How I Became A Chuckaholic

This page is dedicated to all the Chuckaholics in the world. In the comment section below, tell me how you became a Chuckaholic.

Tell us how many times you have went through the series, your favorite season, episode and characters.

Tell us your favorite song, tell us why you like this site. Talk about whatever you want. I encourage the feed back. Consider this page also as a suggestion box. If WordPress allows it we can try to add it.

So enjoy the new feature, I am looking forward in hearing from you.

One comment

  1. I have been a Chuckaholic from the very beginning. I remember reading about this new show and I knew I had to see it. Well then it became my favorite show and have since collected every season on DVDs I just wish I had joined social media much earlier than I did. But I thank those who keep Chuck alive.

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