gallery Her Eyes Hypnotize Me

When she entered my world, I couldn’t break the scene. She would never talk to me before, but her eyes has me thinking something else is going on here, but what it is I can’t explain. her presence shook my core. Why would she stay when Burbank is such a bore.  Long blond hair, it can cave  your soul if you don’t pay attention.

Deadly with a knife, but something else about her scares me. Its the unknown that has me freeze. See her eyes tease me with the chance at kissing her. Why do I miss her so much when she isn’t near. The feeling of being apart of her history makes me want her to stay Do you know that feeling you get when lose sleep thinking of her.

I don’t even know her name. Can’t blame myself for falling. Can’t avoid the trap she set forth that day when she found me in my disdain. I can’t help myself from stalling as she stared at me. Hoping she would be just a dream, but the girl with the blond keeps keeps reappearing in my movie scene. A voice from the distance has me lost in her eyes.

Why does she want to stay? Doesn’t she know I am just a fool. A machine falls into my brain. It strains our pasts, a host of characters that would bring us together. Why does her eyes rock my world, why does she want to put her stock in me. Will the clock run out. Do I have the key to unlock the gate that she has surrounding her heart.

Another customer here for me to fix her phone, but it was a trick, One moment with a ballerina has her wanting to stay here with me.  Her eyes have me lost her in her game. Her eyes had hypnotized me. Blood in her past. Flowing down like a river to the sea. The journey may be clear, but my story just begun. Chuck101-00398

She tells me her name is Sarah, but somehow I can see she has game. Am I special? Will I survive being just an asset, Am I just apart of a plot to keep me locked within her web. Its her eyes that speak louder than her words, but I can’t see her pain. I am reduced to living in vain. As she trains me in a  world I never knew, I still can’t believe she is here.


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