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This week on Chuckaholics we discussed a lot about Sarah Walker and the episode Chuck vs The Truth so today, I figured it would be fitting to pick this song to close this week’s festivities.


Fresh Feeling is a great song for the moment. Chuck has a fresh feeling of having a new real relationship while Sarah realizes her fresh feeling is the cover is real you can follow my series Sarah Walker vs Agent Walker 

There are two bars in this song that furthers our discussion. One of the things I loved about Chuck is playing a piece of a lyric to enhance the scene. In the scene above, these lyrics play for us to hear

Words can’t be that strong
My heart is reeling
This is that fresh
That fresh feeling

It couldn’t be more true than words do hurt sometimes worse then bullets sometimes.

We also can hear,

You don’t have a clue
What it is like to be next to you
I’m here to tell you
That it is good
That it is true

You can post on twitter your comments or below. Let’s keep the discussion going. In Chuck in trust.

Enjoy the song and remember its hard to say goodbye because we didn’t.


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