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Chuck vs The Ring

Season Two Finale

As we reach the conclusion of Season Two, we take a few moments and reflect on some of the series best writing, guest stars and witness the the final time we will see Matt Bomer.

The name Bryce Larkin will continue to be mention throughout the remaining fifty six episodes, but Matt Bomer will not be appearing anymore after this episode. Matt left the series for White Collar.

Bryce Larkin visits Burbank one final time. The relationship between Orion and Larkin may shed some more light on Larkin’s purpose in getting Chuck expelled from school.

Chuck will end his tenure at Buymoria and the spy world, but while he may be free from being a spy. The separation won’t last long as Chuck will be thrusted back into the spy world. However, the difference would be Chuck would be able to decide on becoming the Intersect.

Ellie and Awesome reach their wedding day, but an epic catering hall shoot out pump the brakes on a church wedding, but open the door for Ellie’s dream wedding. We will discuss how the vows Ellie and Awesome were expressing for each other overshadow Sarah’s peace at mind because in the background we can see Sarah saying the vows for herself when it comes to her and Chuck. We will also discuss the significance of Sarah saying “No” to Bryce Larkin.

The closing moments of this episode also will be discussed from a big picture perspective. A new adversary will be introduced which will change the game for the foreseeable future. Fulcrum was tough, but they won’t compare to the dangers with the new faction of spies they will face.

The Ring represents a danger that Team Bartowski will have to deal with from both a personal and professional level. The Ring infiltrates all aspects of Chuck’s being. They attack Chuck’s family and friends, but before we get ahead of ourselves. We begin with a review of S2 because this would be the last time we discuss this season for a while.

Season Two Review

Season Two had some of the series classic main story episodes and single serving episodes (stand alones). We were able to dig into the past of Sarah and Casey. We saw great guest stars like Chevy Chase, Scott Bakula, Gary Cole and John Larroquette. Some memorable moments with Michael Clarke Duncan, Arnold Vosloo and Jenny McCarthy just to mention a few.

We had some of the best music from the show during the course of the twenty two episode season.

We had major character changes in some of the key players of the show. Chuck went from living in self doubt to maturing into a man with conviction. The man we will see grow into being one of the agency’s top spies. Casey went from a stone cold killer to softening towards Chuck and his family. The significant change would be when Casey couldn’t pull the trigger on Bartowski.

It’s a big step in admitting how it bothered him when his team didn’t ask him to join the quest in finding Orion. We also saw Sarah place her own interest ahead of the agency when she took it upon herself in killing Mauser and going on the run with Chuck to help find his father and even illegally used government resources to locate Stephen. Key moments that will redefine who the characters were before the character walked into the arcs and when they leave them.

Two of the biggest moments would be learning Chuck’s father was the creator of the Intersect. The other would be the agency’s education on the need for Chuck to be apart of the team.

His unique way of doing things may be unorthodox, but he gets results. In what took twenty years, Chuck was able to track Orion. We know he let Chuck and his team find him, but Chuck still had to have the knowledge in how to go about the search.

It would force Beckman to make a cross country trip to talk with the asset in person. I don’t know about you, but that’s huge because Beckman never did that before. Chuck’s ability to think fast on missions was a huge asset in Tom Sawyer, Sensei and in First Date.

Chuck and Sarah would learn how to cope with an Ex when Bryce and Jill both work missions with them. A table turner for sure for both characters. Relationship meltdowns like in Suburbs, Lethal Weapon and The Break Up would lead to special moments later.

However, all of that comes to a head in one episode. The finale offers a lot of information pertinent to the future of the series. The futures of The Woodcombs, Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, Casey and even Jeffster and Big Mike have a place in this series from here on out.Chuck222-00005We begin with Chuck and Casey storming to Emmett’s office, both with a purpose. The cast of misfits are watching the two walk past them. Chuck had swagger. He walks into the office and doesn’t beat around the bush.

Chuck informed Emmett about how he was thinking for a long time on how he wanted to leave the Buymore. He finally found the courage to do it, but Emmett believed Chuck was announcing his attraction for Emmett and cut Chuck off at the bridge. It’s quite comical how Tony Hale played Emmett at times. A character I wish crossed paths with C.S. Lee for a little square off for Buymoria supremacy. I can only imagine how Harry Tang and Emmett Milbarge could coexist.

Chuck would finish his quitting the store by saying Emmett can take his flag, the job and shove it. Casey would follow with a ditto. My first analysis begins here,

Emmett follows them out of his office by saying “What are you going to do for the rest of your life.” We won’t have to wait long for that response. Chuck says “Anything I want.” It’s important to understand the significance of that response. It means Chuck’s confidence is high. He’s not doubting himself. The Buymore represents six years of his previous life, but nothing lasts forever even in Chuck’s world. Chuck222-00024Chuck222-00025 Chuck222-00028 Chuck222-00034 Chuck222-00036 Chuck222-00041

“Anything I want” is a precursor of what is truly to come. We follow that up by what was supposed to be his final debriefing. The next scene in Castle is the first real issue of the episode from my perspective. I have often had discussions with fellow Chuckaholics about this scene.

