gallery Rewatch Forty Two: Unmasking Astair and Can’t Stop Feeling

I know Chuck vs Nacho Sampler was the next episode after First Class, but wanted to get this difficult episode out of the way. 

Darkness has a funny way to present itself. No matter when it arrives people are not ready for it. It’s unpredictable nature causes concern when it comes to change.  People have no preparation for what’s to come when darkness takes over. Case in point, First Class provided us a glimpse into that darkness when we watched Shaw begin to wedge himself between Chuck and Sarah.

A new love interest comes to Burbank for Chuck, and the world of Chuck was beginning to unravel. As we continue down the path of Season Three, we will focus on these two songs from Chuck vs The Mask, “I can’t stop feeling, and Astair. They are important because it best describes my points for this episode and what the creators were trying to tell us.

After all, Chuck believed in the idea of subliminal imagery. Images and songs are perfect ways to test the mind with the power of listening.

The words are fitting for the episode because once again the creators of Chuck were telling us the future of where the series was headed. There are several lyrics from the song Can’t Stop Feeling by Franz Ferdinand that are the foundation.

Take a moment to listen, follow that by reading the lyrics to the song.  The scene was set up perfectly for the moment.

Chuck and Hannah preparing for their mission while Shaw and Sarah were preparing for their part. chuck307_00318 chuck307_00322

What is standing out in this scene that we can figure out through the song? The word us has significant weight on what this article will discuss. Once again, if you want a full episode article please read the episode article we have posted by clicking this link Chuck vs The Mask.

Lyrics worth mentioning,

Soul boy, down and alone
And his soul is broken again
But you can’t stop moving
No you won’t stop moving along

And you leave me here on my own
Yeah, you leave me here on the floor
You can’t feel it
And you can’t feel it
You can’t feel it
And you can’t feel anymore.

Chuck and Sarah are not preparing for a mission together, which we grew accustomed but they can’t stop feeling because they are not “us” anymore.

The bridge is set for the darkness to arrive as I mentioned above. The setup gets strengthened when we look at the events that transpired.

When we look at the episode in the context of the messages being conveyed. We see Chuck adjusting nicely with his new partner. Yet, Sarah was struggling to connect with Shaw. As the words say, “You leave me here on my own.” Thus, the sentiment of Sarah not having a voice in this episode. Oh, but she does.

Her emotions show the conviction she is dealing with when you look at her here, Sarah isn’t on board with Shaw at least for the moment.chuck307_00381 chuck307_00383Sarah is working a mission and knowing Chuck was watching didn’t help matters. Did she like the moves made by Shaw? I tend to believe not, but then again Sarah needed to be professional still. It never bothered her before when showing PDA on a mission, but times have changed. Sarah has changed in this regard.

We also can say Sarah wasn’t use to the aggressive behavior like Shaw was conducting because for two  years Chuck never conduct himself in such a matter.

Let’s take a look at another song, sung by Matt Costa “Astair.”  

The lyrics most interesting or hold value to the whole concept of no more us theme. Let’s refresh ourselves with the scene shall we. 

Right before Shaw comes behind Sarah, we hear these lyrics, I am going to change the word Astair to Chuck to show you what us means. This episode wasn’t about Chuck. This was about Sarah.

Chuck you’re there and I’m still here
I swear I’m so confused
The signs you wear are making me
Feel like I’m the one to lose.

Thus, the question does the words Us and and I am the one to lose bridge the gap or widen the experience of darkness? No, they just blurry the future rather than shed some light on the darkness approaching.

When two people love each other, we often say set them free and they will come back to us, but for the first time in season three we see emotion from Sarah.

The reason I say this comes from Sarah’s reaction to Shaw’s claim of being the safest guy in the world. Walker knows the safest man in the world isn’t there. chuck307_01184

And if you’re leaving
Well come give me a reason
Why I let you down
Before you turn around
Now, now

Combine it with the words from Can’t Stop Feeling. We have the message from Chuck vs The Mask.

There is no us anymore. Chuck, You’re there and I am here. Interesting perspective when you take a look at what transpired. Chuck was in a makeout session with Hannah while Sarah was claiming her type was attempting to massage her neck. chuck307_01149

Sarah was reluctantly falling under Shaw’s spell because there is no us at the moment. Remember this was the same woman who told Cole Barker she doesn’t cheat on her cover boyfriend.  The true us would always be Chuck and Sarah, but when you remain voiceless there is no stopping the dark cloud coming in to reck Chuck’s universe.

Sarah’s fumbling of her words in Castle also suggests Sarah’s state of mind. Chuck wasn’t showing any signs of jealousy or desire to keep Sarah close. It’s something Sarah was not used to because of the whole “us” nature.

It’s why Prague hurt so much. It wasn’t Sarah running from the CIA. It was a “we can run” indicating she wanted Chuck by her side. It’s why the expression of not understanding Chuck’s decision comes from.  In Operation Awesome, Sarah admitted “it’s nice to know you have something to lose.”

We thought the events of Prague were over because Sarah returns home here, chuck304_00969 but again Charah have not returned to the word “us.” Chuck hasn’t shown signs of wanting them to be an “us.”

Do you guys remember the song being played then? The song sung by Sam Issac “Bears” The lyrics most notable are “We’re not comfortable. We’re unhappy here.”

It just spells out the darkness we were undertaking. In other words, If Chuck and Sarah are not together, there is no us. If there is no us, then there is no future.

Chuck was telling us this, but the need to pay attention to detail were lost by the imagery of Shaw’s actions and Sarah’s voiceless reactions.

It’s the very nature of the songs they selected early on in the season. It’s why Black and Gold and Living a Lie were placed at the right times. For example, the words “If you’re not here with me, than I don’t want to be either,” but we had to wait it out.

We were taking a backwards walk. There is no way we are forgetting this. The truth was we didn’t forget this moment because Chuck and Sarah were no longer acting like they were an “us.” chuck301_00742 chuck301_00743


So, now plug in the song Astair here, and see why it fits with the story they were telling.

Well come give me a reason
Why I let you down
Before you turn around

Now, I think it’s time for some Nacho Sampler…

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