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Today’s  Chuck song of the day comes from my favorite scene in all of Chuck. For three years,  Chuck had the question whether Sarah would be in his life if it wasn’t for the super computer in his brain.

Sarah never said she loved Chuck because of the computer, but for guys like Chuck, I often agree with what Morgan said. “Sarah, your kind of a big fish.” It’s true in a sense Sarah Walkers don’t fall into the laps of Chuck Bartowskis often and usually they have a shelf life.

When Morgan explained Chuck’s proposal plan. Sarah admitted to Morgan about loving him with or without the Intersect. The issue is she never told Chuck  which turns Sarah sent her into Rampage Sarah.


The song Miss Friday was performed Nico Stai in the episode Chuck vs Phase Three during Season Four.




  1. Love it!! I really am glad that you’re posting about Chuck and Sarah again. It’s timeless.

  2. It’s a good scene in a good episode but wouldn’t Chuck know from the beginning of season 2 that Sarah loved him with or without the Intersect? Didn’t she go on a real date with him when she thought the new Intersect was going to make Chuck’s Intersect obsolete? Didn’t she help him get rid of the Intersect in the last stretch of season 2 so that he could have the life he wanted with the woman he loved? Wasn’t she ready to run away from the spy life with him in 3×1? He should have known for a long time that Sarah couldn’t care less about the Intersect.

    • But until honeymooners were they ever free ? Even in Honeymooners they were tracked by Casey and Morgan. Remember Sarah said in the pilot u cant run from us.

      But 2 ur point i believe since the pilot Sarah showed she loved Chuck the man not the spy. She said in s3 dont lose the things that make you great.

      Which goes back 2 my question did she really fall for the man or was it the image he presented ?

      • I see the show as a double redemption story. Chuck redeems Sarah from the dehumanizing spy life. Sarah redeems Chuck from a directionless life. Sarah loves Chuck for his innocence, moral principles, selflessness, integrity, family, warmth, openness, vulnerability. These, not the Intersect, are the things that make him great in her eyes. These are the things that she was afraid he was going to lose when he decided to become a spy in 3×1. These are the things the realized he had not lost when she told him he was still “her Chuck” in 3×13.

        She couldn’t care less about the Intersect. It was not what was in his head that redeemed her. It was what was in his heart.

        The 4×8-9 arc makes for a good opportunity to show Sarah’s love for Chuck but it wasn’t really necessary (although we all like 4×9) and it diminishes Chuck a bit; it makes him look insecure and defenseless, almost emasculated without the Intersect 2.0. That’s the reason I have mixed feelings about this two-episode mini-arc. It elevates Sarah at the expense of Chuck.

      • The issue between Chuck and Sarah was setting roots in each other’s lives hence when we see Chuck progress as a spy we saw Sarah visibly shaken by Chuck’s lying to Ellie to burning manoosh, but for Chuck to progress both a man and to keep the story fresh Chuck had to come to the frontlines and fight with Casey and Sarah.

        Its funny Bryce, Beckman and even some of Fuclrum’s henchmen saw Carmichael as a threat to their structure. Sarah’s dream house, kids, a man she can fall back to once her spy life is over was happening and you are right but is it redemption when the CIA world was done but only to open a private firm.

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