Beckman was offering Chuck a job as an analysis. The chance to become an agent of the agency. He would no longer be considered an asset which would open the doors for what he waited for the last two years. The chance at being with Sarah Walker.

Sarah said in Seduction, Bryce was a spy and Chuck was an asset. Her job was protect him, but as we learned in Broken Heart her feelings for him made it that more important for Sarah to keep Chuck alive and more importantly in her life. Chuck202-00085 Chuck218-01080 Chuck218-01082 Chuck218-01122

The problem is with I can do anything comes with a slow process in becoming a truth. Let me explain, my first analysis of this scene comes with the mindset of Chuck still didn’t know he would be working with both Larkin and Walker. Sarah was happy with the news, but sadly disappointed with Chuck’s decision and rationale behind it.

The self doubt was still in Chuck as he retorts back to his former self. Watch the scene between Sarah’s reaction to the news of a job offer and than her disappointment in Chuck rejecting that offer. Chuck and Casey’s relationship has gone from being on egg shells to band of brothers.  Chuck222-00047 Chuck222-00051 Chuck222-00052 Chuck222-00056 Chuck222-00057 Chuck222-00058We also can talk about how Casey said he did good work as an asset and the bond between Chuck and Casey was strong enough for him to give his number to Chuck.Chuck222-00081 Chuck222-00084 Chuck222-00085 Chuck222-00086 However, this wasn’t the focus of the moment. Sarah’s reaction to being called the leader of the new Intersect Project with Larkin was the telling part.

While we focus on Chuck and his decision in saying no to the government. We lose sight of the inner battle going on within Walker. What may seem minor really would become major. Chuck leaves with Casey thus never hears what was in store for her. The mention of working with Larkin comes with a question in mentioning Bryce? The moment could not get worse for her, but what can she do she still was a company girl not committed in giving up what she knew.

What this scene signifies is the inner battle of letting go of the past or letting go of what you know. Larkin and the job represent the jobs Chuck and Sarah must let go in order to move forward. However, the job isn’t like most where the option of just walking away was there for them. We also have to add how Chuck and Sarah were key members of the agency didn’t help their cause.

Some would like Sarah to tell Beckman screw you I am staying here with Chuck, but its unrealistic. It’s unrealistic because Sarah’s life was the agency. It’s the same for Chuck when it comes to the Buymore. It was a very natural hold the agency and the store have over both of them. It’s very rare for humans to just walk away from familiarity to explore the realm of uncertainty. In other words, humans are scared of change.

What is the common problem? familiarity would be the biggest thing to start. Harry Tang once said (S1 E1), “why should he? you wouldn’t leave the comfort of the herd.” This is significant because it shows the viewer on where Chuck’s mindset is and hoping to be. It’s why Sarah’s reaction to the news of working with Larkin again is behind this reaction, Chuck222-00109 Chuck222-00110Bryce’s presence has finally reach the point of annoyance with Sarah. Walker’s need to get rid of Larkin is paramount now, but how can she do it when she would have to work with him.

The problem was not only her leaving for a new assignment, but the addition of Bryce Larkin to the equation would only make matters worse once she tells Chuck of her future. A total cluster muck for Sarah to start the episode.

The next theme we will talk about is making sacrifices for family. After the credits, Chuck visited the bridal suite to have words with his sister. The beautiful Ellie Bartowski claimed the wedding in the church was not her dream wedding, but a beach wedding with people she loved was her preference. A telling sign of where we are headed. A reality of what the Bartowskis stand for. Simplicity is more for them. Chuck222-00163 Chuck222-00167 Chuck222-00173Ellie does look wonderful in this episode. The beauty of Sarah Lancaster really makes you appreciate the selection of women the series had for us to see. Chuck didn’t know what to get Ellie for her wedding present. I don’t know anything bigger than finding their father, but telling her about quitting the Buymore was just as newsworthy. Ellie’s expression of jubilation was well received.

The writers expertly did something well during this moment. Ellie asked Chuck about what he wanted to do with his future and in comes Sarah. A great moment for everyone involved. Chuck222-00176 Chuck222-00178 Chuck222-00176 (1)One of the interesting things I see in this scene is the Bartowski siblings love for Sarah. Ellie and Chuck both have smiles when seeing Sarah enter the room. A clear indication Sarah is family to them, but what they don’t know was what was sitting on Sarah’s conscience. I say conscience because of the timing of revealing the information she knew. Sarah’s being is never to hurt Chuck intentionally. What seems like a bitter cold woman is really being direct and to the point. It’s her training that causes Sarah in being so cold to him at times.

Does Sarah wreck the day by telling Chuck her untimely departure or wait for the right moment? News like what Sarah was going to deliver won’t go over easy at any time, but the added Bryce Larkin information was the x-factor in delaying the information for however long possible. Sarah told the viewer when she was reluctant to look at Chuck how much this was bothering her.

