gallery Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker: Real or Fake Cover Part Three

In the first two chapters, we continued our discussion about Sarah setting roots and beginning to scare. Multiple times we see a woman floating above water. The balance between real and fake is still foreign, and at times we see confusion and wondering if a cover really is in play here.

We ended our last discussion with a fake picture becoming a real one, but Chuck is still not convince any of this is real because Agent Walker keeps reminding him they needed to protect the cover, but who is Sarah Walker trying to convince? If it’s truly a cover then things like this shouldn’t happen.

Getting lost in a cover can often lead to obvious clues to people with in the business Sarah works for. Case in point, Carina comes to town, but before we know her Sarah is enjoying herself quite well when its game night. Sarah is living a dream. Family has been absent from Sarah all her life so bonding with Ellie, Morgan and Devin was heart warming, but even more

It’s a normal woman’s usual slow pace life. There is no missions, no orders, no bad guys. This was simple, but Sarah is quickly reminded there are serious threats out there when she sees the curtain moving plus the untimely question of being the most headed person in Chuck’s life. Bryce Larkin is still a hot subject for Sarah and Chuck because Sarah felt the need to use typical spy lingo to cover her real relationship with Bryce.  The cross between fake and real continue to cause issues in a developing relationship. Some one say unhealthy at this point and certainly would cause Langston and Beckman to reassign her.

As an agent, Chuck knowing about Bryce would make Sarah’s life harder, but Carina couldn’t wait to stir the pot to get everyone focused on the mission so once again the Trust me aspect is in question. So, when Chuck asks her about the truth. Chuck saw right through her lies, but before that we take a look at what I call jealous Sarah.

Sarah and Chuck are sharing a date with Morgan and Carina, but here are something to think about during this date. First, Chuck notices twice how Sarah doesn’t like olives on her pizza. Its something real about Sarah he now knows, but what we also learn is Sarah’s position in Burbank.  If anyone knows Sarah Walker its Carina. They were on the same team before. They have history so Sarah Couldn’t put anything past her, which is why we have these reactions from Carina. It doesn’t help that Carina also knows Sarah’s history with dating men from work.  Thus, the first person to see Sarah’s real feelings is her,

While Chuck isn’t sure of Sarah’s move Carina sees right through it. I often spoke about how Carina was really the start of Jealous Sarah because after this scene where Sarah proclaims she is good in Burbank. We get Carina in aggressive mode something that caught Sarah’s jealous side. However, Chuck’s trust is destroyed once the truth about Bryce comes to light.

Yes, Sarah still has a lot to learn about the effect of lies especially knowing how much Chuck disliked Bryce.

What makes this great is how much being caught in a lie can effect real relationships. Again, we watched a maturation of what it means being in a real relationship no matter if its fake or not lies destroy.

Carina continued her games of manipulation and stir the pot, but in the end Carina started jealous Sarah did not like seeing this

However, Sarah knew  this wasn’t real, but what would be a problem is the Sandwich Queen. The other aspect of this is even though they were making progress on their relationship Agent Walker has firm control when it came to Chuck asking about something real. However, he did get her to crack but he wasn’t there to listen.

My name is Lisa. Well done Chuck. You cracked the wall enough to get her say something real. Te hardest part about a cover being compromised is the sudden speechless reaction we got at the end of Wookie. Sarah’s wall she had up all her life has been dented because now Sarah’s cover is from herself.

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