gallery Rewatch Two: Season One Episode Two

It’s on to episode two of season one. Roots were established in both the real world and spy world. Chuck, Sarah and Casey all are inserted into each others lives. When we finished with the pilot Sarah asks Chuck to trust her, but a blanket statement llike that comes with hard lessons.

It is really hard to fathom when three very different personalities are thrust upon each other without prior history. Normally, I would love to talk about Chuck and Sarah, but that isn’t my discussion for today.

My focus is on two people. Casey and Sarah are both spies. Top of their respective agencies. Casey was a major for the NSA, and Sarah was the go to agent for Langston Graham’s CIA.

Realistically, it would be illegal for Sarah to work this case being CIA, but we are talking about a show. So, what are the fact of this case study?

As Bryce escapes the CIA building, Casey greeted Bryce rather rudely with a bullet. NSA put Casey in control of the Bartowski case because he was NSA.  Thus, Casey’s cover was the Buymore. Meanwhile, the CIA had to keep Sarah Walker in Burbank to clean up Bryce’s mess. Thus, where to position Sarah?

Sarah took a job at Weinerlicious, but what really is the different personalities Chuck had to deal with. What do you think I am referring to?

Mom and dad are precisely how Sarah and Casey are at this stage in Chuck’s education into the spy world. Sarah represents the nurturing and gentle approach, but with a caveat to that at the end of the episode. Casey represents the father figure.

As a father myself, I am usually a little harder on my kids than my wife is. Thus, we clash when it comes to the upbringing of children. Its important to point out how much of an infant Chuck was in the spy world. Thus, Casey’s thinking of just listen to me and follow my orders was never going to work in the beginning. As hard as it is for me sometimes, my wife often reminds me they are young.  Chuck was very raw into the spy world.

The same can be said in reverse. Casey wasn’t the kind of guy retail stores were thinking of when writing up the Buymore manual.

.Casey used his experience as a “I break things…I don’t fix them.” What was Sarah’s approach. “I can fix it.” Sarah knew Casey’s reputation as a killer and why might I add because of this.


Now, I don’t want to give away too much into the future because of new fans watching, but judging from the end of the pilot we can tell Bryce meant something to Sarah. Thus, when we see Sarah with a newspaper with Bryce’s picture on the front things became uneasy for Sarah, who by the way had to work with the guy who pulled the trigger.

I ask you if you had to work with the guy who killed your former partner how gun-ho would you be in working with that person. I assume Sarah wanted to rip Casey’s head off and the best part was Casey knew it too.

The two would brawl to iron out their differences which was important. There was no way a team could work with that kind of history between the two because as we would learn in a future season.

I felt bad for Chuck because he was being pulled in both directions. It was like how can he grasp what was happening to him while his two handlers are fighting among each other.

The dinner date would be a classic Chuck dinner. Devin, Morgan and Ellie had no clue what was happening at the other end of the table, but Chuck freaking out had nothing to do with who his girlfriend but rather how to stop his friends and family from eating Flambe.

This is where trust is stretched. Sarah said, “Trust me, Chuck.” Sarah didn’t say believe her, which was echoed by Casey questioning Chuck about what he really knew about Sarah, but it doesn’t only stop there. Chuck’s  introduction into the spy world was nothing but lies.

Zarnow was entrusted to help take the Intersect out of Chuck’s head, but I question that from the start. Beckman said, “Zarnow worked on the Intersect project, He dealt with the encoding aspect of things.” This information isn’t good enough to believe Zarnow could do what other doctors that worked on the project did.

The circle of lies continued to swirl around Chuck so who could he believe? Let a lone trust.

I will end this episode article wtth this, the team worked well together when Chuck landed the helicopter, but as I mentioned above Sarah showed mother like instants when handling Chuck’s navigated through the spy world, Sarah was very upset about Chuck not trusting her.

I don’t want to talk about the funeral here because we talked about that in other articles, but to say you can see a visibly shaken Sarah Walker at what was presumed to be Bryce Larkin’s funeral.  I’ve been told Sarah had no feelings for Bryce, but seeing Sarah red eyed like she had been crying told me a lot Larkin was one guy she cared about.




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