gallery Chuck vs The First Fight

The matter of trust comes to mind when I think of this episode. One of Chuck’s underrated episodes, and even more so we get to see the best villain the series had to offer. The best soft spoken yet deadly man Chuck has ever seen.

We saw how dangerous Alexei Volkoff was, but we have yet to see his face until now. The man behind Volkoff Industries have often shaken Team Bartowski just by sending a hit team to take out Heather Chandler.

The man who had Chuck’s mother in his ranks. The master manipulator that struck fear in many. Once Frost was captured by Casey and Sarah, Chuck was upset with Sarah for not trusting him. Trust is the constant battle between the two over the course of the first four years, but nothing like this. The significance of Mary Bartowski was big especially when she was his mother.

However, what we see from Sarah is regret in doing so. Sarah knew how fragile this situation, but she also did the right thing. No one not even the CIA knew how deep Mary was in with Volkoff. 

Thus, when in a middle of a briefing Sarah couldn’t help but stare at Mary. She snuck into her own home in anticipation of seeing Chuck. Meanwhile, Chuck went to talk to Mary. She told him some information about her mission, but how can he trust her. Again, the word trust comes to mind. Mary sends Chuck to meet her handler Greg Tuttle. Mama Bartowski claimed he was her handler at MI6.

I often wondered why a veteran like Frost would need a handler, which the series messed up on. Frost was a coveted agent. Thus, the need of a handler seemed silly. MI6 would have a record of how important Mary was to the CIA, but I digress.

Chuck went to meet with Tuttle using a code word given to him from his mother. Once at the meeting location, we meet Tuttle. Tuttle was acting like this was his first field operation. He was quick to question Chuck until he heard the code word. Tuttle would relax, but the calm wasn’t going to last long as a team of Volkoff agents swarmed the area.

They take both Tuttle and Chuck with them. Morgan who was supposed to be the eyes and ears for Chuck was busy in the bathroom. When he returned, he quickly went to report it to Casey and Sarah. Upset with Mary, Sarah and Casey tried to get intel out of Mary about the whereabouts of Chuck.

Frost refused to talk to the team until she saw her daughter. Sarah and Casey weren’t getting any head way with Mary until Grimes entered the room.

Finally, Sarah and Casey caved and they went to visit Elle. In a touching scene, we see Mary reveal her absence to not only Elle, but Sarah who was in the room too. Mary claimed everything was to protect her family.

Time was up, Mary would live up to her word and would take them to Chuck. Meanwhile, Chuck and Tuttle were trying to escape the Russian agents, which lead to an awesome fight scene on the plane. Tuttle had the best line “ooh, a tiny weapons standoff.” 

The chase would lead everyone meeting at a bank. Tuttle and Chuck went there to find a disk that had intel to prove Frost’s innocents. It was a disk that could only be used on Orion’s computer down in his secret base. Tuttle took a shot to create a diversion. 

At this point, Chuck had told everyone about his fight with Sarah. In the midst of fighting, they discuss their problem of trust and believing him even if she thinks he was wrong. The reason I talk about this now has everything to do with what happened next.

Frost continued to side with Tuttle, who wasn’t MI6 at all. In fact, he was a lot more dangerous then he lead on, and Sarah still thought Frost wasn’t to be trust totally, but she agreed to work with Chuck the rest of the way. Sarah was right. 

Mary went around the base and found a device, which she used to suppress the intersect. Mary didn’t want him to follow her anymore. Tuttle arrived, but not as we knew, but rather as the Russian weapons mongrel.

Yes, Alexei Volkoff orchestrated all of this for the purpose of finding Orion’s base and seeked to destroy with Charles Carmichael and Sarah with it. Timothy Dalton as Volkoff was fantastic. It’s a shame we couldn’t see Volkoff and Stephen Bartowski work together as brilliant minds like these two would of been fun to watch.

As Volkoff was ready to leave, Mary would slip Sarah a key to free themselves. Clearly, Mary was telling the truth. She had to keep her cover and more importantly Volkoff couldn’t find out about who Chuck was and how he was related to Frost.

In close, we are at the beginning of a great stretch of episodes including my personal favorite one from the entire series.

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