gallery Rewatch Ten: Is Bryce Really a Nemesis

Bryce Larkin Unsung Hero Part II

As we reach the last part of the first Arc of the series, Bryce Larkin is not only back, but alive. The first time I watched this series I hated this episode.  Bryce Larkin came off to be rather narcissistic, but after several rewatches Bryce Larkin’s life was always doing the service of others.

It can be hard as viewer to take the love for Chuck and Sarah’s growing relationship out of the development of the other characters. I know I did, but to be fair we have to take the glasses off and see how well Matt Bomer depicted Bryce Larkin. We always praise the world of Yvonne and Zack, but Larkin heroics will on display here.

so let’s talk about Bryce shall we,

The last time we saw Bryce Larkin we saw a bombshell. Remember there are layers to stories and we learned Bryce Larkin did what he could to get Chuck away from the CIA.

Bryce worked hard to come up with a plan to get Chuck out of Stanford. He went as far as to say how field work would destroy him. A noble act in my view, but the method would seem evil when you don’t look deeper into the meaning of it.

Did it destroy Chuck? Yes, he was a semester away from graduating, but sometimes decisions are forced on us to act quick. There was no real solution other than getting Chuck kicked out especially when we learn the college was a recruiting station for the agency.

This will be my same argument for Jill Roberts, but more on that when we arrive on those episodes.

What was Bryce first words when he was waking up, Well, he didn’t ask for Langston Graham, Beckman, even Sarah wasn’t the first name he spoke. He said, “I want to see Charles Bartowski.” Now, I ask you if the guy supposedly had an acts to grind with Bartowski why would Chuck be the first person he wanted?

No, it didn’t make sense to me either, but it does when you take in account why he sent the Intersect to Chuck to begin with. He trusted Chuck more than anyone else in the world, which would bother Sarah even more, which is why we see her tear up outside of Chuck’s room in Alma Mater.

The thing that drove Sarah Walker was helping those she had a close relationship with. Sarah’s history will show that later in the series.

The mark of a great agent was watching them use their current situation as means to get the result they needed. The proverbial adapt and persevere when Chuck enters the room. We see two things that stand out to me.

  1. Bryce was a nerd.
  2. Bryce not expecting to see Sarah

While we see Bryce storming a government facility and working like a smooth and crisp agent, we would learn more about how much of a nerd Bryce Larkin was during Alma Mater.

We often loose sight of how Bryce Larkin and Sarah Walker would mirror each other when becoming handlers for Chuck.

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They would grow close to Chuck because of what Bryce would do to make sure Chuck was the real man. It should be noted how Bryce’s email was the first sign of a nerd when Chuck knew the answer to Bryce’s question.

The same here when Bryce makes Chuck speak Kleon. It tells  you a lot about Chuck and Bryce’s relationship. My view, Bryce loved Chuck.

Bryce’s interaction with Chuck was one thing, but when Sarah enters the room Bryce’s reaction told me a lot about how Larkin felt about Sarah as well, but again when we take in account what was happen with all of the characters, we can see the impact one character had with them.

While Chuck had his own issues with Bryce, Sarah Walker was dating the man. Sarah also lost Bryce when he went underground to find out what Fulcrum was doing.

I feel sorry for Bryce because of what he had to give up. The mission took a toll on Larkin because of seeing his reactions to seeing familiar faces like Chuck or Sarah. He even was pleased to see Casey.

The one mishap I thought Bryce was wrong was his reaction to seeing Chuck living with his sister, but that also was tough love. Chuck was miserable for 5 years. Ellie and Awesome tried to get him motivated, but Chuck settled bad. Larkin saw the potential, but lets look at it from Bryce’s perspective.

Yes, Chuck was expelled from college, but that shouldn’t have stop Chuck from pursuing his dream. Real sacrifice is what Bryce had to deal with by giving up his life for protecting people like Chuck.

Bryce’s fate with dealing with a foe like Fulcrum and making it seem like he was a rouge was a daunting task not even Sarah and Casey would take that undertaking except Casey did, which we will find out in Season Three.

Sarah also made tough choices as we will learn in Season Five, but nothing can be like what Bryce was working with. So, when we see Bryce working with Team Bartowski in the Buymore we saw Bryce admit what we should’ve known by now.

Chuck was Bryce’s only friend, which is amazing when you remember Sarah being in the store too. The decisions Bryce made or will be making was always about the people he loved.

Bryce also would try to work things out with Sarah, but like with anything in life because as I have been proving what Season One was doing was showing Sarah setting roots in Burbank.

Sarah could’ve went with Bryce Larkin and someone else assigned as Chuck’s handler, but Burbank became Sarah’s home for a change Sarah had a sense of normalcy, but what Larkin represented was her old life, which is why the end of the episode was great to watch.

The depiction of an old phone and new phone was great vision for us the viewer.

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