gallery Gwendoline Yeo being Honored

As you know, our mission here at Chuckaholics is to connect the Chuck universe with accomplishments of guest stars and mainstays of the series whether it be in front or behind the camera/stage.

Recently, I informed Chuckaholic visitors of Chuck Alumi Gwendoline Yeo of her new clothing line, which increases with new designs such as this one. White-Red_Vest-01Style and sex appeal come well with some of these designs while maintaining her mission behind designing the clothing line, but the focus of today’s news come in the form of Gwendoline being honored at her Alma Mater. 55457_ppl

Gwendoline Yeo graduated from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and will be honored on May 20th, which is this Friday. The festivities will commence at 6PM with a reception followed by the dinner and program at 7 PM. Gwendoline is being recognized by her peers as the 2016 Alumna of the Year.

The presenters of the award comes from the UCLA Asian Pacific Alumni. The event will be the second Gala for the Asian Pacific Alumni. If you would like to send congratulations towards Gwendoline on social network pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Her twitter handle is @gwendolineyeotumblr_o4vvpndfti1s0gaqko1_500

Gwendoline also recently appeared on Grey’s Anatomy. It’s always a pleasure seeing Gwendoline perform her craft and the more we see success from those who worked on Chuck, the better the brand becomes.

We here at Chuckaholics want to congratulate Gwendoline on her award and continue to help promote the beautiful woman who won our hearts as Mei Ling. Me Ling

Click the link for tickets and information for APA UCLA Event and help support Gwendoline during one of her finest moments.

I mean can you resist this smile, photo-001912


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