Chuck of Fame

The Page of Fame is dedicated to the absolute best of Chuck. All inductions are made by you the fan. Thus, the results are based on your votes.

New Polls will be open once a month. The top two choices will be inducted into the page of fame. In case of a tie, there will be no inductions from the categories. if the second place choice is tied with other choices then only the top choice will be inducted. Hence, if there is a tie nothing goes in.

So, what were the inaugural choices made by you the fan well let’s find out. If you don’t agree with the decisions made please feel free to voice your opinion below in the comment section of the page ⇓

Season One Inductions

Best Episode of Season One

October 2014 Inductions:

The Pilot finished with Three votes of the total Ten.

Crown Vic finished in second place with two votes.

Best Female Guest Star of Season One

October 2014

Category finished in a tie. No Inductions for October 2014

Season Two Inductions

October 2014 Inductions:

Category ended in a tie, No Inductions

Best Guest Star of Season Two

October 2014 Inductions:

Scott Bakula won for his portrayal of Orion/Stephen Bartowski. Scott blew the competition away with eleven of the sixteen total votes.

In second place was John Larroquette for his role as Roan Montgomery. Roan finished with two of the sixteen votes.

October 2014 Poll Questions

Do you think Chuck and Sarah were ready to become intimate in Barstow?

The final results for this question, which was a very close race. Final tally was eleven to nine in favor of Chuck and Sarah becoming intimate in Barstow.

Which Sarah did you prefer?

I asked you which Sarah did you prefer, Sarah that sat beside Chuck when reuniting with his father or Sarah watching from the window as Chuck and his family celebrate Ellie and Awesome’s engagement.

The result was a clean sweep in favor of Sarah sitting by Chuck when they were able to find his father.

Was Sarah Walker Justified in Killing Mauser?

In this question I wanted to see people’s take on whether Sarah was justified in killing Mauser, and the results of were in favor of Walker killing Mauser.

Only two people said no.

If Chuck returns, which would you prefer?

After writing an article titled Operation Bring Back Chuck, I was curious to know if news broke of a Chuck return how would you like the project to return. A movie or a 13 episode order.

The results were interesting, it was a forty-seven to twenty in favor of a 13 season package. It doesn’t match up with what I see on twitter. It was an interesting decision.

The last question really wasn’t about Chuck, It was more of a Yvonne Strahovski question. For those that saw her in Dexter, we know she played Hannah Mckay.

The question was asking which character did they like, and obviously Sarah Walker won. Maybe next month I will ask the same question, but with Kate Morgan included.

Well, that takes care of the first round of inductions. It was very fun seeing how you guys voted, and polls will be open again next month as we continue the interaction.

Thank you for participating in the first inductions of our Chuck of Fame. Remember you decide the fate of these categories. As you can see two categories didn’t get inductions, maybe next month they will. See you next month for the November 2014 inductions.










  1. That is interesting about a movie Vs a new season. I’d probably like to see a new season myself, but my pragmatic side knows the best we can hope for is a movie …the actors are too busy for a reincarnation of the series….

      • What was yesterday’s news? I also agree that a movie is more realistic. I think we are all a little guilty of wanting more Chuck and 546 minutes of Chuck vs 100 movie minutes would be a dream come true.

      • Sorry Chris…yeah …just searched it out..AWC is just a 10 episode mini-series. Couldn’t find anything on 24, though. Even searched the 24 site and rumors site. Oh well…I’m sure it will come out soon. Lotta 24 people will be disappointed ….Jack Bauer is the only Jack Bauer. I love Yvonne, but Kate Morgan was just a humorless, one dimensional Sarah Walker. She never had the range of emotions as a character that Sarah had.

      • That is why I am NOT writing a article about retaliation because I want to make sure I am accurate. 2 days ago on Twitter I saw people tweeting Kate Morgan returns. I did some research and apparently, joints reduction between FX and Netflix retaliation will be a spin off of 24.

        But, unlike you I don’t see how you can have a 24 spin off without Jack Bauer. Bauer is 24 Kiefer Sutherland is 24 and as much as I love Yvonne. The series belongs to Kiefer, but it would be nice to see Tony again.

      • I’m sure it’s still in negotiation. And I’m not entirely sure that Yvonne will really be on board with it, considering her role in AWC. She’s really being typecast with this whole CIA agent and / or killer thing ….this new mini-series gives her a chance to play a “normal” person, and she’s pretty thrilled about it. I’ve heard chatter about Yvonne not being able to carry a show like 24 …not sure about that, but I’m pretty sure that it would be uncomfortable to watch a female doing what Jack does, or going through what Jack goes through, given the misogyny out there right now.

        BTW Chris…this discussion doesn’t seem to register on the home page. Hard to tell if anyone has commented unless you go right to the page….

      • If she has the opportunity to star in a series for the first time. Why, not? She has always had to play second fiddle to Michael C Hall, Zachary Levi and Kiefer Sutherland were all casted as the star of the series.

        Yvonne, deserves the chance to have her own series. As I mentioned in the past, there is nothing wrong with being typecasted. John Wayne was typecasted, but it worked for him. Jason Statham is typecast and is successful too.

        Yea, no official announcement yet, but apparently in the 24 LAD dvd release. There was a bonus coverage of the final episode. In Which, Tony Almeida was given plans on how to escape prison.

        the article talked about that being the premise of the spin off.

      •’s hard to tell from that “press release” whether Yvonne will even co-star in this show. It seems to be more about Tony and his revenge. The whole story on there was about Tony, so while Yvonne may be involved, it seems to be as a smaller part to Carlos Bernard’s. Since it’s starting filming in February…and Yvonne’s not even done AWC until mid-March, I would assume she’s coming in later in the series. That screams “2nd fiddle” again !! Hopefully AWC brings her more exposure … I get the feeling the Rene Carpenter is the lead character in that story. If that’s the way it plays out, Yvonne will be the “star” in an ensemble cast…

  2. Yeah….but will Yvonne be the star or will she play second fiddle to Tony ?? Sounds like it could be a “co-starring” role.
    And actors are typecast because they don’t have any range ….certainly not Yvonne’s problem…she has a ton of range that’ll just get wasted here. I just don’t think it’s going to garner her a lot of new fans. If she didn’t pick up fans with 24LAD alongside Keifer, than I don’t think she’ll gain many beside Carlos Bernard. In the meantime, she’s stuck in a contract and a role which precludes her from really garnering any buzz. She’s doing AWC until probably February / March, then she starts shooting for probably another short summer replacement series here. 24LAD didn’t do that well ….probably a few more fans than Chuck at the end, but then there isn’t much competition for TV in the summer. Every year that passes her by puts her further from that sweet spot of her late 20’s. She’s so bloody talented and beautiful, she may buck the trend….but it is worrisome.

  3. If the movie The Right Stuff was anywhere close to accurate, which I believe it was, the brief glimpses we got of Ms. Carpenter painter her as someone that was a leader, tenacious, out spoken, strong, and someone with strong beliefs. It sounds like a part specifically tailored to Yvonne.

    • Rene was the media savvy one…she taught the other wives how to act in front of the cameras. She was their de facto leader. She was also the peacock of the group…..platinum blonde, low cut dresses, etc. After she divorced Scott, she did quite well in radio with a show about women’s issues…back in the 70’s. So I think the role of Rene is probably the “starring” role. Too bad it’s only a mini-series.

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