On a special day like a wedding, Sarah isn’t all smiles or even joining in on the celebration. It’s really unfair for Walker to balance what she knew with managing a cover that was crashing before Chuck and Sarah.

A moment started here, Chuck220-01201Chuck and Sarah were blossoming towards a real relationship. It continued in the hotel and ended with a question of 2 beds. Chuck and Sarah were ready to pursue each other. Dreams should come true for the two, but first they had to break away from their pasts. Chuck221-002282 bedsWhat happens next is another scene we have talked about on this site before. My take on the scene has changed since my episode article. Here’s why,

I have learned to see the scene from both sides rather than just one. I use to say Sarah was in a tough spot here, but keeping with the theme of letting go of the past, Chuck was quicker to the punch than Sarah.

I want to take you guys and gals back to the first episode of the season. A moment lost in the shuffle because of the amount of story given to us during the course of S2, but here is the scene I am talking about. Sarah talked about being reassigned. Chuck201-00520Can you see her expression telling the viewer what she was thinking. The feelings behind those eyes are telling the viewer how much she wants to stay with Chuck or the idea of leaving was disappointing, but the nature of her business does not give her that luxury.

We fast forward to the Ring, and those very sentiments Sarah gave us in First Date was becoming true here. She was leaving and with that was the stress of telling Chuck about leaving and with Bryce to boot. It’s not an easy position for Walker at all.

Sarah didn’t lie like some say nor did she hide her pain either. Chuck just misread the situation which was understandable. Chuck asked Sarah if he could speak with her which they take outside the suite.

Watching the struggle with Sarah and the eagerness of Chuck, a bout of emotion  that would turn ugly for both of them. Chuck and Sarah staring into their futures as Chuck dressed in a tux and Sarah in a bridesmaid dress both used these kind of set ups on missions, but are very real during the scene.

You look like a real spy comes out of Sarah’s mouth and Chuck follows with her looking like a real bridesmaid. A calm before the storm really. Chuck222-00190 Chuck222-00193 Chuck222-00194They conduct actions we grew accustom too with Sarah fixing his tie and Chuck being his charming self, but the difference was the heavy heart Sarah had at the moment. Chuck goes on saying how he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his future, but he knew he wanted a future with her in it. At this point, Sarah’s expression begins to sour.

What is missed was Sarah preparing for the worse moment of her life by telling Chuck she was leaving, but Chuck’s eagerness would take over. Sarah knew the information she was going to tell him would hurt him, and Chuck saying he wanted her in that future made it more important for her to tell Chuck her untimely news.

It’s the kind of conversation we all have had. Excitement clashing with reality. Sarah’s angst meeting head on with Chuck’s revealing how he feels, but the theme of letting go of the past still consumes Sarah even though she wants to stay.

In the past, We saw Sarah always have a business like expression when telling Chuck the truth about how the spy business operates. She teaches Chuck the protocol of everything, but when she needs to tell Chuck about leaving there is nothing business as usual in her delivery.Chuck222-00197 Chuck222-00198 Chuck222-00203In the midst of Chuck asking her to come on a vacation with him, Sarah is showing signs of entertaining the idea of coming with him, but saw no real out for her. Her lips shift into somewhat of a smile. Chuck222-00213 Chuck222-00212After Chuck asked Sarah to come with him on a vacation, Sarah knew she was leaving in the morning and reveals her despair. It’s a harsh reality, but the possibility of her leaving has always been there. There is no question or debate in that, but how Sarah tells her side of things was the revealing thing.

I have often talked about how Sarah’s nonverbal and verbal communication often didn’t mesh, but in this scene they are in sync. Sarah’s pain is out for everyone to see and to hear. From red eyes and choking up in her dialogue just shows the range of emotion Yvonne can provide in her performance, but Chuck shut down not because she was leaving, but because she was leaving with his nemesis who seemed to surface at the wrong times, but again Sarah’s motives wasn’t to hurt Chuck because it was something she never wanted to do. In fact, First Kill proved that by her saying Take off your watch after Chuck said he couldn’t trust her anymore.Chuck222-00223 Chuck222-00225My feelings on the subject have changed in the focus on more of a understanding  both character’s position. Sarah’s grief is far better to see than let’s say here, Chuck213-01102In Suburbs, Sarah was cold when it came to taking the ring from Chuck. A move that seemed like a typical agent reaction. Chuck didn’t miss the read either as he does in The Ring.

What registered in Chuck’s head was two words BRYCE LARKIN, he retorted to a stage in which we never seen before. He retorted back to the word cover. A word used so often by Sarah which in sense was a table turner because as Chuck walked away we saw strong emotion from Sarah.

It’s not Sarah’s fault for telling Chuck the truth about her leaving and with whom. It’s not her fault for realizing the end of the line has come because as she said in First Date, she doesn’t get a choice, but it’s also not Chuck’s fault for being angry with the whole turn of events.

