gallery Chuck Rewatch Eight: Season One Episode Eight

The Birth of Sarah Walker

Sometimes when I watch a Chuck episode I envision the perfect song that would go with the episode. The interesting aspect of Chuck comes with the music itself. Songs are just as important as dialogue. Sometimes when seeing an episode I put on my creator hat and say I wish they could use a different song instead.

In Chuck vs the Truth, I often wish they had Eric Clapton’s pretending because in this episode we find Sarah was pretending a lot and it backfired. This episode is my second favorite throughout the series because this was the episode where Sarah began to realize she wants Chuck more than just as a handler. How does she handle that realization she does what she does best and that my friends is tell half truths.

Half truths are truths that have some lying in it. Thus, it wouldn’t be a whole truth. I have explained my theory of when Sarah fell for Chuck and there was no doubt Sarah set roots in the first episodes of season one. I go on the premise Sarah was recalled. Thus, the company girl was supposed to be headed back to Washington, but one date and one ballerina  made Sarah subconsciously to set roots.  The pilot was interesting because Sarah set roots in Chuck’s world a lot faster than he did hers.

Sarah continued to show aspects of what real girlfriends do. Place a memento in Chuck’s room and started to fix his ties followed with fixing his hair making her role as cover girlfriend seem as real as possible with her limitations. The first one to point out Sarah’s real feelings was Ellie than Carina which all provides enough evidence to prove how much Sarah loved being around Chuck and his family and friends. The two cardinal rules of spying never fall in love and never set roots. Sarah broke both.

Roots can be defined as what? Well, lets backtrack for a minute. Sarah assimilated herself into Chuck’s life both professional and personally. Sarah was in Chuck’s apartment for dinner and his most intimate places like Chuck’s bedroom, which will be significant in a episode during season three.

Chuck’s life as a spy to this point was of missing pieces and half truths that would ultimately change the perspective of Bryce Larkin from a viewing experience. We knew now how much Larkin admired and respected Chuck enough to protect him from the world both Sarah and Bryce were apart of, but when it came to an enemy force getting their hands on the Intersect Bryce trusted Chuck with that power and responsibility.

However, Sarah needed to iron out her true feelings because while the spy world was dangerous so was real life problems. It all started with her. Chuck108-00061

More on this woman in few,

Fake vs Real 

The problems with Chuck and Sarah early on stems from what happened in the closet. The two are discussing their “cover” double date with Ellie and Awesome, but what I see is more lies and more deception of what they truly feel for each other. Chuck pointed out his favorite blouse and in a eager response Sarah was really happy he noticed her clothes, but of course Sarah continued down the path of  masking her true feelings.


The problem I have with the scene was the idea of going over what might be said in a conversation. How does one know or predict what would be said during an evening out. I understand the idea of being on the same page which would of made the “cover” easier, but sooner or later rehearsing lines won’t work in the real world. Sarah’s desire of being in control of a situation she clearly didn’t understand or experienced.

Moreover, Chuck had tendency to try to put his two lives together. Sarah also would try to bring her spy world into the real world, which was an interesting watch because they don’t mesh well. Sarah truly had no clue on the difference between being an agent to that of being a real woman, which was why this episode was the birth of Sarah Walker as a human.

Sure, you can talk about what should be said and done on missions, which was why they have briefings and go over the details, but does it apply to every day life situations? Sarah’s education into what worked in the real world would begin to take shape as the body language was starting to show cracks in the wall of being in a fake relationship.

I am not focused what was said in the restaurant even though Devin pointed out how slow Chuck and Sarah were moving with the lack of intimacy, but what really is important is how natural the Awesomes were compared to the staged romance of Chuck and Sarah and it showed, but guess who realized it first with one expression Sarah was starting see and understand the difference between a real relationship and a fake one.

Who would of thought a sweater would be the trigger point. Devin knew the time, place and significance of a sweater, which was contrast with how Sarah and Chuck were acting. A forced “Thank you, sweetie” Devin didn’t sound like a rehearsal. Chuck and Sarah  didn’t mesh with how much real affection coming from Ellie and Devin. It was a tutorial for Sarah’ in  how the real world . It was a realization from Chuck’s perspective of what he was missing. Jill Roberts was no longer an issue as Chuck wanted a real relationship.

