gallery Why Chuck Still Matters to Fans

When one talks about a television show, the love for it can be subjective. When we talk about passion, we often misplace passion with rosy color glasses, but when it comes to a show like Chuck nothing further from the truth can be explained.

The ultimate question is why does Chuck still matter. Why do over 139k follow on Twitter? The reason is simple Chuckaholics because for 91 episodes, for over five years, and new followers because of Netflix. We grew as a family. We grew as a strong unit believing someday we will get a press release from Warner Brothers telling us about a return of some sort of our show.

We watched a nerd get the girl, we learned what Pineapple means. We seen pictures of fans buying Chucks and cheese balls to fill that void left on the day our souls became filled with pain. When the last moment we will always remember came here. chuck513-01281When a song brings tears to the eyes of so many, 

Chuck wasn’t just a show for a lot of us. It was more of a dream wrapped in a series worth of memories that remind us of ourselves. The ability to see ourselves on our television screens make it easy for us to love Chuck. From Guest stars to main stays, we really were treated to a wonderful experience.

It’s not saying there weren’t bumps along the way or double guessing because most journeys have them. There are often unwarranted criticism of the show’s creators going in different directions or plot holes galore, but any journey will have such reactions especially when passion is a part of the equation.

The reason is simple when viewers grow with characters it becomes more than just a television show or entertainment. These characters become family. Chuck, Sarah, Casey and even some of the guest stars leave their mark on us because of the delivery of the character. It’s easy to root for them or jeer others.

The scene that hooked me into falling in love with Chuck was early and it came here,  

At this point, we seen Sarah as a handler trying her best to keep Chuck focus on being the Intersect, she uses manipulation and her training to keep Chuck in line, but there was no question about the strong feelings the two were developing, but what we also saw was an actress bringing to life the real passion of Sarah Walker. One of the many times Yvonne Strahovski’s acting range was conveyed in nonverbal communication. Pain resoluted on her face with perfection.

Fellow Chuckaholic, Paul Neagle once mentioned on his podcast how Yvonne can command emotion most of her other projects just don’t allow her showcase that range. chuck108-01207 chuck108-01211However, Yvonne wasn’t the only one that can bring to live her character. Sarah Lancaster brought to life who Ellie Bartowski could of been if she was real.

The moment when Sarah Lancaster showcased her best acting came during that back half of Season Three. The moment when she learned Chuck was a spy and her father was killed made Ellie show the mother like qualities she had. The confusion and protection was in full throttle even though Chuck was well protected at this point. The need to protect Chuck no matter what, A value that was instilled in her when she was young by Stephen. chuck318-00874

All of these moments were apart of a culture Chuckaholics were able to see. We saw John Casey go from the man who wanted to solve the mission in time to eat pancakes to finding out he was a father.

We had some of the best guest stars money could buy from Scott Bakula to Matt Bomer. From Chevy Chase to Timothy Dalton. Some visits from syfy shows like Firefly to Terminator 2. Chuck still matters for these very reasons.

The collection of songs that made me spend more money on Itunes and Amazon that I care to admit, but all worth it when listening to music while drinking out of my Buymore coffee cup.

Chuck still matters because Nerd HQ brings fans close to Zachary Levi, Yvonne, Adam Baldwin and this past year Ryan McPartlin. We stay close to the cast by watching their projects or helping with their causes.

As time goes on, we are becoming more of a family than just a fan base which is great to see. The world is filled with violence right now and a show like Chuck can help us escape the mess we are subjected to by mainstream media.

Thus, over the course of the next few weeks I plan to showcase what I personally love about Chuck. I will break down the bands I have grown to love. My favorite moments during all five seasons and try not to be over analytical during these articles.

Think of these articles as a chance to reminisce on the journey that was Chuck. I leave you with this, if I didn’t see Chuck vs Phase Three, Chuck vs The Truth would of been my favorite episode. I believe Sarah truly connected with her inner desires, and for that I fell in love with Sarah Walker. Sarah wasn’t just a hard nosed agent, but a woman with a heart because if she didn’t have one. Emotions like this never happen. If feelings are not inside her. Reactions are no plausible even if the moments are not supposed to happen.When a cover becomes real

Tell me what drew you to Chuck. How did you discover it?  Tell me the episode that hooked you to keep watching. Let’s hear some stories as we reminisce about Chuck.



  1. I have thought about this too, Chris, and there were several episodes in the first two seasons that would be candidates for a hook me episode! All of them involved the Sarah/Chuck chemistry development! I would have to agree with you Chris that Vs the Truth is probably the episode that set the hook for me! The scene you show above is extremely powerful with the pent up desire/frustration on both YS and ZL parts creating an almost unbearable tension and longing between both actors! I also think the “we need to make love” to protect our cover scene is just delicious especially since Sarah can’t meet Chuck’s eyes after she says it which shows Strahovski’s fabulous ability to make her physical and facial expressions add tremendous power to her words! Finally, the bedroom scene, hot,hot, hot! As I said, there were many other episodes with greats scenes along this line but none were packed to the gills like Vs the Truth!

    • Tommy, A lot of people will say the pilot got them hooked, but for me it’s just the start. The story is still developing and focusing on who Chuck was and will be. The premises if you will was always going to be about Chuck. The name of the show states that, but why care about the other characters. We needed to see another side of agents being agents and we did. Truth provided us with that first glimpse of what was come and where the story was going. It’s the very reason The Truth was a fresh feeling because of the amount of truth we got in that episode.

      • Could not agree more, Chris! Chuck is the best show on TV since 2007 bar not not only because of the plot and delicious mix of comedy and drama but because of the chemistry between most of the actors, YS and ZL above all!

  2. As usual, your posts really draw me and many others, I imagine, into the world very much as you described it above. Without this world, life is just a little more boring. The scene above in the first ‘break up’ was one of the first times I felt very sad in a Chuck episode, it only piled on from earlier during the scene where Sarah said ‘no’ to Chuck.

    Overall I wish we’d see more people in the family grow, harder now without Netflix, and more people in the family stay involved. I’ve promoted and will keep spreading the word about Chuck, and how it’s still available in many, many streaming forms on Amazon, Hulu, YouTube (direct from WB TV), etc.

    Thanks so much for staying involved and don’t give up on the site Chris!

    • I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment, Daniel! I first saw a tv in the 1950’s and according have watched a lot of iconic, well loved tv shows including Star Trek, Charlie’s Angels, Baywatch, Beverly Hills 90210, etc. to name a few! None compares to Chuck in my mind in terms of all round joy of the watching experience! Yes, there are some episodes that don’t quite deliver, but overall as a series and a story, Chuck has no peer on TV before or sense! Chris has put his heart and soul into promoting Chuck! I know because he asked me to help with a website focused on Chuck! Spammers took it down and I know Chris has gotten discouraged from time to time! But he is one of the most effective spokespersons for Chuck out there anywhere! So I join you, Daniel, in urging Chris to keep pushing Chuck! I am confident his efforts are kep to eventual success in getting Chuck fans that Chuck Movie or Chuck LAD that all of us want!

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