The reality was Sarah was never going to leave her world to enter his. It was not the right time for that nor should Chuck ever ask her to do that. I believe when a person is a police officer before the two meet the significant other doesn’t have the right to tell the cop to leave her job just because they fell in love.

The closing moments of the season seemed to really take it’s toll on Chuck which would test his very being at times.

S3 is staring at us right here, Chuck was staring at the truth about staying in business as usual. The idea of a future in Burbank was losing its attraction with the idea of Sarah back in Washington alongside Bryce Larkin.

I want to be clear. The notion of Bryce Larkin was the reason Chuck was upset not Sarah leaving. For Chuck, the possibility of Sarah leaving has always been there.Chuck222-00238Chuck walks into the reception area and was about to get his drink on, but was interrupted by a not so dead Ted Roark. He threatens Chuck to get the Intersect Cube or else.

Thus, Chuck was panicking. He was trying to formulate a plan without drawing attention to himself or to Fulcrum who was now in the church. Talk about the dominos falling. Morgan comes to his aid by saying he would in fact stall the wedding.

Chuck arrives at Castle looking for the cube, but Bryce said how it was gone already. He said, they were going to upload it in him. Chuck told him about Roark and how they were at his sister’s wedding. He told Larkin about Roark’s demands, but Larkin said, he would give them him.

Pieces of the last two years began to come together. The truth about Larkin and his relationship to Stanford and Chuck. This was the scene that made me see why Bryce isn’t a bad guy. He tells Chuck about his promise to Orion.

The fact Orion trusted only Larkin in the agency is all you need to know about Bryce. Does Bryce come off smug and selfish? Yes, but his moves were for the benefit of being the agency’s top spy nothing less or more.

Bryce explained how Orion wanted him out of the spy business, but knew Chuck could handle the Intersect. This means Bryce’s moves are not selfish, but responsible. It means by keeping the Intersect out of the hands of the enemy Bryce showed faith in Chuck much like Orion showed faith in Larkin. It’s a matter of Trust.Chuck222-00368 Chuck222-00369

If this was Sarah’s position on the whole thing. If this was Sarah saying she gave Chuck the Intersect the same way Bryce did would we view her as being selfish? I think not.

At the Church things heat up, Devon says he couldn’t find Chuck and Devon’s father asks his wife why the hold up. The fact that Chuck was missing and so was the blonde meant something was wrong which Stephen went to investigate.

Meanwhile, Morgan finds Sarah and tells her about Chuck forgetting the rings, which was a red flag because Sarah saw Chuck possessed the rings earlier. Thus, Sarah knew something was wrong. Chuck222-00343

Sarah would look into the reception hall and see Roark and his men inside. Stephen would catch up with Sarah and she tells Stephen about Ted. Chuck222-00399Chuck calls Casey for help, but the colonel was reconnecting with his former team. Morgan steps up on the altar and offered some pre wedding entertainment, which caused Devon to question the bearded one. Morgan told Awesome how Chuck told him to stall the wedding which made Awesome understand Morgan’s motives.

The choice of entertainment was Jeffster as they performed Styx’s Mr. Roboto a classic Chuck rendition of the song.  Chuck222-00426Ellie was getting upset with the wedding march not playing. Chuck missing and Sam Kinison with an Indian Lesbian was ruining the wedding, but wait there is more. As this was going on in the church, the reception room was just getting started.

Looking for knives to use, Sarah was ripping through the wedding gifts for them while keeping her eyes on Fulcrum and Roark. Ted was preparing to cut the cake, but Chuck came storming in. He preached about Ellie and her anger with this being her big day and all. Roark asked Chuck where is the cube, but Chuck said he didn’t have it, but did have an Intersect. Roark’s eyes lite up. Ted was even more excited when Mr. Larkin offered himself as a ploy to keep the Woodcombs safe.

Ted liked the idea, but Fulcrum said otherwise and ordered for Chuck to be killed. Thus, this would be when the shooting started. shots rang across the room between the baddies and the good guys. I love it…..If there was one thing Chuck did well was the action sequences like this one. Chuck222-00504 Chuck222-00508 Chuck222-00512 Chuck222-00516 Chuck222-00520The events of the reception hall would cause a catastrophic series of events. Things like the fire alarm setting off because Jeffster used pyro on the alter. Things seemed doomed for Larkin, Chuck and Sarah, but Casey and his team made it just in time for some more shooting.

Devon becoming increasingly nervous about the delay as each second passed. Casey and his team take out the Fulcrum agents and Orion takes out Roark. As the water from the sprinkler system falls onto Ellie’s head, she cancels the wedding leaving Chuck in a state of perplexity.

His sister’s wedding destroyed by the very business he was walking away from. His questioning of being a normal person doing normal things. The idea of a special forces team was needed to take out baddies at his sister’s wedding is really against the grain of normalcy. Orion tried to provide a pep talk, but failed. Sarah joins the conversation he was having with his father.