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Then the alarming aspect of the fake relationship begins to surface. It started with Chuck realizing what he was missing even though he already was in a relationship with Sarah. It started here, I noticed how much  the concept of being a fake relationship was starting to affect them.  The truth was weighting on them of what a real relationship  truly was.Chuck108-00164

Than in the apartment, “i am worried about our cover.” I think its time to make love. Now, who says that in a real relationship? If Sarah was truly in love would it be a question? No, Sarah was still hung up on kissing him. Thus, the truth of experiencing that first real kiss. The love making is just apart of the equation, but the idea of not kissing yet still shows the flaws in the “cover” relationship. There was no flow and the  affection was missing which Devin noticed.

Thus, my theory was Sarah was still in Agent Walker mode. Protect the cover while stringing along Chuck’s real emotions because Sarah truly didn’t understand or know what she was feelings. It was bound to crack because Chuck isn’t a traditional nerd. He has a strong backbone which we will see.

What I love most was where this conversation took place. Now, I am speculating here, but Ellie rode to the hospital in the ambulance so if Awesome traveled with a car than he couldn’t be traveling with Chuck and Sarah. Thus, the conversation about the lack of intimacy and display of affection could’ve been brought up than, but the conversation happened in an intimate setting which is significant.

I continue to pound that drum of root setting because here is an example of that when and where Sarah feels safe enough to talk about it over a cup of coffee in her cover home. Most conversations happen in this kind of setting so it made me happy seeing some growth. Awesome was busy working out so there was no need to worry about someone listening except Casey could be listening.

The Awakening 

Everything we have learned to this point was how much Sarah was losing control of the “cover” and masking the truth of how she was feeling towards Chuck. Sarah did little things that indicated love with both the spoken and raw emotion Sarah let the viewer see. However, none of these things broke Agent Walker’s stronghold or should I say prevented Sarah from feeling real emotions only humans feel when experiencing real emotions.

There were only two times we saw real emotions from Sarah. Once was at Bryce’s funeral and than when the idea of kissing Chuck, which she followed that up by correcting the idea of Chuck would except a fake picture as real, but Sarah would  get a hard lesson when Lou would arrive.

The significance of Lou was brilliant because Lou represented  a potential real relationship something Chuck started to want, but already had with Sarah despite the constant reminder of being just for “cover”. Lou came to the store the same way Sarah did. The idea of a broken phone would happen again would be the right imaging in showing the viewer the difference between being real and what was staged.

Lou took a liking to Chuck right away, which Chuck was playing along and why wouldn’t he. Chuck believed what he had with Sarah wasn’t real. Thus, Chuck wasn’t really cheating on Sarah now was he? It was easy to flirt with Lou because Sarah wasn’t around to remind him he was in a cover relationship.

So, when Lou returns to the story with a real gift compared to a fake picture Lou would be the threshold Chuck was looking for, but this time Sarah came to the store. It was the awakening of Sarah the real girlfriend. This is the scene that woke up Sarah’s real feelings.

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The beauty of the scene shows the difference between what was real and what was fake, but would become real.  Chuck was confident with his interaction with Lou because it was real. It felt real, but would changed once the presence of Sarah would take place, but what changed was Sarah becoming Sarah the real girlfriend. There was nothing wrong with what Chuck did and to an extent Sarah was placing her flag unknowingly.

He froze because Chuck knew what Sarah and Chuck had was presumed to be just for cover even though Sarah was real as they were permitted to be, but Sarah truly was the star of this scene. She walked up to Chuck and Lou, who were flirting with each other, which would cause Chuck to struggled with introducing Sarah as his girlfriend because from his perspective they weren’t a real couple, Sarah didn’t hesitate “His girlfriend.” Its not what she said, its how she said it with her body language now joining with her words.

Quite often when watching Sarah early on, Sarah sometimes would say things that didn’t mesh with her emotions and non verbal communication. It was what drew me to the character, but here Sarah was positioning herself as Chuck’s woman. She isn’t mincing words and was direct.

It would be very easy for Sarah to step aside and let Chuck mingle with Lou, but this is how a cover becomes real. Lets continue, Sarah still believed her grip on Chuck was secure because Sarah didn’t think Lou was a threat. However, the protection of the cover relationship was the goal for Sarah, and Chuck was growing tired of hearing about it as just for cover.

It almost seemed the more times Sarah said it, the more times she was trying to convince herself it was still just a cover, but it would change from being more of a cover for herself as she watched her fake boyfriend run across the parking lot for Lou. Game changer because Sarah now felt what everyone else felt when watching the one you have invested time, protection and learning to re-assimilate back into the real world was courting wih another woman. Hence, my theory Sarah fell for the image and simple life Chuck provided.

