gallery Tribute to The Women of Chuck: The Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Pays a Visit

The one they call beautiful usually comes with some skepticism because of the eye of the beholder. What is considered beautiful to you may not be for me. Thus, we argue tastes that usually lead to nowhere, but for the focus of this article. This face tells it all about one Sofia Stepanova. chuck402-00128There are not too many times Yvonne Strahovski has to take a back seat to another star or guest star, but for one episode Sarah Walker not only had to step back with the looks of Sofia, but Sofia really owned Sarah in this episode.

Sofia Stepanova was played by the stunningly beautiful Karolina Kurkova 070b3c807a8457d17301de4331a3b863

Karolina’s one and only appearance came during a very key episode of Chuck. Season Four was the season of the guest star and Karolina’s appearance would lead to a catfight on a catwalk. chuck402-00945

chuck402-00935The fight between the two blonde bombshells would rival one other fight in season three when Sarah took on Sydney, but unlike with The Ring agent, Sarah was able to get the upper hand with Sofia. chuck402-00911However, the crafty volkoff weapon’s dealer would also be in movies and model for many publications. The list is rather long, but here are some of her cover and magazine pictures. If you notice Karolina doesn’t have a belly button. (more on that below) karolina-kurkova-victorias-secret-megaupload-29karolina-kurkova-elle-korea-1 karolina-kurkova-vogue-mexico-1 imagesEach cover looks great, but some pictures in the magazines that can level you breathless. karolina-kurkova-vs-236ffd94c6893aa999148f739f5309c458 karolina-photoshoot-karolina-kurkova-804242_278_375 karolina cmpoywsweaammo9All photos belong to Vogue, Elle and other publications. These photos are not mine. They are just for entertainment purposes only.


The reason Karolina doesn’t have a belly button was explained by her agent in an article from the New York Daily News which you can click the link to read if interested.  Apparently, a doctor claimed it could be umbilical hernia. Either way Karolina’s imperfection is easily ignored when the rest of her perfection is still stunning. 

Besides modeling, Karolina Kurkova has been in movies and television series. She was in the movie G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra  where she played the cover girl. She worked with fellow Chuck Alumi Arnold Vosloo on the project. Here is a clip, 

Sorry for the langauge.

Karolina has the ability to be funny with some wit even when she was young. Watch her appearance on Conan O’Brien, which was pretty funny.  

It’s nice to see personality out of these models not some barbie doll with not much of a mindset. It’s also refreshing to see how full of life Karolina can deliver with her humor.

Here are some more photos and videos of Karolina. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the beautiful Kurkova as we come to a close in our tribute to Karolina Kurkova.

Karolina started modeling at 16, and was the one time girlfriend of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. Here is a profile video of our Sofia Stefanova  

Some of her catwalk moments,  


Hope you enjoy this article as we continue down the path of remember the beautiful and talented women of Chuck.

Up next on our list would be a Chuck fan favorite and another model we come to love Mini Anden gets her moment. cgvma-cover-german-vogue-october-2001-mini-anden-nicolas-jurnjack-magazine-covers




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