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After a long break from Chuckaholics, I began to get the drive to write again. I find myself thinking of how I want to approach the next set of articles for this blog. I started to wonder should I do an episode article? How about continuing down the path of Season Four, but the truth is current events has me wondering What Would Chuck Do? I ask this question because violence and destruction is at an all time high. Civilians and police or terrorism are the point of interest on mainstream media and press.

We are consumed with tragedies of all kinds now a days. Mass shooting and bombings. Police using force before protocol as a way to detain suspects. Some are warranted others not. No matter how you want to phrase it, we are dealing with very difficult times.

So much violence and justifications for these violent acts have made me think about what we love most about the series of Chuck. There is no question John Casey and Sarah Walker mean well when it comes to being handlers and agents of their respective agencies, but the truth is Sarah and John both use manipulation and tactical procedures to get people to do their bidding. In most cases, the bidding is against their wills.

kd84uzertgsplvju9u4h.pngdownload (3).jpg

banning_1While I love the Jack Bauer, Mike Banning  and John Casey type character, the screw protocol for the sake of protecting the innocent, but sometimes it’s important to think like how Charles Bartowski conducts his business. A hero not like most, the balancing of his moral fiber with the dangerous world of treachery and deceit often clash with his very being. While finding out his ex girlfriend was Fulcrum may be hard to handle for a regular joe like Chuck, but it’s a standard Tuesday for Casey and Sarah. Thus, the reaction to these situations are very different in that regard. chelsea-nyc-dumpster-explosion-2

In today’s world, we deal with violence and dangerous situations every day, but what we often do is react instantly. For example, Beckman wanted to shoot down the satellite with a total disregard of preventing loss. Something that didn’t sit well with Chuck or Sarah. John Casey was pretty much prepared to follow orders. If leaders of today would look at all options before using bullets and shedding some blood maybe the world wouldn’t be so quick to use violence as the course of action.

While General Beckman felt the use of using people and her agents like pawns for the greater good, we know such sacrifices and passions have both a consequence/reward result. In other words, People were no longer humans, but rather leverage for a necessary evil lurking at any moment. John and Sarah understood this and drank the koolaid, but Chuck always felt there were peaceful resolutions sometimes.

This didn’t mean Chuck was a pushover. If Chuck needed to throw down he could, but it wasn’t his first and only option. Chuck319-00799

Today’s leaders could learn from a Chuck Bartowski in this sense. He could use the catch phrase what would Chuck do? The opportunity to teach today’s leaders on how to think with their brains before brawn. His moral fiber was a part of his reasoning in releasing Jill Roberts, He used his method of solving missions to avoid as Beckman said, “reasonable casualties.”

When thinking of what Beckman said, We are allowing people in her position to determine the value of a life. One of the best moments in Chuck’s history would be how he dealt with his infamous Red Test. So many of you hate the concept of the test, but while Season Three was the worse Chuck Bartowski of the five seasons, His moral fiber wasn’t really compromised at all. His ability to bring in the mole despite knowing this could be the end of his time with Sarah.  It’s still a reflection of who Chuck Bartowski truly was a selfless hero not like Sarah, Casey or Jack. Chuck101-00412.jpgChuck101-00410.jpgThere are many scenes in which Chuck used his brain before his handlers wanted to jump in and use brute force as a way to solve a mission quickly. Want one to remember? How about this scene?  Chuck207-00338.jpg

or this one,


In the comment section, tell me your favorite moment in which Chuck’s method of using his brain over violence was justified or a mistake.



  1. Chuck’s most damaging mistake in using his brain over violence came when he stopped Sarah from shooting the man they thought was Shaw on the roof in S3 E17 Chuck vs the Living Dead! If Chuck had not stopped her, the Ring Agent who entrapped Sarah into helping the Ring locate Stephen J Bartowski and who assisted Shaw in the capture and killing of him would have been taken out of the picture! Chuck’s call on that rooftop led directly to he death of his Dad!

    • Glad to see you back, Chris. Tommy…hard to predict the future. We only know the here and now. If we save someone’s life at any point, they could conceivably become a mass murderer, or the inventor of some world saving technology. It comes down to a moral code that you either live your whole life by, or you don’t. We will always have a few regrets if we have to make enough decisions in life…they don’t all work out as we planned !!

  2. You are correct, Gary! Glad to see you back too! As Chuck said in vs the Pink Slip after being reinstated, “the old gang back together again”!

  3. I disagree that was not chucks fault, Shaw chose 2 murder Stephen & if anyone @ any point were just honest. Chuck, Ellie, Devon, even Stephen cause you could see he knew something was up when she mentioned Africa @ the dinner scene. I believe his death could have been prevented but no 1 as u said can predict the future.

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