gallery Love: Episode One Season One

So, what makes me want to watch Love. Well, I am into romance that are realistic. I am into relationships that grow and not seemed forced. Sometimes the chase is worth more than the actual relationship, but we still want to see a finished product.

I have read many readers comments talk about how Season One and Two of Chuck was better because Chuck and Sarah chased each other. Bryce, Jill, Cole and the Sandwich queen would provide Chuck and Sarah potential love interest that would make both jealous, but what Love provides is a story about how two people from different worlds come together.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be introducing Chuckaholics to the world of Love where you will meet this guy. Gus Cruikshank, a set tutor who really gets put in some funny situations for example, in the first episode he finds out that his live in girlfriend was sleeping with someone else, but it will turn out that it was a lie. His girlfriend tried to give hints about breaking up, but he couldn’t catch on.

Gus’s job calls for him to tutor an actress on the television show Witchita. He tutors Arya who is one of the stars of the show. He often clashes  with the head of production Susan Cheryl played by the beautiful Tracie Thoms. The actress of the show who has an interesting role. Gillian Jacobs is outstanding in this series. She portrays the struggles of addiction. Mickey Dobbs has sass and not afraid to speak her mind. We get to watch her struggle with drugs, alcohol and even dealing with being alone. The wrong choices in men which she admits was her flaw, but after meeting Gus, she struggle with her feelings.  

In the first episode, her off and on boyfriend would come over stone to the moon. They would have sex a couple of times. The second time was bit comical as her boyfriend had to rush through it because his mother was waiting outside. His mother was taking him to buy pants. The whole scene makes me laugh.

After Mickey dumps her boyfriend, She looks for a new roommate for her house. She settles on Berdie who was played by Claudia O’Doherty. 

Gus and Mickey both live very different lives, but their path still managed to have them cross paths at the convenience store.

The funniest part of the episode happens to Gus. He picks up these two girls. They ask if they can do a three way before they left town. Gus was a willing dance partner until he found out they were sisters. Talk about an awkward situation.

If you are interested in watching the show. You can find it on Netflix. I promise you will enjoy the comedy.


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