gallery The Return of Chuckaholics

While we are stuck in our homes due to the events of the world, we often look for outlets to stop boredom from taking over. Child care and finding ways to find money because of no work can become stressful. When the news broke about a Chuck Reunion  helped stir the fuel needed to rewatch our favorite show.

The cast of Chuck came together this past Friday to raise money for aid. The monies was for  people dealing with the Coronavirus. They conducted a table read of an episode chosen by the fans to air on youtube.

The episode selected was Chuck vs The Beard, which is a very key episode. The episode from Season Three, which was when Chuck told Morgan about being a spy.

So, I tapped into my Prime account and began watching the series again. The results made me wonder what it would be like to start writing for Chuckaholics again. New fans means new eyes and new perspective on our favorite characters. No matter who you enjoyed watching. Buymoria may not be recognized by our computer spell check, but we know what it means. Pineapples and cheeseballs still make people smile because of what it meant in Chuck.

Yes, I am a late follower of the series, but I still love the show and hope to hear or read news about a new miniseries or movie could open the door for more material to write. Since there is no new episodes to talk about material can become stale. Ideas often match material on other Chuck sites which makes it seem like we are running around in circles.

All Chuck sites can point out plot holes and state their opinions on scenes they hated or characters they felt were not needed. Its no different than a book club, but from a larger scale Chuck’s reunion was a success in a way because it got people thinking about it again. The question of what if has resurfaced. If the cast can come together for a table read and find time for it. we can only hope for the news of a new Chuck project. Thus, Chuckaholics thanks the crew and cast for an amazing time.

The one thing is we can’t go back. We can interpret the final two episodes of season five as however we want, but the chance at closure could finally come to be. It makes me want to write again.  What can be done by going back. We need to move forward and create new stories. Same characters but new adventures.

Chuck, Sarah, Morgan and Casey can go on new missions. Thus, my idea of writing again. It’s time to dust off the desk and share my passion for a show we still want. The promising number of over 90,000 views has me thinking positive that something can done.

Thus, we can talk about Chuck’s music, episodes and character developments, but most of all Chuckaholics has always been a place where we can come together an talk about the show.

I look forward in meeting new people who love Chuck as much as I do.





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