Rewatch Four: Season One Episode Four

When I watched Chuck vs The Wookiee for the first time back in 2014, I hated the episode because I never liked Carina’s aggressiveness during my first run watching the episode. As Casey would say, Carina did come off as a wild card, but after several rewatches and when I take in account future episodes Carina has a special place in Chuck and Sarah’s story. Carina really is the first one to recognize Sarah was really dating Chuck.

There are two things that stand out about this episode. The first would be Carina’s interest in Chuck and  Sarah’s cover relationship. From the outset, Carina and Sarah have a history especially with Carina knowing Sarah and Bryce were in a real relationship. 

The other aspect was how much of a difference there was between Carina and Sarah when it came to the spy life. Carina was a competitor. Her eagerness to get the diamond and get out was what drove her to be the best DEA agent in the agency. Chuck knew about her record, which was impeccable. It was the same mindset for both Casey and Sarah, but when Sarah planted roots early on Sarah was being real with an equal.  Sarah’s “I’m good here.” continues the proof Sarah set roots in Burbank.

Sarah didn’t want to go anywhere. She loved the simple game night at the Bartowskis and the futhermore. Sarah is smiling revealing she hates olives on pizzas. In other words, Sarah was comfortable with her surroundings even if it was just a cover.

Carina was giving Morgan a thrill… She was on a date, which was why she was so hands on with Grimes. It was interesting because Carina had to remind Sarah about what being on a date looked like. We witnessed the first time in Season One how much Chuck and Sarah was real.  If Sarah is stating Carina was leading Morgan on was a reveal often missed.

Does this mean when Sarah gently stroke the back of Chuck’s neck it was real,  when Carina put her hand on Morgan’s chest was not? It was a reveal in front of Carina that lead to the hotel visit because Carina wanted to make sure Sarah’s head was on the mission.

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Carina saw right through it. She knew Chuck and Sarah were real, but this didn’t mean Carina didn’t want to stir the pot. Carina invites Chuck over to her hotel room and informs Chuck about Bryce and Sarah’s real relationship. All these moves Carina was playing were for the mission, but I feel Carina genuinely liked Chuck because Chuck was able to convince her to give him the diamond when they went to save Casey and Sarah from Senor Wookiee. 

Carina invited Chuck to her room twice after that as well. There may be some spying going on, but as Carina would say “I love taking what Sarah wants.” Carina admits Chuck was kind of cute as well, and to continue to showcase Carina’s wild card antics she was capable of manipulating Casey as well.

The issue of trust comes into question as well between Chuck and Sarah.  Walker lies to Chuck about Bryce to keep control of her asset because Sarah just learned how much of a hot topic Bryce was for Chuck. It was important for Sarah to reveal that information. Real information about Sarah’s past which would be why Sarah was reluctant in revealing her real name to Chuck earlier, but it was really hard for Sarah because I don’t think she even knows what her real name. but more on that later down the road. 

It was explained how a spy doesn’t reveal anything about themselves. It would be harder to kill the person or have to leave them. Its the basis of the rest of the series. It’s that fear why Sarah used lies as a defense mechanism to hide real emotions. Sarah knew the game much like Carina did and in a way its sad, but its the life they chose.

Carina also brought out jealousy from Sarah to the forefront. There was no question Sarah possessed Chuck. Chuck belonged to Sarah from the moment she entered the store, but what happens when someone else takes a serious interest in her asset? Sarah shows how much she hates it.

“I need to be able to trust you on missions, ” Did Chuck do anything wrong? Sarah was the one that lied first. Did she expect Chuck to just ignore that because Sarah was his handler? I think not. Chuck had a backbone and it showed in this episode when Chuck called her out on it. Its really classic CIA stuff. Get caught in a lie, but it was for Chuck own good, but when it was done in reverse how dare you Chuck.

I loved the mission on this episode. We saw Carina and Chuck working well together. Carina trusted Chuck enough to get the job done despite orders of just recon for the mission, but Chuck flashing about the hidden trap Senor Wookiee didn’t reveal, but the intersect.

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By simply watching Sarah’s reactions, the viewer can tell at least I could how much seeing other women with Chuck would bother Sarah. Chuck was her man, Sarah wanted to do everything with her new partner and while Carina and Chuck got the job done. Sarah went in agent mode when escaping the compound because of the jealousy. It also doesn’t help Sarah’s lies caught up with her which won’t work in real life.

So, while we were used to Sarah and Chuck working on missions, the star of this episode really is Carina and from comic point of view Casey. Casey and Carina had a history in Prague which was relived in this episode.

So that concludes Chuck vs The Wookiee review.  Hope you enjoy this article.



  1. I love all the episodes with Carina. I love how she can read Sarah like an open book and both in 1×4 and 3×2 lets Chuck know how Sarah feels about him. And at the end of 3×2 lets Sarah know how Chuck feels about her.

    I also like that in 4×15 she does not participate in Zondra’s and Amy’s teasing of Chuck at the breakfast table (she known since the beginning there’s something special about Chuck) but concentrates on Morgan, even bringing him and Alex together by the end of the episode.

    She’s quite the accidental matchmaker.

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