gallery Bryce Larkin: The Unsung Hero

The first time I saw Bryce Larkin, I thought what a scumbag, Why would this dark haired man chose to ruin the life of his friend by sending him the Intersect. Some say Larkin was acting selfishly for the sake of a mission, but after a serious of rematches I asked myself what choice did Larkin have?

I don’t want to spoil the story for those who didn’t watch the complete story, but there really was a mystery to the lure of one Bryce Larkin. The questions of why and who was answered during the latter part of Season One.  Bryce’s impact on the story of Chuck can’t be just defined by what he did when  he appear in an episode. His story runs parallel with Orion in the significance of him being mentioned throughout the story even after he was gone Larkin was paramount to the development of each character of the series.

What do we Know?

Larkin didn’t want the Intersect to get into the wrong hands. His actions spoke of his intentions. He was a double agent as he was working for the CIA and Orion for a common enemy. Fulcrum was closing in on the Intersect so he broke into the CIA and destroyed the computer knowing the Intel on what Fulcrum wanted to do with the program.

We know these details  because Bryce told us himself, but if we put the puzzle together we will see Bryce is a hero because he was seeing the whole picture not looking at it from a Chuck and Sarah perspective. He wasn’t even looking at it from a Casey narrative as well.

In the spy game, there are not many friends in the industry. The CIA or Fulcrum are competing agencies, but the methods are the same. They manipulate their agents in the thought they are doing it for the greater good.

Jill Roberts, Carina, Roan, Bryce all were doing what there agencies wanted them to do, but we lose sight of that notion when we separate it from a good vs evil type thing. The question how could Jill be on the bad side, but if your life is in danger what options do you have?

So,  The viewer  sees the lines blurred. Thus, when we see Bryce thinking fast and reacting to the situation for the greater good. His choice was send the Intersect to someone he trusts or let the CIA or Fulcrum use the Intersect as their advantage in the spy game. A weapon like the Intersect needed to be with someone responsible to endure such power. 

Bryce Larkin did what he had to do. Sometimes a decision comes with backlash or consequences, but if we dig a little more we can see Chuck was never supposed to be a gent, but was going to be recruited anyway. He was smart before the Intersect got to him, and really as Chuck navigated through the spy world. We saw his maturation into the spy business albeit unorthodox, but he was showing how smart he could be.

Bryce saw how special Bartowski was after Chuck vs The Break Up.  Larkin saw how it was too late to get Chuck out of the game. Unfortunately,  Beckman would see how valuable Chuck was once he found Orion.

Originally, Who was the one who stopped that? Bryce Larkin did what he had to do to protect Chuck from the world he already had experience.  He helped frame  Chuck by not being evil, but to stop the CIA from getting their hands on him. This to me is a hero, but ultimately Chuck was the only one he knew would be responsible with the Intersect.

The actions of Bryce was a catch 22. Moreover, Bryce also had to give up his freedom and his relationship with Sarah Walker for the greater good. He risked his life for what he felt was doing the right.

As I paint the picture, I began to see Bryce’s decision process reflects a man who was the definition of sacrifice much like Orion sacrificed his family to protect them.

Orion’s also plays a role in the development of Bryce Larkin. The two worked together for again the greater good, but once both realized they could trust each other things began to take shape between the two, which would lead to Chuck being kicked out of Stanford.

This makes Bryce a hero in my view. He still was true to the greater good despite the risks it meant. His mark on Chuck will always resonate with me because of what I saw him do for Chuck.

He also saw Chuck and Sarah falling for each other. This made Bryce be the big brother by advising Chuck on the dangers of mixing true feelings with the dangers of the spy game. Its noble in a way because of Bryce’s experience with what true feelings does to agents.

So lets begin this discussion. IS Bryce a true unsung hero?

What are your thoughts on Bryce?




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