My Old Friend

One of my passions is writing poetry. If you would like to read some of my work feel free to ask me, but its hard to not want to add Chuck poetry to my collection of articles for you all to read.

While browsing my music from my high school days, I remember a band I love to listen to by the name of Pink Floyd. It was one of my favorites. The song Wish You Were here. made me think of how much I miss Chuck. I would love to share my poetry.

Here goes,

How can I get through a day without thinking of the way you can change my emotions. You were able to make me laugh, cry, you made me scratch my head most times because I knew you were smarter then that.

How can I ask you to stay, but you were fighting for something bigger. Have I trigger any of those memories you left behind. The River dried up. Roads seem to never end.

I feel like a baby when a toy was taken away. Watch as tears form around my eyes.  My television seems nothing more than just a machine with images on it. Those moments that brought you back here. The moments that made you become a hero. You are worth more than the Intersect. The machine was great, but the man was better. I could write this letter forever.

Take a seat, have a drink. Let’s think back to the day you learned to flash. Birthday bash lead to realizing you weren’t ready to step out of your shell you built my old friend. Friends from the past are like ghosts from Christmas past. You can watch them from afar. The thought if this was mine crept in your thoughts.

Bryce might have been hell in Stanford, but nothing compares to a file you opened from him. A birthday present that you would be willing to give back.  Cut him some slack once we found out who was behind this all. A call from Orion would make matters even more complicated. The feeling of being incarcerated in your father’s work would be a shock to the system, but nothing compares to a woman named Frost. The feeling of being a pawn in your parents dangerous game.

They tell you to stay in the car, but you are the star of the show. Each memory creates scars that are worth forgetting, but they won’t let you. It’s on to the next mission, the next bad guy who came to Burbank or in Russia needs to be taken down. They oppose a threat to the nation. Later they become war stories shared over time.

A nacho sampler becomes a fake name. Who should we blame for the chaos, Shaw is the village miscreant, but he was just a blimp on the radar.

You were forced into the limelight of terrorists and major underworld villains, but you still remain the same guy we learned to love, how I miss my Old Friend all the same.

Chuck, what do you see becomes the question of the day. Lies used to get you to tag along were convincing. Maybe you should flee from the room. Danger was lurking behind every corner. The broom of your heart can be measured by the way she swept you off your feet. She said, “Trust me, Chuck”

Those words must have been hooks in your skin. A grin and a flash seem to keep things cloudy. The lines were gray, but it didn’t feel that way. It was all like characters in a play. Covers for missions, but how can you cover something from real life.

Sandwiches would be the start of a journey worth taking. Dr. Zornow was just a flake, but you flew a chopper. There could be no faking the measures we take to protect those we love. You taught me that my old friend. Tangos were great with beautiful women, but a flash made you move like a pro on the dance floor altogether.

We can watch worlds come together. They can form unity even if it was started on rocky ground, but still we can’t forget the sand that ran through your toes. A familiar sound of believing they could win if they were on the same page, but personal pride would side track everything. Take her hand or kiss her when everything was on the line. You can say everything will be fine, but you were the one alone drinking Johnnie Walker.

It made me smile when you said she stood by your soul, Let her in, you said to yourself, but the game was new with a new crew. It’s different now. There was no turning back. The morning dew didn’t resolve anything when she sat beside you. Suitcases and a place to call home was nerve wracking, but you managed to figure it all out.

Friendships and family values tested over time. Don’t try to convolute everything. Your crime was trying to balance both worlds, but once the truth was revealed more dangers became worse with each mission completed.

The stages got harder each time you defeated the bad guys. Henchmen became bosses there were no time to cut losses. Saying maybe you should run, but not from her. Who are you kidding? She would find  you somehow.

The general would send you to places where you could’ve been lost forever, but she wouldn’t let you out of her sight. She took you under her wing. She would claim to be your handler, but deep inside she felt like she was more. It was your core values that drew you to her. It was the unselfish matter you put others before yourself, Who knew a cover in the Suburbs would turn into a real ring on her finger. My old friend what an adventure you lived.

Images of drinking coffee out of a Buymore cup. Pineapple became more than just a fruit. Pants had more use then my legs. It’s simple words, but in the end we know the inside joke. Be careful not to choke on cheeseballs.

Let’s try not fall for the moment when a yes became a rampage through Thailand.  A visit to the doctor preaching how much she loved him. A tooth was not something he was losing his mind over. The idea Shaw was still alive was crippling.

Watch as you risked jail time to save her from dying. It’s memories like these my old friend that makes me want to hear more. Chuck, where did you go? It was flashing kung fu when things went a stray.

Still I can’t help but hope you were not gone. Memories are great, but let’s make some new ones. Let’s fix this nasty finale. It’s just not the same not seeing Morgan and Alex grow into their own relationship. We want to see Big Mike put down that Subway sandwich, maybe Jeffster would find themselves on the cover of Rolling Stone. Maybe Anna Wu would return to spoil the party.

We can say everything was fine, but for who? It wasn’t their tears I had to wipe off my face. I want to see John Casey grunt one more time. I want to see Elle apart of the team. Is that a crime? Is it too late to change our faith. News of Roseanne returning makes me wonder why Chuck fans have to keep waiting for something we never wanted to see go.

Watching her sniff his shirt, Her tears of joy when she found him. How can you not want to see more of that? Romeo and Juliet ain’t got nothing on that. Tell me how can we learn to fly without the skill set downloaded into our minds.

How I miss my Old Friend, Chuck, where did you go?




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