Self doubt has creeped into his mind about being normal and where the spy world fits into that discussion. Orion and Sarah try to justify things for him, but it’s hard for Chuck to comprehend. It’s hard for him to fathom on how much destruction the spy world has caused him over the last two years. Chuck222-00580Chuck222-00584 Chuck222-00593 Chuck222-00603The question becomes what is normal in Chuck’s world? He hasn’t been the same guy before he met Sarah. Thrusted into a world full of shady people would really test Chuck’s morale fiber, but the truth is Chuck wasn’t a normal guy by any stretch.

He saw things a nerd herder wouldn’t normally see, but from an agent perspective giving up one’s pay packet to save his sister’s special day isn’t a normal thing guys would do. It’s the ballerina scene all over again for Sarah. For Sarah, it’s also the reality of the amount of pain Chuck was in that mattered to her. look at her expression as Chuck talked about his displeasure in what happened in the church. Chuck222-00603

Chuck may not be a Bryce or Cole, but what he offers they don’t and that is being a hero of a different kind. Chuck puts others before himself. Chuck sacrificing a vacation with Sarah for the chance to save Ellie’s Wedding is a pure panty dropper move (sorry ladies for the vulgarity)

There’s that word again, sacrifice the theme of the episode. Sarah’s right it’s not what a normal man would do. However, Chuck had a responsibility to tell Ellie a version of the truth. It’s the same responsibility Sarah had in telling Chuck about leaving in the morning with Bryce. The price of doing right sometimes backfires, but it still needs to be fulfilled. Chuck222-00624 Chuck222-00625Chuck has to sacrifice a relationship with his sister in order for her to know what the future holds. When Chuck tells the truth, Ellie is livid with Chuck, but he swore he would fix the day, but he needed her to trust him. Chuck222-00647 Chuck222-00651One could understand Ellie’s position. A woman’s wedding day is very sacred to her, and it’s embarrassing to have a church filled with people running for the exits to keep from getting wet. Jeffster performing a concert also didn’t help matters. I feel for Ellie here.

When Ellie said she wasn’t going to forgive Morgan, Chuck quickly said she was going to have too. Chuck spilled the beans and with it came Ellie saying how he ruined the most important day of her life, but Chuck assured her he would fix it.

Casey and his men escort Roark into a holding cell down in Castle. Sarah would call Casey and ask for his help in getting Ellie’s wedding off the ground.

We than come to one of my personal favorite Chuck songs. Christmas tv sung by the Slow Club is an outstanding selection for the scene. 

There is a lyric in the song that was fitting for the scene. The Lyric goes as follows.

When we are out in the market
And out on the streets
I’ve got a pocket full of problems
And a pocket full of seeds
Hoping something might grow out of this mistletoe
And I won’t have to erase your memory

The last part about erasing a memory is fitting because Sarah is still leaving in the morning. She would be on the other side of the country. The distance and work will keep Sarah away from Chuck which is something Sarah didn’t want to happen.

Ellie’s beach wedding is so beautifully done. The song and setting is strong enough to even make me tear. Ellie walking down the aisle with both her father and brother by her side. The dream wedding Sarah told Chuck she wanted.
Chuck222-00696 Chuck222-00704 Chuck222-00711 Chuck222-00713 Chuck222-00721 Chuck222-00720The next scene we will discuss comes during the vows. As the minister is going through the vows with Devon and Ellie saying I do. You can see in the background Sarah’s head down as if she was responding to the questions internally. Chuck222-00731However, Sarah must break away from her past and it was fitting for Bryce to be near watching from a distance. The moment is bigger than just Sarah’s ex spying on the wedding. Bryce represents the past. The obstacle standing in Sarah’s way, but as she glanced over to Chuck. She makes a statement by shaking her head no. Bryce sensed she wasn’t going to leave with him. Chuck222-00735 Chuck222-00736 Chuck222-00737 Chuck222-00738

Meanwhile, let’s spend some time on the events of Castle. Casey was playing cards with his team as they wait for the agency to send prisoner transport for Roark. However, what Casey doesn’t know was an enemy spy was on his team.

This was an early indication of the capabilities of the next faction set for battle with Team Bartowski. They were able to get into Castle and kill Roark under the nose of Casey. A powerful adversary. The rogue agent would head for where the other agents were and saw Casey was with them, but rather than kill them all. He spared Casey’s life because he saved his. Chuck222-00762Chuck222-00807 Chuck222-00837Ellie’s wedding became a celebration in the courtyard of their apartment. A lot of smiles and jubilations. Ellie would thank Chuck for saving the day. Morgan said he was going to pursue becoming a benihana chef in Hawaii with Anna, which Chuck said was the smart play. He needed to follow his heart not his head. Chuck222-00861 Chuck222-00873

Chuck glanced over at Sarah, who was in a ground of people that included Orion. Chuck walks over to ask Sarah to dance and she accepts the request.  Chuck222-00899 Chuck222-00909 Chuck222-00914 Chuck222-00915Another underrated scene would be the dance. As Chuck and Sarah embrace for a dance. Sarah seems at peace with her decision, but waiting for the right time to tell Chuck. He begins to say how the world needs spies like Bryce and her to defend it. He just believed he wasn’t that guy. 

