gallery Rewatch Forty One: A Dream Too Good to be True

While we put the bow on The Mask, we take a break from Shaw and Hannah. We take a break from intense moments, but instead focus in on what truly matters.

The whole focus of Season Three was Chuck becoming a full fledged spy. A member of the team not just an asset. What Chuck needed was some training, and what better way than to give him his own asset.

The test of who Chuck would become once inserted into the perils of how the series painted as an agent would constitute in losing Chuck as we know him or at least through the eyes of Sarah Walker.

To understand my frame of thought, we need to begin at the end. The song 40 Day Dream sung by Edward Sharpe comes at the right time because the word lie comes up again within the lyrics of the song. 

Ah, it’s the magical mystery kind
Ah, must be a lie
Bye bye to the too good to be true kind of love

What we are witnessing is Sarah’s thoughts through music. The ability to remember Chuck here is what she was hoping, chuck101-00384but she was watching him grow into his new role as a spy and her expression was all you needed.chuck306_01044Casey was proud of Chuck’s accomplishments. Thus, we have no issue with Casey trying to teach Chuck how to become a top spy. On the other hand, we are seeing Sarah’s inner conniption with her vision of Chuck.  Helping the ballerinaThe one who stood before Manoosh doing his job was not the Chuck from the pilot. The man she fell for. It’s the very reason “too good to be true” fits well with what Nacho Sampler was trying to convey.  chuck101-00398 chuck101-00404 chuck101-00405

We get a tease of some sorts when we watch Sarah run her hands through Chuck’s hair like the old days, and we see the Chuck she wants. The one who was innocent and charming. chuck306_00282 chuck306_00270

But Chuck 2.0 quickly reminds Sarah of who Chuck was trying to become. What is lost in all of this was how Chuck sacrificed his own happiness for what he deemed the only way to be with Sarah.

chuck306_00901 chuck306_00913 chuck306_00914The perils of watching Chuck change didn’t only happen when he burned Manoosh either. It was only the result of the episode.

The change was happening throughout the episode. Chuck lying to Ellie drew a reaction from Sarah. What is odd about the scene was how Sarah didn’t enjoy it at all. Casey was the one who said Sarah gets credit for Chuck becoming a good liar much to Sarah’s dislike hearing it.chuck306_00498 chuck306_00511 chuck306_00512Casey was supporting Chuck’s future as a spy. Thus, the confusion we have as viewers. If the premise is for Chuck to grow as a spy than Chuck needed Sarah’s support, but here lies the problem. Sarah already sees Chuck changing rather than remind him of who he was. Sarah continues to selfishly wallow in her own feelings.chuck306_00506We also need to remember Casey doesn’t have romantic intentions with Chuck. What Casey provides is big brother aspect of spying. He teaches the reason for lying to an asset while using his own experience on how to swallow the bad taste from burning someone. chuck306_00688 chuck306_00883 chuck306_00884 chuck306_00888

The result is Chuck’s willing to listen and takes the advice, but what do we get from Sarah? The question whether or not Chuck becoming a spy was a good thing.

The real question comes from the song of the episode. The perfect image one has over the one they love can become tainted when they see that person do a dastardly thing.

 Ah – It’s the magical mystery kind
Ah – must be a lie
Bye bye to the too good to be true kind of love

While Sarah didn’t enjoy watching Chuck perform his duties as a spy when it comes to Manoosh, Chuck had to go through his own angst with Mauser, Chuck watching Sarah Kill Mauser Sarah's mind is made up kill Mauser Mauser before his murder

We can argue the semantics of killing Mauser isn’t the same as Chuck tranqing Manoosh, but essentially it has the same meaning. Chuck’s reaction to the event. The perfect image of Sarah in his mind was tarnished.

The perfect Chuck from Sarah’s perspective was tainted a bit when he didn’t help Manoosh. How the tables have turn on Agent Walker.

The Dangers of the Intersect

The other good thing we got from this episode was why Chuck should be the only one who should have the Intersect. In other words, the dangers of someone like Manoosh having the Intersect means there is no conscience in selling it to anyone.

Manoosh went to a weapons convention in hopes to make a few dollars no matter the risk on who buys the program. The advantage the CIA had was great, but it also was important to keep it out of the hands of those who would use it in a negative capacity.

Manoosh needed to be lockdown much like Laslo did. It’s that slippery slope where agents need protocol to dictate their actions. The book says Manoosh needed to go underground.

Chuck understood that fact, but still Sarah lost in her own turmoil was sadden by what she was seeing. Is it a good thing Chuck became a spy? Maybe for Chuck, but not for the woman who fell in love here, chuck306_01054

Not for a woman, who was struggling with the change. chuck306_00467 chuck306_00892There are no piece of cakes in this story. The issues they face are common everyday issues we all face. A image we have of someone we love can make it seem like it is too good to be true, and in a way that is selfish too. We marvel in the image until it crashes down with a hard dose of reality.

As a human, it’s usually the case.

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