Chucksters Movie Ideas

Hi Chucksters

I keep hearing people want to write a movie script for Chuck Movie on Twitter. So I decided to create a page for this. The title of the page Chucksters Movie Ideas.

Please share your ideas in the comment section.


  1. I think the basic frame for the plot should be that moma Bartowski is reunited with Orion as he has died many times, yet always servives. He was shot at a bio-regeneration facility also. They team up with the Volkoffs, who are life long friends w/ Bartowski’s to help bring back Sara’s memories. Ellie and Awesome join in with baby as well. They must also battle what is left of Quinn’s organization.

    Unbeknownst to team Bartowski, Morgan, now a spi with Casey are closing in on Quinn’s organization too. Alex must help Morgan and her dad. She actually saves them from themselves as well as some of Quinn henchmen.

    They have to compartmentalize everything but end up in the same place at the end with Sara’s memories restored and everyone living happily ever after. Of course Chuck fixing Sara’s cellphone/them eating shrimp has to be included somewhere which is important to restoring her memory.

  2. I would really like to the final of the film see Chuck kill a bad guy to save Sarah, and then Sarah’s memory’s back because the trigger woulda be the remember of Chuck shooting Shaw.

    I really don’t know… i just can’t stop seing chuck… anything would do perfect.

  3. I think it should be about Sarah and Chuck finding out there’s a Computer that can get lost memories back. so they team up with Casey and Morgan again to search for it. and story B Jeffster’s adventure’s in Germany and Awesome, Ellie and Moma B in Chicago

  4. One of the things i would want in the first few minutes of the movie would be Chuck deciding to give her Spy Will, which has value to it then i would love if they dived into Operation Omaha

  5. I think it should/would take place sometime close to the final scene in the show. The plot should be either Elle is working on building a new intersect to help restore sarah’s memories. The other plot would be sarah slowly regaining her memory, but that would be better for a season not so much a movie. An of course there would be a vilian who drives the plot and creates a mission for the movie to be bassed on. The final scene should be a view of a white house with a red door, the camera pans through out the house to a open door, the camera enters the room and then zooms in on a crib with a baby in it.

    • Stegs,

      Welcome to Chuckaholics, I hope you enjoyed your stay here at Chuckaholics. Your ideas about a movie are common, but IMO they only answer one question. The series still has many questions unanswered. For example, Langston Graham’s dealings are very shady what do you think of that?

  6. I think it should go back to Sarah waking up in the hospital from the last episode of Season 4. It is the “magic kiss”. Season 5 did not happen, but Sarah dreamed it. They go through the wedding, open the envelope giving them Volkoff Industries. Sarah realizes maybe her dreams were an omen of things to come and tells Chuck, “We need to talk.”

    They find out about the four main antagonists from Season 5 and make plans to deal with them. They call on General Beckman at her personal estate and ask for all of the information on these four people. When they leave Roan Montgomery asks if they got the information they needed, and Beckman says, “They weren’t looking for information; they were looking for permission.” A reference to a scene from The Equalizer movie. She then says, “I have some old friends to call,” and goes off screen.

    The decision is made to destroy anything to do with the intersect, bring down Decker, use Shaw’s plan to download all of the government secrets by accessing the database and putting a virus in to kill anything to with the intersect and Operation Omaha. Then they have to protect Sarah’s Mother and the baby, and deal with Quinn and any intersect remaining items.

    They need to quit the CIA because of Decker, and enroll some outside help, Gertrude Verbanski. Verbanski has a secret associate that helps her, unbeknowst to anyone, Jill Roberts, who has changed her name. Jill is completely dedicated to Gertrude. Together they bring down Decker and set up Shaw, but there are always problems along the way. The “old friends” are a couple of former spies, now retired, that come to the rescue when Quinn challenges. Can you guess who they are?

    By the way, Sarah finds out she really is pregnant, which sidelines her from fighting Quinn, until he takes her captive. In the end all is well ,it seems, with Chuck and Sarah changing identities and retiring to Middle America and starting their family along with Wednesday night taco night. John and Gertrude are together, leaving the everyday running of her business to Jill, but going on missions they find interesting. A year later, Morgan and Alex are getting married, bringing the old gang back together. Jeffster, coming off their European tour, are coming to play at the wedding with their handlers. Team Bartowski did not know that Jeff had accidentally put on some sunglasses down in Castle the year before and the CIA had been using his unique gift as they were on their music tour. There is trouble following them to the wedding.

    There is a lot more to this, but that is the short version, which is actually kind of long. Sorry for typing so much. What do you think?

  7. First, I believe that Sarah’s love was restored, even if her memories did not return. Similar to how Morgen did not remember his past, but remembered chuck is his best friend and he loves Alex. So the movie should start with the new Bartowski family, the show as truly about a love story, now the movie will be about the family.

    Chuck and Sarah continued their life together, building the Carmichael tech company providing cyber security and with their son Charles Jr. Morgan still keeping contact with now General Casey, doing some personal training with the generals combat trainers. Ellie continued her dads work to keep close to him. Everything is going good and the new Bartowski family is happy. Then a new villain is introduce and now General Casey inlist CEO of Carmichael tech and Morgan (now trained as a soldier) to save the world. Sarah is heart broken that chuck has to be a spy one more time, but he tells her that he will always fight for his family and has to do this to keep them safe. Now that chuck is a husband and father, he will embrace the gun. Chuck and morgan kick bad guy ass and at the final fight scene Sarah arrives. Sarah and chuck defeat the bad guy and kiss. They return the their family and back to the normal family life they built.

  8. 1st of all I love chuck, still rewatching it every now & then. 2nd there can be a movie or they can just continue the series. Sarah is back in love with Chuck. There’s a villain that reunites everyone in castle from Beckman, Charah 2 the Woodcomb’s, Mary Bartowski and Morgan, Casey, Alex. Charah still owns the Buy-more where Big Mike is working & Jeffster world weary after their success just wants their simple lives back from before & asks 4 their buy-more jobs back while the spy crew fights this new villain only Sarah finds out she’s pregnant when they detain the villain, then they skip forward 9mnths later & everyone’s in the hospital with Charah & the new Bartowski is born.

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