gallery Tribute to the Women of Chuck: Kristin Kreuk

As we continue paying tribute to the women of Chuck, this latest edition is dedicated to Hannah. The former lover of Chuck Bartowski was played by the sophisticated Kristin Kreuk.  


The Canadian bombshell Kristin Kreuk made her motion picture debut in the Weekenders. A television series back in 2001, but most know her from her role on Smallville as Lana Lang. 

Sorry for the poor quality

However, Kristin didn’t get her big break until she joined the cast of Edgemont. The Canadian teen television series about kids facing real life issues like premarital sex, homosexuality and racism in their homes. 

We also have seen Kristin in the movie Eurotrip. She played Scotty’s ex girlfriend Fiona. 

What stands out about Kristin is her beautiful smile. It’s hard not to see her ability to light up like a Christmas Tree. kristin-kreuk-13174Currently, Kristin was working on the television show Beauty and The Beast. The television series aired on The CW. The series came to an end with it’s fourth season.  Here are some clips from the show if you are interested in catching up with Kristin’s work. 

Some of her covers on magazines are the following, download download-1

Beauty is just one part of this wonderful actress. She can act in various genres. Chuck fans got the pleasure to watch her work in Season Three. She played Hannah and at least in my opinion was the only other option for Chuck after Sarah. Although I tend to favor Mei Ling for another option, but that’s just being biased.

It’s well known on this site that Jill Roberts was considerable, but like Sarah Walker the idea of Chuck involved with those two women was a very stressful moment for Chuck even though he married Sarah.

Kristin Kreuk mature demeanor makes it easy to follow her work and want to see her prosper. Her role on Smallville was memorable in it’s own right.0013

Here is an appearance on the talk show Live with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. 

Most Chuckaholics will say Kristin Kreuk role on Chuck came during a very troubling time on Chuck, but I have always felt Hannah was one character that had one of the key moments in the series. chuck308_00594

While eating with Chuck and his family, she claimed that where she was felt right. The woman travelled all away from France to be with Chuck, but lost in the moment would be the reactions we get from both Chuck and Sarah that said more with expression and feeling than any words can express. chuck308_00604 chuck307_00045chuck307_00077chuck308_00606 The interesting fact is Hannah genuinely had feelings for Chuck and while some would argue she was a bit of a stalker. I feel she followed her heart and with that came getting mixed up with a man who was unsure and in between being with his cover girlfriend. Something that can be embarrassing and overwhelming.

Kristin’s portrayal of that fact makes me say Hannah was really inserted at the wrong time of the story. The events of Prague and Shaw being put into the picture would only doom Hannah’s opportunity at love.

The fact Chuck broke up with her outside the restaurant where her parents were waiting makes it hard not to feel bad for her. chuck308_00954

Some Random Photos

kristin-kreuk-comic-con-2013-gikristin-kreuk-wallpaper94de14af2ce872ff6765c48688f7ed4a_largeWell, Kristin Kreuk’s tribute has come to an end. The next woman to be featured would be Karolina Kurkova, a beautiful supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel, but to the Chuck world Sofia Stepanova. karolina-kurkova3


  1. Very interesting looking lady due to her mixed heritage…hard to not stare at those beautiful eyes !!. Interesting that her boyfriend / partner is very much like Zac in that he’s and actor and a singer. Maybe Yvonne and Zac weren’t the only ones who displayed that great onscreen chemistry due to great off screen chemistry !! LOL 😉

    • Sometimes when watching Chuck and Sarah perform it’s too real sometimes. Emotion doesn’t come out like that if there was no feelings behind it. Cause in point, Sarah and Shaw had terrible chemistry. Courteney Cox and David Arquette fell for each during the filming of Scream. However, we both know something is wrong between Zac and Yvonne cause we don’t seem them together much anymore. In fact, I saw that Yvonne didn’t make it to Nerd HQ this year but was on skype.

      • Appearances can be deceiving, Chris. Happily, both Yvonne and Zac have been busy working, which is so different than last year with only Zac working…and Yvonne doing very little. That made for an uneven relationship. This year has been challenging for them. But they’re fine … maybe better than fine !

      • Whatever happens between Zac and Yvonne is between them. As far as I know we tend to hope for something that might never happen and if it does that would be great too. To quote Hitch, “they will both do fine no matter what.”

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