gallery Chuck Song of the Day

Today’s  Chuck Song of the Day comes from Chuck vs The Best Friend. I love the episode and the meaning behind it.

Wannamamma was performed by Pop Levi.

The song played during one of the better actions scenes which led to Chuck making his handlers believe he died in the explosion.

The Lengths of What Chuck would do for his family and friends. What was interesting in this episode was John Casey.

Casey shows he cares about Chuck more than he thought because John gave the viewer a  a real emotion towards ChuckChuck214-01059

and of course I couldn’t end without this one.

We often forget Chuck builds relationships with everyone he came in contact with. Thus, Buymore, Morgan even some villains respected Bartowski. Colt and Vincent came to mind.

Casey and Sarah were Chuck’s friends in the the spy game. Thus, it was finally great to see John Casey show real emotion under that hard exterior.

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So for today’s discussion we love Sarah in Chuck vs The Best Friend, but was the real star of the episode John Casey. Let’s discuss



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