gallery Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker: Part Four

Cover Relationships vs Real Relationships

As we continue down the road in understanding Sarah Walker, we will hold off on Bryce Larkin for a later article. We established how Sarah Walker is setting her roots in Burbank both as a cover girlfriend and a spy. The more Sarah and Chuck work together the more they bond and grow closer as a real couple, but their situation was still complicated.

There is one aspect of life that really causes friction and its in the jealousy department. Chuck and Sarah never really said they were official, but the chemistry and bond made Chuck  think otherwise. In this article, we discuss the differences between Chuck interest in a real relationship to Sarah trying to hold on to the Cover relationship. The present and past are best to demonstrate, but the work Chuck did on Hannah was not favorable at all.

I will always say Chuck vs The Truth is where the relationship became real because Sarah started to act on her feelings. Jealously from a agent should be cause for termination, but when you see your cover boyfriend fail to announce the status of their relationship could puzzle the mind, but its not Chuck’s fault either.  Earlier Agent Walker was still in full control. We find them in a closet going over the particulars of a cover double date. Everything was fake until Chuck told Sarah which blouse he liked. It caught Sarah’s attention which would be normal under the circumstance

It also continues to show how much Sarah loves the attention she gets from Chuck. Sarah is enjoying this because there hasn’t been a threat to her place since Carina. Thus, Chuck was pretty much in Sarah’s grip. It’s great to see except what happens next. An awkward moment between her and Chuck on the date shows they have work to do.

The reason is easy to point out. Devin and Ellie know each other like a real couple would. There is flow and attention to detail unlike a cover relationship where things were rehearsed. In other words, there is no continuity not like they were in Honeymooners.

The fact that Chuck shows disinterest in holding Sarah because in his mind the relationship was fake was not and invite need to Sarah, but what does Sarah do. She holds him. However, the move by Sarah isn’t real its more to keep up appearances which is why you have a half-hearted effort from Chuck. The whole fake relationship is taking its toll because there was never any ground rules set. Sarah’s need to establish roots was confusing and manipulative, but that changes here with this one. 

like Sarah, Lou had a phone problem, but Lou was real and showed interest in Chuck. He saw instantly too. Lou is a pretty woman and I see Chuck a lot more comfortable in talking to Lou than he did with Sarah which is an interesting dynamic. Lou doesn’t appear to be a threat at all. Lou didn’t have premeditated motive.

She flirts right away and as she would say the size difference was intriguing. Normally, Chuck would claim he had a girlfriend, but why do so when he is constantly reminded its just a cover. Lou represents a normal life for Chuck as well. So, we have the famous moment.

Sarah is still an agent at this point. Sarah’s thinking is she couldn’t be replaced never set in because Carina was gone. Lou is a problem. The results of not discussing the particulars of their relationship comes to play. Lou brings Chuck a real present not a fake photo with a listening device attached to it.  You can see from Sarah’s expression it was bothering her when he didn’t say girlfriend right away.  Now look at her expression at looking at the sandwich.

Somehow Sarah didn’t notice the sandwich in his hand because it now set in for Sarah. Something a normal woman would feel. Its a real feeling we see for the first time in the series not since this expression.

However, Sarah’s thrust into real feelings begins to further experience what all normal women feel when their boyfriends are taking an interest in someone else cover or not. Agent Walker is present at the beginning of this episode as Sarah is discussing about their cover. Sarah says “I believe its time to make love.” So, the set up for a fake sleep over was in the works. Thus, Sarah completely still was not effected by Lou and the sandwich until now.

Here is where Sarah Walker the real girlfriend comes to be,


Sarah is feeling what we all feel when we see someone we care about do what Chuck did. It’s not Chuck’s fault at all he has been told they have nothing real, but boy does Sarah look and feel like its not real anymore. The course of action for Sarah is to act. It’s a slippery slope when trying to position yourself as a real girlfriend and fake one apparently.

Sarah steps up her game,  but loves what Chuck set up in the room. Its romantic even if its fake, but what throws the whole thing off is Sarah’s fall back response to confuse things. What is all of this “You know this is just for cover.” So, the men Sarah has been with never did what Chuck set up. Candles, so instead of playing along Agent Walker had to ruin the moment, but not without reminding Chuck of what he already has. Games are being played and for a fake girlfriend to behave this way makes it frustrating for Chuck. In other words, Sarah wants her cake and eat it too.

We also seem to forget as a viewer what the setting is. Casey is listening into the date thus Sarah really can’t act on what she is feeling, but  that doesn’t mean she didn’t come prepared to torment Chuck

Sarah really looks great when she comes to a “fake sleepover” We fast Forward to the end we know Chuck asked if the relationship was going anywhere. To be fair to Sarah, if  you watch her answer closely Sarah was struggling with answering as if she was fighting the serum. Sarah was close to responding. She lied to not compromise herself she admitted as much to Casey.

However, what Sarah was not trained for is real emotions,

The brilliance of Yvonne are on full display. you can’t fake the feeling Sarah was expressing. First she thought Chuck was going to kiss her. IF he made the first move would it change anything, I don’t know, but she didn’t look like she was going to resist.

The power move Chuck made by saying we need to break up was one thing but saying how this fake relationship was taking a toll and that he was fooling himself in believing it was plus the song playing was perfect.

Fresh feeling, Chuck was looking for something fresh and real. Sarah’s roots were disturbed and she didn’t like hearing the truth because we see this when the episode closes

The next part of this article will discuss the rest that happen. I don’t want to cram everything into one article. IT will be too much.


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