gallery Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker: Part 5

Sarah learning how to live a normal life can be a burden, but like most people deal with pain differently. Let’s face it, Sarah Walker wasn’t leaving and this idea Sarah couldn’t just let Chuck live his own life by protecting from a distance or just as friends isn’t plausible because John Casey was doing it.

John Casey didn’t mingle with the asset until there was a need for it. Sarah was always with Chuck so the lines could never be distinguished.

There is a reason why Beckman said having a personal and professional relationship can be dangerous. Casey knew this with Ilsa. Bryce knew this and so did Orion/Mary.  Life often makes us make decisions that don’t work with being a spy. We saw that in Chuck vs The Break up.

Sarah’s feelings caused her to hesitate something that will get her killed. I am not saying they couldn’t function, but feelings can cloud judgment. How many times in Chuck’s life did the Intersect not function because of how emotional Chuck became especially when things were sour with Sarah, but there was no evidence that could preventing Sarah from being in the background if it was just a cover.

Thus, when we see Sarah at the beginning of Imported Hard Salami. Sarah’s need to stay close to Chuck was paramount in Sarah Walker’s development. The problem I have with Sarah at this juncture is her constant reminding Chuck about protocol. It’s the very reason they were in the mess.

However, I am not interested in talking about what was said in the home theater just yet. I prefer to talk about this moment. As mentioned on Twitter, Sarah admitted in V log Chuck broke up with her. While she was protecting her job, you can tell the way she entered the Buymore it was affecting her. Sometimes Sarah uses her job as a means to stay close to the asset, but why?

Beckman and Graham were not going to take their best spy off of the asset.  I have no doubt in that because of what the Intersect means. However, Sarah was trying to regain that closeness she had with Chuck. However, Chuck called her out on it.

This is why I respect Charles Bartowski because he isn’t your traditional nerd. He speaks up for himself especially when it comes to Sarah’s constant reminders of cover. The other aspect of the beginning is how much Sarah was drowning. Chuck and Lou where spending time together because its clear from Sarah’s body language and demeanor. “I’ve been thinking about our break up, and I don’t think its a good idea.” Sarah was trying to sell it like it was about the cover, but not the way Sarah’s hair was and her eyes clearly show she hasn’t slept.

Sarah’s logic is true “Look, I am sorry if you thought there was feelings.” I have no issue with what she said, but I do have issue with how she looked while saying it. I have said before how Sarah said things that didn’t match her body language and expressions, which is what makes the character so fascinating.

Sarah’s hair is not made. She has no lipstick that indicates she made herself look good. Thus, she isn’t the usual Sarah Walker we get like here. 

There is a significant presentation in Sarah Walker that we haven’t seen all season. The fact that real emotions are clashing with Agent Walker makes her job harder. It makes it easy for Casey to point it out to her. “Same bit with you.” So, much so even during a briefing Sarah’s can’t keep focus.  Sarah hearing about Chuck hooking up with Lou bothers her.

There is no confidence in listening to your cover boyfriend with another woman, but like in the future the tables will turn like they always do for Chuck and Sarah. There is no enjoyment as Chuck is not eating out of your hand like he was doing. Thus, it demonstrates Sarah need for Chuck with she knows it. Thus, Sarah tries to play it cool by apologizing for interrupting Chuck’s date, but its merely trying to cover herself, but the hair is made again so it can be construed as genuine. However, Chuck once again sticks it to the cover, which caused Sarah to admit “I never thought our time together was work.” The line is not a lie and its not a cover. It wasn’t work when together.

The mission isn’t a issue for me, but when a woman is struggling to remain above water everything seems to pile up on her. What does bother me about the trunk scene is Chuck’s default of using Bryce as a escape goat, much like Sarah uses Agent Walker to cover her true feelings. Chuck uses Bryce as cop out. Bryce wasn’t a problem right now.

Now we get to the kiss. A great kiss. Sarah basically did what my wife did to me when we first met. My wife shoulder checked me on the middle of a Bronx street much like Sarah blindsided Chuck with a kiss and not just a kiss. I thought I saw tongue kiss. The only problem I saw with this kiss is the fact cheese steaks make me laugh now.

The kiss reminds me of the dynamic of Chuck and Sarah that I will close this article with. The first kiss is always a measuring stick of a relationship and especially for Sarah kissing Chuck was on her mind because of the aggressive nature she took. There was no doubt Sarah has been thinking about it. There were no words and no hesitation. Grant it,  they thought a bomb was about to go off, but the bomb isn’t an explosive. The return of the biggest problem of season one Bryce Larkin. Chuck and Sarah had to let go of the past, but something tells me it won’t happen anytime soon.



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