gallery Chuck Fans Give The Show Love a Chance

There is nothing secret or shocking news here. Chuck provided fans with the best love story only rivaled by works of art written by Shakespeare. While we know the couple had its ups and downs, Chuck fans were proud of Chuck and Sarah. They tuned in to watch their favorite lovers grow over the course of five seasons.

We laughed, cried and were obsessed with everything. Will they/won’t they was fun because the tension was high. Season Three was a wide range of emotions until a yes would turn into a rampage through Thailand to find him or get a cure that could save her. No matter what, we stayed loyal to them.

There was no possible way to filled the void. While I may have found Chuck through Netflix. I still feel a strain once Netflix took the show off it’s streaming service, but have no fear Chuckaholics. I may have found a gem hidden within the weeds.

While searching for a new show, I have come across some like Games of Thrones or Archer. Both of them just didn’t keep my interests. If you seen one Zombie you seen them all. I found shows way too late or like to keep to myself due to subject matter.

However, there is one I find interesting and starting to help heal the Chuckless world we live in. The name of the show is called Love. You can find the show on Netflix.

The show stars Paul Rust, who also wrote the show. He works alongside Judd Apatow. Paul’s character Gus is a set tutor who falls for a woman named Mickey. (Gillian Jacobs) The way the two met was like the way Chuck and Sarah met. Mickey entered a store and happened to have forgotten her wallet. The store clerk refused to let her leave with her coffee even though she claimed she lived close and was in the store everyday. Thus, Mickey made a big scene in the store. Gus came and paid for her stuff.

It’s the same thing with how Chuck and Sarah met. Yes, Sarah went with premeditated purpose, but Sarah left the Buymore a woman smitten. The same can be said for Mickey. She waited outside for Gus to finish paying before the two had their first conversation.

The two went on a journey similar to Chuck and Sarah, but Gus/Mickey dealt with a lot more speed bumps. A lot more testing the waters if you will. Mickey dealt with addictions and even pawned Gus off on her roommate Berdie played by Claudia O’Doherty. The move was something Gus would call her out on. It reminds me of the new wave of nice guys.

Long gone are the old school nice guys like Steve Urkel or Leave it to Beaver. Chuck and Gus were nice guys, but with backbones. They were not afraid to speak their mind or stop women from taking advantage.

Netflix has the first two seasons up for your watching pleasure. Season 3 will be released on March 9th.

Here is a clip from the show. Sorry imagine not very clear, but great scene nonetheless

The reason I love the show so much is everyone looks like regular people. Mikey walks around with holes in her shirt. It makes me smile because the setting fits with the development. For example, when Gus comes over to Mikey’s place, she offers him either water or milk. Gus asked for a glass of milk, but before he could drink it, Mikey explains the house’s system of leaving the expired milk in the fridge.

What makes the scene funny is how Mikey explains why she kept it. The purpose was to remind herย  they needed a new milk.

Again, check out Love on Netflix. It might fill the void in your hearts or at least provide a distraction from the lack of Chuck movement.





  1. Haha, funny!! Though to be honest, neither Sarah Walker nor Yvonne would walk out of a store without paying for coffee. Also, Sarah wouldn’t hand Chuck over to anyone… even Jill she was jealous of and she was protective against another girl, telling her to not hurt Chuck.

    Of course they had other relationships, but it wasn’t manipulative or crummy… I love love how neither Chuck or Sarah ever manipulated in a relationship. Also, spoiled milk? Come on… I kind of get the class vibe they are going for.. it’s uh.. anyways… Don’t want to be rude ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, I prefer Chuck/Sarah over any other relationship really for functionality, still and probably always. Most shows (especially CW ones, which are often badly written) have lots of drama between characters. Sometimes, they can pretend to ‘like’ each other, yet you never uh, see them together? Smallville did some of that. I won’t even get into the current CW shows :P… Hey, 2007-2012 was great!!

    • When it comes to shows and romance sometimes we placate all demographics, but sometimes it can be a bit cliche. It’s why I love Chuck and Gus. They are nerds. I mean Gus hangs with his friends and they come up with theme songs for shows or movies that have none. Talk about dorks. Chuck is willing to game all night with Morgan or listen to a call of duty strategy. If you saw how Mickey reacted to Gus fitting in with her friends made me think of Sarah and how she called Morgan’s collectable toys, which rubbed the bearded one the wrong way.

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