Sarah reminded Chuck about how many times he had to save the world to realize he was that guy. Meanwhile, Bryce was spotted on the premises. Orion and Bryce talk about Chuck’s future in the business. Bryce told Orion about Chuck’s rejection of his job offer, but the conversation was cut short when an agent appears to take Bryce to the Intersect room for uploading of the new Intersect. However, Orion flashed on the man and learned the man was supposed to be dead.Chuck222-00920 Chuck222-00924 Chuck222-00929 Chuck222-00928

Sarah pulls away from Chuck and was ready to tell Chuck how she felt and she wasn’t leaving, but the problem that has always alluded them was the job and a mission would always be on the horizon. Chuck222-00948 Chuck222-00950 Chuck222-00952 Chuck222-00961

The mission this time would be for the team to save Bryce Larkin. Naturally, Orion having the intersect in his head wasn’t a major shock to me. The man who invented the thing needed test subjects who better than himself, but it was news to Chuck and Sarah. Orion tells the two about how the man taking Bryce was not a friendly agent.

Sarah was now worried about Casey and Bryce. Walker heads for Castle with Chuck attempting to follow by his father stops him. The words love were never spoken before like what Chuck tells his father. He admits on screen how he loves Sarah. Orion understood after a brief protest and gave Chuck his wrist computer.

I always wonder what happened to that device after this episode. It was a very useful tool Chuck could’ve use. Chuck222-00992 Chuck222-00987 Chuck222-00996Chuck catches up to Casey and Sarah, but they both try to stop him. Chuck finally tells the team how this was about the Intersect and he was a Bartowski, which he pulls up his arm to reveal Orion’s wrist computer. Sarah and Casey let him come along.

Bryce was walking down the hallway towards the Intersect room and here we say goodbye to Larkin for good. The rogue agent from Castle surfaces and shots rang out. One caught Bryce pretty good as he leaps into the Intersect room. Chuck222-01020 Chuck222-01021 Chuck222-01022

Team Bartowski arrive on the scene and see dead agents around the elevator door. They reach the end of corridor, but the agents around the spy were standing guard and open fired on the team when Casey stuck his head out from the corner. Chuck222-01030 Chuck222-01036Sarah sends Chuck to get help, but Chuck used the computer to find a way into the Intersect Room. Thankfully, the training in the fat lady paid off. Chuck went through the vent to enter the room. He dropped into the Intersect room only to see Bryce on the floor in bad condition. Chuck222-01056 Chuck222-01064Chuck tried to keep Bryce focus on living by saying how Sarah was leaving with him and they were going to go on missions together. Bryce was preparing to tell Chuck about Sarah’s decision on staying with Chuck, but the pain became unbearable.

Bryce’s final moments would be telling Chuck to destroy the computer. He told Chuck how the new intersect was dangerous. Chuck said they needed the computer to fight Fulcrum, but Bryce told him how Fulcrum was one part of the Ring.

Bryce finally caves to the pain and dies. It left Chuck with a big decision to make. A decision I mentioned at the top. Does Chuck listen to Bryce’s final order or does he do what we know he does. Chuck222-01092 Chuck222-01094 Chuck222-01096 Chuck222-01103I talked about how Chuck and Sarah had to let go of the past earlier in the article, but as I watch the scene between Bryce and Chuck. It’s even important for Chuck to move on from Bryce himself. Oddly enough, this was a weird way for Bryce and Chuck to patch things up in a way. Chuck222-01107All the moments of the last two years playing in his head. “Why did Bryce choose me?” to Bryce’s meeting with Fleming. Beckman telling Chuck it was time for him to become a spy.

We can debate about the difference between being a spy from being a hero. I have no quandaries about Chuck being a hero, but that doesn’t mean he is a spy. Chuck said, “he wasn’t a hero,” but evidence proved to the contrary. Sarah’s words during the reception finished up the convincing factor in Chuck deciding to return to the spy world by downloading the new Intersect.

He uploads the new Intersect and destroys the computer. The ring agent comes into intersect room and rather than post pictures from the scene. I would prefer ending this article by providing the scene for you to watch..

Well, we now have two seasons of rewatches for you to read along with episode articles to coincide with my views while rewatching.

For those new to Chuckaholics, episode articles are self explanatory. They are the complete package. Rewatch offers a deeper deconstruction of the episode. Philosophy plays a role in my line of thinking. Thus, the season two finale talked about dreams, sacrifices and letting go of the past in order to build on a better future.

Up next for rewatch will be S3 as we get another 19 rewatch articles for you. We will also have a lot of debate on several issues with regards to S3 which have been debated in other articles, but nonetheless is always fun until then,

Remember Chuckaholics is your site, so play, engage but above all it’s hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.


