing Chuck to yourself might not be fair ( and I believe you have more going for you than you give yourself credit for !!!)

        And let’s not forget….Sarah wasn’t aways “hot” …remember what she looked like in High School !! If anyone would understand that you have to give people a (2nd) chance, it would be Sarah. Plus, she wasn’t a shallow person ….. confident, powerful women don’t need their own arm candy……they can look for traits that are less “showy”.

  3. In my opinion Volkoff works better because he was slowly introduced. Shaw was just thrown at us out of nowhere.

    S04 allowed all characters to grow. This growth was natural (based on the path they had already chosen before) and was also influenced by Volkoff’s actions; so there was real interaction between the storylines. There was no neglecting of any show character.

    There was very little real interaction between the Shaw part and any other story in the first half of s03. But I believe the Shaw story didn’t really work because all other characters (especially Chuck and Sarah) just acted in a wrong way, not natural. In s03 we get sudden character changes, in s04 we get character development.

    Plus Dalton is a real actor; he was absolutely convincing as Tuttle, Volkoff and Hartley. Routh was not in the same league, not even close. It is easier to believe in a story if the actor plays it convincing.

    • Yeah…also agree with that analysis ….the horror show of S3 wasn’t just Shaw, but this “new” non-vocal Sarah and Douche-bag Chuck.

      Perhaps the writers learned something by that debacle !!

    • At the time, practically everyone agreed that the forced separation and lack of any meaningful dialogue between Chuck and Sarah (and Casey) was the big failure of S3. Shaw takes the brunt of the blame for it because his character (and character’s screen time especially since he’s always near Sarah) is the cause of it.

  4. Two things

    1. Season length.

    S3 was originally a 13 episode season expanded to 19 later on.

    S4 was always a 24 episode season.

    2. Pre-season press.
    Shaw was introduced as “Superman”, a Ring expert and PLI for Sarah, something the showrunners pretty well knew would be poorly received after comic-con. The “in general” depressing/negative press prior to season had the showrunners pushing the story uphill before the season even started.

    Volkoff was introduced as James Bond, a notorious villain with possible links to Chucks mom. The press surrounding him just generally more fun.

    Oddly enough neither character worked for me although yes, Dalton was just more fun is his portrayal of Volkoff. However, I did find Volkoff Industries much more menancing until we met him. Having him profess him love for Mary went too far in my opinion.

    Mary’s S4 story was a complete disaster.

    • Agree Captain, I never liked Linda Hamilton in this role. I also didn’t like her way of re-entering Chuck’s life as you will see in my article for Aisle of Terror.

      Orion’s way seemed better told as Mary’s actions was like here I am now respect me or trust me. It didn’t seem fair for Chuck at all.

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