gallery Why I love Chuck, Sarah, Bryce and Jill Story: Part 1

While many people will say Chuck had major plot holes and bad writing at times, I found one story that played out for two seasons as one of my favorite stories. It all started at Stanford. When three people met, it would turn out to be the beginning of a true love story.

Lines are draw and played out better than what we got in Season Three. The whole Daniel Shaw/Hannah/ Chuck and Sarah four sided triangle was not as effective as this one. The problem is not all the parts linked together. Shaw and Hannah certainly didn’t cross paths like what we got with Bryce, Chuck, Jill and Sarah.

A great story has many levels. The story of Chuck, Sarah, Bryce and Jill had many chapters and it was done so well as I am thinking about it has me smiling. There are moments during these arcs that really test Chuck and Sarah’s love. Its one thing to talk about your ex. Its a whole different thing when you have to work with them. It tests the mind and heart on how long it can go before cracking.   

It is important to understand without Stanford there is no story build up. Jill, Chuck and Bryce all attended the same school thus those character intertwine. It would be a bad writer if I didn’t point out the sides here. Fulcrum recruited Jill while Bryce was with the CIA/Orion and while Sarah and Bryce worked together, Walker wasn’t at Stanford, but that doesn’t mean Jill and Sarah didn’t work together and compete for the same man along the way.

Chuck, Bryce and Jill built a trusting relationship enough for betrayal to overtake Chuck which would last for five years. With Chuck out of the way, Jill and Bryce worked on each other as rival organizations were positioning themselves within Stanford/CIA recruitment infrastructure.

As the relationship took a hit, Bryce’s decision to send Chuck the Intersect leaves Walker to enter into the discussion. Bryce’s relationship with both Jill and Sarah continues the downward spiral Chuck had toward confidence and closure on his real problems with Bryce.

After an amazing kiss, the bomb turned out to be a bombshell on Chuck and Sarah’s life. Chuck and Sarah were having real/cover relationship issue, but it gets worse. Sarah’s ex returns from the dead., Bryce needed to answer the question why Chuck.  It’s not easy to deal with for either of them. Sarah and Chuck both were accustomed to each other, but with Bryce back it only complicates matters especially how you see the exhaustion in Sarah’s face.

As a viewer, we seem to forget the ordeal Sarah is living with. She clearly is in love with Chuck there is not question anymore. The cat is out of the bag once Sarah committed in interfering with a date and display real feelings. It was enough for Casey to point it out to her in the van. No matter the person real emotions get the best of us and it gets harder for because of Larkin returning.

However, we don’t only see confusion from both Chuck and Sarah., but we can see this is tough for everyone involved including Bryce.

As you can see from Bryce,  he didn’t expect to see Sarah and as for Sarah. We see a woman all screwed up from the resurrection of Larkin and her feelings for a new man.  Again, we don’t see makeup and nice hair which is reasonable in retrospect.

As I stated before, Chuck’s mental roadblock was Bryce, but with Fulcrum lurking Larkin had no time to give answers. Missions are important and lives were at stake. Bryce questions Chuck what happened to him. I get the notion that people like Bryce would recover, but from Chuck’s perspective he frame him for cheating which is a tough pill to swallow.

After the hospital, Bryce and Chuck exchange in the courtyard was where Bryce comes off as a brash agent but not true. Look at the genuine smile and glare from Bryce’s eyes when looking at Chuck. It also a fair question from Bryce who saw all kinds of potential in Bartowski.


Meanwhile, Sarah is having Thanksgiving Dinner with Chuck and what this scene reminds me of was the classic an ex boyfriend returning and disrupting the ex girlfriend’s new life by causing problems and remind her of her previous life. This arises from not establishing with Chuck the difference between real and fake. It was way to often when the lines fell into that grey area, but Sarah Walker was dressed up for this dinner and its for Chuck not Bryce.

Sarah has her place back at the dinner table. All the business with Lou is done so there is no reason to have lingering feelings about that, but what Chuck is not prepared for nor would any man for that matter is seeing your current girlfriend kiss her ex boyfriend in your own room.  The red dress won’t be the only time we see red when it comes to Chuck, Sarah and Bryce.

What makes this even tougher for the three is working together on a mission. The balance between real emotions and remembering the past was a quick fix for Sarah and Bryce. The perfect unison when chemistry and respect are formed all those years ago. It’s why Sarah would say “Bryce was a spy..Chuck was an asset.” It hard to understand the difference, but by the time Chuck vs The Break happens Sarah already committed treason when she stopped the transport of Chuck.

Sarah’s feelings for Chuck were growing so much so she started speaking to him like a real girlfriend would “Chuck, I’ve seen you in action. Anything you wanted you can have.  This included her.

However, before this can happen Sarah had to choose between Chuck and Bryce.

The production of Chuck did a fantastic job with imagery of a old phone with a new one.  Bryce represents the old life. However, Chuck begins to also understand how great the two are together, but it doesn’t mean bitter jealousy would be over. 

When Bryce returns, Bryce picks up on the relationship between Chuck and Sarah and now its his turn to feel the jealousy bug. Sarah asks Bryce to keep the Andersons as just a cover the kind of things Sarah told Chuck in the beginning now was being said to Bryce.  Thus, Sarah has made her choice and the biggest clue to that is the red dress.

What made this scene  great was the real feelings displayed by all threes. Bryce has a thing for Sarah just as much as Chuck, but again the difference was Bryce knew when to shut off the feelings not like Chuck and at this point either could Sarah since she went off mission to save Chuck from the Fulcrum agent.  It made Bryce explain to Chuck why mixing feelings with missions would lead to disaster.

This doesn’t change Bryce’s mind of Chuck being a spy either because he worked with Chuck on two missions and can see Chuck as a spy much sooner than Sarah and Casey.  Sarah chose Chuck and for that Bryce became jealous of what was brewing between his former girlfriend and her what was believed to be her cover boyfriend which is why this story was better told so far.

However, Sarah truly couldn’t understand Chuck’s issues with Bryce unless she goes through it. This is why when the tables were turned and Chuck’s ex comes into the picture we saw the jealous flip and now Sarah experienced what Chuck went through with Larkin.

The problem of course was Jill Roberts was Fulcrum.

Now we will see why Jill Roberts is a an underrated character and key in the story.


  1. The love triangles in seasons 1 and 2 were exceptionally well done. It made perfect sense for Chuck to try a “real” relationship with Lou in S1 and he absolutely needed to get over his past relationship with Jill in S2.

    And Sarah did need to get over her past relationship with Bryce in S1 and get over the temptation of a superspy like Cole in S2.

    • I agree which is y i think what was told from Bryce jill sarah and chuck was better because all the parts crossed paths. Worked missions together.

      Sarah could never understand Chuck perspective working with an ex until jill arrived

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