gallery A New Perspective of Chuck and Sarah’s Date From Pilot

While going through Season Three with my new format of including music from the episode as part of my thought process. I went to look up a song played in the pilot that occurred during the date scene.

We all know the scene very well. I often called this the scene where Sarah fell in love with Chuck with one simple line, but more on that later. Some will argue the ballerina scene, but I disagree. chuck101-00720

Sarah was still probing Chuck on what he knew about the Intersect. Thus, the nonchalant mention of secrets in her question about who he was. Any person would deem the inquiry as simply that, but the song sung by Gomez shed some light on the scene with the actions of Chuck and Sarah.

The song begins to play during the conversation when they talk about past relationships, but what’s fitting is the talk of a soldier in the song See the World. 

You seem like a soldier
Who’s lost his composure
You’re wounded and playing a waiting game
In no man’s land, no one’s to blame

It’s interesting when we think about no one’s to blame for anything happening in Chuck and Sarah’s life except that’s not true. The common problem they have is Bryce. Grant it, Chuck doesn’t know that information yet, and even Sarah to extent is basing her knowledge off of a file or pre-mission details.

She began to doubt Chuck’s involvement when Chuck took the time to help the ballerina. Thus, the idea of Chuck was a threat had diminished enough to question the threat to national security. However, her boss said “Nice guys are not sent government secrets.” chuck101-00398


chuck101-00708 chuck101-00707

Flowers are used as a tool to further increase the complex situation happening for Sarah. A guy bringing flowers on a date was something Sarah wasn’t expecting. This move represents old fashion gentleman. The other aspect of this equation is how Graham told her to kill him if he runs.

An order that didn’t sit well with an awaken dream, this mission opened the door for the possibilities. As the Song says, ” find an old fashioned girl And when all’s been said and done. It’s the things that are given, not won Are the things that you earned.”

In role reversals, Sarah found an old fashion boy. Chuck represents everything Sarah isn’t use to, which is the very attraction she was drawn too.

It continues while conversing. One of the things that stands out about this scene would be the natural glow we are seeing from Sarah. It almost seems like Sarah used a mission for personal gain. Yes, she is working, but at the same time she is relaxed and enjoying herself.

She doesn’t sense danger at all, and the more he talks the more comfortable she becomes. Smiles and charming away melts her heart, but the seal the deal action would be this line. ” I can be your baggage handler.”chuck101-00723 chuck101-00724chuck101-00726 chuck101-00727 chuck101-00729What I love about the moment is the looks Sarah gives when she realizes she was on a job, we get real reluctance in asking the question, but Sarah’s job required it. Secrets will be the foundation of this relationship, which ultimately would test the couple for the duration of the series.

“So, what about you Chuck, any secrets, any women.” What I love about the second question is the fact for the first time Sarah wants to know about women. It didn’t prevent her in asking him out on a date. IF Sarah wasn’t or cared about Chuck at this point. Information about other women doesn’t pertain to the scope of her mission.

In other words, the question was both a personal and professional one. Something we have talked about in nauseum on this site. The song continues,

 You sound like an old joke
You want out, a bit broke
And asking me time and time again
And the answer’s still the same

Chuck’s life isn’t the ideal story someone wants to hear, and normally would be a punchline as the song suggest, but no matter what Chuck says Sarah is still interested, which is why Sarah’s dream clashes with her work because she still has to be professional about being an agent for the CIA. I keep reiterating the agent part because we have to remind ourselves she was only their to find out what Chuck knew about the Intersect and Bryce, but at this point Sarah was compromised. She didn’t have a chance.

In the beginning of the conversation, Chuck suggests when she meets Awesome, which brought a smile from her. Chuck was already moving on to the next stage or assumed Sarah was sticking around, which is lost when you look at the complete scene.

IF you just meet someone new, the idea of introducing them to family usually doesn’t happen that quickly. Here is the result of Sarah hearing those words. “wait until you meet him.”chuck101-00721The chemistry between Zac and Yvonne are what really lure you into the scene. Now, here is a question. Chuck never asked Sarah about her relationship only the fact he was trying to figure her out. Sarah elects to provide information about her past, which would turn out to be true in a sense.

Bryce was believed to have been killed. Thus, Sarah revealed something real about her past. She did just get out of a long relationship, but judging by demeanor and her reaction at the end of the episode. chuck101-01199 We can see Sarah needed a blow from her life.  Chuck was going to provide that blow.

Empty handed
Surrounded by a senseless scene
With nothing of significance
Besides a shadow of a dream

In just a few minutes we learned a lot about Chuck and Sarah. All of it is based on a dream. A dream where two people can find a reason to live again. Chuck and Sarah finding each other was that very reason.

Now for the hard part. How to find a way to make that dream into a reality. How two people from very different worlds learn to want each other despite the opportunity being bleak. It’s really a special story in that regard.

Sarah opens the door into Chuck’s heart by saying words all guys want to hear when they are out with a beautiful woman “I like you, Chuck.” A genuine smile to boot. Sarah did like Chuck at this point. chuck101-00764 chuck101-00765 chuck101-00766Sarah does admit later in the series she fell for him between him fixing her phone and disabling a bomb, and I am not denying the importance of the ballerina, but when one who is supposed to not tell someone anything that is real opened up and pushed the rock off her chest with one conversation with Chuck. One intimate moment where no one can interrupt them.

Love is in the air, but they just don’t know it yet. However, expression and body language show mutual interest in each other.

Yes, Sarah and Chuck were going to see the world, but not alone. They were going to see the world together.

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