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Last time we left off with Season Four we saw a very underrated episode show us the path of who Casey was when we had our annual Casey centric episode, but what is lost in a very strong episode is what happened at the end.

Do you remember?

chuck405-01241The search for Mama B came to a surprise when Mama decided to call her son. A moment that we will cherish because we learn who she is.

Linda Hamilton is coming to Burbank because a very famous serial killer visits Burbank as well. The man also know as Freddy Kruger pays his one and only visit. Robert Englund plays Dr. Stanley Wheelwright.

Dr. Stanley creates a drug that once sprayed into the face of its recipient causes the victim to come face to face with fear. Dreams that have fear in them. 

What is interesting about the drug comes two fold. First, Batman Begins had a similar drug used by the Scarecrow. Fear is an interesting word as we learn the fears of Chuck and Sarah. They live together, but unpacking was an issue like in Chuck vs The Suitcase.

The word suitcase isn’t just something you carry. One of the things we love to do during our travels is putting sticks or stamps which show where our travels took us. Something you place things in, but suitcases can be stored in our minds. It can be kept in a closet and be forgot. The mind loves to store things in the back of the mind. For example, when mom calls Chuck. She unlocks Chuck’s mind of his past.

The whereabouts of mom was still in question, but just a simple sound of her voice can make everything seem even more cloudier than searching for her. Especially when she calls him. Everything from tone and disregard of Chuck’s questions was classic misdirection. It’s not important right now, Chuck.

While everyone was partying in the house, Sarah comes looking for Chuck. She senses something is wrong, and once she found out who was on the other line. Chuck and Sarah set forth on what can be a very touchy subject.

Twenty years can generate a whole host of theories of who Mary Bartowski was or had become. A code word of Frost to hide the real name of Mary Bartowski makes you wonder, but in this episode we see two sides of Mary. The mother and the spy. A Volkoff agent or is there more to this then we know so far. All stories need to mix in some new information. We won’t talk about the Buymore stuff in this episode because the focus is on Mary as she makes contact not only through the phone, but Mary walks a thin line in exposing everything and everyone she loves when she comes out of her cover to get Stanley’s drug off the streets.

We begin the episode with a demonstration of the drug created by Stanley. He attacked the guard and showcases the components and the lethalness of it. chuck406-00042chuck406-00022Mary made it seem like she was in full villain mode by sounding impressed with Stanley’s invention, and she insisted she had a buyer in Los Angeles, who would be interested in this weapon.

Question is if the world is filled with potential buyers why the need to travel to Los Angeles for a buyer? Why would Mary risk being caught by the CIA? If she was working with the enemy. This can create doubt in the mind of viewers especially watching Mary playing both sides of the fence.

The concept of suitcase comes into play. The details of this suitcase revolves around coming out of the dark. The idea of doing something she hasn’t done in twenty years by reconnecting with her family, but we as fans need to realise this isn’t the first time a family member had to come out of hiding to help the Bartowski clan. Stephen had to come out in order to protect his family. Thus, the link between both Papa B and Mama B. While similar in reentering Chuck and Ellie’s life. Personally, I prefer Papa B’s method. Here’s why,

Like Orion, Mary wanted to meet Chuck alone, but this time Chuck didn’t have a reason to hide his secret from Sarah as she was helping him. What seemed like a simple meet and greet between Mary and her song, tension is the best word used to describe this moment, but the topic of this article comes in the form of the song of the episode. Stars’ Dead Hearts is perfect for this moment because as the lyrics state,

“I could say it but you won’t believe me
You say you do but you don’t deceive me
It’s hard to know they’re out there
It’s hard to know that you still care”

All of the information obtained by Chuck would leave him to believe his mother was working for Volkoff. Her actions were not helping her case when shooting him when she introduced Chuck to the drug creator. All her actions spelled like it was clearly whose side Mary was on. Volkoff’s strongest asset was Chuck’s mother.

What comes to mind when watching this episode was how Orion reentered Chuck’s life, which in contrast to Mary was a lot more friendlier with regards to what we know. 

The fact both parents were out of the picture for twenty years was a major blow on the family. Thus, Orion said it best, “Did you think after twenty years. I just showed up stating I am Orion and the computer in your head, I created.” The idea of that coming out would make Chuck think his father was crazy. Hence, the reactions we are getting from Chuck and his team when it comes to Mary.

Chuck does have a blind spot, but it’s not only with his mother. It’s everyone he loves. He is blinded by love for Sarah despite her major flaws. It’s those flaws Chuck looks past because of the size of her heart. The naive part of him often puts him and his team in trouble, but nothing can be a bigger blind spot then not seeing his mother for years and suddenly out of the blue returns to see him. She warns him about the weapon Stanley made.  Mary follows that up by shooting him to create a diversion.

She claimed Volkoff was powerful enough to watch from Russia. As he was watching the business deal finalized. Heather Chandler told us about how much trouble she was in with him after losing a deal. He sent a hit squad to kill her in Burbank. Thus, money deals are important to him.

The question of what to believe and who they should believe comes in highly contested scenes. Especially, when we see Casey hire an expunged records expert to find Mary’s hidden files. It contradicted everything Mary said. Once Sarah and Casey knew this, they did what agents should and take her in for questioning. They were not blinded by her being their mother, but once again Sarah didn’t tell her boyfriend about the plan.

We also see a mother’s desire to reenter her daughter’s life when she finds out Ellie is pregnant. A game changer for Mary in a way, but we still need to know who side Mary is on.

We need to know why Mary lied about her records being expunged when they weren’t, but something tells me we will have reasons later on during the season.

There really isn’t that much to discuss in this episode other than talking about Mary in more detail. I would like to save some for other articles.

What stands out to you about this episode? Leave a comment below.

Trust in Sarah Takes a Hit

While we are approaching some of the best episodes the series offered. We begin to see a huge rift being to surface in this episode. Chuck asked Sarah to help him with his huge blind spot with his mother.

The trusting soul in Chuck wanted to believe his mother, but her actions spoke otherwise.

Thus, a question for my readers. You can write a comment below or reach me on Facebook pages Chuckaholics or Buymore Chuck. You can leave me an answer on my Twitter page.

The question is which method of reentering Chuck’s life did you prefer Mary or Stephen’s way? The question whether Mary’s disregard of Chuck’s feelings or how Stephen used his code name Orion as a way to ease his way back? Explain below or on social media. I am interested in reading your theories.

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