gallery Chuck Fans Need to Fight for Show Again

If you are expecting photos and videos in this article you will be sadly disappoint. Something has come across my attention that needs to be address.  Last night, I found out news that is disheartening.

Once again, Chuck fans find themselves in a battle to keep their show alive. In a sense, Chuck fans are right back where they were on January 27, 2012. The day when Chuck said goodbye. This time we have to fight Netflix from chopping Chuck from their streaming service.

To be fair, Netflix has done a great job in giving the series a platform in which it can help generate new fans as well as fill the void for those who watched the series during its five year run.

Netflix’s decision to cut the show from its streaming service hurts a large fan base hungry for more. Hungry to see the characters they grew to admire and love gone from their devices.

Most fans have the dvds and blu rays, but what Netflix was providing was hope. As a fan, I discovered Chuck because of Netflix, and the choice platform to watch is through Netflix. Fans are not asking for much only to keep the show alive.

Whether it be on my Xbox, computer or cellphone, I could be waiting to be seen by a doctor. The results are the same I watch Chuck through Netflix.

The moment I found Chuck, I watched until the sun came up. I rewatched the series 6 times before my wife asked can we watch something else. I had purchased most of the songs through Itunes, and when writing about the show. It’s easier to find a scene through Netflix.

When my daughter was born, I had help from the show to put her down to sleep, feed her and even change her diaper. The show became important in constructing this site.

Visiosn of uniting the fan base to become a family rather than just people voicing their desire for more Chuck. All of it was not possible without Netflix.

My thought process has me complexed though. As a new fan, I find it puzzling why we have to keep fighting for a show we want, but can’t have. We have to keep bothering the cast to help us fight for something people want. A hashtag was created in order to get the message across social media, but the question still remains why must the powers that be continue to disappoint a group of people and it’s favorite show.

Why do we have to beg and plea for a show we want and desire, but shows like the Kardashians are able to run continuously. A show that was unique and different from the norm.

A show that had a unique following. A cast that bonded like a family, which taught a fan base to act the same. Positive role models like Zachary Levi and Ryan McPartlin, who work hard for Operation Smile. Yet, we continue to lose the show we want to watch. A show we all care about.

It’s frustrating because Netflix has a system to gauge what titles are being watched. I know because my blog has stats. If they looked at Chuck and saw the number of clicks, they would see how the series is watched everyday.

Yet, the decision to cut Chuck is a shot at what we all know. Chuck and it’s fans are screwed by corporations dictating on what we watch. No survey was sent out to ask what we want to watch.

WB should be proud when they see new fans flocking to watch Chuck. Yet, once again WB wants to pull Chuck from Netflix. It’s a move that apparently WB still doesn’t understand the fanbase and never will.

Chuck fans please spread the word and fight for something you believe in. Fight for a television that preached violence was not always the only answer.

A show that said, what would Chuck do. A show that had a great love story, and finally a great story about how one’s dream can come true.





  1. The answer is simple Chris: money. Netflix has x amount of dollars to spend on programs. They want to buy the stuff that will get people to subscribe to their service. If they can take the money they spend on Chuck and buy something they think more people will watch, that’s what they will do. Conversely if Fake Empire (who I think is the current owner of Chuck) thinks they can get more money selling Chuck to somebody else, that’s what they’re going to do. In this case, I think it’s probably Netflix thinking They can get more bang for their buck elsewhere. Nothing personal (to them) just business.

    • I get what your saying Lonny, but the truth is corporations believe they got the pulse of the people which 8 out of 10 times they do, but the fact that social media outlets are proving people are up in arms about this decision makes no sense.

      Sometimes when making money people need to see and gauge what people want. Lonny, what’s best for business. Shows like Chuck are always cult favorites.

      Icon shows like Star Trek didn’t have a strong following in it’s beginning, but time to grow was given to the series and became a iconic series.

      In today’s world, if shows don’t produce right away they get cut. It’s not right.

  2. I totally agree Chris. I mean just look through the titles of dead space GBs of shows or movies nobody is watching on Netflix. Because it probably doesn’t cost them anything to keep them I suppose.

    But we can only hope at this point WB or Fake Empire as some other plan to offer through Amazon Prime or other. I noticed that WB is selling Chuck direct over YouTube streaming, of course Amazon has it, maybe Hulu. I already had Blu-Rays, but I bought all 5 seasons on Amazon just to keep them handy as you said it’s not to be able to watch anytime, anywhere without bringing a USB stick or HD full of Chuck or a set of DVDs.

    It would be nice to not continue to go through this. As far as the cast, it is hard to say what they’re thinking when we ask for their help. By the way Zach and Yvonne are often spotted together often and reminiscing, along with a few others, I’d say they’re pretty on board because they are still a family and they got to be one because of Chuck and because of the fans. So, I think they’re still appreciative and looped in with us.

  3. I love your website!! CHUCK!!!! My favorite show aside from Smallville and unlike the latter, Chuck always made me feel so good!!! Action, comedy, romance !! 100000%

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