  1. Good article, Chris….well done.

    However….2 MASSIVE contradictions. You start by pointing out that Chuck is leaving the Buy More, and then you fall back into Chuck never leaving the Herd as his reason for not becoming an analyst with the CIA.

    Second, you keep pointing out that Sarah just can’t leave the agency to be with Chuck, yet, by the end of the night, she has decided to leave the agency to be with Chuck. Heck…Chuck didn’t even ASK her to leave the agency, just go away with him so they could figure out what’s next. Sarah could have handled that so much better…. even telling him she really wants to go away with him, but she still has to be in Washington. She’s a bit of a doofus to even bring up Bryce’s name, IMHO.

  2. Good one Chris, really like it.

    I am pretty sure Chuck was upset with Sarah leaving. He might have always expected her to leave earlier in the season but I seriously doubt that he was expecting her leaving after the events in Colonel. The mentioning of Bryce just crushed him.

    and I have to agree with the two points gary made.
    What I never understood is why she is allowed to refuse her new assigment anyway in the end when it was always the point that she can’t choose.

    Oh and Chris, the new intersect project is in Zurich. Not Washington. you really hate geography, don’t you. (I read some older articles as well…)

    • I’m pretty sure she’s allowed some personal time as well…… which she used on her visit to Lisbon. She had plenty of choices, and she knew well in advance that the day was going to come when Chuck was no longer her asset. That she chose her job over Chuck speaks volumes ….. one more dagger, so to speak.

      Yes…she was emotional…more so than any other time she plunges the dagger in Chuck ( like in Suburbs ), but that’s because this was it. Her choice was no longer hurting Chuck, but still being with him in a fake relationship, she now knew that hurting him meant that she was losing him as well. It is no secret that she loved him, but not enough to have to sacrifice something for him at this point ( and Chuck wasn’t asking her to sacrifice her job, BTW ). It was quite odd seeing that she seemed willing to sacrifice her job for him before.

      I think Sarah had forgotten how special Chuck was as a normal human being. For 2 years, she more or less saw how he was when he was the Intersect … a role he was sort of ill-prepared for, but nonetheless carried out his duties. It’s too bad she had to be reminded of his “specialness” before she could act unselfishly, because it seemed like she only cared for Chuck because he WAS the Intersect …normal Chuck was not up to her standards. And, unfortunately, that’s the only way Chuck could read it ….

      Good pickup on Zurich, Michael …. I sometimes forget that she was heading there with Bryce….and Washington with Shaw. I haven’t watched the episode in a while. Just a question….does Chuck know that Bryce is involved when Beckman offers him the “analyst” position ? Does she actually offer him an analyst position, or just a position ?

      And I disagree about Bryce being a good guy ….. he did what he had to do to “save” Chuck in college, but had little empathy for Chuck as a person. It seemed to me that Bryce seemed content to do what was essentially “right”, but also that was in the best interest of Bryce. Getting Chuck kicked out of Stanford seemed to have the ulterior motive of making sure that a more qualified candidate didn’t have first dibs on the Intersect. Continually coming between Chuck and Sarah seemed to be a ruse ….justifying it by saying he wanted to protect them, but all the while wanting Sarah for himself. No…it seems to me Bryce was mainly in it for himself. Being a friend to Chuck was easy, because Chuck always saw only the good in Bryce…. it took the most heinous betrayal for Chuck to change his opinion….and even then, he held a special place for Bryce …holding out hope that there was a logical explanation.

      • Beckman offered him a position as an analyst in the new intersect project. Bryce wasn’t mentioned. Zurich neither. Also not that Sarah would be in charge wasn’t mentioned. I always wondered what his choice would have been if he would have had knowledge of this fact.

        In my opinion Bryce wasn’t a good or a bad guy. He was just a spy; agency first.

      • Add in the fact that Bryce was nowhere to be found when the “new” Intersect was supposed to be up and running …..if it hadn’t been for Fulcrum planting the Trojan Horse, Casey ( or another agent ) would have had to eliminate Chuck. Nice thing to do to your “friend ” !!!

        No, Bryce always looked out for Bryce …. he was pretty self-centred. He always had to be the main attraction and never had time for anyone else’s opinion. He presumed to know what was best for anyone he came across. He presumed that when he upended Chuck’s plan to graduate Stanford and start a software company ….he couldn’t look past the fact that he’d be recruited into the CIA ….so all of Chuck’s other aspirations could fall by the wayside because it was Bryce calling the shots.

        He did it also when he took over the Intersect project at Castle in this particular episode. He just PRESUMED that Sarah would want to get out of Burbank, because he wouldn’t want to be there. He never really worried much about what the consequences were to the people he affected ….only what the consequences meant to him.

      • But see Gary, that’s the beauty of Bryce Larkin.

        What Bryce represents is everything a spy should be. Something Sarah was losing because of what we saw in “Baby” Bryce and Carina were the bookends in what the spy was written up by the writers of Chuck.

