gallery Rewriting Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker Series

As I begin my latest rewatch of Chuck, I find myself wondering if I should relaunch my favorite series which is Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker. A series dedicated to the character of Sarah Walker. I love how Sarah Walker was written until the last part of Season Five. I can even handle Sarah Walker from Season Three over the final Sarah Walker we were left remembering, but I digress. I take you on a journey where I try to show when Sarah was being a normal girl to that of her Agent Walker persona.

There is a lot of information for me to analysis. Sure, I can take what was  filmed as fact but what would be the fun in that. Sarah Walker is my favorite character and seeing her character go from Langston Graham’s wild card enforcer to a woman who wanted a normal life was amazing to watch. I plan to take down my old series and write a new one. As I  release chapters, I want to welcome new followers to my thoughts on all things Sarah Walker.

The moment Sarah Walker entered the Buymore I was hooked. I was hooked because like Chuck I struggled with women. I didn’t know how to talk to them and really became weak when it came to the opposite sex especially with women like Walker. Morgan said it best, “You’re  kind of a big fish.” It’s true when you factor in on just her looks.

A blond bombshell of a woman who walks with confidence and as she strolls towards the Nerd Herd counter, we see a woman on a mission, but all that would change because of who Chuck was to her, but for a man like me finding a Sarah is impossible.

Sarah applied what she knew to her career with Chuck, but what was deemed a piece of cake was nothing more than a life altering experience . Before everything was about the next mission. Thus, the feeling of getting in and getting out. Bryce Larkin was dead so there was no need to worry about a partner anymore. A glimpse of the fixer mentality was shown when she was ordered to leave town.  More on this in the next article.

Sarah knew the computer was broken. She knew Chuck wasn’t dangerous because of her first interaction with Chuck, but why wouldn’t she leave? She claimed she had to follow orders, Thus, What made a mission oriented woman go from spy to asking herself, What If? Once what if moves into the mind normal decisions aren’t normal anymore. Sarah started to question her orders when it came to leaving Chuck.

It’s easy to say she fell in love him, but not at that point. Agent Walker was alive and present for the world to see except when she started saying she could fix it.  Feelings are true when you act on them, no matter if she had to boodle them up because of her profession.

This is where we shall begin the new series as we examine What If Sarah Walker didn’t chose to stay and want to fix it.

We shall examine the What If over the course of this new series. If  you are the type that takes what was filmed as gospel then this article won’t be for you. Remember this is my opinion and why I started Chuckaholics to begin with.  My wife is tired of talking about it with me so  decided to write for you so I can discuss the what ifs of Chuck.

Sarah Walker is such an interesting character so sit back and relax. Grab a coffee or tea and join me on this ride.

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