gallery Tis The Season for Some Chuck Joy

A Crown Vic, A General’s Kiss, A shot heard around the world. What do all of these terms mean. It means Christmas can be very eventful in Burbank.

While many people are happy around the holidays, Chuck fans witness some very sweet and laughable moments. However, not every moment that took place during a Christmas episode was the light up your eyes when you open a present.

Yes, we do Chuck, we melt with you. Our hearts always do when we see moments like these appear on our screen. Hand touching and make up sessions, but we can’t ignore the painful moments as well. 

Painful ones like when Sarah had to deal with a departing Bryce Larkin. The man she believed was dead only to be really alive. Pain doesn’t always have to be about Chuck. It can be a personal issue that can be shocking to the system. 

A truth that can hit hard even if you aren’t supposed  to let it. Same can be said during S5. What was it like when a real arch enemy resurfaces. Daniel Shaw for example. Dead set on getting revenge against the very people and agency that took him down. 

Chuck had to fight an evil that only a few can fathom. Daniel Shaw was the perfect villain to close the series because of the history. The moment can lead to a classic when Beckman had to team with Chuck. 

What would be the chances of Beckman and Chuck getting cozy. It wouldn’t even be considered if it was not for the only move to prevent them from being caught. 

While those moments can rise the ranks of all time Chuck moments. There is only one that creates a huge buzz. You can read my other article on this subject. The Mauser Incident.

A subject that seemed justified by nature. A moment when an agent had to decide what was best for Chuck. Fulcrum  was getting closer to the truth and the risk of losing Chuck especially when a moment like this happens.  A romantic scene which is why we love Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski so much, but while this was the calm before the storm. The Mauser incident has often been discussed on this site.

It’s the biggest moment when it comes to Chuck Christmas memories. The reality was not so much the killing that hurt Chuck. It’s the nature of how Sarah just blatantly lied to him, but to be fair Sarah didn’t know he was watching.  Sarah told him to go back to the Buymore. Chuck didn’t listen. He witnessed the the dark side of what Sarah and Casey had to do in order to succeed in their task.

Protect the Intersect and Chuck by any means necessary. Mauser was a risk professionally, but after he gave her the bracelet, he was a risk for her personally as well.  The fact Chuck said she was his real girlfriend. All of that could be gone if she brought Mauser in.

While Sarah trusted Chuck in the Crown Vic, the trust was broken in Santa Claus cause of her lying.

The question for the readers as we close this article feel free to comment below.  Did Sarah do the right thing?


  1. Hi Chris, been a long time. Thanks for the blog post. I believe Sarah did the right thing… and as usual being a bad communicator and quick to assume before getting the whole story, Chuck freaked out causing more angst for the couple which the early seasons thrived on…

    Happy holidays!

    • Yes, Indeed. The best part about Sarah’s decision is the lack of doubt in her decision. It was great to see. Chuck didn’t hear how Mauser was taunting her, but I wonder if things would have been different if Sarah told the truth.

  2. Absolutely the right thing. Chuck had not yet truly been forced to come to terms with the fact that Sarah was an assassin of the highest level. Not had his lack of ability to follow directions led to witnessing something so earthshaking. Sarah had to deal with a situation in the spot … both a professional and a personal situation. This was both common and new to her. She fell back on her training and experience, as she should have in this case. Unfortunately, for them both, Chuck had not followed orders and witnessed the killing. Looking to save him the horror of the death of Mauser, Sarah chose the path that would relieve him of worry but not cause him undue pain. (Sigh) It was a sad moment that would be hard for them both. However, in the end, it did help move the relationship, and Chuck’s development as a spy, forward. Thank you for this nice Christmas gift today!!

    • Your Welcome, I often think of how much the bracelet scene plays into this. I mean I believe there was two sides to Sarah. The everyday Sarah, but like a athlete once they step foot in between the ropes or on the field it’s game on…I still think Sarah was protecting not only Chuck and the Intersect, but this was personal decision as well.

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