        They needed to be emotionless robots who could kill on the spot. Drop a mark or being ready for the next assignment. Bryce also represents Sarah’s old life. A life Sarah moved away from. It’s a long journey, but Sarah has grown, Yet she wasn’t finished on her journey.

        So much was made of Chuck’s journey in becoming a man, but Sarah was becoming a woman on an everyday basis.

        It was hard for Chuck to break from his slumber and even harder for a soldier to enter a civilian lifestyle. This is where the elephant in the room for Sarah was Bryce.

        It is also the same thing for Chuck when it comes to Bryce. He had to let go of the one man who he blamed for everything that happened prior to the pilot.

        So in a sense Bryce was a larger than life figure for both of them. Bryce will always be linked to the two because of that history.

      • No argument from me on that point, Chris….just saying that Bryce was NOT a good guy, even though he was Chuck’s friend and Sarah’s BF. He was really just Casey….with more charm.

      • Right and Sarah was surrounded by these kind of people. How could one escape such a lifestyle when everyone would convince her otherwise.

        This is the very reason I stated Sarah saying no to Bryce on the beach was big…

      • Because she was never comfortable with this kind of lifestyle ….. she had to find coping mechanisms since it wasn’t really something she was born for. You could tell because she found her Red Test to be “the worst day of her life”…. she got involved with all the guys she worked with ….the Baby had a profound effect on her . As much as she buried her emotions to cope, that wasn’t something she felt comfortable doing…and she never embraced it, like Casey, or Bryce ….

        No …Sarah was looking for a little crack in the door ….and after the Baby, meeting Chuck was that little crack in the door.

  3. Well, maybe Bryce was a bad guy. Sending a civillian the Intersect only to protect the CIA. Someone he calls a friend; that he knows will no survive in the spy world like he said on the tape.
    But in Ring he tells Chuck that he knew Sarah would find and protect him. But he wanted to take Sarah away from Chuck in Nemesis because he wanted her for himself. If Bryce really believed that Sarah was the best protection for Chuck then he signed his death sentence in Nemesis with no ethical problems.

  4. S2 was the pinnacle for this show. A height it never regained in later seasons.

    Colonel and Ring, indeed all this late S2 Orion arc was the show at its very best.

    For me, the hopes of the show regaining the magic of S2 was what kept me watching, and often enough what kept me whining.

    The “specialness” of the C&S relationship was never recaptured in the later seasons.

    • Yeah …. S2 was the best. I liked S4, too, but mainly because I liked the actors who guest starred …especially Timothy Dalton. By then, I didn’t worry too much about the storyline, since S3 absolutely killed the show as a series and introduced so many weird plot holes (which continued in S4). As well, I’d rather watch Chuck and Sarah struggle as a couple than just not care about each other. It didn’t have the dynamic that they achieved in S2, but it was a bit interesting to watch.

  5. Since my last comment was shot down in flames, I kind of hesitate to post here. You need to see that Bryce THINKS he’s a good guy. He believes he/s doing the right thing as he sees it. He just has a massive ego that blinds him to the fallout from his actions. I also think Sarah may be a little mad at Chuck for turning down the analyst job. She can be with Chuck as an analyst, but uncharacteristically, Chuck doesn’t consider that she can keep her job and be with Chuck, he acts a bit selfishly and makes her choose between her life at the CIA and him. A bit of foreshadowing of the off key behavior we will see a lot of in S3.

    • Totally agree on Bryce ..he thinks he’s doing the right thing for sure …and he has a huge ego !!! But like we mention, he says the spy life will kill Chuck….and then sends him the Intersect that will put his life in danger …. with no training to boot !!! Chuck would be dead if the new Intersect had been up and running after S1.

      I don’t remember Chuck asking Sarah to quit her job…all I remember is asking her to go away with him on a romantic vacation. Seems to me he was trying to figure out his next step. Could you point out where he asked Sarah to quit the CIA ?

      • Agreed Gary,

        If Chuck had Intersect 2.0 from the outset Chuck would be in trouble. Chuck’s mindset in S1 was very unsure of himself. A power like 2.0 would be overwhelming.

      • Sorry Chris…I was implying that if the new Intersect room was up and running, there would be lots of agents with the Intersect and Chuck would have been eliminated as per Beckman’s kill order. That Bryce would foist that on Chuck with no contingency to get him out of there shows that Bryce couldn’t foresee the fallout from sending Chuck the original Intersect ( as Lonny said ). Plus, he was relying on Sarah to originally protect Chuck, but then was willing to take her away from Chuck ( as Michael alluded to ). So Bryce wasn’t REALLY looking out for Chuck ….he was looking out for Bryce. It was implied that Bryce was supposed to be the recipient of the Intersect, so it was like he gave it to Chuck to “keep it warm” until he could get it !!

        But, yeah….2.0 wouldn’t have worked on Chuck right off the bat …he probably would have put himself in more danger than he could handle !!!

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