gallery Why I Love Chuck, Sarah, Bryce and Jill Story: Part 2

In Chuck, Sarah, Bryce and Jill Story Part 1  I discussed why these four characters work better as a  love quadrilateral than what we witnessed in Season Three. so, lets review what we know about the first part of this story.

Before Jill enters the story we have this,

Chuck broke up with Sarah from the advise Bryce gave him about being a spy and the major war approaching with Fulcrum. It was true because Sarah did hesitate in shooting the Fulcrum agent, but with the agent using Chuck as a shield there were no guarantee she wouldn’t hurt Chuck in the process. Sarah showed Bryce it wasn’t Chuck who was compromised. It was Sarah Walker instead.

Thus, Sarah was doing her job, but when Bryce was faced with the same situation  Larkin shot Chuck knowing he had a vest. Thus, Bryce used his surroundings and information to act, but the realization made by Larkin made Chuck consider all of this. Time for Chuck to act and put their relationship on hold for the time being.

While doors close others from the past seem to reopen. A nerd herd assignment would bring Chuck a blast from the past.  The past would be the second part of his days in Stanford as Chuck ran into his ex girlfriend Jill Roberts. Immediately, Jill Roberts was happy to see Chuck.

He was all discombobulated with being in the same building with his ex. Naturally, if the woman you broke up with ended up dating your roommate was approaching the table you were  standing, anxiety and  frustration in wanting to get out of dodge would be the plan, but work would get in the way and I don’t mean just fixing electronics.

Chuck’s spy world would be calling and made Chuck date was ex girlfriend. What was hard to understand was that high anxiety Chuck was experiencing unless you went  through it. Sarah was never put in a position like  what Chuck dealt with. Yes, Lou was a polarizing figure when it comes to the realization that Sarah’s cover was a cover for her real feelings.

Jill Roberts presence in Burbank is a daunting experience. There are instances that proves that theory. First, Sarah’s declaration to make Chuck look good with Jill was a catch 22. The goal was to get information, but in that process Sarah had to put her emotions away, but what always was the case Jealously often does not happenChuck206-00338

Sarah’s need to be a handler was important for the focus on the mission, but Chuck needed answers so Sarah had to get Chuck focused, but the pep talk backfired because the charm Chuck had  restored old feelings. The ultimate question was Jill ever over Chuck. Chuck206-00348

The question of belief comes up. Chuck wanted Jill to believe him about not cheating. It’s important to close bad bridges if there was ever a chance to  find the fire once again.. For Jill, it didn’t matter now because Jill put it behind her. Although, something tells me she knew Bryce set him up but working with Fulcrum was no different than the CIA missions had to be achieved.

However, Jill senses the past is still bitter and it shows. Let’s take this scene from Jill’s perspective. She agreed to go out with Chuck so much so Jill told told Chuck what hotel she was staying at. Rekindled feelings maybe not, but its hard to fathom Jill didn’t want to see Chuck again even if it was in a social setting.

Jill didn’t know she was surrounded because while Jill arrived on her own free will, Sarah had to listen into Chuck adapt and mend fences with Jill.  Sarah had to listen to the whole exchange and wasn’t pleased by it at all.

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If that didn’t bother Sarah already, Chuck arriving at Jill’s hotel was just going to make matters worse and Sarah not only had to hear Chuck say he wasn’t over Jill but kissed her which would be one of Yvonne’s classic use of emotion to demonstrate her heart breaking a bit. The other aspect of what Chuck said would further that feeling.  “Jill knew the real me.” No covers, no lies just me.

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It’s a direct blew to Sarah’s heart and once again we saw the real girl Sarah surface. Let’s break it down Sarah is listening in to Chuck proclaim he wasn’t over Jill. Sarah shows emotion as a result, but the fact Chuck turned off the listening device meant Sarah didn’t hear them kiss., and that my friends is a double whammy.

I won’t get into full detail on what happened next other than Jill and Chuck regain feelings for each other. They start seeing each other and Sarah once again is put in the background with the reminder what they had was not real.

There is couple of more things to discuss before we close the Jill part of the story.  In the course of two seasons we always saw Casey conducting he surveillance of Chuck, but after what happened between Chuck and jill we get two things.

  1. Sarah is listening to Chuck’s phone. Something we haven’t seen yet. The second is another one of those scenes were Sarah doesn’t say what she feeling.
  2. The next chapter of this short series is showing how exes working together doesn’t work in the long rung.


Sarah was able to experience what it was like for Chuck the two times Bryce was in town. It’s important to understand Sarah’s education here.  As we continue to examine Sarah, there really is no difference between how Sarah and Chuck let their feelings get the best of them during missions.

The difference was Chuck expressed his feelings, but Sarah was unable thus reduced to covering her feelings only for us the viewer to see her true feelings for Chuck.

Next chapter will be about working with exes. This part should be interesting to examine

Until next time, remember its hard to say goodbye because we didn’t


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