gallery Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker: What If Part Two

Now that we have the past out of the way, we can continue forward with my analysis of Sarah Walker. We established in just one episode Sarah Walker began setting roots into her new mission.

Chuck vs The Pilot was a great way to begin my thesis as I look back and examine the brilliant Sarah Walker. Specifically Yvonne Strahovski’s uncanny ability to speak through her emotions.  Thus, I begin with one line from the Pilot “There is one more thing you can do for me, trust me Chuck.” The lines can be blurred when the woman who came to the Buymore invites you on a date only to became an all out assault weapon.

Sarah’s request comes not with a demanding  tone but a plea. Trust me is  a test of strength on the mind as we will see throughout the series. There are times when Trust Me is hard to believe in every sense of the phrase, but what really is interesting  when Sarah is in her hotel room.

Sarah is scrolling through pictures of her days with Bryce and Walker were partners which the viewer clearly can see they were more than that. One day with Chuck and we see this,

Sarah Walker looks to be in a state of limbo. Bryce represents her past. A past where she was committed to until this very day. Chuck changed everything Sarah thought she wanted and for the first time she is scared. Sarah Walker is used to the guns, violence and other dastardly deeds she would encounter on a mission, but like for the rest of us real life can scare the crap out of us.

The stone cold Langston Graham enforcer has questions about her future and what it means in the end. Chuck opened the door to a future Sarah didn’t know she needed. Trust me can be said both ways. The test of what trust me really means.

It’s interesting because Chuck is forced into her world and likewise Sarah is stepping into his, but the what if is clearly in Sarah’s expression. What if this has become a real thing.

Trust me is included in the next two episodes. A first mission and question of who to trust is centered on the team. Casey is  a perfect demonstration of an agent first perceptive compared to what Sarah Walker was showcasing, but trust me is supposed to be included in a cover relationship. Details can become mucky when the constant reminder of it just being a cover.

The more they spend time together after missions and tasks continues to blur the situation. Casey was not at Ellie’s house for game night. Sarah was submerged into her role as a girlfriend, but she still was responding like  Agent Walker. The first trust me question of what if becomes an issue with a fake photo.

If you are Chuck and you are struggling with what is real and what is not can become distraught especially when your fake girlfriend is in  your room. You see her present you with a fake photo and states “Well, we are a real couple just a different kind of couple.” Still focused on being an agent Sarah is walking a thin line.

She admits what she can about what is real and what isn’t especially with Casey listening in, but that doesn’t stop Sarah from providing more confusing actions and contradictions to these things by seeing the photo in the garbage Sarah understands the significant of making sure Chuck sees their relationship is as real as it can be.

The photo also represents the first possession Sarah plants into Chuck’s room as hers. The thing that makes me smile about this scene is how much Sarah waiting in Chuck’s room means. A agent working a case like Agent Walker supposed to isn’t waiting in the room at all. It’s a fake relationship so there was no need for her to be waiting in his room alone. The placement of the picture was also telling. The picture could’ve been placed anywhere, but Sarah put it next to his bed.

What was Sarah really looking for is my question.  Why was it important at this early stage of their relationship to not wait with Devin and Ellie. Its moments like these that make you see Sarah looking for her own answers as she set roots in her new life. As far as Sarah was concern, Chuck Bartowski was her life now.

We have a picture and as pointed out a watch (Sean Short from twitter) all of these things are roots which was essentially marking her turf. It’s no different than a new girlfriend buying a plant for her boyfriend’s house except the plant wouldn’t have a listening bug in it. The plant is here to remind a new boyfriend of her. The fake photo is designed to be something for him to remind Chuck of Sarah even though they never went to comic con.

It’s a telling thing when you see a woman learn from her experience as Sarah corrects a wrong by taking a real picture.

Sarah is adjusting to her new life. A life she clearly is starting to settle into. Agent Walker wouldn’t care if Chuck found the picture to be a fake because it was just a mission.  Chuck continues to act on the mix signals, but Agent Walker is still in control especially when Chuck doesn’t trust her. In Helicopter, we see a great example when Chuck begins to question her trust.

Sarah gets upset when Chuck doesn’t trust her early on. Agent Walker is in full swing in the bathroom. “Chuck, I said for you to trust me not believe me.” Is there supposed to be a difference. Its moments like these when Chuck has a right to question everything.

Chuck is the kind of guy that admits when he is wrong and tries to fix it. He apologizes when he screws up and it leads to Chuck back in her paw. Most relationships have fights and Charah are no different, but the terms of these fights come with not setting the line where being real begins and fake ends.

Its too late by the end of Tango cause we have an Agent falling for her asset to the point where its scaring her. 

The question is if Casey wasn’t watching just how much suffering was Sarah willing to endure. For the first time Sarah was thinking about acting on her feelings, which continues to scare her. Yes, Sarah one day you might be a real girl.

Next Chapter will be Sarah’s possession of Chuck makes her struggle with the opposite sex show signs of interest in him.

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