gallery Chuck vs Charles Carmichael: Carmichael is Born

One of the things that makes Chuck great was watching his maturation into the spy world. There was no mistaken Chuck could handle being a hero even if he didn’t want the job.  Hero work was nothing new to Chuck when you take in account his ability to be a hero to those around him. A brother, friend and nerd herder all gave him the core value on what it meant to be a hero. Case in point, rushing to find the bomb in the pilot, but even more so was the debut of one Charles Carmichael.

Chuck saving the day in the pilot shows why the CIA would love Bartowski as a spy. He allows his emotions to overtake him at times, but staying in the car was not suited for Chuck. Two episodes in and Chuck had dashes of spy excellence. In a short time span, Chuck defused a bomb and landed a helicopter not many Nerd Herders had to do that on a road call, but like fixing computers nothing is always easy as would be the case on missions, but he had to get his feet wet at some point.

Charles Carmichael is a different animal. Chuck’s alter ego that would become separated from the man as Mary Bartowski would say in S4 ” I may not know about Chuck, but I know everything there is to know about Charles Carmichael.” The spy game is famous for the 007s and the Jack Bauers of the world, but when you take a computer and put it in Chuck’s head, he becomes a key asset to the government.

There was no choice anymore. Chuck was stuck in a game he didn’t want to play but supposed to have. He is surrounded by spies and dangers no one would figure. Certainty not a nerd herder working at the Buymore, but much like any new job training and experience gains confidence.

Carmichael’s birth came during his first assignment which was deemed a simple assignment, but what I love about the mission was Chuck not realizing La Cuidad was standing next to him. The idea we were watching Chuck first mission and didn’t show panic showed he belonged at least for this mission. The problem of course is his other life would cause him to get into trouble.

In the heat of danger, Chuck still maintains composure despite being tied to a chair. He eventually cracks, but doesn’t reveal enough to compromise his team or mission. His quick thinking was able to manipulate the situation enough to give his team time to locate him.

Chuck would still be able to fall back to his strengths and use his environment as a way to help stop a dangerous situation. Team La Cuidad arrived at the Buymore and would make Casey and Sarah act on the danger presented. All three showed how a mission can be solved using all three strength and the results would bring the team closer.

Carmichael’s first mission was a success despite leaving traces of where he worked at the scene, but overall Carmichael had the situation under control. It was Morgan that ruined it for him while covering himself when mentioning the frame.

While Carmichael is just an alias, Chuck Bartowski was already a hero.

The next chapter we will discuss how being the Intersect hindered Chuck both as a man and spy.




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