This is where I build my case

Sarah was used to getting result based on her great looks and conman’s daughter manipulating the target, but there was more at stake. Chuck’s way of life shook Sarah’s tree and while Sarah was taking her time because she had nothing to fear. It also was a very real fear if her superiors found out about her true feelings than she could be removed from her post.

Again, if it was just a cover there was ways around. Yes, the picture was fake, but I also mentioned Sarah was marking the apartment as her home. The Bartowski clan was her family, and Chuck was her true love. This was the truth. The truth that Chuck meant something more to Sarah and another woman made Sarah realize it.

The other thing to think about is how much a mission would allow Sarah to escape real life issues as they were working on finding the guy who poisoned people. It was Sarah’s advantage to this point. Chuck had no choice but tag along since he was the human intersect, but what Sarah didn’t expect was the impact it would do to her because it made Sarah react. Normally, Sarah’s reaction would be lethal for some baddie, but Sarah couldn’t be Agent Walker for this one.

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It was the first time Agent Walker was covering for a jillted real Sarah Walker. It was great television. It would only get worse from here.

Sarah’s education into real world would take shape the rest of the episode. Chuck would prepare for their cover sleepover, which comes to my next point of emphasis on why Chuck was ready to move on from a fake relationship. Chuck played the role of cover boyfriend perfectly. He set up candles and music for a night of romance.

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So, Chuck presents Sarah with a great cover for the mission at hand, but what Chuck doesn’t see was Sarah loving the moment, but of course Sarah continued to pull the rug from under Chuck by reminding him this was just for cover, which begs to question what kind of dates has Sarah been on?

Sarah said “We have to take this serious.” So, if Chuck was wrong with placing candles and playing music was too much for the cover than what was this? Chuck108-00595


Sarah was simply reminding Chuck of what he had already because lets be honest Lou couldn’t compete with Sarah when it came to physical features because Sarah won in that category. So, if Chuck was acting unprofessional than by definition Sarah was too. However, Sarah showed up with a mission and that was clearly the reaction normal women make when they are threatened.

They have their conversation after hearing Devin and Ellie argue. I have an issue with this conversation because Sarah said “We would have to put her through a vetting process to determine her motivation.” Now, this would sound more of Sarah trying to talk her fake boyfriend out of dating someone real. It was great to see them discuss this but of course work would get in the way. Chuck108-00669

Sarah tried to sound like the understanding handler, but when the conversation turned to Lou Sarah went in defense mode. Sarah even went as far as saying Chuck was important piece of intelligence and needed to be handled with care

As I mentioned above, Sarah began to use Agent Walker as a means to cover for herself, but its a lot bigger than just an education in love, but as a human nothing else matters that those you love. Ellie being poisoned changed Chuck’s priorities. It was no longer about himself.

Thus, when Sarah and Casey are watching how adamant Chuck became in saving his sister. The two agents lost in what it means to be a hero for others makes perfect sense why both Casey and Sarah struggled with accepting Chuck sacrificing himself for his sister.

The truth is both Sarah and Chuck had to grow, but Chuck used what he has learned as a spy to set a trap for the bad guy. It worked and the chase was on.

I am going to fast forward to the moment when Sarah lied under truth serum. Sarah would admit to Casey if she wasn’t trained in withstanding the truth serum she might have compromised herself, which means Casey knows Sarah is into Chuck because he has been watching and listening in on which is a bit of truth.

Meanwhile, Chuck questioned their fake relationship the entire episode. The chance at some normalcy would happen with Lou, which is why Chuck asked what were the rules of their fake relationship, which Sarah clearly was bothered when she stated how they were boyfriend and girlfriend which tactically would be challenging.

This would be wrong from a viewer stand point because we were told the room was watched by Casey and from a distance. Therefore, Sarah could’ve watched from a distance, but when those roots were planted than Chuck dwould pull away once she said no under truth serum. There was one thing Chuck needed to do. Return the favor and react much like Sarah did. Chuck108-01211

The break up scene highly emotional because of one expression


Yvonne’s work here is brilliant as Chuck was preparing to say something Sarah was mesmerized by Chuck’s sudden direct approach, but she than was totally caught off guard with “We need to break up.” Sarah was not ready to feel real life emotions and there was no CIA training that kept teach her how to stop feeling hurt.

SO there you have it, this is my second favorite episode because of how much Sarah reacted to her feelings. Her ability to withstand truth serum means she lived when she said no. We than watch her fight from crying was even more emotional because for the first time Agent Walker was no longer present.

What an episode.

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