gallery Chuck Song of The Day: Chuck Rushes to Save The Day

The single serving episodes were awesome no matter if it was about the past of Sarah Walker or John Casey. The one that stood out to me the most was Chuck vs Tom Sawyer. We get a story based on a Buymore character. Jeff Barnes was the focus of this episode, but what stands out about this song is how much Chuck has grown as a thinking spy. The thinking part truly makes Chuck an asset and ultimately lead Beckman into saying “You are a spy until I say  you are not.”

Chuck needed to protect his friends and family which makes him a hero even though they didn’t know the amount of danger they were in, but what makes Chuck fun to watch is his ability to forget he is just a normal guy and really think like a spy. He grew into becoming a great spy and while Casey and Sarah used violence to get answers or thwart bad guys, Chuck used his mind as means to survive in this world.

Chuck vs Tom Sawyer aired during Season Two Episode Five. The second of two single serving episodes. Sarah Walker’s Cougars episode aired before his episode and Tom Sawyer would lead to one of my favorite arcs of the series. I am a fan of the Jill episodes so getting a break between Chuck breaking up with Sarah to when Chuck’s ex comes to town, Tom Sawyer was a great way to take a break from the main story.

Chuck has to play Missile Command against time we see Chuck using his mind on how to get the kill screen. He figured out the pattern was based off of Rush’s Tom Sawyer.  The song is iconic to this episode, but also one of Rock and Roll anthems






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