gallery Time to Ride The Chuckaholics Train Again

Something happened last week that made me get the Chuckaholic itch some of you have been hoping. A surge of new people both on our facebook page and on this site. The moment when I realized it was time for me to ride the Chuckaholic train once again. The moment you may ask was when I notice  USA aired Psych the movie.  It wouldn’t have struck my interest until I saw someone  the Chuckaholic nation knew all too well. A blond once black haired striking of a man. Zachary Levi joined the cast of the movie. The brilliance of Zachary is not foreign to us, but when playing a villain we saw how evil he can be. It brought me to think of what would happen if Chuck went towards the dark side when Fulcrum uploaded the Fulcrum Intersect in Chuck vs The Suburbs. 

We saw the better of the team and his ability to be able to handle Intersect uploads.  It’s that premise we learned in the first two seasons. A concept we learned to cherish how and why Chuck was special.

It’s that reason we loved the series. We knew Chuck was the only Intersect especially since he uploaded the data when he was young boy. We knew he had two of the best agents the CIA and NSA can provide for both training and protection from the world and himself, but what Chuck offered in return was living in the everyday world.

Guest stars, music and a romantic story that touched anyone that didn’t have ice running in their veins. All of these components made a show special to the fans that want the show but can’t have because greedy corporation believing they know what’s best for viewers solely on the results of ratings. They claim they have the pulse of the people, but it wasn’t the lack of support from the fans of the show that ended it. It was a writer’s strike and poor timeslot decisions. Meanwhile, fans came up with Subway fundraisers to help keep raising funds.

Friday nights was not ideal for shows since most adults are out mingling. Nine episodes are missing because of the writer’s strike of 2007, which cost the show enough episodes to be syndicated like Friends or Seinfeld. It’s not the fan that decided these things as the show has increased interested thanks to Netflix and other streaming services, but again the show was taken away from them. I reiterate a show the fans want but can’t have. The idea Roseanne is being revived and not Chuck scratches my head as I write this sentence.

During Season Two, two episode aired out of order, which created an issue which hurt the story. Best Friend  and Suburbs were flipped flopped due to President Obama’s speech, but despite all of this I still have regained that itch when Zack said he wanted to bring Chuck to Netflix. It would be a smart play, but nothing can be more true than Mr. Levi being smart.

While my schedule may be busy, I will resume episode articles and talk about my favorite moments from the series. Thus, stay tuned for some new Chuckaholic posts.

Hop aboard and let’s finish this ride we started a long time ago. 


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  1. This is great! I will look forward to seeing more about CHUCK!! The greatest show really aside from Smallville that I liked. Chuck actually was more mature though, and had more functional relationships 🙂

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